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    100 Calorie 4 ingredient biscuits

    A simple biscuit recipe for those who want to enjoy biscuits but with the extra calories

    Makes four

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    1 cup self rising flour

    ½ tablespoon granulated sugar

    ½ cup plain Greek yogurt

    ¼ cup milk


    Preheat the oven to 425°. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

    In a large mixing bowl, whisk flour and sugar together.

    Add yogurt and half of the milk, stirring until the dough starts to come together.

    Slowly add little amounts of the remaining milk until the dough forms. You may not need the entire amount of milk.

    Knead the biscuit dough until smooth - it will be a little sticky. Don't overwork the dough.

    Place the dough on a floured surface, using your hands, form the dough into a rectangle that’s width is twice it’s height and approximately ⅜ ‘s an inch thick, then fold the dough over to form a square. Slice the dough into four equal squares.

    Place the cut out biscuit dough on a baking sheet, about an inch apart from each other. Bake for 10-15 minutes, or until golden brown.


    All your gain was unintentional?! 😍

    yep, I had always been around 65kgs (145lbs) but I didn’t even notice until I went to a theme park and I had to weigh myself to get onto a ride (because you needed to be over 55kgs for the ride) and the scale said 88kgs (194lbs) and I was like “oh that’s weird”.

    Months went by and I decided to weigh myself again and this time it said 110kgs (242lbs) and I remember being like “but I don’t feel fat??”

    A couple more months and I stepped on the scale again and it was 125kgs (275lbs) and I said to myself “okay I should start eating better and working out to lose some weight. It won’t be that hard”

    Months go by again, I had been regularly working out but my diet hadn’t changed at all (I was pretty much living off fast food). I stepped on the scale again and 134kgs (295lbs). This time I was like “oh I’m fat”. I did some googling on other bigger girls like me and how to loose weight and I somehow stumbled upon a ffafeed (I think that was her name I am probably completely wrong). She was chugging heavy cream and I was sucked into this whole world.

    I started my Instagram account @/twicethesize and started posting myself to see if there were really people out there that liked how I looked and I didn’t have to hide anything or turn the camera on a certain angle to not show a bit of fat.

    I did that for a solid year, met so many cool people and I had unintentionally hit 138kgs (305lbs). I got scared and I felt like I was loosing touch with reality so I logged out of my account and focused on myself and my life.

    I was gone for 8 months. I logged back in out of curiosity and started posting again. I weighed myself since everyone was asking and the scales said 145kgs (319lbs). This was by far the biggest I had ever been.

    I disappeared again for another 5 months and returned recently. I haven’t weighed myself but I’m 100% sure I’ve put on weight since that time.

    2019 - 2021


    🐷Who only gorging fast food can't lost weight🐷🐷lol


    Cake Shake

    Gainer shake recipe submitted by a follower. (Edited slightly for clarity)

  • ½ box of cake mix any flavor
  • 1 quart of heavy cream
  • 1 cup of maltodextrin
  • 3 cups of whole milk
  • Blend well and drink quickly through a funnel with a valve such as a beer bong with a valve. Try to do it in one shot or break it up in two.

    It’s about 4800 calories of fat, sugars, and carbs for a total fat cell rejuvenating experience.


    What are you waiting for piggies? Get chugging


    A Life Built Around Food

    The answer to everything is: eat. When you are happy, celebrate with food. Sad, console yourself with food. Bored, eat as entertainment. Take a break by putting food in your mouth.

    Plan every day around snacks and meals.

    Sitting at the computer, never be without snacks.

    Never let yourself feel even the slightest pang of hunger, always be stuffed or slightly less than stuffed. Eat before bed. Eat in the morning. Eat when you wake up in the middle of the night.

    Always be putting food on your mouth. I agree - lessons for the hogs.


    I feel like I wrote this.  Great advice

    Deathfeedee Gaining Tips 8

    Search my page for  “#gaining tips” for the other entries.

    How to Destroy your Metabolism

    There is a common misunderstanding in feedism circles of what exactly your metabolism is and what it is responsible for, the main confusion comes from the exact definition used.

    Definition 1 - Metabolism is all the processes your body performs in order to do anything at all, all the way from storing fat to using oxygen to stay alive.

    Definition 2 - Metabolism is the minimum amount of calories needed to stay alive or sometimes the minimum amount of calories needed to maintain your current weight.

    The truth of the matter is that they are both correct, people just get a bit caught up on the terminology, with definition 2 just being a sub-definition called the basal metabolic rate or BMR. But broadly speaking when people talk about “slowing” their metabolism down they either mean increasing the efficiency of the process used to store fat and decreasing the efficiency of the process used to break down fat (Definition 1) or decreasing their BMR while either keeping their weight the same or increasing it (Definition 2).

    Fortunately for feedees both can be manipulated to increase your weight gain, but it should be remembered that as with a lot of these things your genetics play the largest role by far, and as of 2021 the science to change your genes is still sketchy and confined to research labs, so until the day genetic modification becomes mainstream we will just have to make do with the tips I’m about to list.

    Decreasing the Amount of Calories you Burn

    • Reduce your muscle mass, muscles use a large part of the energy (calories) that we consume. When we eat our muscles are given first priority on where the calories we just consumed should go, after our muscles have taken what they needed the body uses some more to keep things working as normal, but then the body needs to store the excess somewhere for future use this is essentially what fat is. So, if we reduce the amount of muscles that have to be fed the more that will be left over to be stored as fat, with that said:

    • Movement is your enemy; movement not only directly burns calories but also maintains your muscles. The less movement you do the more your muscles will fade away. And I really mean it ideally you should be sitting or lying stationary for over 95% of the day, some tips to help increase you time sitting stationary, include getting a work from home office job, if you live in a house / apartment with 2 or more floors move everything you would ever need down to the bottom floor, at the beginning of each day get all of your food out for the rest of the day and get a microwave next to your bed / chair that is within arm’s reach, try to avoid leaving the house by getting everything delivered if possible and if you really have to go somewhere drive as much as you possibly can and lastly if you are into slob / diaper play not getting up to go to the toilet / shower.

    • Drink less water, water is directly involved in a lot of the other things your body does before storing the calories as fat, therefore drinking less water will make those other processes less efficient meaning more is stored as fat.

    • Avoid caffeine, while caffeine is commonly known to help keep you alert and speed your mind a bit, it also does the same with your metabolism so cutting it out can make a difference if you drink a lot of it.

    • Eat less meat and foods high in protein, they tend to have less calories and protein takes a considerably larger amount of energy to breakdown compared to fats, sugars and carbs, this means that if you ate 400 calories worth of meat and 400 calories worth of cake, more of the 400 calories of cake would go towards storing fat. The 1 exception I can think of the top of my head is peanuts, because while they do contain a lot of protein they are super high calorie, also contain loads of fat and don’t fill you up that much.

    Increasing the Amount of Fat Stored

    • Ok I know I sound like a broken record, but diabetes meds are great for this the essentially force more of your excess calories to be stored as fat, I won’t repeat myself anymore so just check out the full guide here.

    • Don’t start eating as soon as you wake up, wait between 1-2 hours before eating, because this essentially tricks your body into thinking you are going to be starving so it puts a much higher priority on storing as much energy as possible when you do eat.

    •  In the same vein, spread your main meals out a bit as this again tricks your body into wanting to store more food as fat, this one might not be for everyone though as some people can binge way way more throughout the day compared to 4-5 big stuffing’s, if that’s the case you would probably just be better sticking to bingeing.

    • Sleep as little as possible, this has a 3-fold effect, 1) it increases your chance of getting diabetes, 2) directly increases the amount of fat stored by making your other metabolic processes less efficient and 3) increases your stress and cortisol which also increase the amount of fat your body stores.

    • Which leads on to stress and cortisol in general, which I already have a guide on that you can read here.

      And that’s all I have to say about “slowing” down your metabolism, all these tips can make a difference in your metabolism but I will state it again the biggest factor is genetics which we can’t change.


    As requested, with the descriptions from issue #01 of HORNGRY.

    There’s a place for everyone and it’s an amazing spectrum. We all have different aspects we gravitate towards and other we don’t. Don’t expect just because you’re into humiliation, that everyone else will be. Or that because weight measurements do it for you, everyone else feels the same way. Respect all combinations of these aspects and take your time to find out what your chat partner is into. ♡

    FEEDING - for all you, who love to be fed by a feeder. Whether it’s a second dessert as hot foreplay in bed, or an entire meal. It’s a pretty common aspect that has different ways of how it is used:

    SOFT FEEDING - for all of you who love to be spoiled, who love to have sweet encouraging words being whispered into your ear with every bite you take.

    HARD FEEDING - for all of you who love it rough. When you’re so full you can’t eat another bite… or can you? Let’s test your limits, let’s see how you do when you truly lose control…

    FOODISM - for all the foodies out there that love quality just as much as quantity. Restaurants or home cooked haute cuisine are your favorite weapon of choice. After all, taste buds are just another sex organ…

    COOKING - for all of you who love to cook, or have someone cook for you! The sizzling of a frying pan, the smell of hot lasagne right out of the oven, followed by a fresh batch of cupcakes…

    STUFFING - for all of you who love the feeling of a belly being filled up by the sheer amounts of food you can fit into it. The more, the better! The tightness, the pressure, after all, stuffing is more than just a means to an end.

    BLOATING - for all of you who love the feeling of a delicious liquid streaming down your throat, stretching your belly to new limits. Whether it’s just a temporary expansion or part of your daily bellybuilding routine. 

    TIGHT CLOTHES - for all of you who love the straining of buttons, the feeling of a belt digging into your lovehandles and your shirt riding up with each move, revealing your beautiful size to everyone around…

    BUTTON POPPING - for all of you who consider the sound of a surrendering button a most exciting surprise. The near orgasmic pop when a sturdy jeans button bids goodbye or the next shirt is destroyed by your girth.

    MEASURING - for all of you who consider a scale and a measuring tape just another sex toy. How exciting it is to see the numbers climb with every bite of food you take. 

    WORSHIPPING - for all of you that know the belly is something that deserves to be worshiped and respected. You want to see the pride in your feeders eyes, hear them mutter words of adoration…

    BELLY PLAY - for all of you who can’t keep your hands away from your belly. You love the feeling of how it jiggles when you lift it up, the warmth of your admirers hands on your soft fat and the soothing pressure of a belly massage.

    BEARS - for all of you who identify as big, furry bears. Whether you’re gay, bi or straight, the beard’s all yours and compliments the belly just as much as your thick chest rug.

    LIFTING - for all of you who enjoy muscle growth just as much as belly growth. After all, a bit gut is impressive already… but combine that with big beefy arms and you have yourself an amazing beefy built that will certainly turn heads.

    BONDAGE - for all of you who love to be tied up. Goes best with a nice feeding. Whether it’s ropes, or hand cuffs… or maybe a blind fold? 

    ROLE PLAY - for all of you who love to creative. Whether you like to imagine yourself way bigger than you are (for now!), or go in a completely different direction. The possibilities are literally endless…

    INSTANT GAINING - for all of you impatient folks who love the idea of gaining all the weight in just a matter of minutes. Whether it’s magical or scientific. Just lay back and imagine yourself grow…

    PADDING - for all you who love the feeling of a soft pillow under your clothes to imitate a bigger size. The softness, that feels like fat and the feeling of walking around in a new and bigger size… do you dare going out like that?

    HUMILIATION - for all of you who love the naughty teasing, or even the harsher, adrenaline rush inducing insult from your feeder. The exciting mixture of shame and pleasure when they call you out on how fat you’ve gotten…

    FUNNEL FEEDING - for all of you who just can’t get enough! A mash up of bloating and force feeding… The especially greedy ones can even do it by themselves.

    MEGALOMANIA - for all of you know that size does matter… Whether it’s tallness, big beefy muscles or a big fat belly. You just can’t get big enough, strong enough, fat enough…

    CRUSHING - for all of you who love to see what your impressive weight is capable of.

    CRUSHING OBJECTS - for all of you that love to break everything in sight with your size! The sound of a bed squeaking under your weight, a chair breaking because it just can’t handle your growing body…

    CRUSHING PEOPLE - for all of you that literally take our breath away! You love to make your feeder feel what all that added weight really feels like. You make them squirm with pleasure, especially if you’re getting too big to handle…

    MACROPHILIA - for all you guys that love the idea of being bigger than humanly possible. Why just be big, when you can imagine crushing a whole city with your size?

    Tiny Changes for Weight Gain

  • Start dipping French fries in mayo for extra calories
  • Instead of 1-2tbs butter, start recipes with 1/2 stick of butter (esp sauces, including pasta sauces)
  • Put butter in recipes that don't even call for it. Pizza? Butter. Cheesesteaks? Butter. Hot dogs? B u t t e r.
  • Extra cheese
  • If a recipe says milk use heavy cream
  • Use small amounts of heavy cream as finishers for sauces (GREAT addition to homemade marinara)
  • If you're making a casserole just mix random extra mayo in. It will taste so bomb, trust me.
  • Why eat ice cream when you can eat ice cream sundaes with way more calories just by squeezing in some chocolate sauce and adding whipped cream
  • Strategically place & fill candy jars at home/work
  • Eat bedtime snacks
  • If you're reaching for water, reach for milk/soda/sweet tea instead
  • If you drink unsweet tea... drink sweet tea (as a southerner i am bound by an unspoken code to say drink sweet tea no matter what)
  • Add bacon / bacon grease to literally everything
  • Candied bacon, use it on everything
  • Start eating vegetables that are equal amounts bacon to veggies and probably also have some cheese sprinkled on top
  • Feel free to add more to this list!


    Its easy to become addicted to food. Little steps progress to slowly slipping into irreversible obesity.

    One more bite thats all.

    Better finish off that plate, its just a bit extra.

    Haven’t had a treat in a while, go for it. 🍬

    Adding a little sugar to my coffee…

    Donuts in the break room? Score!

    I’ll diet tomarrow! Really!

    One more snack before bed…

    A milkshake sounds good right? Maybe add some fries! Yum 🍟

    Well it is the holidays afterall…

    Is this enough? I’ll just add a little more

    Wow stairs really do suck, elevator it is!

    Brunch? Sounds good to me!

    A big bowl of cereal for dinner is healthy right?

    Fried chicken for lunch!

    Wow my clothes are getting tight.

    I really want more…

    Extra large pizza and breadsticks!

    Oh. My button popped off!

    Chocolate muffins and an iced coffee for breakfast! ☕

    Buffet with friends tonight woo!!

    Excersise is exhausting…how about no. 🙅‍♀️

    And another pants size up…thats okay I’ll work it off later!

    I’m still hungry :(

    Cheese is the best thing ever created.

    Nap time!

    My belly is getting rolly…so soft!

    Mmmf cookies and milk

    Annnd thats the fifth time I’ve ordered out this week. Whoops!

    Wow my ass jiggles when I walk

    Ugh my thighs are chafing >:[

    I think I ate too much again my belly hurts!

    Ice cream will make that go away. 🍦

    Mmm buttery movie theatre popcorn!

    My arms are getting heavy wow

    Oh my boobs look great in this bra

    Chinese food is the best comfort food 🥡

    Getting out of bed sucks!

    More snacks! 🍪

    My tummy is getting really big

    I just wanna be lazy today…

    A burger and fries sounds great! Maybe add a malt shake too? Better make it extra large

    Didn’t think walking to my car would make me this out of breath!

    I can’t pass up cake for Brendas birthday… 🎂

    Omg I just broke a chair…I’m so embarassed!

    Yep. Ordering some wings and onion rings tonight! Hey that rhymes…

    Erf, no more baths. Its getting hard to get out of the tub 😫

    Unnf brownies with caramel drizzled on top 👌

    I’ll totally get a gym membership…after one more pizza

    Add some wings to that…and breadsticks.

    Geeze my seatbelt won’t go around my huge belly 😳

    Whoops! Ate the whole bag of chips! Who did that?

    Holy cow my tits are too big for this bra!

    I really ate that whole tray of lasagna…

    Apple pie for dessert!

    Ate that whole pie too…

    Wow my belly sits almost to my knees!

    Jogging is overrated

    Yep! Gonna be a lazy bum today. I just need to relax! With some really good food. 🍔🥓🍗

    My whole body is like a big pillow 💖

    Chocolate milk is so good ice cold

    Make it an extra large meal please! Actually make it two extra large meals!

    Ufff I hate getting out of bed 😩

    Celebratory “You got out of bed” treat! 🍩

    Holy cow I’ve outgrown a 3X?! Oops! When did that happen??? Oh well…

    Two extra large pizzas please! Extra cheese!

    Wow I can’t fit into the booth at the buffet 😅

    Gotta just…get some inertia going to get out of bed now…

    Lets just put snacks next to my chair, that makes it easier!

    My pants just ripped! Again 😫

    Yep a large order of low mein, wonton soup, six egg rolls, a large sweet and sour chicken, and an order of crab ragoon. Uhh yum!!

    Fuck! My scale won’t read!!

    Mmmf more donuts

    And a gallon of milk later….

    Two orders of fries for a snack 🍟

    Tacos for dinner!

    Oh shit…I’m stuck in my chair……wait maybe not..phew! 😅😅😅

    My god standing hurts so much unnnnff 😭

    Salad? Uh no. Bacon cheeseburger? Yes.

    Banana splits!

    I hope they deliver…I don’t wanna get up.

    Annnnd now a 5X is getting tight. Yikes

    Can’t stop, won’t stop. Loaded curly fries!!

    Pizza rolls on top of pizza rolls

    Speaking of rolls…damn my belly is HUGE

    Getting out of bed is tiring…I’ll just stay in today. Again.

    Still hungry! Need more!! 🍌🍓🍑

    Yasss netflix and binge eeeaaat

    Fuck I’m absolutely stuffed

    Wow my legs are heavy af 😲

    Edible cookie dough YES

    Mooore chocolate milk too

    Oh no 😶

    I can hardly leave my bed! I’m too heavy and my chest is pounding just from sitting up! 😰

    Oh well…I’ll worry about that after I finish my snacks 🤷‍♀️




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    The Ultimate Feeder Fantasy

    I want to grow someone from skinny to super obese, like a personal feederism project. Watching a 110lb stick figure slowly start filling their plate more and more each meal. Packing on a few pounds at first until they start building up their appetite. Celebrating milestones with huge buffets and feedings. First 10lbs, then 20, then 50 then 100… after that there’s no stopping. 100lbs in and they’re hopelessly addicted, taking their one way ticket to immobility without a second thought. At 250lbs they’re struggling up stairs and standing up from sitting is getting tougher. At 300lbs their belly starts hanging out of their shirt and their thighs fill an entire seat. At 400lbs they take down a couple of Big Macs, several large fries, multiple sodas and dessert without a second thought. At 500lbs their mobility is really diminishing and it’s time to invest in a fat cart to get them around. By 550lbs they’re already outgrowing the cart, pouring out of the seat and their clothes. At 600lbs we decide it’s much easier to just order food instead of going out. That’s when they basically pin themselves to two spots nearly 24/7: their bed and the couch. By 700lbs clothes are a distant memory, and sitting around naked surrounded by stacks of every junk food imaginable is the norm. At 800lbs they take their final breathless shuffle up the stairs and into their bariatric bed, never to use their legs again. By 1000lbs their entire body is submerged by several feet of flab, the only exercise they get being struggling to lift their arms to pile more food into their greasy mouths. From there, trapped under the weight of two families, their entire life becomes eating. Nothing more, nothing less. The sky is the limit…