so idk if you guys have heard but youtube is going to take down the community caption feature on september 28. instead of, you know, working on the platform to prevent abuse, they are just getting rid of it all together. not only will that harm content creators, translators and consumers who need subtitles in different languages, it is also extremely harmful to disadvantaged hard-of-hearing viewers. please sign the petition to show youtube how bad this decision is.


    Some good? news to come out of the Kizuna Ai thing.

    I happy for Nozomi Kasuga




    Season 2 and Movie Announced

    yo people it’s a giveaway with anime tiddies check it out

    THE STORY Light Scatters is a fantasy saturated with magic and intrigue, through which themes of self-acceptance and forgiveness, self-discovery, identity, and finding true potential through partnership and camaraderie, however uncomfortable. Lilica, who embodies darkness, is at odds with her magic and would rather hide, alone, from the world than pave the way for more regret; Sybelle struggles with an overarching sense of failure, stemming from not living up to familial expectations, and thereby overcompensating with an unyielding attitude and an exaggerated façade of confident authority. The two have no reason to get along, let alone work together, but when the threat facing Sybelle’s kingdom proves greater and more ominous than they thought, Lilica finds herself inevitably entangled in a battle that concerned her all along. Sybelle cannot fight it alone, and Lilica fears the repercussions of turning away. The question is, will they choose to fight for one another, or as an opportunity to fulfill their own, desperate needs for self-actualization? If you enjoy magic, conflict, and characters for whom you can’t help but simultaneously love and hate, then this is a story for you!


    YOI SELLS OVER 24,000 Blu-Rays in its first week!!

    Congrats YOI fandom - we are very likely getting a season 2 now. These are MASSIVE numbers for anime blu-ray sales…! It also sold about 11K in regular DVDs, marking a massive total of 35,000+!


    IMPORTANT ETA (January 6th):



    Today Oricon has issued an official statement apologizing for an error they made in counting YOI’s sales. Apparently the correction is this (Translation source):




    If you don’t follow anime disc sales - this is absolutely. Positively. PHENOMENAL. 

    To give some context, this is the ranking of all-time anime series blu-ray/DVD total sales on average (Per volume). With just its FIRST WEEK’s worth of sales, YOI has already broken the top 10 (Right above Love Live!! Sunshine!). So if the number of sales grow in the next few weeks (Which they obviously will) and stay consistent throughout the subsequent volume releases, YOI will be one of the best-selling anime series of all-time in Japan.


    (We’ve made history y’all)

    P.S. I don’t think we should just be anticipating season 2/Next Level at this point.

    These are EASILY season 3/season 4/movies/spin-offs etc. etc. numbers.


    Holy shit guys… This really is phenomenal… Like seriously…
    DVD’s in Japan are SO expensive, so it really puts a lot of people off buying them… Legit the first DVD cost me near enough ¥7000 which is the equivalent of almost £50/$60.
    This is RIDICULOUS.

    If any of you wanted a clear answer as to how popular Yuri!!! on Ice is, this is Japan ALONE.  Imagine what it will be like when it’s released to the WORLD.
    Literally ‘Bor
    n to Make History’.


    Hello all, This is Michael H. Security Guard for the FCC, and as such I wish to formally welcome you to the upcoming con for Animaritimes 2014. I do hope that the event is a fantastic one that we can all appreciate as a great place to spend time with friends, family, and other fans of our favorite...


    Good things to remember. I'm assuming for the food that if I bring snacks from my Nova Scotia home to my hotel room that isn't a problem. imma gonna eat it in the privacy of my hotel room anyway. om nom nom

    Just a reminder that this year Animaritime is offering a special thanks to our hotel guests by hosting a raffle with the help of the Crowne Plaza hotel. The winners of the raffle will win one free night at the hotel during the convention, a brunch (for four), and each person in the room will go home with a $25 iTunes gift card (four gift cards in total).

    To enter the raffle all you have to do is submit your name and room confirmation number, along with the names of the other occupants, via email to: Winners of the raffle will be announced on June 11th at 8 pm on our website and social media pages. Please see our rules and guidelines for eligibility at our website. 


    I’ve come to find that a lot of people want to start playing visual novels, or are interested in playing them, but don’t know much about them. i.e. where to download them. Visual novels now, compared to when I began playing them, have become ENORMOUSLY more accessible and...

    April will be here sooner than you think, which means that we’ll be celebrating the festivities for April Fools’ Day. For those of you who are tired of not getting that special villager(s) picture no matter how hard you try, this will be the perfect opportunity to get a picture...

    You read that right!
    You want some free Helix swag courtesy of 12th Day?


    The Helix Bundle will include:

  • 1 We Are Red ‘Lord Helix’ T-Shirt (in your size) (Approx $20 value)
  • image
  • 1 Helix Charm by theghostlymuse (Approx $5 value)
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