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    I’m curious, why do you call it a growth? I mean, I’m assuming it’s a word preference thing? I’m a trans guy and I still use most female terms for genitalia, just male pronouns, etc. Just curious! I know people vary on the terms they use

    Growth/cock are the most common words used by on-T trans guys in my experience (since T changes anatomy some). I specifically write with the perspective of on-T post-top-surgery when I write transmasc reader stuff since that’s the goal for a big chunk of dudes. Also I would rather bathe in peanut butter and throw myself at ants than think about pre-everything life ever again lol.


    Two questions: Are you still taking requests? Do you accept requests where Reader is not human?

    I do still take requests/ideas, but it’ll be a while before I can get to them since I’m super busy irl. So thank you for the patience if you plan on requesting stuff! 💖 

    As for non-human reader stuff, it depends. I’ve written some where the reader is transformed (or it’s implied), but have yet to try writing something where they’re non-human 100% of the fic. I’d want to try out writing a sample and mmmaybe having someone read it through to see if it’s publishable before promising anything.


    What do you think of a huge were BEAR having a smaller bf as the more dominate one?

    I imagine the werebear starting off being like “well I’ll let you be the big spoon just this once-“ and then just melting into the embrace. Two weeks later they’re over the moon with all the little things - their favorite by far is being pulled down into a kiss because good god it feels nice to have a firm grip on the back of your neck.

    Dragon x ftm reader (nsfw)

    “Happy birthday, hun,“ Omar mumbled, pulling you closer. You’d spent the night cuddled up to the dragon, head leaning against his vulnerably soft chest plating, large arm wrapped around you and wing shielding you. Although you’d started off watching a movie, it hadn’t been interesting enough to keep your attention throughout its duration.

    “I need a couple more hours of sleep,” you said, closing your eyes. Omar’s rough palms rubbed your back soothingly, claws tickling as they barely touched your skin. His muzzle settled on the top of your head, nostrils flaring as he breathed in your scent.

    “Snoozing sounds good.“

    Although he wasn’t about to let you drift off. He inched away from you, hand still around you, giving himself enough space to push his head down to your level. You had to move your face to keep yourself from getting scratched by the row of short horns on his head, yet you couldn’t get annoyed when his lips touched yours. It was a soft kind of touch, your lower lip tingling as he took it between his own.

    Sighing contently, you allowed him to do the kissing - little nibbles and tugs to your lower lip, tongue flicking every now-and-then, sharp teeth gentle yet clumsy enough to occasionally scrape something. It was slow, sensual, the sort of half-hearted morning kisses you’d grown used to. You’d been in this situation often enough to not even have to open your eyes in order to visualize the way the morning light made his brown scales shimmer in blues and golds.

    Your mouth felt empty as Omar began changing his place. First it was your chin recieving a wet coolness, then your jaw, then the side of your neck, the dragon taking your earlobe into his treatment. You shuddered as he tugged at it, then licked behind your ear, the claws on your back making themselves better-known.

    Closing your legs, you felt him trail his attention elsewhere. Your hand moved to tangle itself on his horns as his kisses found your neck, breathing ticklish on the saliva-ridden areas as he moved. You felt him stop on occasion, kisses turning to nibbles that would no doubt turn into a reddish hue for a few minutes.

    All of the sudden, his path turned from going around your neck to trailing downwards. You tried to push him down faster, yet Omar kept his pace, kisses tickling your skin. A single, teasing lick found your arousal before he trailed downwards again, kisses turning rough as he treated your thighs. You squirmed, closing your legs around his muzzle, already breathing heavily. Then he pulled away.

    But before you could ask, he nudged for you to turn some way. Having you sideways was no doubt hard on the dragon’s long neck.

    You settled to laying onto your stomach, arching your back to move your hips up. Again his tongue licked your arousal briefly, but then his attention turned to his favorite spot: your ass.

    He kissed both your cheeks, using his paws to separate the halves some. His tail found its way between your legs, the tip touching a place that made your body weak. As his tail went from a teasing touch to a pleasuring one, his tongue slid inside your ass, sharp teeth grazing your flesh but not quite biting down.

    “You taste good,“ he said, though he was hard to understand with his tongue shoved half-way up your ass.

    Omar’s tongue swirled, making your whole body awake. Your fists clenched, palms sweating, focus on nothing but how good this felt. Your first moan of the morning was stopped by one of the pillows of the hoard-like pile below you, turning into a muffled low sound.

    His tail was soon replaced by a paw, the other still gripping your ass. The rough pad tested you, pressing more and more until he could feel you arch, only then beginning to stroke your growth. You tried to moan his name, but then his fingers stroked over a spot that made your eyelids flutter.

    You couldn’t tell the time, but when Omar’s tongue pulled out of you, you were aching for completion. He could’ve finished you like this, but the clenching of your thighs was a dead giveaway that you needed something more.

    A powerful paw pressing against your back, you felt yourself throb as a hot cock pressed against your opening. You imagined the way his foreskin moved and the way the soft scales around the slit his member protruded from looked as he began pushing in. You had to open your legs more to fit his massive cock, whispering a curse as you felt the familiarness of the stretch. It was never enough to hurt, but it was enough that he always had to stay still within you for a few moments after entering.

    As he bottomed out, you moved your hips involuntarily. He was hot within you, and a paw slipped down to take care of your own cock.

    “Mm, that’s a good boy.“ Omar stroked your growth slowly, making you thrust once more. His cock moved within you, the friction amazing. “I want to make you moan my name with those beautiful grunts of yours... Gods, there’s nothing better than having you in the morning when your voice is hoarse and your body warm from sleep...“

    His hips began to move, slow and steady. As you started moving back against him, you felt the sway of his hips add that last little movement, a swing that made his hips crash into yours, trying to make himself as close to you as he could. You wished he’d hurry up, yet cherished the slow, passionate kind of lovemaking you were giving eachother.

    “I wish I was a human so I could wear your clothes and smell like you...“

    You upped your hips some, giving you more movement range. Omar’s hand couldn’t keep up, so finally, his tail wrapped around you to keep you still. His stroking got faster, as did his thrusting, making you close your eyes. You could feel beads of sweat on your forehead.

    “Happy birthday.“

    Switching gears, the thrusts began to make a slapping noise every time your hips met. The dragon moaned your name, fucking you into the pillows. That was all it took to make you go over the edge.

    Your whole body shook in bliss. Omar’s movements continued through your orgasm, heavy and steady to make your orgasm the pulsing kind, flashes of white and panting and groaning. You could feel the slickness of his paws on your cock, milking your pleasure to lenghten your cumming.

    Finally, you placed your hand on top of his to signal him stopping. You closed your eyes to catch your breath, feeling him still within you.

    “You haven’t cum yet.“

    “M-mm. I plan on getting at least three orgasms out of you before I do. What do you want next, birthday boy?“

    You moved your hips slightly, making Omar move just slightly. He knew you were too sensitive to take more than that yet.

    “Suck my cock?“

    “Mm.“ He lifted you up, rolling onto his back with his wings spread out, impaling you on his cock and craning his neck. “I like that plan. And your cock.“

    “And then breakfast?“

    “Only if you need the break between orgasms, hun.“ Omar kissed your stomach, then stuck out his tongue inquisitively.

    “Or maybe a position before that... Or two. Mm, right there.....“

    “Good boy,“ he said, taking your growth between his lips, giving it a suck. “We can do this all day, hun.“

    x reader monster orgy (nsfw)

    Looking up at the castle towering above you, you shivered - but not out of fear. The dark grays of the sharp stone walls were as cold as the chill Halloween night air, contrasted by the warm orange glow inviting you inside.

    You hardly had time to hesitate before you swallowed and knocked on the heavy wooden doors. They were wide open already, sure, but your knocking alerted the front desk’s witch to look up. Her eyes were a pale seafoam color, and she blinked a couple of times before uttering your name.

    “We expected you earlier, sweetheart.“ There was a puff of smoke, and in an instant she was next to you, face an inch away from yours. “I’m tempted to turn you into a frog.“

    “Mhm.“ It was hard to believe her when her eyes were on your lips.

    “But maybe I’ll eat you instead...“ she said, leaning in for a kiss. You opted to lean back into it, gently tugging at her lower lip for the minute or so you stayed like that.

    “Thank you, sweetheart,“ she mumbled, pecking the corner of your mouth, “But really, you need to go. We’ve been waiting for our guest.“

    Blood-red nails grazing your butt, you were ushered a room over.

    A flash of silver reflected from the pool in the room before you. Your eyes followed the movement in the water, trying to keep track of the siren in the water. Then there was a splash next to you, a head popping up.

    She signed your name and ‘hello‘, grin showing off a row of needle-sharp teeth. You leaned down to her face-level, rolling up your pants and sleeves so a part of you could hang in the pool. Though the siren seemed less than satisfied, as she pushed herself to sit up next to you, a hand trailing over your belly.

    “Join me in the water,“ she muttered, tugging at your belt. Although her voice was soft and she spoke as flatly as she could, a chill went through your body. You arched your back to her touch, the siren replying by taking off your belt.

    She took your clothes off slowly, teasing nips and kisses testing out every mark left by your clothes. Every time you tried to help, a webbed hand swatted at yours, her lips lingering a little longer, biting a little harder. Your neck tickled from kisses as the last of your clothes was tossed away from the pool, the siren latching onto you.

    Guiding your hands to her breasts, her mouth moved up to yours, slowly pulling you into the pool. You had to use the kiss to breathe, you realized as the water forced you to close your eyes. But as her hands wandered, making your body hot, you decided you did not mind the constant kiss.

    Two red eyes glowed in the dim light of the room. You’d met Charles once before, in a work conference - he was a sweetheart for a demon, if not a bit snarky before he’d gotten his coffee. His legs were crossed, the rest of his body relaxing on the sofa chair he’d taken over, smirk hidden behind a glass of something golden-brown.

    His eyes summoned you closer, and you did. In an instant you found yourself seating yourself on his lap, the demon kissing your cheek. He closed his eyes, smelling you.

    “You smell like you’ve just showered.“

    You nodded, leaning your head on his shoulder.

    “Good. Let’s change that.“

    A hand cupped your cheek, bringing your lips to his. Charles’ tongue was sharp, instantly on your lips, seeking way inside. You closed your eyes and simply enjoyed the warmth of his mouth kissing yours, thumb stroking your jaw. The siren had left you well-teased, so you could feel the heat of your arousal demanding attention.

    “Do you mind if I invite a friend over?“

    You shook your head, placing a hand on Charles’ chest. His palm pressed against you, and he stopped your kiss to whistle. Your hips had you moving against his hand, and as you looked behind you, you saw the ‘friend‘ Charles had mentioned.

    Two heads. Inky black fur. Standing on two feet, towering over you.

    “Evening, human.“

    It was either the hellhound’s two jutting cocks or Charles’ hand that made you whimper.

    Soon, you were left without clothes, Charles under you with two fingers pressing your buttons, and Tar the hellhound with his cocks against your back. You squirmed under the touches, making it hard to relax enough to take Tar’s girths. Charles left your arousal be, using your hips to lift you some. The slick head of a cock pressed against your entrance, then more pushed in.

    The first slide was slow and deep, as was the first pull out. Charles began to work you from underneath, kissing the top of your head. Tar muttered praises, claws ripping into the fabric of the sofa.

    You were the first to cum, breath hitching. Charles’ motions were steady, riding you through your orgasm.

    At the height of your bliss, you felt something change within you. There was tightness, then there was a stretch. You looked behind you to see the unused cock react as if it, too, was within you, the sides swelling into knots. You’d been close to finishing your orgasm, but the sudden addition to the cock inside you made your world go white.

    Your jaw fell slack, your toes curling. Indistinctly you could see Charles grinning from ear to ear, the demon still working your arousal.

    Walking was a little hard. You’d taken Charles’ coat for yourself, the silk clinging against the sweat of your skin.

    The hallway was lined with gargoyles; monstrous rock-carvings with claws and horns and wings, grim expressions and keen eyes. You stopped in front of one, marveling at how expressively she had been carved. As you leaned to touch the face with your hand, she blinked, then moved her head with the sounds of rock scraping against rock.

    Her nostrils flared, body starting to look less like stone and more like something living. The skin texture was visibly rough as rock, movements jagged, but she blinked and breathed - and pressed her muzzle against your hand.

    She spoke in a language you didn’t recognize, then another sentence in what sounded like something else. Finally, she got to English.

    “Who disturbs my slumber?“

    You swallowed, her face turning into a snarl. You had the mind to back away a few steps before she pounced, pinning you onto the ground, then... licking your face?

    “I’m playing,“ she said, muzzle cold against your neck, “I want in on this. Don’t hold back, dear, moans echo well in the hallways...“

    You certainly didn’t. Your gasps were soft as you felt her tongue snake out, soft compared to her stone exterior. The coat you’d bothered was useless now, a claw ripping through it to reveal you, the gargoyle paying no mind to anything other than your flesh.

    Her kisses trailed downwards as she pushed the ripped cloth aside. You tied to claw her back, but her wings were in the way, her sides too rough to latch onto. As she slid downwards, teasing at the edge of your arousal, your eyes caught a bit of pink in the greyness between her legs.

    It was so, so hard to focus when her tongue latched onto you, but you reached up with trembling fingers. Your pointer split apart her second pair of lips, showing a glistening pink slit, as soft and fleshy as her tongue.

    You buried your moans into the gargoyle’s slit as best as you could, tasting the salty liquid dripping onto your face. She was making your job hard, tongue lavishing you.

    Suddenly, her lips closed over you, and she sucked.

    Her attention was beautiful, making your body writhe and your toes curl. Soon you could take no more.

    Your thighs wrapped around the gargoyle’s face, pulling her close. A few more sucks and she got you over the edge, back arching for her, nails trying to dig into the stone of her sides. Your body felt a flash of hot pleasure as you came, the gargoyle’s tongue lenghtening the feeling.

    When she finally let go, you lifted your arms above your head. There were footsteps of many kinds, your eyes opening in a state of blissful calm to look at who was approaching.

    The gargoyle had been right about the hallway echoing. There was the witch, the hellhound, the demon... as well as a dragon, an orc, what you guessed was a werewolf, a ghost...

    And all of them were licking their lips, looking at you like a candy bar.

    Your eyes trailed from their faces to down below. The array of genitals was just as diverse as the monsters themselves. The gargoyle’s heavy paw tapped your stomach encouragingly, getting you to sit up. Whether this was the trick or the treat of the night... well, you didn’t really care. All you knew that Halloween night was the very best for loving monsters.

    Werebat x female reader (short - safe for work)

    Something gargoyle-like stood before you. A jagged face, skin that looked almost like leathery carapace, and a row of teeth as big as your arms. Her eyes reflected the orange light of the dying street lamp, making her gaze look every bit as terrifying as a werebat’s should’ve. She was built to be a murder machine.

    You closed the distance and planted your face into the soft patch of fluff right on your girlfriend’s chest.

    “I’ve missed you,“ Suzy purred, nuzzling the top of your head. Her wings closed around you, pulling you into a tight hug and lifting you just a little, so that you were on your tiptoes.

    “Please tell me you don’t have another work trip soon.“

    “M-mm. I have a whole week off and then some office work. But,“ Suzy’s thumb-claw stroked your cheek, “I need to fly back before the morning. Wouldn’t want to have to explain how I got to another country without an airplane or my luggage, now would we?“

    You stayed quiet, breathing in deeply. Your girlfriend smelled especially good when she’d been flying for a while, fur and skin cool from the breeze.

    “Aren’t you going to invite me inside?“

    “I like being like this.“

    “Well then.“ Suzy picked you up with ease, muzzle grazing against your head in something akin to a kiss, the only thing her bony jaw and teeth would allow. “We can do both.“

    You finally let go when she’d carried you inside. Your cheeks were flush from waiting for her outside, a shudder making you realize how cold you’d actually gotten. The moment she’d texted you that she was close and about to visit, you’d dropped your phone and rushed out to the street. Giddy, you decided every waiting minute had been worth it.

    “How long have you been flying for?“

    “About a hour and a half,“ Suzy said, ducking to let herself into your kitchen. The door frame was a bit of a squeeze when she was in her bat-form, and she didn’t even bother trying to sit on a chair.

    “Oh, honey...“

    “Quicker than with an airplane.“ She brushed against your back, reaching for a cabinet she usually had to use a chair for. “Do you have anything with mint, dear?“

    “Of course I do, silly. You have your own tea shelf.“

    “Oh, you haven’t forgotten all about me in these long two weeks?“


    You set the water to boil, sitting on the floor. Suzy joined you, wrapping around you as best as her stiff joints allowed, chin square on your head. You leaned back onto her broad chest, closing your eyes. Being like this made you feel like everything would be alright - even if for a few hours - with your girlfriend around you.

    “I’ve missed you, dear,“ she muttered.

    “I’ve missed you too.“

    Jackalope x female reader (nsfw)

    The cabin you’d rented out in the woods was cozy, if not a little lonesome. You’d meant to stay there for the summer to do remote work away from civilization’s distractions - but every time the friend you’d invited over left, you knew it would be at least three days before you’d next see anyone.

    One evening, you’d left to buy groceries. Not out of necessity, but the shopkeeper was a sweetheart, and being alone with your thoughts seemed unbearable. You stayed out longer than intended, only waving goodbye when the sun had begun to set. With a hour’s way to go, the first signs of dark clouds swirled above you.

    It didn’t take long before your car was stopped by a fallen tree.

    You knew nobody in the small excuse of a town would be awake if you turned back, so you found somewhere to park, then squeezed into the back of the car, digging out a blanket you’d reserved for emergencies. The back seats weren’t the most comfortable thing out there, but you were tired enough to not care. You double-checked that your car was locked and its breaks were on before wrapping the blanket around yourself, closing your eyes.

    You woke up in a hazy state. There was a soft shhht‘ coming from somewhere, and at first, you thought you were dreaming... but it continued. On edge, you peeked through a window, barely able to make out a figure.

    Holding your breath, you watched. The figure was three times the size of a human, lanky and long-limbed, yet seemed to be tough enough to be able to move the fallen tree. As your eyes adjusted, you could see more details - the stag’s horns on him, the short fluffy tail, the sleek fur most likely soaked from the rain. You watched him pull the blockade off the road in jagged motions, breathing as softly as you could, as if afraid you’d disturb him otherwise.

    But your curiosity got the best of you. You unlocked one of the car doors, keeping your motions slow and steady. A few of the clicks or noises caught the jackalope’s attention, and you froze, watching him look around with perked-up ears.

    Not spotting you yet, it took him a good minute of looking around before he finally continued, and you pushed the door open some. This time, his head snapped around, and he dropped on all fours, taking a few steps back.

    “I’m not going to hurt you,“ you called, hoping he’d understand. “I’m just curious.“

    He stayed still, sniffing the air a few times. Finally, he leaned on his hind legs, nodding at you.

    “Where’d ya come from? Thought th’ car’s been abandoned for th’ night. Wanted ta clear th’ road ‘fore mornin’ comes.“ His voice was low and raspy, accent thick and like none you’d heard before. “Could ya show me your hands? Nothin’ personal, but I want ta make sure ya don’t have a weapon with ya.“

    “I’ve been sleeping in the car. I live an hour that way... and sure. No weapons here.“ You raised your hands, feeling the rain pour onto them. “Thanks for clearing the road.“

    “It’s nothin’. I clear these out as much as I can durin’ storms, so I’ve been at it for a couple hours now. D’ya want me ta make sure you’ve got a clear path home right now?“

    “Thanks, but I think it’s best if I go back to sleep. I’m too tired to drive.“

    “Suit yourself.“

    “Hey, before you go - what’s your name?“

    “Gena.“ He stood up, giving the tree trunk one last shove to get it off the road. “G’night, sweetheart.“

    The storm was even worse when you next woke up. You started the car, but as you tried to get it to move, you heard the tell-tale slipping of wheels in mud. A few frustrated tries later, you gave up, crawling back to the back seats and digging through to look for the rations you recalled stuffing somewhere.

    You’d found a few bottles of water when there was a knock on your car’s windows. It was a rabbit’s face with horns, and it took you a moment before you recalled Gena from the early hours. You cranked the window open, taking a gulp of water and greeting him.

    “The nearby paths’re all clear, so you’re set to go. Better move soon, though, ‘cause it looks like the storm’s only gonna get worse.“

    “Oh, uh - my car’s stuck in the mud.“

    Gena looked down at the wheels, then back up at you.

    “I’ll give ya a start. Which way are ya heading?“

    You struggled to the front seats, opening the window closest to you and shutting the back one. Clicking your seatbelt on, you started the car, telling Gena the directions, feeling the car move in shoves.

    It took a few minutes of shoving before your car was out of the mud enough that the wheels had a grip. Gena’s head popped up next to your window, his movements an odd mixture of canter and hops as he kept your car’s pace with ease. You grinned and waved at him, the jackalope making a show of kicking his legs up with mud flying.

    Him following was more than necessary, as the mud got unbearable more than a few times. Each time you got stuck, the jackalope pushed you forward, appearing right by you as soon as the car lunged forward again.

    Finally, you parked your car in front of your cabin. Gena waved at you, and you struggled to free yourself from your seatbelt and open the door to yell after him.

    “Where do you think you’re going? The least I can do is get you some tea or coffee.“

    He turned around, nose twitching.

    “Whatever you’re havin’, if ya insist.“ He shook as much mud off his fur as he could, though it didn’t stop him from being soaked from the rain.

    “A drink and a shower,“ you commented, getting your groceries out of the car. You were glad you hadn’t picked up anything that could’ve spoiled overnight.

    As a squeaky-clean Gena came out of the washroom, you couldn’t help but gaze over him. His fur was a dull road-gray, but his horns were a deep mahogany, the same color as his eyes. He’d dried himself off with a towel, leaving his fur a mess of fluff that you wanted to bury yourself into. Though you didn’t do that. Instead, you nearly burnt your tongue while nodding at the mug you’d made for him.

    “How did clearing trees go? Did you rest at all?“

    “No rest for the wicked, nor workers,“ Gena shrugged. He pulled out a chair, looked at it, then decided to sit on the floor instead. His paws wrapped around the hot mug, claws scraping against the ceramic finish. “I’ll rest once the storm’s over. Lots to do - I can just feel that a ton of trees’ve fallen over.“

    “Nobody’s out in the storm. You said you’d cleared the roads once already, right? You should stay here until it dies down.“ You put your mug down, crossing your arms. “I have a guest room so you can rest.“

    You set him a bed and showed him a room, going to sleep yourself - only to wake up a few hours later to a crash of lightning that sounded like it hit the cabin.

    Shaking, you hit the light switch. Nothing.

    “All good?“

    Gena had to squat to make it through the doorframe, towering over you. You flicked the switch a few times for good measure, shaking your head.

    “Power’s out. Nothing we can do until the storm dies down.“

    “I can go get the town’s elec-“

    “Gena, no. I won’t let you go outside. I can manage a day or two like this, and I don’t want you to have to go out.“ You pinched the bridge of your nose. “The biggest problem will be that it might get cold.“

    Cold was not going to be a problem. You were shy at first, but now that you were under the covers snuggled into Gena’s fluffy chest, you hardly had any mind to be embarassed. He was lanky under the furcoat, but it was like cuddling with a gigant plushie. A gigant, talking plushie with a heartbeat and a funny accent.

    Getting a wink of sleep was going to be impossible, though. You couldn’t help yourself, letting your eyes wander. Gena’s body was interesting; his horns were a particular interest to you, though you hadn’t dared get close to his face just yet. Instead, you looked upwards, watching his nose twitch.

    “Can’t sleep?“ Gena mumbled, and you hummed.

    “Can I touch your horns?“

    “Uh,“ he said, scooting down so his face was level with yours. “Knock yourself out.“

    The horns were room temperature, rough near the scalp and smooth the closer you felt them to the tips. There was something almost therapeutic about listening to Gena’s slow breathing as you fiddled with his horns, even more of the content sigh as you scratched the area of his head between them.

    His ears twitched as you flicked them, earning you a groan. You’d gotten a few flicks in before he pinned you to the ground, holding your arms and resting his head on your chest.

    “No funny business.“

    “Fine. Let my hands go and I’ll get back to petting you.“

    You did not remember falling asleep, but waking up, you were cuddled into Gena’s chest. He was warm and comfortable and inviting, and you wrapped an arm around him to anchor yourself to him. As you stirred, you realized something hard by your calf.

    Biting your lip, you shook Gena by his shoulder. There were a dozen thoughts in your head, but you wanted to double-check with him first. As the jackalope’s eyes opened, you pressed a thumb against his hip.

    “Can I...?“

    He was frozen for a moment, processing what you’d said. Then he leaned to kiss your nose.

    “Only if I can return the favor.“

    You felt the fur on his stomach, taking your time to feel every texture you could find. His belly was softer than his back, but at a certain point, the fur got coarser again. His cock protruded from a sheath, the thickness of it increasing the closer to the bottom you felt.

    As you felt around, his claws went right to work at removing your clothing. It didn’t take long before you had to stop squishing and feeling him up to help with the more complicated articles, him stopping to kiss you between each piece.

    You found yourself pinned to the ground, closing your eyes as Gena kissed you. Although his rabbit-like teeth had scared you at first, his nibbles were gentle, the kiss more focused on lip and tongue movement. His paws held your breasts, thumbs stroking over the nipples gently. As you pulled him closer, his grip increased, turning into soft kneading. You rubbed your thighs together even now, loving the way he massaged you.

    The trail of nibbles continued to the side of your face, then to your neck. His tongue was quick, darting like a sewing machine rather than licking down a straight line. You allowed him access to your neck, though he didn’t stay there for long; he preferred the reactions he got out of treating your breasts.

    Your hands wrapped around his horns, though you had no need to guide him. Gena was eagerly treating your chest, kisses and licks and nibbles to every square inch of skin. His front paws kneaded the one he was treating, making you feel both hot and relaxed at the same time. His claws were rough, but he was gentle with them, only allowing a tiny bit of scraping that drove you to whisper his name.

    The other one got the same treatment. Kneading and a mouth moving in small circles, turning your whispers into begging. You needed him elsewhere.

    As Gena’s mouth trailed lower, the pattern of his tongue made you wish he would hurry. You propped your hips up some, but his teasing continued, tongue lapping at your folds but not quite entering. You gasped and shuddered when he dove in, only a little too gentle and a little too low. You had fists full of fur as you used all your willpower not to shove your arousal into his mouth.

    You felt a tension start to build as his tongue found the upside-down v by the top of your opening. His tongue grazed closer and closer to the meeting point that was your clit with each u-shaped motion, making your knuckles pale from how hard you were holding him, your head arched as back as it would go with the mattress there to stop it. Finally, his tongue touched your clit, and you couldn’t hold back anymore.

    It was magical. All the buildup, and finally, the quick-paced lapping of his tongue was on your clit and on your clit only. You adjusted his head for the perfect amount of pressure, your thighs clamping down on his horns and face as you rode him through orgasm. You were hot and cold at the same time, a mess of vocals and praises at the perfection.

    But he wasn’t done yet. You kissed the tip of his nose as he lay atop you, paws running over the sides of your breasts.

    “Turn around for me, sweetheart?“

    You lay there with your eyes closed for a moment more, then nodded. He waited for you to find a comfortable position, then settling on top of you. His cock slid on the crack between your buttocks a few times until he nudged for you to raise your hips a little, pushing his girth between your lips.

    You’d never felt a cock so perfect. The tip was small enough to slide into you with ease, the base thick enough that you felt a slight stretch. Once he was in and you felt his weight on your back, you closed your legs to increase the sensation of fullness.

    He thrusted a few times to test out how you felt. It was certainly enjoyable; his warmth and weight left you pressed into the mattress, he was thick if not a little too long to fit, and his grunts were beautiful. But he didn’t have you moaning until his paws slid under you, one to clutch and knead a breast, the other to rub your clit.

    At first, you simply relaxed, feeling the muscles of his hands under your chest and belly reflect the movements of his digits. Then he got a little rougher, thrusts sharp enough to press your lower body fully into the mattress with each one. You looked back to watch the way he arched in order to both hold you and lunge his cock into you, eyes closed and ears pointed back. His groans and grunts were animalistic, some almost growl-like.

    “How d’ ya like being cum into?“

    God, you hadn’t even thought of that. The thought of being filled with jackalope cum sounded like a dream; white goo dripping down between your legs, a posessive cryptid waiting at home for you, to be filled until your belly swelled. You’d only just met, but you loved the idea of taking Gena all for yourself, raising children together - but most of all being full of cock and cum whenever the urge struck.

    “I’m not on birth control.“ You swallowed. It was a horrible idea and you knew it, but perhaps that was just what made your lust burn. “Cum in me.“

    “Only if ya cum first.“

    His pace picked up, the jackalope rutting into you. You buried your face in the mattress, cheeks a shade of red. You couldn’t get the image out of your head; liters and liters of thick cum and a swelling belly. You moved your hips to get the perfect angle for Gena’s pounding, feeling the way his paws worked you into a frenzy.

    Finally, you couldn’t take anymore. You wrapped your legs around what part of Gena you could, his paw rubbing your clit like his life depended on it. That was the final straw, and then you were screaming into the mattress, feeling yourself milk his cock. You didn’t know whether you were spasming so hard or if he was pulsing inside you, but the tought of being filled made your wildfire of an orgasm that much brighter.

    When your legs fell slack, Gena pulled out of you. You had to look back to check whether the wetness staining your thighs was your own or his - the thick white told you that it was both. He rolled you over, licking the insides of your thighs.

    “Thank you,“ you muttered. His tongue tickled now that you were coming down from your high.

    “I should be the one thankin’ you.“ Gena inched closer to your folds, but you stopped him - you were sensitive right now.

    “Give me a few minutes.“



    “You taste good.“

    You snorted, closing your eyes.

    “You can eat me out as often as you like.“

    “Can I stay?“

    “Please.“ As he settled beside you, you ran your fingers through the fur on his chest. “Hey, Gena?“


    “I love the idea of being pumped full of cum.“

    “That I can also help with, sweetheart.“

    Hellhound x ftm reader (nsfw)

    You’d somehow gotten yourself stuck in a class you didn’t care for. It was too easy to be a university class in your opinion, the only challenge being sitting through the lecturer’s monotone speeches. You would’ve stayed home for all but the few lectures that were actually mandatory, but you were expecting there to be something new, challenging or interesting someday.

    Plus, there was a really cute guy sitting close to you: Ajit. Dark hair and dreamy dark eyes, always in a suit. He didn’t talk much in group discussions, but when he did, he dished out well-thought-out commentary and ideas more complex than the class required.

    The moment the lecturer mentioned partnering up for a project, you walked to Ajit before you had time to think twice; else you might’ve chickened out. The few seconds he stared at you made you heightenedly aware of your body.

    “Mm. Thursday, 4PM sharp work for you? Library’s open ‘til eight.“

    You arrived a few minutes early, Ajit was there precisely. You hadn’t heard him approach, nearly jumping from your seat when he tapped your shoulder. You shoved your phone in your pocket, reflexively offering your hand for him to shake. He raised an eyebrow and smiled, taking your hand.

    “I hope we’re still on a first-name basis. We’ve sat in the same table group for over a month.“

    “Oh. Yeah.“ Your focus was split between making a good impression with your handshake and wondering whether or not your palms were sweaty. God, Ajit had flawless skin, a single mole on the corner of his mouth like an afterthought. You didn’t know whether you wanted to kiss him or be him. “But we were never introduced formally.“

    “In that case,“ he said, pulling you into a two-handed handshake, “Ajit Bhatt. Just Ajit will do.“

    Your tongue felt too big for your mouth, but you managed your introduction, even turning to small talk as he sat across from you. He dug up a folder with the class code and a calendar, leaning on his elbows.

    “I was thinking we could plan an outline today, then do research on our own and meet again next week. Deadline is two weeks from now, so next Thursday and Saturday or Sunday evening.“

    You looked at his calendar, unable to decipher anything from the scribbles.

    “Sunday works better for me,“ you offered, “But the library isn’t open then.“

    “Right. My place? We can loan the books or get research done by then and get writing then.“

    Nodding, you made a note for yourself.

    “Thursday and Sunday it is. So what theme do we want to go with?“

    A week later you arrived early, conquering a table in the far corner of the library. It was perfect for working; hidden behind rows of shelves to minimize disturbances, close to the area of books you actually needed, and with chairs ranging from plain wooden ones to proper sofas and beanbags. You filled the table with books and papers, plus the first draft you’d worked on for your half.

    Ajit was there on the dot again. He handed you a warm paper cup, setting his own on the table and correcting his tie.

    “Try it. Cashew milk, honey, ginger, and spices. No caffeine, but keeps you going.“ He opened his satchel, tossing a folder to join yours, looking at the array of papers you’d set out. “Looks like you’ve done more work than I have. Care to talk me through?“

    You moved to sit next to him, taking a sip of your drink. Ajit stared at the papers intently, almost unblinkingly, as you explained what you’d written.

    “You okay dude?“ you finally asked. Ajit seemed a little odd - and you realized his edges blurred some.

    “A little tired. So you were saying...“

    Continuing, you kept your eyes on him as you spoke. His hair was definitely moving, the loose poofy waves’ edges like smoke. He didn’t seem to be breathing, either, and as you followed the shape of his neck he was definitely not swallowing.

    “I think it’s best we continue this on Sunday. We’re both tired, and we’ve got a week more to finish this so it isn’t a big deal.“ You could’ve sworn his eyes were a different color from normal.

    Ajit nodded, pinching the bride of his nose.

    “Sorry. I didn’t sleep enough last night. Did I give you my address?“

    You repeated it to him, and he nodded. Ajit packed his stuff and power walked out while you were still gathering your papers. It’s as if he isn’t human,‘ you thought to yourself, hearing the telltale squeak of dress shoes making a sharp turn. But looking up, nobody was there anymore.

    You’d stayed in the library until closing, ushered out by the librarian who looked more like a vole than a human. It was cold and dark, and you pulled your jacket around yourself as you made your way home. The moment your feet took you outside the halo of the street lights, your arm was grasped roughly, a low hiss hushing you.

    “I need to know how much you know or think you know.“

    The voice was Ajit’s, but the form was not. The man was only a little taller than you, whereas this one was at least twice your size in both mass and height.

    “About what?“ you asked, trying to pull yourself free.

    “Do I not look human enough?“

    A muzzle lowered to your face. Even in the darkness, the voids of the eyes made all his other features pop. He was very Ajit-like, down to a single mole on his leather-like skin.

    “You didn’t breathe today,“ you said, “And now you’re a... uh...“


    “Hellhound. Gotcha.“ You pulled your arm free, instead placing your hand in his. The rough skin faded into a keratinous material, no boarder between where his fingers ended and claws begun. “I didn’t plan on telling on you, if that’s what you’re worried about.“

    “You didn’t?“ he asked, and for once, you could read emotion - surprise - in his voice.

    “We all have stuff we want to keep private. And I can’t get my project partner exorcised a week before the due date, now can I?“

    “I suppose you can’t.“ He squeezed your hand, his own feeling more human again. “That’d be bad news for your grade. Could we still talk this through over drinks?“

    “Sure, dude. Right now?“

    For once, Ajit didn’t seem perfectly composed. He was in a hoodie, his hair twirling like flames, eyes completely black. A mug with a duck pattern was placed in front of you, your host opening a package of cookies with a swift movement of a sharp claw.

    “So you didn’t suspect I was non-human until today?“

    “Yeah. As far as I was concerned some hours ago, you were just another dude in my class. Smart and cute, granted, but still just another student.“


    “Oops.“ You took a sip of your drink, trying to hide behind the mug as Ajit leaned on the table in front of you.

    “Puppy cute or cute-cute?“

    “Cute, as in fingers crossed you’re into guys.“

    His face morphed into something more hound-like, smile showing a row of teeth.

    “Even like this?“

    “Yes, please.“ Ajit’s eyes were hypnotic, your mouth speaking on its own. “Even more like this, actually.“

    With him leaning closer until his muzzle touched your lips, you were frozen in place. A million places you wanted his teeth in crossed your mind, and you swallowed sharply, finally thinking to lean into him. Your eyelids fluttered and you pulled the hellhound over the table from his hoodie, mashing your lips together.

    “I take it you’re into guys too,“ he muttered, silenced by you sliding your tongue in his mouth.

    “Just shut up and kiss me, Ajit.“

    From his odd hunch on the table, he slid your chair back so he had space to straddle you, moving on your lap. You felt something on your calf, and as you turned to look, you could see a whip-like tail wrapping itself around your leg.


    “Mm. Sit tight and I’ll show you what I can do with it.“

    His maw was a mouth again, and you dug your fingers in his hoodie as his lips went over you. He was all bites and tongue, sucking on your lower lip, kissing the corner of your mouth, licking up your jawline. He seemed determined to claim you, latching onto your neck and sucking on the triangle where your jaw met your ear. You didn’t even care that he was sucking a hickey somewhere so visible - the idea of being marked by a hellhound made your arousal throb.

    While his mouth was turning your neck into an art piece, Ajit’s fingers opened the front of your pants. He made a show of trailing his hand close, then moving it up, pressing his thumb against your hip.

    You heard him unzip himself, and then you felt his growth press against yours. Soft fingers mapped out your back until they were no longer soft, instead a row of sharp claws barely scraping your skin. His mouth latched onto your Adam’s apple, his free hand nudging your head back, then settling on the crook of the back of your neck.

    It was like this for a few minutes. You rocked against eachother, pulses high and matching, a mess of groans and moans. Then Ajit’s hands held your waist, pulling you up with him.

    Both your clothes were off in a matter of seconds, Ajit leading you to the sofa. He settled with his back against the armrest, and as you approached, he pulled you into a kiss before flipping you over. You were glad to do as he instructed, wrapping your legs around his head, admiring the bushy happy trail leading to his growth. You were clued into the hellhound transforming when you felt a cold button nose against your ass, then a thick warm tongue between your legs.

    The sound you made when he took your growth in his hot, wet mouth was almost inhuman.

    Your toes curled at the sensations. Ajit’s hands kept your thighs securely around his head, fingers massaging you, occasionally turning sharp and pressing into your skin just enough to get you to arch for him. His cock had a good mouth feel to it, and you swirled your tongue around it, testing out the way the growth moved. He was enthusiastic to suck you off in return, occasionally stopping to run his wet tongue over your holes.

    Although you’d forgotten about Ajit’s tail, he clearly hadn’t. You felt the appendage trace your ear lobe, then run down your back. It curled around an asscheek, then around your waist, then teasing your opening for just a moment.

    “Where do you want my tail?“

    “I- I can’t decide,“ you said, short of breath. You thrusted your hips against Ajit’s face, hearing him laugh for the very first time.

    “Let me try a thing or two.“

    The very tip pressed into you, causing you to bite your lip. Then the tail looped around your growth, testing out a pace so that as the loop rubbed your cock, the tip pressed in and out of you. You didn’t have time to complain about the cool air as Ajit’s lips were on you, eager to suck your growth again.

    Soon you were a mess, thrashing your hips against Ajit. He kept switching between having a human face pressing into all of you, and having a muzzle he could push into you somewhat. You stopped paying attention to which form he was in, only having enough mind to roll his cock around your mouth.

    Then his lips tightened, and his pace picked up. Ajit’s nose scrunched up against your taint, sucks and licks more intense and demanding. Your half-quieted moans turned into booming groans, voice nearly cracking as you repeated his name over and over. Your cock twitched once, twice, and then everything went blank.

    It was an intense orgasm. All the buildup had you pulsing, your growth sucked even as the hellhound rode you through your orgasm. It was toe-curling, a nearly burning sensation as the fireworks had you freezing up and squeezing whatever you had at hand.

    Finally, you relaxed. Ajit let your cock out of his mouth, then slid a hand between his legs, offering his growth to you.

    “Need to switch positions?“

    “Now that you mention it, I feel like blood’s pooling in my head...“

    “Let me lay down, then sit on my face.“ He squeezed your butt, helping your lower body down from his shoulders. “Your dick feels like it was made for my mouth. Say, if you sleep here, can I wake you up with a bj?“

    Naga x ftm reader (nsfw)


    Kyra’s head drooped down from the tree he was coiled around, wavy blond hair hardly more messy than it was right-side-up. He inched his way down until he could wrap his arms around your waist, body twisted so that he was blocking your view of the book you were supposed to read.

    “You’ve been studying for close to two hours. A break won’t hurt, darling.“

    Sighing, you leaned into the embrace. Kyra continued coiling himself around you until he had enough of a grip on you to pull you up into the tree with him.


    “Just watch the sunset with me. Please?“

    You pressed a kiss on his belly, earning a snort from the ticklish naga. Once he’d secured you onto a thick branch and started uncoiling himself, the kiss turned into a raspberry, and Kyra let out a high-pitched hiss.

    “No fair. You can’t do that when I’m not able to drop you.“ Still, he seated himself with your sides touching, pulling his shirt down.

    “Then don’t put your stomach in front of me like that. We both know it’s your most kissable part.“

    “And my lips aren’t?“

    “They’re the second most kissable,“ you reassured, leaning into him - and earning a flick of his forked tongue. Although he was small for a naga, Kyra’s ‘human’ half was larger than the average human, his tail close to ten meters.

    “What’s the third on the list?“ he asked, teasing. “Mine’s a lot shorter: all of you is the most kissable.“


    He leaned down to kiss your forehead, then nose, then lips. You closed your eyes, listening to the way your breathing entwined. His skin was cooler than yours, his tongue more dexterous as it slid over your lips. You could already imagine the taste of his fangs, opening your mouth to invite him further - and just that he did, taking in your lower lip and nibbling it.

    The smell of Kyra’s cologe was dark and addicting. You couldn’t help but slide your hands under his shirt; to feel the muscles of his back, the soft pouch of chub on his stomach, the angle of his hips. You felt upwards until you found the cluster of scales on his shoulders, sinking your fingers in and feeling the slight dip of the flesh underneath.

    Kyra’s body slithered around the treetrunk, pulling your back to his chest, tail coiling around your lower body. His fangs grazed the tenderness of your neck but instead of biting, he began to suck on the skin until you moaned, unbuckling your belt as the muscles of his tail worked your pants off.

    “Can you see the sunset from here?“

    “Y-yeah,“ you said as best as you could.

    “Ever been fucked through the sunset?“

    “Don’t think so...“

    “Then let me have you for tonight - and tell me if you like something.“

    You would’ve nodded if you hadn’t been busy craning your neck for your boyfriend. Your instinct was to open your legs, but the scaled coil around you left you throbbing and unable to move. Eager, you allowed Kyra to pull your shirt off, the naga’s fingers dancing around your skin.

    He nudged your arms and you raised them, hearing your shirt drop down. But before you could lower them back, another coil of his body pinned them against the treetrunk.

    “Do you have wiggle room?“

    “Only on my arms.“

    The coils around your legs loosened some, giving you space to part your thighs. Craving friction, you tried to rub them together, with very little result. One of Kyra’s arms dipped down, a teasingly soft touch to your arousal. His kiss was on the back of your neck, and you were a shivering mess. You hardly had the mind to realize the familiar warmth of something hard pressing against your lower back.

    His two cocks had the same brown-and-pale piebald pattern as his tail, both lubed from unsheathing. You swallowed sharply, feeling them leave a trail of wetness on your lower back. Kyra made small, meaningful thrusts against you as his fingers worked you, pointer and middle finger stroking your growth.

    “I know you’re hard. Just stuff me already. Both.“

    You felt a smile in his kiss, and his coiled body pushed you up. His cocks lined up with your body, the triangle-shaped tips opening you up. You craved for him to just pull you down on him, yet stayed silent, taking deep breaths. One of the two was sliding in your ass, and although it felt good like this, going too fast would only bring pain.

    His fingers continued to work your growth, and by the time he’d gotten to the thickest parts of his cocks pushing inside you, you arched. Stopping all motion but that of his hand, Kyra went faster until you reached the edge and went over, milking you through your orgasm. You felt yourself pulse in his hand, moaning his name as you came.

    In your afterglow, you nodded for him to continue. Kyra removed his hand and placed it on your hip, helping you down. For a while, you simply enjoyed being full, the view before you nearly as lovely as your boyfriend.

    After a while, Kyra began to court you again. You felt his kisses throughout your back, his hands massaging you. Your hands grew tired, and a tug was enough to get him to free them. You reached back to tug his hair, then down his sides, then to his hands so you could guide them to your arousal.

    You shivered as his coils headed down some, giving the cooling evening air access to your thighs. You didn’t feel cold for long, though, as Kyra raked his nails against the insides of your thighs, massaging you until your cock was begging for his attention.

    His hips began moving, tiny, slow thrusts that made your hips move with his. He had fingers on your growth, curling them to and fro to get you arching for him. As you thrusted on your own, pushing your ass against his crotch, he, too, put more power into it.

    Soon, the thrusting made a slapping sound each time his cocks plunged into you. Finally, the movement could only be described as rutting; his hands fell on your hips, the powerful muscles of his tail squeezing your legs together. You were at his mercy, half-way up a tree, moaning like a cat in heat.

    Suddenly, he halted. His cocks sank as far into you as they would go, and his hands flew back to your growth. His fingers were the perfect amount of rough to pull you into another orgasm, and as you pulsed, you felt him go over the edge as well.

    The feeling was hard to describe. You had two snake-cocks stuffed in you, shooting gallons upon gallons of cum inside, pulsing like vibrators. And his hands were prolonging your orgasm, skillfully wrapped around your growth and squeezing just the right amount for the up-and-down movement. You let yourself be lost in the moment, fireworks in your veins and a heat in your belly, Kyra like a cum-hose making you burn up even more.

    You felt a different kind of full in your afterglow, relaxing as Kyra set you on your back against the branch. He cleaned his cocks with a cloth, glancing your way.

    “Do you think you’ve got stamina for more?“

    “Always,“ you muttered, feeling gooey liquid drip from your holes.


    He slid above you, kissing you, arms wrapping around you. There was a thrill as the branch below you disappeared, your body lifted up against the naga.

    His coils formed a hammock, torso pressed against yours. The feeling of having nothing but the naga’s tail-coils between you and a long drop was exhilarating, but he was strong, firmly holding you. Still, your breath hitched as the coils closer to your legs tightened while the ones closer to your head loosened.

    “Just making sure you aren’t dripping too much.“

    You hushed him with a kiss, wrapping your legs around his waist. A swing of your hips later, you were the one on top of him, coccooned between him, the tree branch, and the piebald coils holding you both up.

    It was a stretch to get him inside you, but you did just that, one dick at a time. You were thankful for their shape, and the way the naga’s cheeks turned a tint of shy purple as his members pressed together. Some of his previous cum sloshed out, working to further lubricate your attempts... and finally, the thickest part of him stretched you open.

    This time, there was no need for gentle foreplay. You rocked your hips against his, earning a string of cursewords and eyes rolling back from the sparks you were causing. You began with sitting upright, but slowly, you sank down until your bellybuttons lined up, the naga pulling you into a kiss that did not hide his moans.

    The friction of skin against your growth was good, but even in his haze, Kyra didn’t forget about you. The very tip of his tail appeared from somewhere, and soon, the small muscles of it were rolling around you, in turn making you ride him faster.

    This time, as you were in control of movements, you could see the way Kyra’s body stiffened as a sign of his approaching orgasm. You added a small up-and-down movement to your rutting, refusing to stop until you could feel the naga throbbing.

    Though you were flipped over, Kyra diving into you. He held you tight, face buried in your neck and cocks deep inside you. You were at a slight angle, ass higher than your head as he pumped into you.

    You realized this was one of those orgasms for him.

    You sunk your fingers into his back, holding him close. His throbs were magnificent, bringing you right over the edge until you could only groan and grunt. Even after your orgasm ended, he continued to come, and you were helpless to do anything but hold on dearly and let his pulsing cocks bring you right back to a spine-chillingly good orgasm. You felt your stomach bulge from all the cum inside you. For how cool he was to the touch, you wouldn’t have believed how hot his spunk was if you hadn’t felt it first-hand all these times.

    It took three more orgasms from you before his throbbing ended, and the naga inched himself and you down onto the patch of grass below the tree. He sighed contently, propping your lower body up with his backpack.

    “I know it’s getting dark,“ he mumbled, “And I’m pretty pooped... But I just realized I haven’t sucked your dick today. One more round, and then you can carry me home.“

    You stuck your tongue out at him, though that turned into a groan as his lips wrapped around your growth.

    “I have a blanket, we can spend the night here - oh god, Kyra, right there...“