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2021-05-16 17:45:16

    norway’s curling team is appropriately dressed for valentine’s day


    day 2: norway is still slaying the pants game


    day 3: pants game is still on top


    day 4: still impressive


    day 5: another day another trouser


    day 6: they have yet to wear one pair twice


    Okay so I already reblogged this once but I’m reblogging again because I just watched a short documentary about these pants.

    Apparently back at their first Olympics appearance, they (especially Chris Svae, the ginger who plays second) were pretty disappointed with their gear because the gear didn’t look flattering. They couldn’t change the shirts because of Norway federation sponsorships so they started looking for pants to wear. They had a hard time finding pants that both looked respectable enough for professional curling and stretchy enough to allow curling, and promptly gave up on finding pants that were both stretchy and professional.

    Chris Svae ended up finding pants that were Norway-colors-ish that looked comfortable enough for curling, but had crazy patterns. People at Olympics were not happy about this because PATTERNS AREN’T RESPECTABLE ENOUGH, so they were conflicted. But the night before the opening ceremony, they were hanging out with a bunch of lady skiiers. Chris at some point just takes off his pants and put on the crazy pants they bought and asks “Do you think we should wear these pants” and the skiers were like “he’ll yeah you should totally do it”

    So they wore the crazy pants to play in the Olympics, and a few days later the website where they bought the pants crashed. The owner of the website visited them in Vancouver for the Olympics, and then decided to sponsor the team.

    And now, 8 years layer, the Norwegian team has a different pair of pants for each match. Including a Valentine’s day pair.


    This is a weird but lovely kind of wholesome.


    don’t say “jews” when you’re trying to say “israeli people”


    like you’re literally doing zionist’s propaganda work for them by conflating the two


    “how could jews let this happen” is a genuine take i saw, and like. we didn’t. we really didn’t. many jews have been against the IDF for longer than you’ve known what the acronym means.

    i figured people would know this, apparently not, but the good majority of jews are scattered across the world, not just in israel (hence the term diaspora). additionally, when you make statements like this, you’re erasing palestinian jews.

    we are not a fucking monolith! implying we are only helps zionism! you sound like the idiots who claim all muslims are terrorists!

    take on some god damn personal responsibility to do antizionist actions in your own community instead of shifting the blame to Every Jew Ever because mommy told you kikes are evil


    I worked at a grocery store. We did this same shit with literal tons of food and it radicalized me more than any book ever could.


    Legitimately I would start giving away pastries to anyone who tried to buy one after 8pm because I felt viscerally disgusted by the idea of selling someone a muffin I was supposed to throw away in an hour.


    wait you can´t even take them home with you?


    I'm gonna commit homicide, this is ridiculous and a waste of product that could otherwise be given to the public or those less fortunate.


    cosmo wanda i wish for everyone explode die kill kill evil die explode die die die


    Wanda: But Timmy, I'm pretty sure committing a genocide is illegal!

    Cosmo: Nuke or orbital laser?


    Maryann lost Cosmo and Wanda after causing the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand which started World War I.

    No, I am not kidding, Cosmo and Wanda canonically started WWI.


    How many rules were put in place from Cosmo and Wanda's godkids alone?


    Trans girl Luigi masterpost


    The number of people who have rb this saying shit like “hes just gnc afff” “hes a drag queen/crossdresser actually” and all that shit get on my fucking nerves!!!! Can you guys not make it abt urselves for five seconds do you even realise how fucking disrespectful saying that kind of shit is on a post with the caption “transgirl” like. Make ur own post shut the fuck up