Just a melancholic, prog rock obsessed catboy
Hello ^w^, I'm Ettore 🖤TAKEN by my lovely SweetDommeGf 🖤¦| 🇲🇽 Mexican 🇲🇽 |¦ 24 y/o ¦| Bisexual |¦ He/She ¦| Pet/Sub |¦ Horny 24/7 ¦| Prog Rock is my life |¦ Just a keyboardist who likes catboy æsthetics a little bit too much.No age/description in bio = Blocked.MINORS, TERFS, P3D0S, HOMOPHOBES, RACISTS, GTFO MY BLOG.
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2022-05-18 21:19:56

    Eveylnn & Dr. Monique Pussycat art by Balak, director on Les Kassos, Vermin, Pyrats and Peepoodo & The Super F*ck Friends.

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    (note: sorry for putting a censored on Peepoodo’s title and not putting full title in tags but I didn’t want tumblr flaging this. Thank you for understanding.)