This is amazing!  An extremely talented and creative author/artist Lamivex has created a futuristic virtual resort for straight couples called “Ladies’ Love Paradise.” When they arrive the male partner is fitted with a Chastiring that stretches and separates the balls from the penis.  The ring has indicator lights the register how sexually aroused the wearer is and how close to ejaculation.  The male earns credits for the couple by experiencing as much intense arousal as possible.  However, if he ever goes over the brink and ejaculates, the Chastiring will immediately initiate an irrevocable deballing sequence.  After castration, the Chastiring will next initiate a tinification process which shrinks the penis down into a much more sensitive, tiny member totally inadequate for vaginal intercourse. Cucktosterone implants prevent hormonal changes that would otherwise occur after castration and ensures a heightened, if much more passive libido.

Read the entire interactive guide on Lamivex’s blog.