Demonic Domination

    Another one bit the dust. Another soul for Talva to take care of. From now on, he is hers until he finds redemption, and he will soon understand that he is better down here with her.

    Screenshot of my new animation “Demonic Domination”, available in all my others pages from sites allowing this kind of contents.

    Into the raptors' nest (Scene100)

    Trying a release here too, just in case ^^

    Started in 2017 with the will to create something bigger than usual to celebrate the 100th animations (but not really!) of my creations, this scene had a lot of change among its creation! New set, new plot, new design, new models ect.... It almost killed me to the point I was wondering I would ever finish it... but as a matter of fact, there it finally is!!!
    I hope you didn't high your expectations to high though ^^', but I also hope those 5 minutes of nothing but raptors action will please you :D




    Lower avi quality

    Lower mp4 quality

    Patreons could access this animation ealier than everybody else just for 1$ a month. What about you?

    I'm done with scene 100...

    Just in case people are still watching this blog, I thought I would post this info here too

    Welp.... I'm done working on scene 100... 


     because it's finished! :D It's finally finished! It's been hazardous, but I made it! Since yesterday, patreon's supporters could access it, and so far, feedbacks were pretty good. Stay tuned people, I'll be releasing it this week :D

    So long Tumblr

    I think a lot of you know by the moment I’m writing this, but yeah that so called “accident” was indeed a real test to see if their bot could flag NSFW contents. From next 17 december, tumblr will forbbid any pornographic contents on their website. Twas a fun adventure that went for a pretty good run and I’d like to thank everyone of you for that.....


    But of course it’s not over!!! Tumblr is only one of the many place I used to expose my dirty contents, so I’d like to reminds (once again) everybody to where you can actually find me, and I may ask you to go over those sites to follow me so we can rebuild this great degenerated castle that is mine :D


    And obviously, a quick search of my name “cavafly01″ on e621 will lead you to my creations re-uploaded by the users over there, but I’m slowly thinking about creating an account myself, to set me up officially on the website.

    Porn adventure is faaaar from being over :D Cheer up people! I still have many dirty ideas to spread!

    Well ok I guess

    I didn’t thought I would start a small “contreversy” when I stated that I wanted to release scene 100 in 2 parts. Seems people aren’t really happy about it judging by the comments and PM I received.

    Well then, nevermind my last post (deleted now), back to the first plan. See you next year.

    In case of tumblr delation

    Regarding the last tumblr “NSFW erasing” drama, I created various account on other websites where you can find my creations, some being pretty new, I’ll be slowly re-uploading my contents on them. I also would like to remind you where you can find me on other plateform :D

    LINKS :

    also, typing “cavafly01″ on e621 would lead to various re-uploads of my contents on the site. Those are unofficial, but I really don’t mind, as it helps spreading my degenerancy even more! Whoever takes the time to do it, you have my bless!

    Take care people ! Tumblr isn’t the only place where lewd is :P Even if they eventually forbbid porn, there are still many place to prevail !