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    Sorting Through Submissive Standards

    As a submissive, I'm often asked what type of submissive I am.  There was a time when this question really gave me fits. For the most part, I abhor labels. I find them too restricting, and I tend not to like being stuffed into a box, confined by the label attached to it. 

    And yet, I've acknowledged before, and shall again, that labels can be useful at times. Since so many others tend to use labels to refer to specific traits, it's good to know, at least generally, what they mean. 

    With that long preface, I'm going to address labels used to identify different types of submissives. 

    24/7 Submissive

    A submissive who lives the life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is based on total power exchange. This is when one person surrenders total control to another for an indefinite period of time. In a relationship like this the power exchange is super-imposed over the other roles that these people may assume; such as parent or spouse. One person is always dominant and the other is always submissive to them. Sometimes also referred to as Lifestyle D/s. Due to the confusion created by the name 24/7 and the application of this principle to dynamics in which the participants don’t live together, and may not even live in the same city or country, other names have been suggested as alternatives - Full Spectrum Submissive being the most recent. 

    Alpha Submissive

    Alpha sub is a colloquial term for the most powerful submissive individual in a polyamorous relationship. The term is only used in a polyamorous relationship where more than one submissive individual is involved or when the multiple submissive individuals in a polyamorous relationship are ranked according to a formal or informal hierarchy.  An alpha sub may also be known as an alpha slave. 

    In current society, “alpha sub” is sometimes used to refer to any strong-willed female sub who holds a powerful job in her vanilla life, and is sought out by others in the community as a force to be reckoned with, despite being a submissive.  

    Bedroom Submissive

    There is a tendency in the community to look down upon those who consider themselves bedroom submissives or dominants, and yet many have started as exactly that - experimenting in the bedroom and keeping it there.  A bedroom submissive is one who is comfortable submitting to her Top or Dominant only in that venue, rather than a “lifestyle” submissive, or a submissive who submits beyond the confines of the bedroom walls.  


    Brat is a term for the BDSM role of a bratty submissive or bottom. Unlike the common conception of a submissive, a brat talks back, misbehaves, and is otherwise difficult.On the surface, this is a negative quality in a submissive; however, a certain amount of “brattiness” is enjoyed by some Dominants, and may in fact be a large component of a power exchange relationship. It must be negotiated, however, as not all Dominants enjoy such bratty behavior. 

    Collared Submissive

    Whilst this is not technically a “type” of submissive, it is a term oft heard.  And so, I’ve included it for those who might not be familiar with the intricacies of its use or meaning.  A collared submissive means, simply, a submissive who has accepted a collar from his or her Dominant, accordingly, pledging a level of commitment to that Dominant.  In many circles, a collar is akin to a wedding ring. In this post-Christian Grey kink society, the collar has lost some of its power and meaning for some of the newer generation coming into the lifestyle, but it still tends to signify some level of commitment.

    Digital/Internet Submissive

    This is a form of LDR submission.  For those who argue that it’s not “real” submission, I simply say, you have no idea.  In this day an age, there are a significant number of relationships that exist primarily through the convenience of the internet or other digital means.  Certainly precautions must be taken by each party to ensure the legitimacy of one’s partner, the seriousness of the dynamic being formed, etc., but it is not impossible (as some might claim).  The hardships, redflags and pitfalls are the same as with any LDR dynamic.

    Forced Submission (different from CNC)

    Despite the term, make no mistake, this type of submission is consensual. Some submissives don’t want their submission coerced or seduced from them; they want it taken, sometimes with brute force. It may be primal, but not always. With an attitude of  “Make me”, it’s about the Dominant proving they’re stronger and worthy of submission.

    Full-Spectrum Submissive

    Also sometimes referred to as Lifestyle Submissive or 24/7 Submissive, refers to a submissive who, although he or she may not technically live together with a Dominant partner, nonetheless never drops out of a submissive mindset or role.  At all times, all parties in the dynamic maintain roles and responsibilities, encompassing the full spectrum of any D/s dynamic. However, there is no specific dictated shape to a full-spectrum dynamic, as this will be determined by its participants.  Therefore, the particulars of any full-spectrum submissive may vary. The one constant is that the submissive is serious about submitting, and the dynamic retains the same components of any other similar dynamic.  

    LDR submissive

    In our current “on-the-go” culture, and with the global community becoming ever more accessible through the variety of technology available in the ever shrinking devices we carry in our pockets, it’s no wonder that a large number of people are entering the kink community through LDR submission. Ignore the naysayers who insist that LDR can’t work; it can.  D/s requires hard work, a high degree of communication. So does LDR.  

    There are a significant number of websites, articles and blogs that discuss LDR both as D/s and vanillas and how to succeed.  The key is communication, flexibility, and creativity. LDR can include a sub who sees his/her Dominant periodically as well as one who has never met the Dominant other than contact through the phone or online.  The options are as varied as D/s is.  

    Lifestyle Submissive

    Lifestyle Submissive refers to a submissive to submits on a level that extends outside the bedroom, and can encompass a multitude of levels up to and including full specturm or 24/7 submission. 


    Little refers to a submissive person, who role plays a younger age. The little is the little girl or little boy in a Daddy-dom BDSM role playing relationship. This person is dominated by a daddy (or mommy). The little may or may not dress for the part. They may also alter their voice to seem younger.  Some littles regress into “little space”, others do not. Some littles are sexual, others are not. The range is quite significant. The trait that is fairly constant is that a little tends to exhibit behaviors that are younger than their natural age behaviors, traits or mindset. Their Dominant is in the position of a Caregiver regardless of whether the Dominant uses a “Daddy” or “Mommy” title.  

    A little wants or needs to be nurtured, taken care of, and, sometimes, be completely free of responsibility for a period of time.  The age range of a little can vary significantly from one in diapers to a young teenage girl.  


    A middle is similar to a little, but roleplays someone aged slightly older - more in the pre-teen to teenage range, somewhere between 11 to 17.  While there are plenty of middles in the community, there simply isn’t as much information about middles as there is about littles. 

    Owned Submissive

    Similar to a “collared” submissive, this isn’t an actual “type” of submissive, and yet, is frequently used term and is therefore included.  An “owned submissive” is essentially a submissive who is “taken”, claimed by a specific Dominant, and is therefore “not available” to another Dominant.  

    Pets and Furries

    Some submissives will take on the characteristics of an animal, for example, a kitten, a puppy, or a horse, and the Dominant will act as a Caregiver or trainer of the “animal”.  The type of play involved can vary depending upon the type of animal and may or may not involve costumes, anal plugs with tails, collars, latex suits, harnesses, or any other acoutrements, depending upon the type of animal played and the play between the parties. “Furries” tend to wear full-body costumes, irrespective of sexual play. 

    Pro Submissive

    While Pro Doms and Dommes are much more common, apparently, there are some professional submissives. Generally they serve clients who want the experience of dominating someone but don’t have a steady partner. Or they need a second partner for a  scene with their submissive or bottom. There is negotiation and consent before anything begins. 

    Service Submission

    A service sub does not (necessarily) engage in sexual submission. On the contrary, service subs perform a variety of services for their Dominant, which can include domestic service such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. However, a service sub could just as easily do your taxes, mow your lawn, clean your pool, or fix your car. The key for the service sub is not the type of service but rather the feeling behind it — being of service and making the Dominant’s life a little (or a lot) easier and more comfortable.

    Sexual Submission

    A lot of submissives fall into this category. When it’s time to get naked, I’m the bottom, you’re the top, and I need you (the Dominant) to lead. Sexual submission might be taking orders and being of use. But it could also be more primal with some amount  of resistance and making your Dominant work for your submission. And, as always, it could be somewhere in between the two.


    Some would argue that a slave gives up all consent in order to become a slave. I would argue that no submissive has given up all consent (not even a slave).  Otherwise it’s gone into the realm of kidnapping. There has to be consent for a power exchange to exist. And like any other form of submission, there’s a spectrum in being a slave. Some want to be and are extremely micromanaged. Details like when and what to eat, when to use the bathroom, and whether and when to speak are decided by their Master. Other slaves may have a slave heart but their outward actions may look quite different Slaves tend to give up even more control to their Dominant partner than other types of submissives do.

    Smart-Assed Masochist (SAM)

    There is another level though, called Smart-Assed Masochists.  According to The Submissive Guide, “submissive who exhibits bad behavior (such as sarcasm, talking back, or disobedience), either because her Dom enjoys it or to get attention.”  It’s not even clear that SAMS are all masochists, but they’re definitely brats, trying to provoke their Dominant. Some SAMs are driven by the punishment, others by the pain.  

    As I wrote this, I kept thinking of new “submissive types” to add.  Did I miss yours? Feel free to add a comment if I did, with a short description of it!  

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    For the Anon earlier who asked how to know if they are a submissive, and if so what “type” of submissive they are.


    I fall into several of these categories. Many DOMs I have chatted with seem to prefer a versatile sub who is open to proving and offering herself up to him whichever way he needs her. The more contemporary sub gives up nothing, but offers unconditionally.  Which I love.  My vagina does not define me as a sub or as a slave, BUT I have the freedom to give as much or as often as he needs and in whichever submissive way he desires. Ground rules and boundaries still apply in every category, but I offer him my heart and body fully without defiance.  I’m not a brat.. as that is disrespectful. 


    I was 18 when I first started going to Dr. Kempridge every Saturday. The office complex where he practiced his therapy was closed and empty. The reason I started to see him was that I was having rape sex nightmares and feeling very paranoid at school. My parents felt I needed to see someone to help me. In our first meetings he would speak with me and I’d confess my fears. In graphic detail I would tell him my nightmares. He was an older man. Balding. Early 50s. What Dr Kempridge wanted to prove to me was rough, aggressive, and forceful sex from a powerful and energetic man was not something to be feared. My role as a sexual woman was to worship the cock that forces it’s way into me. To admire the man who takes what he needs whenever he needs it.  


    Later in our sessions he began to hypnotize me. My nightmarish fears would seem to come true. I would scream the whole time. Loud piercing screams. The building was empty so no one could hear me. I felt my body being taken and aggressively fucked. But I figured it was only the hypnotic state he put me in. Transporting me into a realistic experience. In my dreamlike trance I felt myself cumming and cumming. I would hear Dr. Kempridge cursing and grunting as I felt his hands chocking me -- just like the man in my nightmares did. The feeling of his cock painfully splitting up through my tight unprotected pussy. I heard him calling me his “frail little cunt hole”. His “worthless cum slut”.  My young body was trembling and convulsing from the many orgasms he force fucked from me. I was weak and petrified from this nightmare attack.

    Every session would end feeling him owning me. After 45 minutes of feeling this rape-like sexual pleasure. Dream Dr Kempridge would finish by releasing large amounts of cum deep inside of me. Filling me. Abusing me. Taking me. Marking his territory and owning me vaginally. 

    When I would wake up from his hypnotic sleep I would be fully dressed, My body felt weak, physically satisfied, and my pussy was wet and leaking large white globs of fluid into my pink lace panties. Dr Kempridge would be sitting in his chair taking notes. Every week for 3 years I’d have this same reoccurring hypnotic trance dream.   

    My Creative Writing Journal #19: “Insemination deception”

    Because I am such a good Christian girl and sex out of wedlock is a major sin my family would rather see me go through an impersonal artificial insemination than have sex with a man. So.... I made up a story that I was going to a clinical twice a week. They were shocked that the clinic wasn’t properly doing their job.

    Ohhhhhhhh... but he was. 


    Giovanne was from Italy. What I loved is that he is a much, much, older man who already had many children of his own. His ability to impregnate was proven. He was also blessed with a huge cock. His sperm count was higher than any other man found in the United States.The pleasure he gave me could not be described. 

    After our first two sessions he had already impregnated me. I was carrying. I didn’t tell him until after our second month of breeding. I could see that he was frustrated and would fuck me even harder and more directly -- as if he were aiming right for my womb. 

    WEEK ONE -- he fucked me and deposited his sperm

    WEEK THREE -- he fucked me and deposited his sperm again.

    WEEK FIVE -- he fucked me and deposited his sperm again and again.

    WEEK EIGHT -- he fucked me and deposited his sperm again, again, again, and again. 

    A job well done, Giovanne!

    Carla’s Diaries New Home


    First impression: WOW.. it’s Tumblr!! Only been on a few minutes, but it is a look-and-feel clone of Tumblr! The support folks there, even though they are being swamped with people fleeing #TumblrTitanic.


    At the end of the registration process and initial setup, you have to choose an interest area (femdom, quotes, art, whatever). You have to choose 3 blogs to follow, and then a “Continue” button is enabled. Press continue and Voila! You are in the Tumblr-like user interface. My handle there is:


    If you are already on BDSMLR, give me a follow, let me know your blog name, send a message, etc. I want to wring out this platform hard over the next couple of days.


    This might well be our new home, folks.

    My WINTER Diary – W 11: “holiday church concert”




    Three years in a row I was turned down. This year 2018 I wanted to be the church soloist at the Christmas pageant at the Saddleback Valley Church of Christ.  I pushed and pleaded and almost begged on my knees. The music minister Mr. Orland asked me to come over to his office on Saturday to audition. I think that was only fair. His granddaughter Lily-Bell is one of my best friends and is also up for that prized position as soloist singing “My Christmas Rose.  


    Sitting in his office and at the piano I sang through the song twice and Mr Orland really seem to be pleased by my audition. 

    After he stopped playing he looked me in the eyes and kindly asked,  “This is really important to you, isn’t it, Carla?”

    “Yes, Mr Orland, for three years you have given it so some other girl. I think this year you should give it to me

    “Oh, you do? You want me to give it to you?” 

    “Yes, I d...” 

    I couldn’t get the words out. Suddenly I felt Mr. Orland slipping his hand between my legs and up my skirt.  


    “Little Girl, you want to be my soloist this year?” 

    He found his way up to my panties and began to rub the fabric. 

    “Mr. Orland. please... don’t do... “

    Again, I couldn’t get the words out.  He kissed me. A very deep tongue kiss as he rubbed his finger passed my panties and into my warm pussy lips. He begins to rub me into a moist opening that he knows is the feminine sign for “Welcome”. He got to me.  

    Next thing I know my dress is off. I am fully naked. 

    Mr. Orland is naked from the waist down.  His pants are off and he is on top of me. 

    Part of me wanted to fight him off. The other part of me really wanted to be his Christmas soloist. What could I do? 


    “Sing for me now, Carla. Open up and sing the praises of God. Sing how much we fit together. Your tight young body sharing my cock. Do you like it, baby? Want to be my soloist this year?” 

    I couldn’t speak. His cock felt so good and I knew that if I moved I would start to cum and cum and not stop. He was really giving it to me balls deep.  I never EVER thought of Mr Orland sexually.  Now I’m sorry I didn’t visit him sooner. 

    I whimpered breathlessly, “Oh, Mr Orland, I.... God, you are making me very wet.  I.... please.... God.. I am gonna cum... please. I... Mr Orland...making me cum” 

    I spread my legs for him.. His naked cock sank in deeper and I came. Juicy rivers flowed out of me and between us. Large wet puddles soaked his leather couch.  I was moaning. His cock thickened.

    “Yes, God made men and women to join together like this. You and I are one. Feel it, baby, sing for the love of our pleasure and union. Sing for the beauty that is woman. That is you.  As I am a healthy man can you feel me fucking you?. Taking you. Praise God...”

    Again.. I couldn’t speak. I was shaking under him. Held down by his thrusting body.  He was splitting my pussy into cumming again.  My inner muscles gripped and clamped down against him. Mr Orland moaned.. ramming his cock into me. 

    “I am hard for you, Little Girl. Here comes my warm gift. Spread your legs, Little Girl. Here comes the seed God gave me. Here comes the wet sperm of life and pleasure. From deep within my balls God gave me the reason women even exist. The very reason you are given a place on this earth. To fulfill and pleasure men. Sing the praises of him and me as I release in you

    I moaned and as my slick vagina tightened around him again... he came. He dumped a powerful messy load of his God given seed into my unprotected and very fertile vagina. A hefty potent load that would secure my place as soloist this Christmas. 


    My WINTER Diary – W 7:  “a sexually lucrative luncheon”


    The first mixed - male/female - high tea luncheon fundraiser at the McCormick Estate was beautiful. Twelve acres of the most green property, and a newly refurbished 1940′s nine bedroom manor house. I was an intern on the event committee. They are planning on raising  Six hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars. A lot of big money people are here.

    I had 4 glasses of iced tea before the lunch was served. I thought if I went up to the second floor powder room I’d have some privacy. The bathroom was marble and tile. My whole apartment could fit in that bathroom. I take off my shoes and feel the expensive cold marble against my feet.  There is something about peeing on such a palatial commode that still feels elegant.

    I finished, pulled up my panties, flushed, washed my hands and fixed my hair in the mirror. As I went to put my shoes back on there was a soft knock at the door. As I open it Dr. Crenna pushed his way in and closed the bathroom door..

    “Here you are, Miss Carla Jo Chapel.”

    “Yes, I had to use the bathroom… Is someone asking for me?”

    “I am”  He then reached under my skirt and rubbed the front of my panties. “I was listening through the door and heard you pissing”


    “Ahhh… You can’t go back out there with damp panties”.  Grabbing the material he rips the front of my panties out exposing my vagina.

    “Dr Crenna, what the hell are you doing?”

    “Nice!!! You shave your pussy… I love that, Babyg

    In what seem like one quick movement - Unbuckling his belt his dress pants fall to the floor,  his boxer are pushed down passed his knees, and he lifts me up off the bathroom floor. Throwing me against the marble wall Dr Crenna guides his incredibly stiff cock up against my pussy.

    “ohhhhhh… BabyGirl, I can feel your pee hole is still so wet”

    “Dr Crenna, you’re hurting me!” 

    Not caring he crams the fat cock head right up into my pussy hole. He forces himself into me with an entitled smirk on his face. 

    Shocked by this I couldn’t speak… I am being force fucked by one of the wealthiest and more influential Doctors in the state.

    “BabyGirl, your little shaved pee hole is so smooth inside. Oh, fuck, I have been watching you all afternoon. I knew you’d be this tight.. I want all your pussy fluids on my cock

    Thrust after thrust of his rock hard cock manipulated my pussy so that I started to cum on him. Gripping tightly around him I moaned as I wet on him.

    He grunted and moaned… “YES!!  BabyGirl, add your sweet cum to the juices already on my cock. - Ohhhhhhh Fuck!”  

    Dr Crenna shoots his creamy sperm load quickly.


    Without saying anything more he dressed and left me alone in the bathroom.

    Shaken I fixed myself up, walked over to put my shoes on, and it suddenly occurred to me that several people I know, including myself, have student loan debt that needs paying. I am not going to wait 30 years like Christine Blasey Ford did with Supreme sex offender disgraced Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Nope, not this girl!  This afternoon luncheon sexual attack is going to be very VERY expensive for Dr Crenna... Or maybe his wife would be a little more understanding?  Which one should I talk to first?  Hmmmmmmm...

    My WINTER Diary – W 2:  “It’s November, but it still feels like Summer…




    We’ve just had Daylight savings time. The days are getting shorter sooner, but I still love hiking nude in the California mountains. I like to lay on my back naked in the tall grass isolated high in the woods.

    It is the most amazing feeling to be two people deeply connected to nature.

    I lay there with my eyes closed in the tall grass and flowers. I felt his naked presence as he lifted my legs and mounted me. He was in his 40′s and he took me very deep. I moan and gasped as his breeding tool opened me inside. 


    As he started to pump and fuck me I could feel someone else was nearby. Someone was watching us.  It was YOU?

    Knowing you were watching it made my pussy juice up even more. As a hard cock was sliding in and out of me I was feeling YOU.  I was so close to cumming imagining how horny you must be as you watched my pussy being fucked so steadily.  Masturbating yourself. Hearing me moan from the deep pleasure I was feeling.

    I could feel I was close to cumming and he was pumping his breeding tool to the edge. YOU could hear me moaning, “ohhhhh, I’m cumming.. God… I’m cumming”. His animal passion caused him to start grunting and moaning as he thrust and fucked me. His balls were churning up a thick hot batch of cum to be pumped into my open wet pussy.

    I kept thinking as YOU were watching us.. “Cum with us…. cum with us. Please make yourself cum with us”.

    Just thinking YOU might be coming with us made my pussy muscles clamp down against him, and I started to shake all over.  I was cumming so hard. I felt my juices flooding all over him and he started to grunt and buck harder. He too was cumming. Groaning as my tight wet pussy was milking on him.  

    He moaned in a low voice, “I’m cumming in you”

    I felt hot ribbons of sperm squirting into me. We moaned as we came together.

    I LOVE Nature meeting mature skin to skin !!!  

  • Please write and tell me… Did you cum with us?  Did you masturbate yourself into frenzied thoughts of outdoor sex?  Or did you edge yourself many times close to cumming waiting until he pulled out and walked far enough away for you to mount me next?  Were you waiting for your chance to breed me naked, unprotected, with your seed?