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    Put the DC character that’s the same height as you in the tags

    6′9″ Bizarro

    6′8″ Bane

    6′7″ J’onn J’onzz

    6′6″ Victor Stone

    6′5″ Joker, Slade Wilson, Ra’s Al Ghul

    6′4″ Koriand’r

    6′3″ Clark Kent

    6′2″ Bruce Wayne

    6′1 Roman Sionis

    6′ Jason Todd

    5′11″ Roy Harper

    5′10″ Dick Grayson

    5′9″ Donna Troy

    5′8″ Talia Al Ghul

    5′7″ Barbara Gordon

    5′6″ Tim Drake

    5′5″ Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown

    5′4″ Damian Wayne

    5′3″ Cassie Sandsmark

    5′2″ Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin)

    5′1″ Tara Markov

    5′ Oswald Loomis (superman villain)

    4′11″ Jervis Tetch (Mad Hatter)


    I once listed this idea as an example to know when dc truly became creatively bankrupt and had run out of ideas for the batfam. A secret robin before dick Grayson… AND DC IS FUCKING DOING THAT!!


    Truly scraping the bottom of the barrel aren’t they?


    One, they already did a secret Robin plot back in the silver age, it was Bruce Wayne himself as a young boy when he was learning from some detective.

    Second, seriously, this is the comic that voting tournament produced? This is what allegedly* won out over every other idea?

    *I recall in the semi finals the Robin Book advanced after a controversy. Namely that the Robin book lost on the polls that had visible results, but allegedly advanced because it did well on polls whose results no one had access to outside of the poll runners.


    goddammit. domestic batfam when???


    all the people who saying "curran walters isnt built right for jason todd!! he doesnt even look like him!" and all that other stuff can suck my 9inch horse penis (disrespectfully)

    its borderline bodyshaming the shit some of yall are saying about him

    its literally only bc hes not 6 foot and "doesnt look like jason in the comics" now be real, do any of us RLLY know what he looks like in comic? exactly.

    and if i see another person calling him megamind i jus might lose it 💀💀 yall rlly do pick and choose huh?

    get ur acts together before i magically shove my black timbs down ur throat


    lmao, as if characters' faces don't change all the time under different illustrators