My Diary -- Memory #18 “renaissance pleasure faire”


I had never heard of a breeding room at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. I was told it was an exciting way to spend the day role playing in the 15th  and 16th Centuries. . 

The rules of the breeding room were simple. RULES: All of the women to be bred for the day had to pick a number between 1 and 20 before being locked into the submission rack.

I picked a stamped metal coin out from a wooden box – They asked me to read the number aloud, so I did.  “Number 5”.  

I was then properly locked nude and head first into the submission rack. My pussy and ass were raised high and exposed for easy access to any eager breeding tool.

What I found out later was the number that I picked had represented the number of men who were allowed to breed me, AND the maximum number of times they could return to the breeding room throughout the day to fill me with their wet seed. 

The energy of the renaissance faire brought in some very lusty and horny men. All had interesting height and weight. Each one dressed as various representations of the period - from royals to peasants. All with varying sizes of breeding tool that would fill my maiden hole. From the thick circumcised cock to the earthy European fully encased uncircumcised cock. What intrigued me the most was that they all had one serious goal in mind.. “to breed the wench”.  Some could walk in and just aggressively fuck thrust their cum inside of me. Others may take their time to feel my wet pussy tight around them and make good use of their breeding experience with me.

With 5 breeding tools lined up to participate in the medieval that makes  25 huge loads of wet seed total. Depending on how many times they were physically able to come back that would be a pretty full day for me.  I kept wondering – “Would they actually return that many times?”  Five times in one day? Of course, since they knew a trapped naked wench was at their disposal for breeding, many would return… oh, yes, they returned.. And returned…and returned.