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26/Male- I like my stuff, bimbos, hypnosis (obviously with consent) and ruined good girls they're the true heros lol.

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2021-05-19 23:09:51

    Humping prepares the breeder for use. The cunt swells. The clit throbs. The g spot thickens. She puts herself in heat, ready and eager to be a cum receptacle. The ache to be filled completely and then pumped full of seed fills her thoughts. She needs to serve her purpose.


    I wanna know if women actually knows if this happens to them or if this is a case of "men writes about women". The g spot thickens makes ya sound like soup.


    It must be exhausting being a vampire and eating someone who gets off to it. I’d take psychic damage too if my lasagna was into vore.


    me: *slaps neck* COME GET Y’ALL FUCKING JUICE

    the vampire whos been avoiding my horny ass for the past 6 months:


    This really changed my perspective.....


    There are two kinds of people


    This is the real reason why I got a tumblr


    Good girls don't need to talk; they can't talk. They just lay there drooling all over themselves while they helplessly rub their mind away, feeling their mind drip out their wet and needy cunt.

    You're a good girl, aren't you? I know that I'm a good girl, and good girls make more good girls, which is exactly what I'm doing, because you know you feel the need to drop, and drip, and drool increase while you scroll through my blog to get your fix; we both know you sit there, scrolling, imagining you were in the position of every needy slut you see.

    Give in to those fantasies, give in to your drippy wet cunt. Don't think, just sink. Obey, and play. Good girls obey, and now you're a good girl just like me!πŸ’—


    @cumdumpgal this has you energy about it.