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    Oh my god, DRPG referenced the Disgaea 2 manga!

    Disgaea 2 manga:


    Rozalin: Father...remember when you sent me that big teddy bear?

    Zenon: ...yeah.

    Rozalin: I hugged that bear and I slept with it everyday until the day I was summoned by Adell...

    Zenon: I see...

    Rozalin: When I was 6... you made me a birthday cake...but it was too sweet. I hated sweet things ever since.

    Zenon: I always thought... children loved sweets...

    Rozalin: When I was 7, you gave me a whole field of white roses just for me.

    Zenon: That time I was hiding to make sure...you wouldn't find me...

    Rozalin: Father...!

    Rozalin Character Episode 4


    I always love how Atlus decided to have Laharl make Gordon’s new title Slayer of the Netherworld rather than just agree with Flonne on Defender of the Netherworld like the Japanese version. Some people have told me that it doesn’t work cuz it doesn’t fit, but that’s the joke. It’s TOTALLY unfitting for Gordon and he knows it.

    Gordon: Hey, wait! That’s not any better...


    Honest question, what are the amazing things about refine that balance it's negative points, aside from the new sprites? I'm still going to buy the game day 1 because it's one of my favourite games ever, but I have not seen anything amazing about the remake aside from the sprites.

    Well, perhaps I am over-exaggerating things by saying that but because I love the original game so much, that even the smallest good additions seem so big to me. Just seeing the few returning classes that do get an HD makeover makes me so happy. The fact that we finally get to see the Scout and the D1 Majin again and the Defenders of Earth now in HD makes me feel so happy. And just seeing Nippon Ichi continue to impress with how expressive these HD sprites are is always a treat.

    The other big treat is that the soundtrack has been rearranged to some extent. Running Fire has a new intro portion that is not part of any of the previous arranges (including the DD2) and most of the songs definitely have some new clearer instrumentals. Part of it could be that it’s not as compressed as the original PS2 version, but it definitely nice to finally hear much clearer versions of Battle of Eight Beat and Underworld, both of which have never been arranged in any capacity to my knowledge. 

    That’s not to say I don’t acknowledge any of the issues of Refine. Quite the opposite. It’s an anniversary remaster/remake of the game that really put Nippon Ichi on the map. I would have accepted not bringing back every class if they were reworking many of the later mechanical improvements into the game, even just basic things like single innate evilities and monster bouncing. I would have also accepted just an HD remaster and nothing else being touched if almost all the original classes were properly redone (I can maybe accept some of the later designs of the reoccurring humanoid classes, like the warriors). But keeping all the mechanics exactly the same and just replacing most of the original designs with the HD assets they have from later games is lazy. To see Manty the Manticore from the original replaced by a Zombie Dragon is disheartening. Same with the Galactic Demons being replaced by the Rifle Demons. It’s utterly disheartening, but it’s still the game I love and when I those few bright spots, I can’t help but smile. I just really hope Nippon Ichi steps it up from here.


    disgaea refine? more like disgaea you're fine if you're humanoid and not a filthy monster

    To be fair, Disgaea 1 was pretty bad to monster classes in general. Outside of capturing, getting a monster required a hefty fee that only decreased after killing a certain number of them, and by that point, your humanoids far outclassed anything your monster had, not to mention they couldn’t throw. It wasn’t until later games introduced evilities, magichange, and bouncing that they were able to compete, or even surpass in certain cases, with humanoids.

    >the-dood: lowkey hoping that the Majins keep their d1 design   

    That I don’t think you have to worry about. I saw a screenshot somewhere and the Majins seem to have kept their original design so they at least kept that.

    I also saw a screenshot of the infamous Cave of Ordeals 3 with the Baciel and I immediately facepalmed cuz that’s a big sign that the Galactic Demons aren’t coming back, and that’s really sad. They were honestly the best monster class in Disgaea 1 (a game where most of the monster classes were lackluster mechanically), one of the best tank classes in the entire series, and had the coolest looking design, and knowing that they’ve been replaced by the Baciel is really disheartening.


    Nippon Ichi Software shared a few words on some of the games they’re planning new titles on, including Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain and Yomawari. Talk on a new Disgaea development is also coming. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]

    During the recent talk, Nippon Ichi stated that they’re planning new titles for Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain and Yomawari, and that they’ll continue raising those two series as promising rookies.

    In addition to those two, NIS is also considering new entries for past titles. One that is coming is from Disgaea, which the company is preparing to talk about its new development next year.

    Furthermore, Nippon Ichi will be announcing a new project at the start of the new year, and it seems like it could be its 25th anniversary project.

    Read more at http://www.siliconera.com/2017/12/26/nippon-ichi-considering-new-entries-past-titles-new-disgaea-refrain-yomawari-works/#zI2ATTFvC5mTfxp7.99


    Finally! Some new Nippon Ichi news besides another smartphone collaboration!

    And another possible D2 on top of that? Sign me up!