His roommate Bart was nailing his faggot ass again, like he’d been doing multiple times every day for the last two weeks, and Austin couldn’t have been happier. Bart had a beautiful, thick long cock which seems to have been designed to fit perfectly inside Austin’s hungry boycunt and Austin wasn’t the only one who thought so.  It was obvious the way Bart had been plundering Austin’s fuck-chute every chance he got that he felt the same way about Austin’s pussy-hole - that it had been made for his cock.  It had taken a long time and a lot of work to get his straight roommate to try out his boypussy but, now that he’d finally succeeded and Bart was fucking him all the time, Austin had to conclude it had all been well worth it.

    Austin had the hots for Bart almost from the moment he set eyes on him, that first day of pledge week when he met all the brothers.  The dude had exuded an animal masculinity that made Austin’s pussy-juices just churn inside his butt.  But Austin knew, right off the bat, that it was gonna take a lot of work to get this dude interested in his pussy; it would take a lot of work.  But Austin resolved that, somehow, he’d do it.  He’d get this straight, hyper-masculine stud to fuck his boytwat, no matter how much work it took, no matter how long he had to wait.

    It was hard to believe that was three years ago.  Three years of carefully butching it up whenever he was around Bart, three years of buddying up to the older boy, becoming his bro and then his drinking buddy and then his best friend, commiserating with him when he had girlfriend problems - invariably caused by Bart’s inability to keep his dick out of stray pussy - and supporting him when the inevitable break-up finally occurred.  And never once did Austin let himself slip, did he ever make a move.   Because he knew instinctively it could only happen when Bart made the first move, when Bart put the make on him.  

    Living in the frat-house, though, made it really hard.  There were just too many other dudes around, too many distractions.  But then, four months ago, Bart had graduated and moved out of the house.  He was staying in town because he’d decided to go to graduate school - a decision Austin had done everything possible to make happen - and he was looking for a place to stay.  It took all of Austin’s self-control not to volunteer but he held out and waited for Bart to ask him if he’d like to move in with him.  

    It was a good thing Austin was wearing baggy shorts that day because he totally boned up when Bart came into his room and, after uncharacteristically hemming and hawing, finally came out and asked him.  “Austin, I know you love it here in the frat-house, but I really could use a roommate to help me defray the costs of renting an apartment and I was wondering if you’d consider moving in with me for the next year?”

    It was all Austin could do to keep from shouting out “Fuck, yeah!”  But he did manage to control himself and simply told Bart he’d consider it, he’d definitely consider it.  Austin was planning on waiting a full-week to give his answer but as each day went by he got more and more nervous that Bart might reconsider the offer, might find someone else who was willing to be his roommate, so that just three days later he told Bart he’d move in with him.  And this time, it was a good thing that Austin was wearing a jock because the way Bart embraced him when he heard the news gave Austin a throbbing chubbie.  

    They found themselves a two-bedroom apartment - Austin was pretty sure there was no way he’d be able to control himself if they were sharing the same bedroom, particularly since, as Austin well knew, Bart always slept in the nude - and had moved in three months ago.  Bart had just started dating Sydney at the time and, though Austin found that frustrating, knowing Bart’s track record with college coeds, Austin was sure it was only a matter of time before Bart screwed around on her and got caught.  Sure enough, just three weeks ago the hammer had fallen and, in a particularly vitriolic break-up which Austin had listened to from his own bedroom, they had split up.  And then, Austin put his long envisaged plan of seduction into operation.

    He went out with Bart for a week, hitting every bar in town, some way more than once.  He sat with him and agreed with him that girls were bitches, totally unreasoning cunts who just sucked the life out of a dude if given a chance.   And Austin plied him with liquor, getting him beer after beer, making sure he was rip-roaring drunk by the time they announced last call.  Austin also made sure that, every night, he was the one who went to the bar to pick up their last two beers and he carefully dropped a ground-up Viagra into Bart’s final beer of the night, guaranteeing that the boy would be all horned-up, panting for sex, once Austin had safely deposited him in bed.  

    Austin pretty much matched Bart beer for beer those first six nights.  But on the seventh night, the night he was planning on maneuvering Bart into make a move on him, he cut back considerably.  He wanted Bart totally drunk but he needed to be pretty sober if things were to work out the way Austin wanted them to.  And this time, when he got Bart’s last beer, Austin dropped in two ground-up Viagras and a Black Mollie containing 200 grams of caffeine.   Bart always avoided caffeine because it really affected him.  The Black Mollie would guarantee that no matter how wasted Bart got that night, he wasn’t gonna be going to sleep when they got back to the apartment.

    They stumbled home together, Bart with his arm draped over Austin’s shoulder simply because he had trouble standing up on his own.  When they got back to the apartment, the rooms were like a sauna.  Austin had carefully switched the system to heat before they’d left for the bar and it was almost 84 degrees inside the apartment when they got back home.  “Fuck,” Austin exclaimed, acting surprised, “it’s as hot as hades in here.  I’m gonna go strip down to shorts.  You should do the same, bro.  Then I’ll get us another pair of brewskis.”  Now wide awake, if definitely still feeling the effect of all the alcohol he’d consumed, Bart had agreed and headed off to his bedroom, while Austin made his way to his own room, stopping off along the way to switch the air conditioning back on.   Austin stripped down and then put on the flimsiest, thinnest pair of shorts he had, which he had already put-aside for this evening.   He then went into the kitchen got two more beers out and dropped two more Viagras into Bart’s bottle - he wanted his bro uncontrollably horny for the rest of the night.

    When Bart returned wearing just his boxers, his big cock obviously hard as a rock underneath them, Austin knew that it was now or never.  He gave Bart the doctored drink and then sat down and shot the breeze for a few minutes, trying to get his buddy to relax just a little.  And then, almost as if by accident, he mentioned how a couple years ago after a night of good-natured rough-housing, Bart had bragged that he could beat Austin with one hand tied behind his back.  “You still think so, big guy?” he asked, the challenge clear in his voice.  “You still think so?”  

    As he knew he would, Bart immediately rose to the bait.  “Fuck, yeah, bro.   Even drunk as a skunk like I am right now, I could still beat you with one hand tied behind my back.”

    “Talk’s cheap, bro,” Austin retorted.  “Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is?  A hundred bucks says you can’t.”

    “Easiest money I ever made, bro,” Bart sneered.  “Go get some rope and tie my hand behind my back.  We’ll settle this right now.”

    Austin was off to his bedroom like a shot, picked up the rope he’d placed on his bed in anticipation of this moment, and hurried back to the living room.  The two of them moved the coffee table out the way and then Austin looped the rope around Bart’s left hand.  Bart suggested he tie it behind his back looped to his neck, but Austin demurred, saying he didn’t want to run the risk of inadvertently choking his buddy.  Instead he looped it around Bart’s waist and tied it off at the front of the bigger boy’s stomach.  Austin was careful to tie the knot loosely so that it could be easily unraveled since, when the real action started, he wanted to be sure that Bart was able to use both hands.  Then they faced off against each other.

    Austin was pleased to discover that, with one hand tied behind Bart’s back, he was more than a match for his roommate.  He let the wrestling go on for about five minutes, long enough to get both of them sweaty, and then when he had Bart momentarily pinned to the floor, he took the opportunity to rip Bart’s boxers off his ass and deliver a series of stinging slaps to the other boy’s big melons.  

    Bart yelped in pained outrage.  “You fucker,” he snarled.  “You’re gonna pay for that.”  Just to make sure he would, Austin loosened his grip on the other boy and soon found himself underneath him.  “You little fucker,” Bart gloated now that he was on top.  “We’ll see how you like getting your ass whipped.” With that, he pulled Austin’s shorts down his legs and started whaling away at the smaller boy’s ass-cheeks. 

    It hurt.  There was no getting around that.  It hurt.  Bad, too, as the spanking went on.  But despite the pain, Austin had never been so turned on in his life.   He didn’t resist at all for the first few minutes, letting the sexual tensions in the room just rise as his iron-hard cock rubbed itself against the carpet.  But then, he suddenly raised himself up on all fours and thrust his ass backwards into Bart’s crotch.  Austin could feel his roommate’s bone now rubbing up and down his crack and it felt as hard as his own.  Austin continued to smash his ass hard against Bart’s fully-erect dick, taking the opportunity at the same time to unknot the rope that kept Bart’s left arm restrained.  Even as he freed Bart’s arm, Austin could hear his friend’s breath becoming ragged, he could feel Bart’s cock literally throbbing in arousal as he worked it up and down the cleft of his boy-ass.  .  

    And finally, the combination of the physical exertions they’d been making, the close skin to skin contact between Austin’s ass and Blake’s hard cock, to say nothing of the four Viagras Blake had unknowingly downed in just the last two hours, proved too much for Blake.  “Oh, fuck.  Oh, fuck,” Blake suddenly moaned, his voice audibly thick with passion.  And then, as Blake mumbled one more ‘Oh, fuck,’ Austin felt an agonizing piercing as Blake began frantically jamming his aroused fuck-tool up his roommate’s boy-ass.

    It was a good thing that Austin had an experienced boypussy.  During all those years he was living in the frat-house Austin had been careful to never let any of his bros know that he was gay, afraid that word would get back to Bart.  But Austin hadn’t spent those years as a virgin.  He’d hooked up with a number of dudes, dudes with big cocks who liked fucking boypussy, though he’d always done it on the down-low, careful to insure that word never got widely spread of just where his sexual interests lay.  Which, as things turned out that night, was a good thing, because if Austin had been a virgin, the raw violence of Bart’s assault would have been an excruciating agony.  As it was, though there was a definite element of pain for Austin, it was nothing he hadn’t handled before and what pain there was paled against the euphoria that he felt in finally succeeding in having Bart fuck his hungry hole.

    Bart pounded into him like a man possessed, his hard cock a jackhammer in Austin’s grasping bung-hole.  Considering how he’d stoked his roommate’s libido all week long with daily Viagra, to say nothing of the four pills he downed just hours earlier, Austin wasn’t surprised that Bart shot his load relatively quickly, with enough vigor that Austin could actually feel the massive load of boy-scuzz flooding his impaled boy-hole.  He had shot his own massive load on the carpet even before Bart had popped off and came damn close to cumming again when Bart finally got his own nut, though Austin did manage to control it. And Austin didn’t let himself slip into the post-coital bliss that would normally accompany such a fantastic orgasm.  He knew that what was coming next was the key to the ultimate success of his plan and he needed to be fully in control of himself.  Austin lay quiescent under the bigger boy, but fully aware of everything that was happening as Bart slowly came down from his own awesome orgasmic high.

    “Ah, fuck, dude,” Bart began to speak, his voice tentative and actually sounding a little scared.   “i don’t know what came over me.  I don’t know what happened.  I’m so sorry.   I’m so sorry.”  The moment he heard these words, Austin clamped down as hard as he could with his sphincter and his entire boypussy.  Austin knew it was critical that Bart not withdraw his dick from his ass - not yet.  

    “Bro, bro,” Austin quickly replied.  “I don’t know what happened either….but…I don’t know how to explain it….I’ve never done anything like this before…but, I kinda enjoyed it.  It was strange and it hurt but, somehow, it also felt kinda neat, having you inside of me, having you fuck me.  I don’t know, it just felt kinda right, you know what I mean?  Didn’t you enjoy it, too?  At least a little?”

    Austin’s carefully chosen words, his mixture of truth and lies, seemed to soothe Bart a little and Austin could feel him settling back down on his body.  “Fuck, dude,” Bart replied with a rueful laugh, “I enjoyed it a lot more than a little.  I enjoyed the hell out of it.  I’d never fucked another dude before.  Never even really thought about doing it, either.  But, goddamn, Austin, you’ve got an incredible ass - your hole was as tight as any pussy I ever fucked.  Fuck, dude, I enjoyed the hell out of fucking you.”

    Hearing the response he’d hoped to hear, that he’d dreamed of hearing, Austin began working his ass up and down Bart’s still iron-hard man-cock.   “Well, bro,” he said as calmly as he could manage, “if you enjoyed it and I enjoyed it, there’s nothing to worry about.  No harm, no foul.”   Austin took a deep breath and then continued, “Bro, I know you shot a major load off, I can feel it in my butt, but, if you’re up for it, I wouldn’t mind doing it all again.  Right now.”

    There was just the slightest pause but then, feeling Bart forcefully thrust into him again Austin knew what the answer was going to be even before Bart spoke.  “Goddammit, boy.  I don’t know what’s come over me but I am gonna fuck your sweet ass again.  So get ready for it bro, cause I’m about to turn that boy-ass of yours into my personal cunt.  My personal fuck-hole.”  And then, grunting and groaning, Bart started fucking Austin even harder than he had the first time.

    And he’s been doing the same ever since.  They’d ended up in Bart’s bed that night and he fucked Austin over and over again until long after the sun had come up.  Austin lost count of how many loads he took up his pussy that night, how many hot loads of jizz Bart pumped into him.   Austin knew that part of it was all the Viagra that Bart had consumed but later that afternoon, when Bart fucked him not once but twice while they were showering together, Austin knew it wasn’t the Viagra anymore - now it was Bart’s fully unleashed male libido in action.  That night, as he snuggled his still rivened ass against Bart’s groin after another multiple fuck session, Bart started musing aloud.

    “You know, bro, I never would have guessed what an incredible boypussy you’ve got between your legs.  And to think, I could have been fucking it all these years.  What a waste, boy.  What a fucking waste.”

    “Well,” Austin replied, “what’s past is past.  And we’ve got the whole future ahead of us.  Plenty of time to make up for lost opportunities in the past.”

    “You’re right, there, bro,” Bart replied with a chuckle.  “We’ve got plenty of time to make up for lost opportunities.  And, you know what, there’s no time like the present to start doing it.”  And with that, he rolled back on top of Austin and began fucking his well-worked boy-hole yet again.   And that’s exactly what Bart has been doing ever since - making up for lost opportunities.  And Austin couldn’t be happier.  The wait had been well worth it.  And now there was only the future to look forward to - and all those lost opportunities to make up for.   As Bart picked up the pace of his fucking, Austin spread his legs farther apart, wanting to get as much of that beautiful cock in his butt as he could.   Goddammit, he loved getting fucked by Bart.  He just loved it.  And he didn’t want it to ever stop.  Ever. And it never would - not if Austin had anything to say about it.  And Bart, too, for that matter.  Sometimes, things just work out and Austin was grateful that this was one of those times.


    When I saw this dude across the bar I knew these bad news. The way he was indifferent to the girl he was with and the eyes he kept giving me. When he passed me he brushed against me and made his way to the bathroom. I couldn’t help myself and followed him in. He was huge, a big muscly guy and I wanted him to wrap himself around me.

    When I walked in I didn’t see him I went over to the urinals and decided to take a leak. I heard the door open behind me and looked over my shoulder and there he was. I finished what I was doing and ducked inside. He pinned me against the wall and he pushed his hard cock against me as he felt me up.

    “I’m going to fuck a shit out of you,” he said into my ear and pulled off his clothes and threw them down.

    I did the same and got undressed. He pinned me against the wall again and left in my legs up and put his cock inside and started going at it. This stranger was taking me and I was loving ever second of it. He unloaded in my ass and gave me a kiss and pulled out like it wasn’t a big deal. I watched him put his clothes back on and he said ‘thanks’ as he headed out.

    As I sat back down on my bar stool I felt his cum oozing out of me. He kept looking over at me and smirking. I heard his girl ask him what took him so long and he told her not to worry about it. She didn’t question him again, he definitely didn’t give a fuck about anything. As he finally head out his girl went to the bathroom and he stopped at my table grabbed my beer and chugged the last bit of it down.

    “Put your number in,” he demanded as he slammed the glass down on the table.

    I put my number in his phone and he told me to be ready for him to come over when he needed. He was so cocky and full of himself and somehow he knew that I would do exactly what he wanted.

    Robbie’s older brother was home on leave and, to Robbie’s consternation, things had reverted to the way they’d been before Jaime had left three years earlier to join the Marines, which meant that Jaime was fucking Robbie’s ass every chance he got.  Robbie had never enjoyed being Jaime’s fuck-bitch but, then again, Jaime had never asked him if he wanted the job.  He’d just started fucking him one day when their parents were both out and kept on doing it for almost two years.  

    Robbie had only been a sophomore in high school then and it had been pretty traumatic being Jaime’s fuckboy.  He didn’t like it, but he’d never said anything to anyone - it was just too humiliating to admit he’d had a pussy cored out between his legs by his own brother.  Not surprisingly, he’d secretly been thrilled when his brother joined the Marines and left.  Now, though, his brother was back and, from what he said, he’d be living at home for six months, while he took courses at the local college as part of his Marine training.  And that meant that Robbie looked to be facing the next six months as his brother’s fuck-bitch.

    Robbie had told himself after Jaime left that he’d never let another guy do that to him - he’d never play the bitch again for another dude.  But the minute Jaime got him alone and told him to strip, the old habits reasserted themselves and the next thing Robbie knew he was naked, on his hand and knees, taking Jaime’s hard cock up his re-christened pussy.  Robbie realized now that he just wasn’t able to break Jaime’s conditioning - he was Jaime’s fuck-bitch, not only in Jaime’s mind but in his own, as well.  And, as much as he hated it, he knew he was going to let Jaime fuck him whenever Jaime wanted and that this was going to be true for the rest of his life.  He was always going to be Jaime’s fuck-bitch.  He was always going to have a pussy between his legs whenever Jaime was around, a pussy that Jaime plowed out with his hard dick whenever the urge to shoot a creamy load of ball-scuzz up his younger brother’s hole hit him.  And nothing was ever going to change that.  Nothing.


    We were both awake, I could hear him moving around and sighing a bunch. Something was definitely on his mind.

    “You okay?” I asked softly.

    “I’m fine, I just keep thinking about something I want to do but I don’t know how,” he said in the quiet room.

    “Just do it,” I said hoping I was going to get to watch my brother jack off.

    Instead he stood up and walked over to my bed and laid on top of me. I could feel his dick on my leg and his warm breath against my face. He looked at me and looked his lips and slowly moved forward.

    He stopped just shy. “Just do it,” I whimpered out so incredibly turned on.

    And then he did, his lips found in mine and he started kissing me so tender and lovingly. I could feel his dick thicken as his tongue explored my mouth. It was late at night and I was making out with my older brother as he laid on top of me pushing his dick against me in slow humping motions.

    He finally broke our kiss. “Fuck,” I said.

    “Was that okay?” He asked as the weight of his body was still pressing down on me.

    “Very okay,” I told him putting my lips against his and started kissing him again.

    I grabbed his ass and pulled him down into me as he began to hump his hard cock on me. He kept doing it until he started moaning and I knew he had just came. Not only because of the sounds he made but because of the wet feeling I felt between us.


    Francisco Lachowski


    Your brother always does his morning workout routine in his underwear, and right in front of you, like he's showing off. Eventually you can't resist temptation anymore, and you walk up to him one morning while he's doing his handstand, and pull his underwear up so his dick flops out, and you just kneel down and suck it. He moans, and you pull your own dick out of your boxers and shove it down his throat.

    You face fuck him violently while he gags on your dick, and he cums in your mouth so fast. Tasting him for the first time is like cocaine, addicting, exhilarating. You fill his mouth with your seed, then get up and leave him a collapsed pile on the floor while you go shower.