He collapsed upon me, sweaty and exhausted with his head resting upon my neck. “Why did we never fuck until now?” he asked as he softly kissed my neck. “Because Mom and Dad would have fuckin’ killed us,” I replied.

    My kid brother Danny was starting college, and I volunteered to drive him the 300 miles to school. We arrived the evening before his dorm opened, and I checked us into a nearby hotel for the night. I then picked up a pizza and a case of beer to enjoy in the room. After knocking back a few, we got to talking about my college days.

    Danny peppered me with lots of questions before finally asking, “What’s the craziest thing you did in college?” I took a long swig of beer before deciding to come clean. “You remember my college roommate Ted, the one who got married last summer?” Danny nodded that he did. “Well,” I went on, “we used to fuck.”

    Danny’s eyes were wide. “You mean you fucked Ted’s ass?” he asked. “No,” I corrected, Ted fucked my ass.” I could see Danny’s wheels turning for a moment before he said, “That’s so fucking HOT.” His shorts were tenting. “You ever fucked some ass?” I asked. “No,” Danny answered sheepishly. “At least not yet.”

    Without saying a word, I got up and went into the bathroom. “Wait,” Danny called out, “where you going?” I gave him a playful smile before answering, “Just getting some lube from my toiletry bag so you can FUCK my ass.” His face lit up as he dropped his shorts.

    Danny’s big cock looked nearly identical to mine. “Damn, little brother,” I joked. “I’m finally gonna feel what it’s like to be fucked with my own dick.” That made him even harder as he lubed up his cock. I stretched back on the edge of the bed and pulled my knees up to give him access to my hole. “Now start slow, Danny,” I warned him. “Ass is a lot tighter than pussy.” He nodded as he began to penetrate me.

    “Holy fuck,” Danny exhaled as he worked his cock balls deep inside me. His head rolled back as he gave me some slow, steady strokes. “Your ass feels so fucking good. It’s way tighter than pussy,” he exclaimed. I laughed as I reached around him and gave a playful smack to his ass. That spurred him on, and he soon picked up the pace and began pounding me hard. I was about to warn him that he’ll nut fast that way, when he grunted, “FUCK … I’m busting, bro.” With my legs wrapped around his ass, I pushed Danny deeper inside me as I felt his cock spurting within me. The feeling of taking my own brother’s warm seed was overwhelming.

    Danny collapsed upon me as he softly kissed the nape of my neck. We both lamented not exploring and joining our bodies before now. He then got quiet. I thought he had fallen asleep upon me when Danny suddenly lifted his head and said, “I don’t have to check into my dorm tomorrow. Could we stay here a few more days? Maybe make up for all that lost time?”

    Without saying a word, I reached between us and found Danny’s cock. It instantly grew hard again at my touch. Guiding his big cock back into my wet hole, my kid brother knew I had granted his wish. “Fuuuck,” he slowly exhaled.

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    I was out walking the dog in the fields, just alongside the tree line, when from out of the woods came one of my dad's newest Farm hands, about my age, wearing jeans and a tight tank top. He saw me, commando in my gym shorts with an oversized t-shirt on, the usual for me in the early morning when I'm not expecting to see anyone.

    I could see him weighing the numbers in his head, and are very quickly knew what he was about to do. We were at least two miles from the house, there was at least a hundred acres between us and the nearest neighbour, and a forest between us and the nearest road. There was nowhere for me to go, nowhere to run.

    Before I could say anything, my face was in the dirt, my shirt ripped off of me at the seams, and my flimsy gym shorts at my ankles, tied in a knot so I couldn't run. He used the tattered remains of my shirt to shove my mouth so I couldn't yell, then I felt him undoing his jeans, allowing what felt like a rather large dick to fall out onto my ass.

    With very little time wasted, he spat on my hole then shoved himself inside me, and I screamed through the torn fabric of my shirt as he started to fuck me roughly in the grass. His grunts and my whimpers combined in unison as he pressed deeper and deeper, rearranging my insides with the first dick to ever enter me. Never in a million years did I imagine being with a dude, let alone being fucked in my parents' field out in the open in broad daylight.

    He soon filled my hole with his seed, collapsing on top of me and biting my neck. I moaned from all the stimulation, and all I could smell was his manly scent mixed with the morning dew on the grass. After a while he pulled out, zipped up his jeans and walked back into the woods, leaving me splayed out on the ground to collect myself.

    When I finally stirred, I untied my ankles and turned over, surprised to find myself the hardest I've ever been, and covered in my own sticky cum. This shocked me in more ways than one, and rather than upset, I found myself accelerated by this new discovery.

    After that morning, it became a regular thing, I'd go out every morning with the dog (who, mind you, did nothing to stop that first time), and as I get to the tree line he'll meet me there, and we'll fuck like rabbits, then I'll go on my way with his load dripping down my legs.


    I wake up in the morning, feeling his arms still wrapped around me. I can feel his load from last night still inside me, and better yet, his morning wood pressed against my hole, ready for a morning round.

    I shift a little, along the tip to meet with my hole, then I push back. He slips inside me, his last load providing all the lube we need. I known as he bottoms out inside me, which wakes him, and as the situation unfolds in front of him, he almost automatically starts thrusting again, hitting all the right spots inside me.

    Does it gets more intense, he pushes me on to my stomach, or pressing my head into the pillow firmly, and climbing on top of me to thrust deeper. I moan, but the pillow soaks it up, and I can hear his grunts getting quicker and more breathless if he reaches his climax.

    I soak the sheets without touching myself, something only he can do, and as I dump my load out between my stomach and the bedding, I feel impressed as deep as he can before breeding me for the second time in 8 hours. My own brother, my twin.

    In the course of one night, we had so many firsts together, but I know none of them will be the last.


    The bed was creaking. A soft rhythmic sound. He was digging away. His fat uncut straight frat cock was digging away. He was coring me out. My hole was sealed tight around his cock, his pubes ground and scratched softly at my plush cheeks. His balls slapped against my naked skin.

    I wanted to cry out. I wanted to moan and whine and whimper. I wanted to squeal. His cock was so fucking fat. It spread and stretched and rearranged my internals and I felt so stuffed, so full. But then he would hit something in me. Something that made my entire hole shake and shiver and tremble and coil tightly around his cock and as he tried to pull out my hole wanted to suck him back in.

    I wanted to make noise. But he wouldn't let me. He had a hand covering my mouth. His lips were near my ear and each panting grunting sound he made, bit back and stifled as they were, sounded so much louder to me. His heated breath tickled and caressed me.

    "Shhh. Not so loud, faggot..." He whispered in a husky tone in my ear. "Not so loud..." He panted and started to jackhammer into my quivering hole, a dozen fast shallow merciless thrusts, then slow deep deliberate grinding digging coring thrusts. My eyes rolled back in their sockets and he groaned in my ear. "Hnnfuck. Not... So.... Loud... Little bitch.... Keep it down, bro... Don't want dad finding us like this, do you?"


    The faggot is my girlfriend’s barely-legal kid brother. He moved in with us six months ago when he started college in our town. He wasn’t here a week before he offered up his tight hole to me. Fuck, he’s got a hot cunt. At first, I only plugged the boy when my girlfriend wasn’t home. But soon I found myself lying awake at night craving his pussy. So now I wait until my girlfriend is asleep and then I sneak off to the boy’s room and give him my big cock. The faggot likes it rough, with my cock destroying his cunt. The situation is a ticking time bomb, as I know my girlfriend will catch us eventually. But I can’t help myself. If you had the boy’s sweet pussy, you’d know what I mean.

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    You were at your favorite beach, half dozing in the shade of the cliffs that make it all so private, when you awoke to feeling a weight across your midriff. You open your eyes to see a beautiful muscular man grinding his bear, naked ass against your Speedo.

    Not knowing who he was, or what was happening at first, you started to get up, but he stopped you by pleading,

    "No , please put it in me."

    You look down at his quite frankly perfect ass, his tight looking hole pulsing gently against the yellow fabric of your Speedo, which was already struggling to contain your now throbbing erection.

    You reach down between your legs, your fingers brushing his taint as you pull aside the crotch of your Speedo, unleashing your thick dick which slaps against his skin, triggering a gentle gasp from him. He continues to grind up against you, teasing the tip with his hole, until the right thrust finds home, and he sits down completely on your raw dick in one motion, something you've never seen before.

    This causes you both to moan in unison, at the excitement and suddenness of your penetration. He starts to ride you, and even to this day, it's still the best fuck you've ever had. His whole is unbelievably tight, and it pulses even tighter with every thrust, the feeling intensified by the lack of lubrication and high friction.

    It's not long before you start to feel close, a combination of the dry spell you've had lately, the breeze tickling your balls, and the thrill of fucking a stranger in the wide open public, with people all around you. He can sense you're impending orgasm too, but he makes it clear he's not going to stop.

    Soon, you can take the build-up no longer, and you moan before unloading deep inside him. Your orgasm is explosive, mind-blowing, and lasts longer than any orgasm you've had before.

    He sits there, as you come down from your mind altering experience, but eventually he gets up, thanks you, then walks down the beach, a stream of jizz running down his leg. Exhausted, you pass out for another few hours before packing your stuff and leaving.

    You never see him again, but you often go back to that Beach in your yellow Speedo in the hopes that one day he returns.


    The summer after high school I got a job at summer camp... it was awesome to be outside all the time, get paid and be able to hike and swim all the time. Didn’t really even feel like a job much. They put me in a bunk house with 2 other guys... both were 22 and studying at the university in the city. Ky was the super friendly, bleach blonde hair tall 6’2” and had thick man hands already. He also served as the lifeguard for the lake front. Couple weeks in him and I got pretty close... it was nice to have a an older buddy to hang out with. Late one night we had gone down for a late night skinny dip in the lake Ky and snuck back into our cabin to find ourselves alone... turns out our other bunk mate went home for the weekend for a family emergency. Ky surprised me and pulled a bottle of Smirnoff from under his bed and poured us both a drink... I had never really drank before but played it cool. It was also hot as hell in the cabin, with barely any airflow so we both had stripped down to our underwear. Just two guys hanging out... the Smirnoff kicked in... and we both were getting a bit silly. We started wrestling on my his bed and next thing I knew he had me pinned down... feeling his body so close to mine was intoxicating. Literally. I felt my dick swell but when I looked down so was his. We both smiled and laughed... then he bent down and kissed me as our hard cocks grinded against each other!!! Fuck it felt so good. I couldn’t believe it!! Ky pulled away... “I wanna try something... do you trust me?” I shook my head yes... “good, roll over!” Ky laid next to me and slid my briefs down... I felt his hands massage and feel my firm ass... then I felt his tongue slowly lick my tight hole!!! FUCK!!!! I let out a loud moan!!! Ky stopped “feels sooo good, right!” He dove right back in before I could reply. I moaned with pleasure. His tongue probing my ass... then I felt his finger slide in!!! It hurt... but also felt sooo good. “Gahhh Ky... don’t stop!!!” My cock was so hard... and my ass sooo tight. Ky kept splitting my cheeks open and licking deeper and then Probing me with one, then two and then three fingers!!! “You ready for me to fuck you?!” I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant... but I just moaned yes!!!” He rolled me on to my back... spit on his cock and then aligned his perfect mushroom head cock with my tight ass. He leaned down and kissed me. “Just breath buddy!” He kissed me again as he slowly slid into me!! Fuck it hurt... but I wanted it so badly!! “More Ky, more!” “Take it easy... we got all summer” he chuckled. He kissed me again until he was deep in me. He held me there and kissed me!! Then he slowly starting pumping in and out of my tight ass!! “Fuck Conner... you are so tight!!” I just moaned “more please, more!” As he started hitting me deeper I felt my cock begin to spasm... fuck... I was cumming... without even touching my cock... this excited Ky and he picked up pace!!! “Wow, buddy!! So hot!! He grabbed my ankles and picked up pace... then I felt his cock spasm and then my ass was filled with his warm thick load!!! He collapsed on top of me... My whole body was tingling... “wow... I want more!!” Ky chuckled. “Me too!!” Best summer at camp ever!!