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    "Excited, Sarah?"

    Mom's hand was stretched over the armrest separating the driver's seat from

    the passenger's seat where my nine year old sister was sprawled, the back

    of her head against the window and her legs splayed toward her mother. Mom

    was working a vibrating dildo in and out of Sarah's cunt while my sister

    moaned quietly.

    "Mm, yeah..." She replied.

    I was in the back seat reading a book and tending to my own rock hard

    erection. Though I would usually be in the front seat next to mom, it was

    Sarah's birthday and I figured she deserved to sit up front for once. We

    were headed to the zoo, just the three of us, to celebrate. I looked up

    from my book and spied the faux palm trees lining the road, as if to

    suggest we were entering the jungle of some far off land, signifying that

    our destination was just up the road.

    We pulled into the crowded parking lot after paying for the parking fee and

    quickly found a spot near the front. After a moment or two of making sure

    everyone had their phones and other assorted odds and ends, we exited the

    minivan and started our way to the entrance. Mom took Sarah's hand and

    walked a few paces in front of me, giving me time to admire the pair.

    Mom was on the plump side, though she had an enviable figure. Her breasts

    were large and her rear end was full, complimented with a narrow waist and

    thick thighs. She had shoulder length brown hair that was tied into a bun

    for the moment. She had a cute face. Her lips were full and pink, her eyes

    were almost a perfect almond shape and a very dark brown, almost black. She

    wore a pair of thick box-framed glasses, giving her that nerdy librarian

    look. She was wearing a blue sweater and a knee length black skirt. Her

    chest bulged against the fabric of her top, as did her ass against the

    material of her skirt. Every step brought a little jiggle, and I felt my

    cock twinge at the site.

    I looked down to Sarah. Her hair was a lighter brown, almost a dirty

    blonde, like her dad. It fell down almost to her middle back. She was lanky

    and boney, still a bit too young to start showing curves. Dark freckles

    dotted her high cheekbones, contrasting her blue-green eyes. She was

    dressed in a simple long sleeved hooded shirt, but not much else. Aside

    from her shoes, she was wearing no pants or underwear. Her small rear end

    was exposed for the world to see, and a thin line of wetness could just be

    seen trailing down the inside of her leg.

    I was wearing a baggy black sweater and a pair of jeans. Not the sexiest

    outfit, but my cock was hanging out of jeans at about half mast, and my

    decent length was attracting more than a few glances from guys and girls

    alike. I enjoyed the attention, as was obvious by the constant puddle of

    precum that was collecting at the foreskin of my cock.

    We spent a while in line to grab tickets before we were let into the park,

    at which point Mom grabbed a program detailing all the attractions the park

    had going on that day.

    "Hm, where do you guys wanna go first?" She asked, her eyes still on the

    pamphlet. "They have a lot of audience participation exhibits going on, so

    we picked a good day to come." she added. She handed the pamphlet off to me

    to peruse.

    I bent down to be level with Sarah and put my arm around her, pulling her

    in close and showing her the pamphlet. "You pick." I said. "It's your

    birthday." I gripped and kneaded her soft rear while she looked over the


    Though she couldn't quite read yet, she spied the picture of one of her

    favorite animals. She put her finger on it and exclaimed "Foxes!"

    Mom nodded. "I had a feeling you'd go for that." She said as she bent down

    to lant a kiss on Sarah's forehead. "Let's go see the foxes, then!" She

    said merrily.

    Sarah and Mom conversed as we meandered through the crowd on the way to

    Sarah's chosen destination. I squeezed and jerked my cock as I took in the

    lewd sites and sounds going on about me. I was eager to find someplace to

    stick my cock, as I was almost ready to blow.

    Finally, we came to a small crowd grouped around a pretty zoo worker. We

    pushed our way to the front to get a look at the show already in progress.

    The keeper was seated on a flat boulder and holding a fox to her body, it's

    white belly facing the crowd. The fox sported a large erection, which the

    keeper held by the base. Mom let Sarah go to get a closer look.

    "...like Most canines, a fox's penis actually has a large knot near the

    base which aids in reproduction. As the fox ejaculates, the knot becomes

    engorged. This keeps the penis in place and ensures none of his seed spills

    out." She tightened her thumb and index finger around the knot and

    squeezed, as if it were a the vagina of a female fox. Almost on cue,

    several spurts of cum shot from the tapered tip of the canine cock and

    landed amongst the audience. One of the spurts landed across Sarah's face.

    Sarah laughed and licked at the string that landed on her lips. Mom bent

    down to her and said "Just like Rocky at home, huh Sarah?" Mom wiped some

    of the cum away from her face and smeared it into the girl's cunt. Sarah

    moaned and nodded.

    The zookeeper continued to stroke the whining fox's cock. She continued

    from where she left off. "Does anyone want to help me demonstrate the

    knotting process?" she asked.

    Sarah immediately stepped forward. "I want to!" she exclaimed. The keeper

    looked to Mom, who nodded approvingly. Mindy smiled at Sarah and extended a

    hand toward her.

    "Alright!" She said enthusiastically. "And what's your name?"

    "Sarah!" My sister responded, without a hint of shyness. Her eyes were

    focused on the throbbing fox cock and her hand was delved into the depths

    of cunt.

    "Well hey there, Sarah! I'm Mindy, I'm so glad you could come out to the

    Zoo today. You here with your family?"

    "Y-yeah..." She sighed. "My mom and my b-brother. It's my birthday" She was

    masturbating furiously at this point, and evidently found it hard to speak.

    I glanced around at the crowd. It had gotten quite a bit larger since we

    had arrived, and everyone was apparently enjoying the show. Most were

    engaged in some form of self pleasure. A few feet away from me, a man was

    emptying his balls onto bare ass of some unsuspecting teenage girl. A look

    in the other direction showed a mother with her young son in her arms, his

    pelvis pressed into her face as she sucked him greedily. Moans and groans

    filled the air. I jerked myself off faster, and returned my attention to my


    "Good to hear, birthday girl!" Mindy said. "Now, I think I heard your mom

    saying you had a dog at home, right?"

    Sarah shook her head yes.

    "Alright, well, this fox may look a bit like a dog but be aware, he;s much

    more a wild animal than your dog. He may be a bit rougher than what you're

    used to at home, you sure you're up for it?"

    "Mhm!" Sarah responded.

    Mindy got up and sat the animal on the ground, who whined a bit more as the

    stress of the knot was getting to him.

    "Now, it looks like you're pretty wet already, but just in case, I'm going

    to put a bit of lubricant inside you to make things easier. Just get down

    on your fours and we can start." She gestured towards a foam pad that had

    been laid out. Sarah quickly got into position. Her ass and cunt hung in

    the air, and from behind I could hear a few moans from some of the men. The

    sight of such young cunt was apparently enough to drive them over the edge.

    Mindy opened a jar of some thick goop and dipped her fingers in it. She

    hoisted Sarah's ass a bit higher into the air and worked the goop into her

    pussy until it was positively slicked. Sarah greatly enjoyed the attention.

    She gasped and fidgeted all the while the zookeeper was working.

    "All ready!" Mindy stated. With a whistle, she called the fox over. Driven

    by instinct, the animal almost immediately mounted the child, and begin to

    jab himself into her. The first few thrusts missed, but it wasn't long

    until he met his mark.

    The dog cock drove itself deep into the little pussy. Sarah gasped loudly

    and tried to reflexively flex herself away from the fox, but it was too

    late. The fox continued jack hammering, each shove met with a wet squelch

    and a cry of pain from Sarah as he pushed his way past the large amounts of

    lube and Sarah's natural juices.

    I looked to mom, who by this time had her skirt flipped up around her

    stomach and her panties down around her ankle. She was masturbating to the

    site of her daughter getting fucked by the fox while recording it with her

    cellphone, probably to show Dad, who couldn't make it due to work, when

    they got home. I grew tired of jerking myself and crouched behind her. I

    spread her ample rear with my hands and shoved my face into her ass. I

    tongued her asshole, ensuring it was wet and slippery. She paid me little

    mind while I did this, her focus on the events happening in front of her.

    After I figured her ass was lubed well enough, I stood up and drove my cock

    into her ass. This was met with a small gasp from her and a faint "Careful,

    honey." but not much else. I pumped my moms ass for a while before looking

    back up to the front.

    The fox was still fucking my little sister almost maniacally while she

    gasped and whined. Her face was buried into the foam mat and her hands

    clenched the sides of it. The zookeeper had her own khaki shorts off by

    this point and was rubbing her clit through her panties. A large wet spot

    decorated the front of the pink underwear, showing how horny the keeper


    "The fox will continue his thrusting until he reaches his climax, which

    should be happening anytime now... Oh, there we go!" She said, indicating

    the fox's slowing thrusts. Another moment or two, and the thrusting stopped

    completely. The fox draped itself over Sarah, both of them panting. Sarah

    finally managed to pull her face out of the foam. Her face was red and

    tears were streaming down her cheeks, but in spite of the obvious pain and

    discomfort, she smiled.

    I had finally blown my long overdue load inside of Mom's ass. I pulled out,

    leaving a slight gape. Cum dribbled out of her ass and down her leg. She

    glanced back at me and smiled before once again returning her attention to

    my sister. I was a little jealous at how little attention I was being paid,

    but it was my sister's day after all.

    Mindy walked over and greeted my sister.

    "How was it, Sarah? You okay?" She asked, crouching down.

    "Ungh...yeah..." Sarah managed to speak.

    "Different from your dog back home, right?" She joked, squeezing Sarah's

    shoulder reassuringly. She stepped to the rear of the two and lifted the

    fox up a bit, revealing the engorged knot shoved deep within the little

    cunt. She turned to address the audience.

    "See, just like a dog, a fox's knot will keep him inside of his mate for up

    to fifteen minutes while he ejaculates inside. This fox is a bit older, so

    his knot doesn't last quite that long. He should be pulling out pretty


    After a few more minutes of being stuck, the fox's knot deflated and pulled

    out with a small pop. Cum gushed out of my sister's gaped cunt, thick and

    gooey. She groaned once more and turned to sit on her rear, her still loose

    vagina leaking onto the mat. She scooped a bit onto her fingers and began

    sucking it off while rubbing her clit with her free hand.

    "Okay, guys! Thanks for coming out. We'll have another show in about an

    hour if you feel like coming back out. Can we get a round of applause for

    Sarah for being such a good assistant?"

    The crowd clapped and cheered, by this time there were at least forty

    people in attendance. Mindy handed a towel to Sarah before she waved once

    more to the crowd and began walking, fox in tow, to the building just a few

    yards away.

    It didn't take long for the crowd to dissipate. The pavement was a mess of

    cum and sex juice. Me and mom walked over to where Sarah was cleaning

    herself up. I had taken off my pants by this point and mom's skirt was

    still hiked up, though she had replaced her panties.

    "Did ya fun, baby?" Mom asked. She had her phone raised to Sarah, still

    recording the scene.

    Sarah nodded heartily. "Mhm! It hurt but it felt really good!" She replied.

    Mom smiled and shut off her phone before pulling the program back out of

    her purse. She read it to herself for a few moments before looking to us


    "So, where next?"