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2021-07-23 21:42:08

    the news is bad sometimes


    Okay but what’s the phone


    thats what cain used to kill abel


    Okay but for real think of the possibilities.

  • People in remote areas (both recreationally and living) - hiking or dangerous areas if they’re lost, hurt, or scouting ahead
  • Homeless people
  • Disabled people (to alert for help or contact vital services
  • Areas of extreme poverty (see all above)
  • Lost people (either urban or rural) able to call for help
  • Somebody close to death able to record all final thoughts (either injured, terminal, trapped, or unable to have constant medical care)
  • Children always able to call for help
  • Abused people - hiding a phone without worrying about it needing to be recharged
  • spruce-wayne

    it isn’t bad at all, we’re just so used to phone companies trying to make paper thin phones with no battery life cause it’s good for business