My Diary – Memory #52  “supporting a man’s bat and balls”




My sister Katie started dating Rudy 5 months ago. He is a star athlete at my sisters Christian college. Today I went to support him because Katie couldn’t be bothered to be at a very important game. She went to a fashion show in La Jolla instead.

Rudy’s team slaughtered the Home team.– 68 to 0 – I have never seen such a thrashing. There was definitely cause for celebration. The team, friends and family went to a great pub, Gordon Biersch, and I had my first German Beer. I loved it. So much so that I had four of them – and my limit is one.

It was so hazy in my mind. I think I remember Rudy laughing and carrying my drunken self over his shoulder to his car.


“BabyGirl, we need to get you home. You are snockered”

“But, Rudy, you won!!  It’s happy celebration time!  You ripped those sissy ballerina players to shreds!”

“Yeah, BabyGirl, I did play real good today.”

He swatted me on the butt and took me home.

All the way home I told Rudy how much I was proud of him for being the sole reason his team won!!  I remember saying that my sister should be here instead of me. SHE should be giving him a God warrior winners fuck!!

I live in my sister’s house. I rent a room.

I don’t know how it happened but I suddenly found myself naked and under Rudy.


As Rudy is ramming his solid cock into me.. “Oh, Baby, this is the best congratulatory fuck I ever had. Baby, I love this. I deserve this!!”   I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him deeper into my hot wet pussy.

The proud athlete used me as his reward for playing such a great game. I let him.  THIS celebratory sex should not have been with me, but I was so drunk that I loved every thrust given by Rudy. I didn’t think twice about fucking my sisters boyfriend.

Every time he would whisper to recount an incredible play Rudy would ram and thrust the hell out of me. So proud of his athletic ability. I moaned and kept our bodies tightly locked as he physically made me his bonus achievement.

“Rudy, you gonna make me cum!

Yes, Sweet BabyGirl, another point for the fucking team!…. All my balls are winners.  

I was locked under him. His pelvic bone grinding against mine. His brawny cock stretching me open with circular thrusts. God, he was so deep and so strong. I was holding and hugging onto him so tightly. He was making me cum!!

“Oh God, Rudy, I’m cumming.. I’m cumming.. fuck.. omg.. your cock is making me cum!”

Having my legs locked around Rudy he felt my whole body shaking.

“BabyGirl, your cunt is so hot. Score for me!!!!

My pussy gripped and clamped down on him. Making him cum too.  

“Fuck, BabyGirl, your cunt is making me cum.. God. fuck fuck fuck… take it. take it all”

He fucked me harder…Deeper… faster… taking all of his strength and power out on me. Ramming his athletic fitness and skill all the way up inside my pussy, Hurting me but loving every thrust as he opened my pussy inside.  We both cried out together. Moaning “fuck” together.. as our bodies joined in climax.

After he finished dumping his heroic seed into my pussy I passed out. When I woke up I had a blanket covering me. My sister Katie standing over me with a cup of hot coffee for me.

“Carla, Sweetie, are you ok?  Rudy said you had a lot to drink.  Thank you for going to his game. I hate them. Soooo boring. It’s more like an ego trip for Rudy. I hope you weren’t too bored??”

“Ohhhh.. Katie, I loved every minute of it. Rudy was amazing on the playing field. I would do it all again in a heartbeat”.


A few days later I got an envelope at work from Rudy. Inside was a custom made medallion and a sweet note.

Dear Carla,

BabyGirl, thank you for making me feel like a true winner. It would not have been the same without you. I appreciate the way you gave 100% of yourself to making it a very special day for me.

Enclosed you will find a medal I had custom made just for you. You are an amazing team player.

I will never forget you for this.