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    i know that we’re sad that akechi in royal maintains that he doesn’t like sweets, and i’m tempted to ignore it myself, but i can see why they did it and it’s because of this [from akechi’s wiki page]:

    The official Persona 5 Artbook reveals that Akechi lives alone in a city apartment. His main skill is reasoning, and he has a habit of getting lost in thought during conversations. His hobbies include cycling (specifically, with a hybrid bicycle for easy turning in Tokyo), bouldering and playing fashionable games like darts. His guidebook profile also states that Akechi always makes sure to try out the latest popular dishes in order to use food as a conversation piece. Waiting in long lines for this doesn’t bother him. He uses his cycling hobby to ride around town, gathering stories to utilize in conversation with adults. Since he spends a lot of time with adults, he has a reputation among Tokyo’s famous hidden stores and high class restaurants, although in truth he has little interest in the food’s flavor.

    this tells me a few things:

    1. his own hobbies aren’t even things he does for his own enjoyment. even when he’s alone (which seems to be most of the time), he spends all his time accumulating things that other people might find interesting. “fashionable games” speaks to the fact that he seems to choose his activities for their social value, rather than whether or not he actually has fun doing them. the detail about waiting in long lines just to experience something trendy speaks to the sheer amount of tedium he’s willing to endure for a talking point, like collecting topics he can use to socialize with is the equivalent of doing his homework. 

    2. he has very few social interactions with people his own age. i’m also betting that all the interactions he has with adults are most likely going to be detective work related or shido related. “has a habit of getting lost in thought during conversations” also doesn’t speak well of his social skills. him going out for a working dinner with sae is probably the closest he’s got to a party. no wonder he feels the need to find things to break the ice and use as conversation pieces–talk about maladjusted. even if he has a velvet room with a social link function, i can’t imagine he’s able to put it to very good use.

    3. true to his word during his boss battle, the construction of his public image is incredibly deliberate. it’s like he’s curtailed his life to be a walking instagram feed, right down to his hobbies and meals selected and curated so that other people will see it and hit that “Like” button. the boy makes some pretty terrible life decisions when on the fly, but to his credit, he obviously understands the value of preparation, purposefully working towards a goal over time, and deliberate image cultivation.

    4. all of the above explains a whole lot about why his encounters with akira seem so forced and even somewhat disingenuous, especially during P5 Vanilla. it’s probably because they are. looking at the way he’s crafted his own life like an instagram feed, i can’t imagine that he’s not doing the same thing with his relationship with akira. 

    5. literally all the things we just talked about how the cultivation of his public image is deliberate and manufactured? apparently gets turned on its head during the royal social link. instead of pretending he likes sweets in order to use the desserts as a conversation piece, he instead tells akira the truth (that he doesn’t much care for sweets), and uses that as a conversation piece instead. he had the opportunity to deflect towards a shallow, inane conversation topic instead, and deliberately chose not to for the purposes of being more honest with akira.

    Side Effect of using Call of Chaos

    I believe several other goroboys probably know about this already, but I’m making this post to make others more aware of this.

    Goro has a special ability called “Call of Chaos”, and it can make him cause psychotic breakdowns or make people or shadows go berserk.

    Anyone who went through a psychotic breakdown like this train conductor for instance, ended up not remembering what they did after the effect wore off.


    Memory Loss. That’s the side effect of using Call of Chaos. If someone is afflicted by “Call of Chaos”:

  • They will not remember the actions they did when they went berserk.
  • They will not remember the events that happened shortly after the effect wore off.
  • Now Goro had also used Call of Chaos on himself. The 1st time he did it was during the 3rd phase of the Akechi Boss fight, and the 2nd time he did it was during his Showtime with Joker.

    The Showtime


    In the Showtime, Goro only used Call of Chaos on himself for a short time. After he used Call of Chaos, he placed a hand on his head indicating that he had a headache from it.

    This could mean that memory loss only occurs if Call of Chaos is used for a longer period of time. Using it for a short time will give him a headache (which is another small side effect) that could lead to memory loss if used for a longer time.


    The Akechi Boss Fight

    Now during the Akechi boss fight, Goro used Call of Chaos on himself for a longer period of time, and this is during the 3rd phase of the boss fight, where Goro transformed into his Black Mask outfit and went berserk.


    Did Goro lose some of his memory from this? YEP! During the 3rd semester, Goro said that he doesn’t remember what happened AFTER he fought against the PTs in the Engine Room. This was AFTER Goro used Call of Chaos on himself to fight the PTs.


    So my purpose for making this post is to state that the reason why Goro doesn’t remember what happened to him in the Engine Room, is because he used Call of Chaos on himself. Call of Chaos tend to have this side effect of memory loss.

    thinking today about how the entire concept of the lock on shido’s door that you can only open with the five letters of introduction is that these are the five people who shido considers to be such essential patrons of his operation that they literally protect him from threats in his cognitive world and you can’t even see him if you don’t get past them. thinking about how goro wanted to become so essential to shido’s operation that he could wield some kind of power over shido and force him to regret his actions, and how goro sold himself into a conspiracy with a man he hated for a pipe dream at revenge. but in the end none of the required letters of introduction are from goro… shido doesnt even consider him important enough to be one of the five figures who keep the door locked… cognitive akechi is just a fanatical idiot kid whose only purpose is to murder the real akechi if he ever tried to escape the conspiracy or betray shido. not only is cognitive akechi not essential, he’s not even relevant to most of the ship. entirely disposable, entirely replaceable, just kept around because he has a halfway interesting talent and is exceptionally easy to manipulate due to his desire for attention and affection, making him low cost and low risk to keep around. goro had done all that just for a shot at being wanted and needed and given some kind of love and definitely made sure that he looked the part of someone who was a member of society who was wanted and needed and given love, but really his situation in shido’s conspiracy was basically just as disposable as when he was an orphan in the foster system with nicer clothes and a better facade