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    Breeding, non-con, drugged sex

    This story was a commission for @ferninist-kill-joy ! Tysm for commissioning me!


    “It’s time for your medicine, love.” I look up at you, already reaching out to take the capsules from you. I don’t recall what they’re for, but I’ve been feeling so good since you started bringing them home a few weeks ago. You pass me a drink, bubbles fizzing on the surface as I tip the glass up; swallowing down my pills and the rest of the cup down with them. It tastes a little funny, my mouth going dry even after I drank so much.

    “More?” you chuckle down at me, ruffling my hair. “No love, you’ll miss all the fun if you have any more. I wouldn’t want you to fall asleep on me.” your wicked grin makes me go stiff, struggling to guide my hand over to the table- the surface twisting and blurring more the harder I try to focus on it.

    “Ah, ah, don’t worry. I’ll take care of you, no need to do a thing.” you take the cup from me, strong arms wrapping around me to help lift me from my seat. My legs give, clinging to you for support as we move through the house into the bedroom. I can barely twitch, my back hitting the sheets leaving me defenseless- like a turtle on its shell.

    “Has your special medicine been making you feel good?” I can’t nod, your hands riding up my legs to pull down my jeans- my panties sticking to my wet cunt on their way down. I don’t remember getting turned on, but the second you touch me I feel like I’m on fire.  Your fingers teasing me, rubbing against my clit so gently but still enough to make me moan.

    “Good. I’ve been waiting,” you slide down your own pants just enough to show me your cock, already hard for me. “waiting for you to be ready; all pumped up with a special blend I made just for you.” I’m stripped down, shifting like a ragdoll as you carefully peel off my clothes to expose me to you. My skin aches after your fingers glide over it, begging to be touched.

    “Can you feel it? Your body begging for me to knock you up?” I try to move now. What do you.. what was in the vitamins I’ve been taking? I don’t dare to ask, the thought swirling inside my mind as everything else seems to swirl away, all thought spiraling down towards your fingers grinding against my clit.

    I’m dripping, the head of your cock kissing my hole as you tease me- dipping in just the tip to watch my back arch. God, I need to get fucked. My whole body is burning up, craving your touch more every time you pull back.

    “Please,” I whine, your head knocking against my clit as it slides through my folds; my cunt throbbing with need. I feel so empty, I need you to fill me up more than I need to breathe.

    You don’t need me to ask twice, stuffing your cock into me with one harsh thrust of your hips. I moan, gasping as you stretch me open- walls molding around your cock as you fuck me, no pause before your hips hammer down against mine.

    My head rolls, my ears becoming deaf to my own cries- enveloped by the warm buzz replacing my thoughts, head empty of everything but the feeling of your cock sinking deeper inside me with every push.

    Your fingers continue to tease my clit, making my hips buck and grind against you before dancing away to make me whimper for more attention; pinching my sensitive nerves hard as you hit my sweet spot.

    I cum on your cock, keening and gasping out your name as my insides clamp around you; pulling you in further to squeeze my cum our around you. As a reward you fuck me harder, pounding me through my high without a break until I’m screaming for you again, your cock twitching deep inside me as you get close.

    Distantly, I think about telling you to pull out. But it feels so good, I’m already getting close again. It slips my mind, your palm grinding down on my clit as you bury yourself in my cunt- forcing your way in to fuck my cervix, humping against me until I feel you twitch again.

    I twist, moaning as you spurt inside me. It’s so warm, thick ropes of cum flooding my insides, your shaking hand coaxing me to cum after you- my body greedily drinking up your seed to make room for the rest, your heavy balls emptying their load inside me; cock not budging even after you’ve finished.

    I pant, spiraling down from my high cunt filled with your warm cum. My head still spinning, I realize you never told me what was in my pills.


    I love your blog so much!!!! I love the thought of getting bred by someone dominant who cares about me :3 but I get really dysphoric when I think of *me* getting bred because I’m amab...

    Can submissive breeders be a thing? It’s just like the whole dynamic is super focused around possession and dominancy

    Idk, sorry for long ask 👉👈🥺

    Oh yeah absolutely! Submissive breeders exist, straight and queer ones both! Men who like to be femdommed can be subs and breed their dom(me)s. Anyone with any partner can be subby and a breeder. There are trans women who love breeding their partner and still are subby. There are couples who are breeder and breedee and switch. It also doesn't have to be a d/s relationship. Breeder, Dom and Top aren't the same things, they are different cathegories. If you're amab and like being bred that is great. But if it makes you dysphoric, you don't have to lean into that. Either way. Your parts and your identity don't define being a breeder or getting bred. Your preference does. So if you wanna be a subby breeder, then be one! Talk to your partner(s) and figure out a way to play with that. Maybe you want to be tied down and used to breed someone. Or maybe you just want to follow gentle commands. There is nobody stopping you to explore safely alone or with a consenting partner. You can do it nonny. <3


    hhh i love the idea of feeling totally small and delicate during sex, and being mahandled and held down and picked up and just like basically feeling like a doll…….


    hi, it’s me, the OP!

    you dont have to be skinny to be valuable OR EVEN to be a sub, a little, etc! and if your partner is really great, they will make you feel like a doll no matter your size 💞

    i’m a plus-size gay (trans) guy and i support this message, thanks!!!

    Its movie night and we're settling in when I ask to sit on your lap. You agree on one condition. I have to cockwarm you the whole time without moving. I agree, figuring it'll be easy as we get caught up in the movie. I was wrong

    Evey few minutes you make sure to thrust up into me. It surprises me and I give a little moan each time. Then you let your fingers slip between my legs, softly rubbing me. I whine quietly and look up at you but you seem entirely focused on the movie.

    A few minutes later I'm struggling to stay still when you whisper in my ear. "You better not move or cum baby, or we're not gonna be able to finish the movie." I half moan, half whine and fight to keep my hips from grinding against you like I so desperately want. But my composure doesn't last much longer and I can't control myself when I suddenly grind against you, trying desperately to cum.

    You grab my hips and hold them in place. "I told you to stay still," you half whisper, half growl. Then your grip on my hips tightens and you pull me down as you thrust up into me.

    I immediately cum, but you fuck me through my orgasm and into my next. We entirely forget about the movie as you pound into me relentlessly. Eventually you feel yourself about to cum and thrust deep into me. I cry out as I feel you come inside me, having one last orgasm of my own.

    We flop onto the couch, cuddling close with you still inside me. We kiss softly and sloppily, whispering about how much we love each other. Eventually we fall asleep like that.

    The next morning I wake up to you gently thrusting into me.

    I want Daddy to give me my first big boy drink, talk about how proud he is of me as I sip on a glass of wine. The alcohol makes my cheeks flush, but more importantly, the little drops Daddy smuggled into it make me woozy and tired. He pulls me close and I snuggle up to him, feeling safe in his arms like I did when I was little. When he touches me, I feel content, knowing he will make sure I’m always protected. He whispers in my ear about showing me more big boy things and I perk up, feeling so, so proud because he’s trusting me with this. His hand is between my legs and when he tells me to, I spread them further. We play big boy games that night, his whispers about me having to keep it a secret in my ear as his cock slips inside of me. He makes me feel so good and I whisper how much I love my daddy as he stills and moans. Something inside of me feels so good as he twitches and fills me up with something warm. He keeps my legs apart and continues to make me feel good, touching me all over as the haze from the wine knocks me out. Before I lose conciousness, I hear him whisper about making me even bigger and I’m curious about what other big boy things daddy is planning to show me next. I don’t know that his seed is currently flooding my womb and his hands are massaging my belly, hoping that I soon swell with his child. Daddy thought of everything. I’m his now.


    I would like to add on to the dick talk. Small penis? Fucking hot! Cum prematurely? Bet your ass I'm going to exploit the hell out of that all night long! Erectile dysfunction? Flaccid penises are just as hot and that will never stop me from wanting to put it in my mouth, nuzzle my face against it, and do whatever I can to make you feel good. Store bought penis? Unleash the wrath of the gods upon me!!!!!! All penises are good and don't have to define who you are!!!!!!!

    HELL YES!! People just need to be more creative with how they’re using the tools they got!

    A Day for Breeding

    You can smell how horny I am in the morning, look at me as I squirm under the covers, reach down to feel how wet I am under my pajama bottoms.

    Undress me from the waist down, waste no time taking off my shirt or doing anything else. You just slip between my legs, spread them slowly and whisper to me as I slowly gain conciousness. You press your hard cock into me before I even fully wake up and my moans are breathy and soft as you sink in to the base. Slowly, you begin to fuck me, enjoying how hot and soft and wet I am. My cervix is so soft whenever you press against it, you can dream about it inviting you inside, your cock sliding past it as my body invites you into my womb.

    My legs are wrapped around you and I slowly relax, knowing what’s going to happen as you fuck me a little harder. Each stab of your cock makes me twitch and whine, but I don’t push you away. Instead, I pull you closer.

    “Do it.” I whisper and you thow yourself into me, fucking me hard, ready to reach your climax and pump your come deep inside of me. Your hands tilt up my hips so that when you shoot your load, it will settle into my womb entirely, allowing your seed to meet my eggs. You’re getting ready to knock me up, sweat on your brow as you fuck me hard. My legs twitch behind your back with each thrust and you can see how big and desperate my eyes are, my mouth opening into a round, soft, O-shape as you push in as deep as you can.

    When you come, my eyes close, because I want to full focus on the feeling of your seed coating my insides. My body convulses, my hole milks you and you feel how my cervix twitches and sucks your seed inside of me. My body is shaking, lost in the feeling of you knocking me up and you slowly fold over my body and sink your teeth into the side of my neck, sucking a bruise there to claim me the way you are claiming my womb at the same time. Slowly, I relax, allowing myself to melt into the mattress while your sperm does its best to merge with my egg. My legs are still around your waist and you look at my fucked out form, knowing we won’t leave the bed today. I’m ovulating and you won’t pass up the chance to knock up your darling boy.


    Coerce me. 🌻

    “Just let me see one breast” “I just want to pinch one nipple” “See doesn’t that feel good, princess?” “Here let me just see the other. See, it isn’t that bad. Doesn’t it feel good?” “Doesn’t it feel good when I squeeze them?” “I bet you’re getting really wet. It’s okay princess. Totally normal.” “No don’t worry baby, I won’t make you show me.” “How about I just rub you above your panties?” “Are you sure baby? It will make me really happy if you let me just rub you down there for just a second.” “See, it’s not bad! I hear you whimpering and moaning, I knew you’d like it.” “Oh fuck baby you’re so wet. It’s only fair that you let me feel the product of all my hard work.” “Please princess, I promise I won’t finger you. I just want to feel how wet I made you. Just for a second.” “Fuck baby. I know I said I wouldn’t pressure you but I’m so hard now. Maybe just the tip?”


    “Oh goodgirl! You are sooo warm and wet inside! Don’t worry it’s just the tip.”

    “Doesn’t this feel good for you sweetheart? The tip is already inside, so a little more won’t hurt right? I won’t thrust/move inside you. Promised.”

    “Fuck! I’m all inside your tight little pussy! It’s sooo wet and tight! Told you daddies cock would fit princess! Yes~ promised i’ll pull out.”

    “Hmmhmmm~ i’m just moving inside you a little bit baby. It’s just to make you feel good.”

    “Fuck- spread those cheeks baby! Daddy is going to fuck you nice and hard. I just really can’t pull out yet! But I promise i won’t cum inside you.”

    “Ffffffffaaaack- i’m cumming! Take it! Take my thick load in your unprotected pussy!”


    Exactly what I need