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    30 Tips and Tricks for a Thin Body

    30 tips and tricks for thin body So here are some of my favorite tips that I find really helpful (and true) for being thin… #1 Drink a cup of water right after you wake up, it gets your stomach working #2 Don’t drink diet coke, it still has sugars in it #3 Take contrast showers (hot water, cold water, hot water…) it gets your blood flowing and fat burning #4 Spinach has a very little amount of calories #5 If you don’t like sports or exercise take up walking. IT BURNS CALIRIES AND DOES SO MUCH GOOD #6 For fat burning the best exercise is intensive fitness (or any kind of cardio) or power yoga. #7 Don’t eat 4 hours before sleep #8 Always eat breakfast. If not, your body turns on suvivior mode and saves calories #9 Get a good night sleep #10 Drink green tea #11 Eat nuts and avacados but remember, they have fat. Healthy fat but still fat. #12 Avoid salt #13 Avoid sweetened yoghurt, they might say that it’s healthy or something but buying non-fat or sugar yoghurt and adding jam or berries is so much better #14 This is a hard one… Don’t weight yourself every day, you’ll go crazy. Weight doesn’t change that fast #15 Don’t stress if you’re not losing weight, sometimes you build muscle mass and burn weight but fat and muscle looks completly diffrent #16 Taking a fast day once in a while is not bad but once you don’t eat for 6 hours your metabolism slows down and you loose less calories #17 Eat as little processed foods as possible (pasta, rice, meat, sauces…) #18 Don’t eat sugary foods also don’t drink sugary drinks. Even juices, they have lots of sugar. Drink water, tea or fresh squeezed juices. #19 Pineapple burns calories #20 Half a grapefruit before
breakfast helps you burn fat #21 When picking out food seasoning choose something without salt #22 Buy jeans that are a little bit too tight, it’ll keep you motivated #23 Sit with your back straight and abs flexed. That way you’ll strenghten your abs #24 Don’t just do 300 crunches and hope for a flat belly. No muscle needs that many repititions, take up diffrent ab workouts. #25 Don’t eat when you’re not hungry #26 Drink a big glass of water before every meal #27 Eat as slow as possible. Chew everything till it’s almost liquid, then swallow. #28 Stop eating before you’re full. #29 Don’t drink while eating or right after the meal. When you eat, you’re lighting a fire ir your sromach, as you’re drinking you’re flushing it. #30 Keep yourself busy. Go wor a walk or a bike ride. Go shopping. Meet a friend. If you’ll sit at home watching tv shows, you will be more likely to stary binging BONUS TIP!! #31 Do things that make you happy.


    (Note: Mr. Son is BTS’ Choreographer!)

    I met Mr. Son previously in the year as I went to his workshop and there I have heard some things about the boys and thought I’d share.^^

    1) It takes BTS only two days to learn a new choreography and only one week to show it to the public. Because they’ve practised a lot in the past, they learn quicker now. 2) Namjoon had a problem with the 3:33 move in Fire. He was moving his entire body and apparently looking like a fish out of the water the first time he tried it. But now he’s mastered it! 3) Namjoon needed five days to learn Danger by himself. 4) Jimin is okay. God bless. He’s eating well and he doesn’t have any health problems atm. 5) (MR. SON MOCKED JIMINS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS DURING 3:33 LMAO) 6) Mr. Son said that Hoseok is the best dancer out of the group and that he sometimes helps Mr. Son with choreography moves. He always keeps Mr. Son’s place sometimes and teaches/helps the members and takes care of the performance. #AppreciateAndLoveHoseok 7) Mr. Son said that he chose BigHit out of pride. He didn’t want the other big companies although they called him plenty of times. He said he’s never going to leave Bighit. 8) Bighit and Mr. Son have put their all into creating BTS and making them what they are today, aka a good performance group. Mr. Son said that although he’ll manage more groups in the future, BTS are still going to remain the most dutiful students and the students he’s most attached to. 9) Mr. Son is a perfectionist. He said that the INU choreography was still lacking even after many days of working. He was still happy that it looked fine to the public, in spite of his perspective on it being the other one. He thanks the boys for working hard and following his orders well though. 10) BTS are so busy nowadays that they practise quick when they can and barely talk to the choreographer outside of comeback speaking.

    confirmed: yoongi’s destiny is to be as near as possible to jimin’s butt” lets not ignore how his face is bitter as fuck keeping his eye on jinmin and when jimin gets closer you can see him close his eyes like ‘fuck yes gotta prepare myself for this treat’ and you can see the strain of just how badly he’s trying to keep a straight face but he justs wants to smirk so much