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2021-01-23 15:23:12

    anyone who says twitter has better politics than other social media sites I will just assume has awful political opinions


    here's my social media ranking from most to least awful politics:

    1. facebook - comments on facebook about politics are beyond parody. you'll go on a fucking weather channel report and see some 60+ year old guy with a maga hat and sunglasses ranting about antifa.

    2. youtube - not sure if this counts as social media like the others listed but there are comments and videos are media. anyway, youtube is notorious for its awful algorithm recommending you "epic feminist owned" compilations no matter what you're watching.

    3. twitter - equality in a bad way; both right wing and left wing users have dumb shit to say, either pointless discourse or flat out lies.

    4. instagram - you can find some pretty ridiculously hilarious political takes on here somewhat like facebook. instagram is just ranked lower because it's funny.

    5. tumblr - you can find some awful takes on here but despite this site's awful functioning you're able to filter them out better than the above sites...unless you stir the pot by using opposing tags like me.

    I can't think of any other major social media platforms, this is making me realize how monopolized social media is.


    @ replies, OMG yeah I missed tiktok and reddit.

    reddit is tied with youtube and tiktok is tied with twitter

    EDIT: stop telling me to add 4chan, i'm blissfully ignoring its existence in the internet politics realm