- Goodbye Sengen, Because its Stuck in My Head -

    So, this piece is made just for Profile Picture purposes. Its quick, its more color focused and its a good chance for me to polish Sadie’s features. Giving her that pair of shiny eyes.

    The sweater is inspired by an actual sweater that I owned with a tiny Smitch of change. Its nice to put your characters in comfortable clothes instead of uniforms and stuff. I tried to make this as fast as I can because I’m aiming for how fast I can finish and this was the result. Kinda proud of myself actually. Also, its fitting because the lyrics of the song is exactly what I and pretty much everyone have been doing since this madness begun.


    [Song Here]Pose reference from the thumbnail.

    家に籠って 狂い咲く ( I’ll shut myself away and finally bloom)

    More to come, might switch and turn to VoX and The Hoodlites but Sadie mac Lir is always on my mind. Let me know what you think?

    Thanks for reading

    - Caw4B -


    i don't want to choose between penny and chiara i want ot3 _( :⁍ 」 )_


    - I have an idea for this -

    Depending on if you finish the Chiara SQs. MC would make a note to keep an eye on the moon and help Chiara when the night is over. It will be a group effort. Jae, Penny, Rowan and Talbott will be involved. Taking turns to help Chiara and assist her even as Animagus. Except for one unwilling member, Penny. She only supplies the Wolfsbane potion and it will take a lot of convincing for her to help Chiara personally, like say. Finding her in the morning after the full moon and helping her back to school. In these quiet moments together, they'll bond over hating werewolves for different reasons and help change each other's perception.

    Probably explains the game intro picture for that...what was it again? the festival intro pic where is Penny on one side and Chiara on the other.


    A different kind of love maybe?

    Bottom-line is, Penny would get obsessed to find a cure and save her new friend only to realize that she fancies Chiara. Penny’s obsession turns unhealthy and sure enough, Chiara starts to worry for Penny. Eventually, Penny finds that the best way to help Chiara is to join her as an Animagus, have some drama or...something and end up together as girlfriends and MC will be like..."my job here is done!"


    Then proceeds to heartbreak because MC fancies Penny. MC is Sayaka (Bloom Into You) in this case. I’ll let you fanfic writers figure the middle parts out. I didn’t play that far.

    - Reintroducing Sadie mac Lir -

    I’m back! Once again with an update on my HPHM MC, Sadie mac Lir. I have not found the right way to translate my own drawings into digital yet but I found that redrawing from scratch is the best solution and here she is! The slingshot single image is my favorite!

    I’ve completely changed her uniform because I’m attempting to stray Sadie away from Hogwarts Mystery as much as I can to the world I envisioned. The uniform is inspired by this cool looking costume I found a long time ago from a clothing brand called: Celtic Fusion [Link Here]


    I will definitely revise her design and I would love to hear what you, the audience had to say but as a general idea. This is what I hope to achieve. I promised myself that I will buzz more content your way because of all the free time I’m given now so, this is not the end…

    There is still a lot to do but thank you for tuning in and expect some changes with my profile and a shift of content. So uh…yeah! Old Sadie can’t come on the phone right now…why? Because she Regenerated! 

    Thanks for reading

    - B -

    - Sadie mac Lir Returns! -

    I’m back again with another update on Sadie. Been practicing a ton and I’ve been testing out all kinds of choice of costumes as well as some poses based on some shows. Might switch to digital, slowly gaining my confidence back.

    also, update for Vox of the Red


    I gave them hands and legs! and their species is Hoodlites.

    I think...I would focus on just the two for now. I’ve been thinking about these two a lot and I’ll use that to work around them. Let me know what you think?

    Thanks for Reading

    - B -

    - Where have I been? -

    Its been a month, and I have broken my promise to write every Wednesday but, fortunately and unfortunately. The world is still on fire and we are in Lockdown. I had some time to recuperate and little by little throughout the mid of April and whole of May. I’ve been practicing on my drawing with good ole, pencil and paper and I figured, “I should update just to keep myself accountable.” 


    So yes, as you can see in the gallery. I’ve been reviving and reinventing my HPHM character, Sadie mac Lir as well as bringing back some of my older friends that I have not mentioned but has been with me for a long while; Hector James Dagger, Vox of The Red and a new character.

    [I’ve mentioned on a particular tagged post] saying that I dream to make my own series someday and this is the current progress so far. As for the new character, I’m having a ton of trouble with the look, mainly because I’m a bit of a scatter brain when it comes to stuff like this.


    I’ve been using social media to find effective methods to draw correctly as well as looking for ideas and storing them in a big folder to visit and review which has been so helpful if I ever feel uninspired or unsure.

    As of now, the new character one has one detail that is confirmed. Their name is Jamie. A Unisex name, which means its applicable for both boys and girls. There’s not much to show and its still very unpolished but, you got to start somewhere right? Here’s more of the many ideas for side characters and creatures.


    That’s all I have to say this week. I hope you enjoy this post and I wish to update more soon. I might change a few things after this and I hope to achieve the mentality of just doing it without thinking too much but at the same time. I do require help to “round out the edges a little” so, if you can.

    - What you think of the overall drawings so far? -

    Thanks for Reading

    - B -


    Sometimes, its really hard to keep yourself motivated. I know many people can relate at this. Social media can be, cold sometimes. Because, we actually dont know what people think about us,do we? I mean, i mostly dont know. Especially here in tumblr, well i dont use any other platform either jhgfghjkl Sure i have few friends here ,which is im SO grateful, but in majority idk how people see me, or my oc's. I also dont know if thats normal or bad or good.

    Why am i talking about that?? Well its because today im kind of emotional. Today is my first years anniversary in tumblr, and i kinda wanna talk. Randomly.

    My thirst for drawing started in last year in middleschool. I had many stories in my mind and i wanted to see them on paper. I wanted it so badly, so i tried. Of course i knew results wont be perfect, but i also didnt expected it to be that bad.

    I tried many times, but surely not enough, and after many fails i gave up. I told myself "You are not talented for this Naz, you will never be. You are wasting your time and hurting yourself. Find something else."

    And i did. I stopped trying. I didnt know this was the worst decision i can make.

    İn my last year in highschool -which is one year ago from today- i was kiiinda depressed because of my univercity exam. I wasnt sure which one i wanted to go, i was just randomly studying for a good point in exam. But studying without knowing what you want to do was harder than i thought. When this covid thing happened and i had to stay in my room for months and just study, i just couldnt take it anymore.

    I told myself "Fuck everything. Fuck it. You wont do anything good anyway."

    I wanted to play some games to kill time, and finished few games. That was the time i remembered Hogwarts Mystery. And i downloaded again. And i fell in love with it.

    Time to admit, back then i didnt watch any Hp movie, or read its books. No, i just knew the Harry Potter, saw few film scenes on tv but that it. So its safe to say i learned the Hp universe with Hphm, with Night. It was expected for me to want draw them.

    And suprisingly i really started to draw. I didnt care how bad it was, i was already in bottom end i thought it cant be any worse.

    And here i am. İn the end of my first year of univercity, studying comminication design, taking art classes, using little graphic tablet. With Night, i realized thats what i want to do. I also find the courage to come out as enby, with Night again. Look how my art changed, how Night changed in a year.

    Sometimes i wonder what it would be like if i didnt gave up on drawing, back then when i was in middle school. Thats why im keep saying everyone i know to not stop, believing in theirselves.If you want to do something, that feeling will never leave you alone. You will always want to do it and will do it one day too. Just dont lose that much time like me.

    Sooo as you can see, Night is pretty important to me, so Tumblr. Thats why i deeply care about mc's here, all the amazing people here. Because all of you are part of Night's life, at least in my eyes. Thats why a simple like on my art makes me feel happy for week, a simple comment makes me feel loved, cared, seen.

    It pains me to find it hard to reach people here. Like most of us here, im not sure if im bothering someone, annoying someone, or talk too much or talk shit too much. It doesnt even makes sense most of times, dont worry i know. But i feel like it anyway. But its okay, isnt it?

    I believe we need to let ourselves to feel negative things. To get rid off them. Thats what im doing it anyway. It also shows me how i have love for somethings in my heart, enough to get hurt by it. In its own weird way, im happy to feel that love. If a little negativity comes with it, who cares??

    Im happy to be here, cant believe its been a year. I cant believe how my art changed during that time, how i changed.

    If im liking your posts, reblogging, leaving comment; i hope you at least smile and feel seen. Because im here, seeing your hard work and amazing results (even if you think its not amazing)

    Thank you, and i hope you are also happy to be here. Because i am happy that youre here.

    Happy one year anniversary to me and Night, i guess


    To the lovely @night-rhea​ 

    Happy One Year Anniversary on Tumblr!


    It has been such a blessing to have met you, chat with you and get to know you through Tumblr and cheers to more in the future! 


    If you get this, answer with 3 random facts about yourself and send it to the last 7 blogs in your notifications, anonymously or not! Let’s get to know the person behind the blog!✨✨💕💕💕 No pressure of course! :)

    1. I love video games

    2. I'm actually a hopeless romantic

    3. I love scifi tv shows

    I'm tagging @ilikebooks8 @lavender-scented-rat @unfaerly @littlx-songbxrd @heloisacosta23 @foxglove-airmid


    Thank you for the tag!

    1. I can’t drink fizzy drinks (they make my tongue feel like it’s being cut up :()

    2. I sometimes paint (but not people)

    3. My favorite food is pierogies

    Tagging @the-blackdale @spookylostboy

    @thechangeling (I know you tagged me but whatever) @madmathis18 @go-catch-a-chickn


    Thanks for tag!! 💖

    • I also cannot consume fizzy drinks! Makes my mouth hurt and it upsets my stomach
    • I wanted to be a professional writer for a long time
    • I love sloths!!

    Imma tag @songbvrd @newtcallsmetommy @indiffrntnewt @rere-misses-newt


    Thanks for the tag!💕

    1. I love being awake at night, if I could I would just start sleeping during the day and do my things when it’s dark

    2. I love animals so much

    3. I’m terrified of bees and kind of every insect that stings :/

    @hocuspocusneedcoffeetofocus @thepotatofan @gluednewts @bi-in-space


    thanks for tagging me :))

    1. I can’t cook to save my life, I barely manage pasta.

    2. Deep in my heart I am a country boi because I love cities but they’re also SO BIG.

    3. I like brain teasers or riddles, even if they frustrate me sometimes because I lack patience.

    @go-catch-a-chickn @newtcallsmetommy @shuck-it-slinthead @ageofthegeekbby


    oh god, the fact I never replied to this- I am so sorry @hocuspocusneedcoffeetofocus

    • I really like lychees
    • I killed my pet fish when I was six
    • I don't know how to swim

    I'm gonna tag @dominque and @oneirataxia-girl


    Thanks for the tag!!!

    1. I hate baseball

    2. I’m gonna get a pet fish soon (yay!)

    3. I started reading fanfics when I was 14ish? I think it was 14

    Tagging @cawforbrandon and @adellovesrowan


    Thanks for the tag @oneirataxia-girl I’ve done this before but what the hell...let’s do another one.

    • Despite calling myself a fandom chameleon, the media I consume very reserved and limited. I need sites like, My Anime List (MAL) to keep track of the shows I’ve watched and the Manga’s I’ve read.
    • I have a dream of making my own series someday. Still in progress but I hope to eventually share it.
    • If there is ever a place that I want to visit in the States, it would be Seattle. I love to visit the Space Needle someday. Oh, and of course, I would love to visit Japan. Specifically,Tachikawa (Here’s why)

    I was tagged by the wonderful @aceyanaheim

    Favorite color: I don’t really have one, but if forced I’d choose light blue lol

    Last Song: Still Feel by Half Alive

    Currently reading: Nothing rn (can’t scroll through tumblr and read a book at the same time)

    Currently watching: Teen Wolf (I’m rewatching the last 2 seasons even though I just finished rewatching the entire series last week)

    Sweet/spicy/salty: Sweet!

    Currently craving: The lasagna that is currently cooking in my oven 🤤

    Coffee/tea: Coffee!

    No pressure tags: @kc-needs-coffee @slytherindisaster @cursebreakerfarrier @samshogwarts


    Thanks @thatravenpuffwitch for the Tag! :3

    Favorite Color: Green

    Last Songs: Dragonsong - Final Fantasy XIV

    Currently Reading: nothing Q_Q need new books

    Currently Watching: Supernatural

    Sweet/Spicy/Salty: Sweet!

    Currently craving: sweet strawberries

    Coffee/Tea: Both!!! XD

    And I tag @annabelle-tanaka-official @wangxianforever000 @night-rhea and @hotpotrandomfics


    Thanks for the tag @samshogwarts 💙💙💙

    Favorite color: Lilac and its shades💜

    Last song: Pascu y Rodri - Destripando la historia - Ares

    Currently reading: Unfortunately nothing 😥

    Currently watching: The Harry Potter movie marathon, does it count?

    Sweet/Spicy/Salty: Salty all life!!

    Currently craving: Fried seafood ... I would eat it every day if possible

    Coffee/Tea: Hot Chocolate 😁

    Now, I tag: @angellazull @ravenclaw-craftsgirl @hogwarts9 @wangxianforever000 @wandsandrings @slytherincursebreaker @lgvalenzuela


    Obrigado Irmãzinha, @annabelle-tanaka-official

    Favourite color: Blue 💙. More specifically royal blue.

    Last song: Elis Regina – Como nossos pais. (Like our parents)

    Currently reading: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Collection - Rick Riordan.

    Currently watching: ........ I almost didn't watch much, I think the last time I actually watched something to pay attention was The Crown on Netflix.

    Sweet/spicy/salty: It depends on my mood, but it's usually more salty.

    Currently craving: Pizza 🍕. It's been a long time since I last ate a pizza.

    Coffee/Tea: Like my irmãzinha, hot chocolate.

    @rog-giri @kyril-but-magical @immagrosscandy @hanihonii


    thanks for the tag!

    favourite colour: black

    last song: stress by KawaiSprite (gettin freaky on a monday mornin)

    currently reading: stuff about biology and the cells and philosophy crap. the only good stuff? chemistry for sure :)

    currently watching: rick and morty season 2

    sweet/spicy/salty: salty

    currently craving: privacy. cookies. sleep. cherry tomates. winter vacations. the ability to draw a background properly. my girlfriends i miss them.

    coffee/tea: tea, i'm actually drinking some right now

    tagging @maleliddell @cesvaults @stupendousbookworm


    thank u sooo much for tagging <3

    favourite colour: all shades of green or pink maybe

    last song: another life (by motionless in white 💔)

    currently reading: my class notes :))) no but for real Siege and Storm from Leigh Bardugo (2nd part of shadow and bone afnaenf YES)

    currently watching: jujutsu no kaisen!

    sweet/spicy/salty: sweet

    currently craving: finishing my exams with good grades, mental peace, long summer nights with my friends

    coffee/tea: coffee i don't get through the day without lke 3 cups of it

    tagging: @indigobackfire @amerrymystery @adellovesrowan


    Thank you for tagging me! I've got to warn you, though. My taste is very questionable.

    Favorite Color: Yellow

    Last Song: In Spite Of All The Danger from Nowhere Boy which has giant daywood energy

    Currently Reading: My sister bought Twilight on a dare and apparently that's my problem.

    Currently Watching: Fuller House, exclusively for Elias Harger since I'm in my feels about the Everett twins again.

    Sweet/Spicy/Salty: Definitely salty.

    Currently Craving: Chips drowned in Aromat.

    Coffee/Tea: Not big on either but I guess coffee.

    The tagging is the part I always dread. Let's go with @the-al-chemist and @cawforbrandon. No pressure, of course!


    Thank you @amerrymystery Alright, here it is.

    Favorite Color: Tough call but I’m gonna say, Navy Blue

    Last Song:I’m looking at my playlist and it says here, its {Good-bye Sengen} by FloweR [Link Here if you’re Curious]

    Currently Reading: Its has been a long time since I’ve read something people will normally consider as a book but I guess Mangas count right? So I’m gonna say (Komi-san Can't Communicate)

    Currently Watching: Not anything in particular at the moment but I did just finish and I thought it was...not great but better than Vol 7 which I will not get into. 

    Sweet/Spicy/Salty: Sweet. Which explains why I need water so much. To wash down the sweetness.

    Currently Craving: I’m a “I’ll eat anything so long as its food” kind of guy so I don’t really have a crave. But I do miss soup noodles. It comes with meat balls and vegetables and tofu. 

    Coffee/Tea: Love both equally but, there’s always time for Te

    The Tag: @mazuru7 @lifeofkaze @wangxianforever000 @aileensea @a-book-locked-nerd and @oneirataxia-girl

    GO NUTS~

    These Little Fairy Lights

    Hi, it's B. Just dropping by to give you a sense of seeing what my room is like. This is my SHRINE of plushies, toys and trinkets.

    Accompanied by an assortment of fairy lights that I Impulsively bought. I forgot that I had these and how much I missed the stars.


    Thanks for tagging me, @catohphm! This was the prompt…

    “If you get this, answer with 3 random facts about yourself and send it to the last 7 blogs in your notifications, anonymously or not! Let’s get to know the person behind the blog!✨✨💕💕💕 No pressure of course! :)”

    …so here are three fun facts about myself!

    1. I volunteered for a few years at a local walk-a-thon where I spent most of my time in character as Snow White. A lot of it was just interacting with kids and handing out candy and was overall uneventful, but I did get one proposal from a very excited little boy, haha!

    2. When I was in elementary school, I checked the book Riding Freedom by Pam Muñoz Ryan out of the library so many times that the librarian told me to just keep it. (This ended up being the start of a bit of a trend with me and librarians. I was buds with the one at my middle school and would help him sticker new books during study halls, and in high school, the librarian wouldn’t even officially check out my books—he’d just glance at the title and then hand it back to me.)

    3. My favorite movie of all time is ParaNorman. I watched it four times in a row one day when I was super duper sick. A close second is the first How to Train Your Dragon. There was a point in my life where I could mute the movie and know like 75% of the lines by heart!

    I tag @electricslytherindog @cawforbrandon @mmabelpines @scarlettroubles @meowl00 @hp-forever-generation @aneshkablack. Obviously no pressure at all, but thought it was fun! 💗


    Thanks for the tag @resident-curse-breaker So, here it is...

    “If you get this, answer with 3 random facts about yourself and send it to the 7 names. No pressure of course! :)”

    • I used to be in my home church’s choir and I’m classified as a Bass. But I suspect that I’m mildly Baritone since I can do high notes in my “karaoke with myself” sessions.
    • This one is embarrassing but I don’t mind telling. Despite being an adult, I still sleep with plushies. You’ve already met Kyogre; The orca but I have more than just one in my bedroom. Most are animal plushies but there quite a few that is of the humanoid variety.
    • I own a skateboard and though it has been a while, I can still skate. Its more cruiser than skateboard with long-board trucks. I can’t do stunts but I can do a quick wheelie. Since I’m a leftie (left-handed person) I skate left as well. referred to as a “Goofy”

    Uh, just to add. I’m so sorry to the seven people I’m about to tag. I don’t want to bother people that I barely know so, there’s only you few.

    @night-rhea @lottelight @lifeofkaze @wangxianforever000 @cursebreaker-chia @xocookiest @flowerofflames

    Go NUTS~

    Love From A Love Song

    For someone who has no prior experience to love or dating in general. I do love to talk about love a lot. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that (again) I’m a hopeless romantic or it could be because of the music I consume. 

    I’ve talked extensively about a certain band I listened to on repeat as a teen mainly so I can scream, rap and growl. There’s the thing. [What Linkin Park Was and Always Be] But, I also like things poppy and lovely. Music runs in my family.


    In one room, I hear K-pop but alone, I’m listening to Japanese. Next to me will be English of the Rap or Pop variety and downstairs will be Chinese/ Cantonese. My family loves music and no matter the age difference and variety in genres. We always find things to like about each other’s taste.

    One part of the music world that I hear a lot when I’m not screaming my lungs out are love songs. Each song I’m about to present is from a certain stage of a relationship. Yeah, this is going to be that kind of post. If you want to play along. Just add the phrase “Love from a Love Song” and tag me if you want me to find it. I’m curious about your tastes.

    -  {Love Song} by Sara Bareilles -

    I believe there's a way. You can love me...[Full song here]

    While not its intended stage but when I think of putting my guard up from love. It would be Sara Bareilles. Released in 2007, {Love Song} is one of those catchy tunes that keeps getting stuck in my head for no absolute reason. Perhaps its a song the resonates with me whenever I have a crush on someone.

    Crushing is a rather sweet thing. Its that typical story of being close to someone only to realize that there was an intended or unintended purpose to drop the three big words. Its up to interpretation as to what it means and people sure did their number on this particular song and its intentions. There is an official answer though. According to Bareilles, it came from her bad co-writing experience with the record label she was signed to.


    “The co-writing sessions, I think for me, they came at a time where I was still so unsure of my own edges. In a way, I was still sort of discovering who I was as an artist at that time.” [Sara Bareilles Reveals The Real Story Behind ‘Love Song’]

    As for me, {Love Song} its a song about learning how to love instead of being in love. Instead of feeling butterflies, writing their names with yours over and over again for some self-insert fairytale. The song is reminding me not to get all bright eyed and lovey dovey to a person too soon.

    Love songs are very personal. To write one is to be vulnerable and no one likes to be vulnerable. Crushing can be sweet but also frightening because of the looming uncertainty. Despite the lyrics {Love Song} is, in some way a love song. Its about loving the self and the value of one’s self and how can you love others without loving the self? Which is funny to the song I’m about to pull next.

    -  {做し} by Chouchou-P feat. GUMI -

    こんなの知らないよ 独りにしないで (I don’t know this, dont leave me alone)...[Full song here]

    Love can make us do stupid things. That’s a given. We all have crushes. Some of us don’t but I digress. For the ones that do, we eventually had to say our peace. We get anxious over this uncertainty and that uncertainty leads to recklessness. However, it can only go two ways. Either the person is going to say yes or no with an "I'm sorry" at the end. Most of the time. It's the latter.

    This Japanese song is a heartache song. {做し} translates to {Kokoronashi} an expression meaning 'somehow’ or 'somewhat’. Crushing can be scary and the scary part is to hear the unwanted words from the people you loved, cared and admired. More so if you treated them like a friend. Its an exhausting feeling to realize that while its good to finally tell the person how you feel, it doesn’t hurt less when you hear that they don’t feel the same. 


    For Chouchou-P and the many other emotional cover artists that covered this song with loads of emotion. (you can look it up) Its about reliving that painful memory of experiencing a wound not even a bandage can fix. Giving your heart only to see it stabbed before your very eyes. Heartache is perhaps more harmful than pain itself. Not that I have experienced it. I made it abundantly clear but if I am soft as a pillow when something from fiction has a breakup scene. I can’t imagine the deep gashes people who actually dated suffer from.

    Reading too much into this, a fellow Amino User; Karu! expressed that while it is soul crushing, there is a silver lining. According to him. {Kokoronashi} is about not letting others love you. Despite the 'hurt' the Main Character did to this very special person, the MC is confused about why the person she is confessing to, a He (based on most of the official artwork from the creator) is still around. There’s a sense of regretful guilt to be accepted from the MC. Believing themselves to be incapable of being loved for all the harm that they bring. If you prefer that darker and also brighter take, here’s the link. [An Analysis of 'Kokoronashi' by Karu!] 

    Heartache hurts and many, many songs cover this but perhaps the more harmful side to a heartache is being incapable to love again. However, what happens when you do?

    -  {Bubbly} by Colbie Caillat -

    every time I see your bubbly face. I get the tingles in a silly place...[Full song here]

    WE’RE ON CLOUD FREAKING NINE! Call it young and dumb love, call it finally meeting “The One”, call it whatever. Love is the greatest gift anyone can give to a person. Its just refreshing to wake up and feel the comfort of a significant other lying next to you and holding you to sleep. Its great to realize that you can have a rock to fall back on, to keep you supported and vice versa.


    Being in love is a childish thing. It makes you feel like a kid again because you become soft and relaxed. You become at peace knowing that you’re with that certain someone who is both your best friend and your protector. I could have picked the duet {Lucky} that the artist, Colbie Caillat did with Jason Mraz. [Full song here] but I decided to use {Bubbly} because, its a lot more comfortable.

    Love can occur in many ways, from people you least expect from and that is what this song means. Its sweet, its used for more than just being in love with someone you’ve met in life that became special. It could also be about being with someone in your family. Like a sweet grandma, a protective dad, a best buddy sibling or a soothing mom. Its love in its most comfortable state and its calming for the body and the soul.

    -  {最重要的決定} by 范玮琪 Christine Fan -

    人生完美的事太少. 我们不能什么都想要 (There are very few things in life that are perfect. We cannot possibly have everything...[Full song here]

    Here’s a special piece, on one particular relative’s wedding. My mom practiced and sang this very song during the celebration ceremony as a gift to the newly wed couple. {最重要的決定} translates to, {Most Important Decision} 

    Love, even if you did eventually find “The One” is still imperfect. There will be fights, hardships and external challenges. “Love is about two people but doesn’t mean there is no room for others.” That’s what a certain movie my younger sibling watched said. For a long time, I struggled to understand how love works for married couples who bicker but still love one another regardless and I believe this song sends that message.


    Its a testament to remind me or perhaps, us that love comes from what you value most. Sure, its not perfect but is good...still good and its what keeps the relationship going. Its so easy to breakup when you are young and dumb. Maybe it was a silly argument or maybe it was the self being uncertain. Or perhaps, the person did deserve the break because they were horrible.

    But love is a journey. Not a feeling, but a journey and eventually that journey leads to Forever and even in Forever, it still is a journey. I still don’t completely understand how do old couples survive for so long aside from the commitments they shared when they tie the knot but that night, this song became a reminder.

    Perfect is rare and often it fails us. The message I hear from my mother’s singing is a message to say. “Perfect does not exist, WE make things Perfect.” As of now, I still have not found that special one but if I eventually do. This song would be a significant reminder that I carry with me. As for now, my more...pessimistic side will conclude with this last note.

    -  {Lower Your Expectations} by Bo Burnham -

    We all deserve love. Even on the days when we aren't our best...[Full song here]

    Alright, I’ll get out out of your hair. Let’s be real here. In a world where all things are connected, a genuine relationship will be difficult find and get. Love is not as dreamy as it sounds, it can be uncertain. Love is not perfect but love is a feeling that no other feeling can bring. Let’s not kid ourselves here.

    We suck and want Love to help us suck less. Love is far from simple but it can be as simple as picking a person and loving them. Love is perhaps the best thing about being human. We are all capable of changing a special person’s life, giving them pain and happiness when we choose to. We express them in its various stages and while It may not be perfect, so is everything. 

    Its important to know that love, no matter how you learn the expression or what stage you are in, is less about the feeling and more about the commitment. Love is an adventure and its no easy task but for those who do. Love becomes the will that keeps us going. I won’t end with that preachy talk about “love yourself first” but rather, I will end by saying. “Love is difficult and imperfect but love can also be just as simple.” What I address here is but a fragment of the meaning of Love. Perhaps we may never completely understand love or maybe we don’t have to. But there sure are many ways to express them.

    Thanks for reading

    - B -

    Coming to Terms with Citrus

    Before we get into this Wednesday’s topic, I need to put out a disclaimer so that we’re on the same page. What I am about to say is coming from a place that takes the story at face value. I am NOT good at this, and I will definitely get things wrong. So please, 

    Go NUTS in the comments...(No, really. Please share your thoughts after this. Help me know what I got wrong.)


    I put off writing my thoughts on this particular series for many good reasons. For a start, I am but just a straight man and given that I’m about to judge a series about two lesbians....It doesn’t look like a good sign for me. But, seeing as how I have been joining several groups and observing comments towards this particular subject. 

    I feel like I can finally make a good statement as to what my thoughts are for this series while explaining a little deeper in regards to the audience this series has attracted. Let’s discuss...

    - < Citrus > by Saburouta -

    < Citrus >, if you didn't know. Is an infamous Yuri incest Manga that follows our first main character, Yuzu. (the blonde) whose mother just remarried to a man and said man has a daughter who is of the same age as Yuzu. Upon her first day of attending the new school that she was transferred to, Yuzu unknowingly ran into the student council president; Mei (the ravenhead) who to her shock, turns out to be her new stepsister.

    As a lovely time of first night bonding over what’s it like to kiss someone. (He says sarcastically) They did...THIS. 


    Description: Mei getting on top of Yuzu and forcefully kissing her.See why I don't want to talk about this series now?

    While this isn’t the only series that involves Yuri (Girl’s love) and Incest. It was my personal introduction to what the Anime community considers as “trashy fan-service shows” Given that the Anime ended with a cliffhanger. I decided to read the Manga to give it a chance of redemption.

    Believing myself to have gone through heaven and hell over this very series. I wondered to myself. Despite it being “trash”, why can’t I look away from it? After joining several forums and interacting while observing the community. I think I’ve developed several theories.

    - Just Cute Girls, Doing Cute Things -

    A little archaic as a pointer but, its just the truth. Upon first impressions, the creation ofSaburouta is just plain pretty. From the settings to the main characters, to the designs of the supporting roles like Matsuri, Harumi and Himeko. Even the one-off characters like Sara and Nina are just as pretty.


    But at its core, < Citrus > is a very lackluster and fan-service series with little to no substance to the actions of certain characters with an all too vile display ofinvasive scenes and moments between certain characters. From Mei’s tendency to non-consensually attack Yuzu, to Matsuri getting all too close to both MCs on occasions. In summary, just a Gay old time!

    For context, I read the series for a whole three days and while reading. I can’t help but feel that the drama feels hollow and the ending (trying not to bring up spoilers) was unearned. While I may have not struggled with questioning my preference, I do understand some of the reasons as to why Yuzu and Mei chose to keep their relationship hidden from their family and friends. 

    Chalking it up as just“being very close to my step-sister” Adding on, if the situation was a real-life incident. It would get very messy and awkward during family gatherings.


    Several forums speculate that while Saburouta’s intent was to make a wholesome Yuri with incidental Incest. She had to make more “commercial” changes to ensure that the series sells. As an old marketing saying goes “sex just sells” 

    While that is based on purely speculation. Its not that strange of a theory. Romance in any shape or form is always exaggerated in media. (Just ask the heteronormative ones) Like it or not, by creating more raunchy scenes between the characters. < Citrus > managed to make bank and with the anime in the works while the manga is nearing the finale. 

    Uta was given the confidence to take the narrative deeper with a more liberating direction in < Citrus Plus >. Expanding on what happened in-between the several last chapters and removing the raunchy tendencies little by little. On the forum, several commentators recommended a stark contrast when compared to < Citrus > The critically acclaimed Yuri Manga;< Bloom Into You > by Nio Nakatani.

    - A Modern Yuri Fight -

    When discussing the more modern Yuri scene, < Citrus > is often compared to < Bloom Into You >. Which is not surprising since the respective Anime’s came out on the same year in 2018 under different seasons. (Citrus on Winter and Bloom Into You on Fall) 


    As a comparison, The relationship with the MCs; Touko and Yuu (the light pink haired girl) are far healthier and less invasive. The series is less fan-service and more about the characters discovering themselves and learning the meaning of love. To prevent myself from ranting, I highly recommend < Bloom Into You > to new audiences of the Yuri manga scene but for the sake of this post. Let’s just say while it may not be perfect, its just better.

    As for the fans of both series, we are well aware as to why and how it is better. Instead of invasive fan-service incest, we have a cute one-year-older senior and junior relationship with friendly banters and teasing. As a bonus, we also have a rather complex and relatable character like Yuu. (Further expansion required)


    Needless to say, I’m a far bigger fan of how unpreachy < Bloom Into You > was. Showcasing the romance itself as just simply...love. Here in lies our second problem. < Citrus > and < Bloom Into You > are two very different stories centered on just the fact that WE the audience, classify them as Yuri (Girl’s Love).

    Like comparing apples to oranges, < Citrus > feels like something written for an audience that fetishizes same gendered relationships while < Bloom Into You > feels a lot more relatable and realistic to actual people who too, struggle with their preference. Pealing away the fetish aspect and making it about the internal turmoil's of a complicated character. As mentioned in an old post of mine;

    Being queer in real life is complicated and is often met with prejudice and strong judgement. In some countries, you could even die just for being queer so, to see queer characters being represented in a certain media or to even watch a character learn to come to terms with their preference is a proud thing.

    That being said, it still doesn’t answer the main question. What was the theory? Pretty characters, questionable motivations stacked with the issues of how the industry views romance in any form. It sounds like there is no salvage to this ship. For that, we will have to turn to Uta’s newest addition; < Citrus Plus >

    - I Want to Love -


    When joining the forums about the Yuri scene, I managed to stumble across this question to the followers and members of said community.

    “Why is it difficult to be a straight person but liking same gendered relationships, even if it’s from a Manga?” 

    The question may sound like an odd Segway but to entertain the idea. I decided to read the comments to get an inkling as to what the discourse thinks. By pure observation, there is an issue of the audience hypersexualizing same gendered characters and relationships which speaking from experience, can warp our perception to the subject. 

    The problem with say, a straight male liking Yuri manga or Yuri media despite it being just a piece of media one prefers to consume. May come across as a viewer seeing what they consume as all that it is. A Fetish. While unintended and its no fault to someone like say, Saburouta. It is after all, a piece of public media. How the audience interprets it is up to them.

    That being said, some of us just like warm, fuzzy, less angsty romance stories. I personally, am a hopeless romantic as mentioned in [The Thing With Shipping] But even I have moments where I fall into this tendency of shipping two female characters together, way too hard that it becomes very dangerous. At the same time, Even I have standards as to what makes a ship good.


    The First Volume covers for Citrus on the left and Citrus Plus on the Right.

    Description: Yuzu being hugged from the back by Mei with several differences. On the left, Yuzu looks bashful and uncomfortable while Mei gazed in a lustful way. On the right, its the same pose except Yuzu is brightly smiling and its Mei being bashful. On their hands there is a clear display of matching rings on their fingers.  

    < Citrus > was a tough spot for me personally because while it is a pretty looking Yuri. Its core plot and resolves are extremely questionable with hollow substance as to why I should support the ship itself. But, thanks to the addition of < Citrus Plus > The audience, (or the ones who stayed because they are completionist. cough* ME!) The relationship between Yuzu and Mei becomes a little bit more understanding. I still hold my initial comments the same as I did after catching up to < Citrus Plus> until I realized something through one picture.


    Description: Yuzu cuddling with Mei, with earphones to one side of their ears. listening to music in the cold dark night. Resting peacefully...

    Out of context, this is just a typical fluffy fanart to tug on the viewer’s heartstrings but when you are like me, someone who is invested in the series from the very beginning to its current state. You’ll recognize it more. The works of Saburouta IS IN FACT, an incest Yuri...but so much more. 

    Its about Mei finally being able to open up her heart to someone after being cold and distant for so long. Its Yuzu learning to come to terms with herself and the love she had for her step-sister and partner. Its Mei being able to find genuine comfort with Yuzu and vice versa.

    Its about acceptance to one’s feelings while also being aware of the messed up situation that they’re in. Its the character’s respective turmoil being put to rest and them finally given peace with themselves after the various obstacles they had to go through. A quick PSA;

    This post does NOT condone Incest or any blood related/ not blood related conoldle doodling.

    For a messed up story, < Citrus > is perhaps similar to the likes of a < Domestic Girlfriend >. An all too fictional-but-could-be-real drama that just keeps getting more interesting and we can’t turn away from it. After struggling to find a proper statement as to why I liked and hated this series at the same time. I think I may have found my defense.


    In the end of the day, for all the messed up moments they bring us. We just want to see them happy. I want to see them happy. What I've learned to come to terms with < Citrus > is that, just as how a good story can have messed up moments. A messed up story can also have a good moments. In fact, I liked some of the more tender moments Yuzu and Mei shared every once in a while. Yes, I am aware that there are stories out there with better representation.

    I STILL feel the same as I did with the overall plot and I believe that the ending was still, heavily unearned, but this series truly was much less about the ending and more about the journey. The series < Citrus > has now become a household name for "Trashy fan-service Yuri" consumers will always have a strong opinion for which I will like and strongly critique, always.

    Thanks for Reading

    - B -


    Pass the happy! When you receive this, list 5 things that make you happy and send this to 10 of the last people in your notifications.

    FIVE (5) Things that make me happy.

    • A good night’s rest.
    • Good food is great.
    • Cold weather, perfect excuse to nap.
    • Music, so helpful. I would close myself off from the world and just sing along to my favorite songs. Releases the tension.

    And 5. My plushies. They are great to cuddle with. The Picture below is Kyogre. A plush orca I decided to impulsively buy that one time. I named him after the legendary water Pokemon.


    As for the TEN (10) People...I’ll just pick and tag them here.

    @onetruebiribiri @night-rhea @wangxianforever000 @theguythatdraws @aileensea @mazuru7 @gcldensnitch @magical-xirl-4 @lifeofkaze @amerrymystery

    The chain is:

    Pass the happy! When you receive this, list FIVE (5) things that make you happy and send this to TEN (10) people.

    Go nuts...

    My DeviantArt may be gone but I’m still recycling it anyways. Please welcome back the long dead: 

    JAMES MCAVOY APPRECIATION POST [ Deviant Art Migration - 6]

    [Reason and History]Original post date: 21/04/2019

    From Glasgow to Narnia. From Atonement to X-men. From Macbeth to Split.

    Every year on 21 April, I celebrate the life of some people who share the same special day as me, and I do a painting of them. After some light research, I decided to do one for the Irish actor, James McAvoy for his very diverse set of roles in his career.


    He was Mr Tumnus from the beloved The Chronicles of Narnia. He then took the role of Young Charles Xavier (which was the best take ever) and later took another superhero role, as Kevin Wendell Crumb in M. Night Shyamalan’s Split. (which was quite questionable in terms of accuracy but still good performance on his end.) 

    He was also in my personal favorite, 2015’s Victor Frankenstein as the mad doctor himself. Now in his late 30s, It looks like James will not be stopping anytime soon. Two years after the original date of the post, it turns out I was right.


    Despite how last minute it was, I think it turned out ok. Added more layers including the Cerebro entrance blue X sign. I know all this drawing and stuff won’t get that much attention but, I thought of filling some gaps with more visuals rather than text and yes. This is just recycling but, Alea iacta est! Happy Birthday to James McAvoy and to all you April born people out there!

    “Those with the greatest power… protect those without. That’s my message to the world.” - Charles Xavier.

    Mutant and Proud!

    - B -

    What Linkin Park Was and Always Be

    When I was just a boy, I used to visit this neighbor and church friend of mine who plays video games and has older brothers.(unlike me) His name is Gary and he’s a middle child. Whenever I visit him, I would find this corner of his gaming room with this pretty looking stack of albums, arranged neatly next to the disk player. These albums were all named;


    The American boy band that, instead of making fun love songs, have girls swoon and make guys to roll their eyes hard. Produced music that makes you want to scream and punch somebody...IN THE FACE!

    I...may be getting a little too nostalgic recently. With my Animorphs talk and all. But anyways, I wanted to take this moment of trip down memory lane to talk about Linkin Park. About how their music affected me and the mark they left behind for a generation of teens and adults based on what I have observed.

     - It Starts with Meteora -

    I’ve tried so hard, and got so far

    Formed in 1996, The sound of Linkin Park is described as a fusion of heavy metal and hip hop and was later transitioned into more electronic and pop-influenced music. In their early years, the band was founded by three high school friends: Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon, and Brad Delson under the former name; Xero.

    After a long and difficult journey of finding a lead singer while struggling to get a singed record deal, Xero became Linkin Park; an homage and play on words to Santa Monica's Lincoln Park, now called Christine Emerson Reed Park and on October 24, 2000. was released, earning the status of best-selling album of 2001 followed by is successors and on March 25, 2003.


    Things went from quiet to eleven very quickly as the band gained major stardom for their unique sound mixture of genres with lead singer; Chester Bennington's dynamic vocal range and screamo. Backed up with Mike Shinoda's raps and very occasional singing.

    Very quick personal story. The actual first album that introduced me to the band was the Extended Play, a collaboration with Jay-Z when I was just eleven years old. Given that there was a whole stack of albums at Gary’s and given that he’s my friend with good taste. I decided to give it a try, loving it since then. Linkin Park was not the only thing the bandmates worked on though. On the side, Mike worked on Fort Minor while Chester went on stage with the likes of DJ Letha and Dead by Sunrise.

    - What They’ve Done -

    Put to rest, what you’ve thought of me

    At this point, I REALLY got into Linkin Park. The songs I’ve heard on that poor disk with no cover (which could have been my dad’s or uncle’s), on the radio or on good ole MTV had me headbanging, rapping and screaming in the car like a mad man which probably annoyed my mom who had to send me to school every morning. (Sorry mom)

    At around this time, LP made a comeback in The album that I used my hard earned pocket money to purchase and listen to. So much so that I can recite with ease. Even till this day.


    But, I won’t lie. At that time, I was moving on to other stuff like Japanese music; UVERWorld and The Back Horn or listened to something a lot more religious; Planetshakers and Everfound. All banger bands might I add.

    Of course, LP never left the little corner of my angsty heart and I was surprised but listened with interest to their album , and about a year or two later in college thanks to a fellow churchmate of mine who selflessly bought the albums to me as a gift. Which I played, in the middle of the night at my college house!(Now that I think about it, I'm a terrible housemate.)


    But, eventually...I had to grow up and all that screaming had to stop one way or another. I placed my albums at a safe place in my childhood bedroom and never looked back since. But every now and again, that angsty corner would send those earworms to me and I would begrudgingly search it up and sing along with little to no problem. 

    THAT was just a week ago when this post goes up.

    Needless to say, Linkin Park is a name that lingers in the air and its something I like to revisit then and again. Every time I revisit, still a hell of a band!

    - Why is Everything so Heavy? -

    I know I'm not the center of the universe...

    From my teen hood to adult hood, The sound of Linkin Park speaks a different tone now. The songs are no longer just headbangers but felt like fragments of the struggles that bleed into words from heart and soul of Mike and Chester. Accompanied by the pure talent of the great musicians of the band.

    So, after all this talk. What was Linkin Park’s legacy? It surely must have created a generation of angry monsters right? Well...No. At least from what I can see. It has created a generation of people who are empathetic, a little bit intense but thought-provoking, with a layer of kindness to them and their music even saved someone from their lowest point thanks to a fan. [Story Here]


    While I don’t have a music degree or anything. I could feel that no matter what form the band took in the past seven albums they’ve made, its prove that Linkin Park is not bound by genres and themes. While other parts of social media loves to use songs like “Crawling” and “In The End” for meme reasons I can’t completely understand. I get a sense that as artists, LP is far more versatile and adaptable than others while maintaining an ethos (character) of themselves.

    By the time I was done with college and nearing my final year. On July 20, 2017. The news broke out that Chester Bennington lost his life by committing suicide and while I am very much more of a casual. The loss was felt and there was not much to say. It truly was a dark day.


    And then, Here WE are...2021

     What Linkin Park Was and Always Be to me is STRENGTH. Even when it its hard to get up. Even when no one cares. THEY say, “we do” The themes in most of Linkin Park’s songs deals with topics that are (no pun intended) Heavy like, frustration, depression, loneliness and fear but it also builds on empathy, taking back control and allowing one’s self to occasionally tell the world to go screw itself sometimes which can be quite cathartic. (At least for me)

    They also remind me of veterans. Fighters and survivors from some kind of war whom are now lowering their megaphones and taking a more gentle approach with storytelling and messaging. Change is a frightening thing, especially for a band that’s all about the angsty, rebel, punk style but change could also mean, they’ve grown, matured or developed into something new compared to their yesteryears.  


    It has been FIVE years since the band and the community lost Chester and FIVE years since the band went silent after but from what I’ve heard, Mike and Linkin Park are in the works for a comeback.

    What I will leave with is this, there truly is nothing like Linkin Park the themes, the lyrics or even the iconography. While it definitely won’t be the same and would certainly take time, it would surely be good to have them return.

    - To Chester and to Linkin Park -

    Thanks for Reading

    - B -

    - Mikoto and Buzzshock -

    There are several electric based types of aliens in but the one I decided to draw is one from the original series. A little something named; Buzzshock.

    Cheeky little guy, I will say. A mischievous type who can control electricity and can inhabit electrical devices which also comes with its drawbacks of causing electrical technology to malfunction and fry.

    Hope you like it

    Hello, What’s Up? Hola!

    This is Brandon (Yes, that IS my name)

    A very warm welcome to my Tumblr! Since 2009, I've...been around the internet but there is one place I've always been curious about, where all things fandom related roam, where writing is fun and where users gush over stuff together.


    This cat is, Radiance 👆 First things first, quick background...

  • I'm a Multimedia Design Major(Already graduated)
  • I’m a Digital Artist. (In training)
  • I am a Young Working Adult, Male (He/Him) in my 20-s.
  • I have an interest in creative writing.
  • Which is why I'm here. To practice into the void of the internet space and find signs of life that shares the same interest as me.

    Note: this post will occasionally change as time progresses for changes and new developments regarding the account as a whole.

    - Last Update 18 June 2021 -

    - Posts On Odin's Wednesday -

    I will post stuff about a particular topic/subject or fandom. It ranges from ACG (Anime/ Animated, Comics & Games) Pop Culture or just Fandom culture in general...I will do my very best to keep things NETURAL and FAIR.

    These post will be up onalmost every Odin's Wednesday. In celebration of the Norse god, Odin and his thirst for knowledge to learn about things. Wednesday is Odin's day. Derived from “Wodan's day" and Wodan means Odin.


    Also, I get to have one whole week to prepare and write for a subject. So, easy for me to think.

    Rest assured, this blog won’t be stuck forever as just ACG related stuff and fictional characters. In the near future that is.

    - Crafts on Friday -

    Besides writing, I also draw stuff. Mostly about my Fictional Character, Sadie mac Lir and the fictional species, The Hoodlites but its still an early work in progress. 

    This is a promise I’ve made for myself starting June 2021 for almost every Friday.


    - Join The Caw -

    I will do my very best to thank ALL likes and re-blogs on my post. Including my old posts. If you wish to follow me, please do so if you want. You are very welcomed here.


    He says with an ominous bird on his shoulder

    + However, I do have ONE simple rule. If your account provides any sexual suggestion or explicit content or if you’re just a spam account. I will be VERY willing to use the report scythe and block hammer. +

    You can also find me on Instagram under the same username, Its just a place I go now for more coverage. Same rules apply.I hope you enjoy your stay and don’t be shy. You can Ask me stuff or Chat with me...

    Thanks for Reading

    - Caw4B -

    1st of April 2021

    Hey, Its Brandon...


    It is with a heavy heart that I must write this to myself or to anyone that cared. That I have finally decided to deactivate my old DeviantArt account. It has been a good but difficult nine years (Jesus, that felt long...) but I’ve decided that its time to officially burn this cringe account to the ground since its no longer desired.

    For context, a friend of mine. Richie. Recommended that I give this space a try since I like drawing and stuff but after the lackluster response and some time of deliberation of my skillset. I’ve decided to turn my attention elsewhere. Like, here on Tumblr for example. A place to build from the ground up again.

    DeviantArt is a great platform, don’t get me wrong. But its so commercialized that it destroyed its intended purpose. Helping young and new artist find a voice and an audience in the void of the internet space. Or maybe I’m just a talentless idiot who can’t commercialize my work. Either way, its gone for good now...

    Anyways, what does that mean for me? Well, business as usual. Pinned post in the works for a full intro.

    Oh and before I go, what news is there of my beloved Ravenclaw girl; Sadie mac Lir? Welp, she’s on hiatus for now. In the process of reinvention and rewriting. For now, its a lot of gears turning behind the scenes and depending on if this thing floats. Sadie might return.

    For now, that’s all from me.

    Thanks for Reading

    - B -

    My Fragmented Nostalgia Over Animorphs

    The late 1990s is a rather odd decade for kids and teens. 

    Everything is groovy and has a rather trippy taste to it when you look at things as children of the 2000s. Its strange how not too long ago, there was a trend where the internet was looking back at what was great and what wasn’t and I would argue, most of us here on Tumblr think very fondly about the 1990s.

    We are after all, the kids who lived in-between that age.

    Where computers start to lose weight and get thinner, where phones changed from buttons to screens and where camera films become memory cards, so on and so on...


    As a child with relatively young parents, I would catch on with media through my parents about shows and movies from the 90s while the rest of the world moves forward. It happens from time to time but Its always good to look at things from simpler days. When your diary is but a book with a locket instead of a website blog or that your daily activities involve bike riding, game arcades, bowling and libraries.

    The things we consume as kids, teens or college students can sometimes be time sensitive and very personal. Sometimes, nonsensical to kids of today and today’s topic is of such. Let’s talk about Katherine Alice Applegate’s hit children's book series;


    - Everyone is in really Big Trouble -

    Yeah. Even you.

    Classified as the third most successful series of all time. follows five main characters; Jake, Marco, Cassie, Rachel, Tobias and an alien; Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill (Ax for short).These kids (and the alien) have the ability to transform into any animal they acquire. Calling themselves "Animorphs" (a made up word for "animal morphers"

    As a group, the team goes on various missions, battling a parasitic race of alien slugs called; Yeerks that can take any living creature as a host by entering and merging with their brain lead by their ruthless leader; Visser Three.


    In case if you need a visual, this is what the covers look like.

    From Top left to bottom right: Jake, Marco, Tobais, Rachel, Cassie and Ax.

    The cover will show one of the members of Animorphs morphing into a particular animal which when flipped will show a full scene.


    In total, the series consists of 54 books and includes 10 companion books (the Animorphs Chronicles and Megamorphs books), and 2 gamebooks, not fitting into the continuity (the Alternamorphs books).

    For a series that is about kicking alien slug ass, becoming animals and everyday teen stuff on the side like school, family/siblings, crushes and gadgets. The series also contains many heavy themes and like; dehumanization, sanity, morality, innocence, leadership, horror, war, freedom, family, and growing up. 

    You know, ole edgy teen stuff.

    - Join The Fight -

    Join The Sanctuary...We are gathering...

    Personal history, I first got into When I was about twelve. A dumb bright eyed kid who likes to visit his local school library and be surrounded by old books and quiet people. The first book I found was #The Discovery in my school library. At the time, I thought the cover looked creepy and cool at the same time. With help from the internet, I managed to find the complete list of the series as well as some history regarding the series.

    A nasty habit of mine is that, I like to binge and because the series as a whole has a linear progression. I had to find the whole collection, start from the first and so on. Here’s the problem, it was very scattered and incomplete with a bunch of heavily skipped parts that made absolutely no sense for a newcomer like me.


    Thankfully, I managed to find the earliest books in vintage book stores, buy them and read them in fragments. In fact, here’s my personal collection that I manage to get. See? Fragments...

    While not completely understanding some of the more “time sensitive” pop culture references, (although, I do sort of knew some later) It was an absolute blast reading about the adventures that the kids get into. Deep sea traveling, going underground, joining online forums of people who are aware of the Yeerks, fighting other aliens aside from the slugs, alternative universes and so on.

    Lots of strange concepts and plots, which to each to its own. Still very fun and very interesting. I also remember searching for websites and early fan pages where I would find these minigames about flying Tobais; The red-tailed hawk (long story) to rescue the team and stuff like that.


    While my experience is, still incomplete. I was able to assemble the pieces in forums like, the Animorphs Facebook Page by reading up on fan theories, discussions and memes. 

    In these groups, I’ve made some “kinda...sorta...” friends while learning a lot more about the fandom itself and fandom culture in general. I also get to catch on to what the writer, Mrs. Applegate is up to. Official updates and all. The best part was, I get to interact with people from all walks of life with different interest aside from just Though I never went as far as to add them, I do engage under the comments and it was the easiest conversation I had.

    - It’s All in Your Hands -

    There's only US...

    You know, I’m kind of glad that the memories of still live inside of me despite having not read the books after I went to college. Aside from their rather strange concepts and compelling characters. The series has some very clever alien designs. Creatures like The Andalites, The Taxxons, The Hork-Bajir, The Chee and many more. At the time, these aliens looked unique rather than creepy and it certainly was one reason why the series peaked my interest. 

    While reading some of my own collection, I was also made aware that there was an attempt by Nickelodeon for a live-action show under the same name with the same characters that ran from 1998 to 1999. 


    Starring; Shawn Ashmore (Yes, X-Men’s Iceman) as Jake, Nadia-Leigh Nascimento as Cassie, Boris Cabrera as Marco, Brooke Nevin as Rachel and Christopher Ralph as Tobais. 

    While short lived, it was a monumental moment for the fandom. Very recently, (wait, nevermind. It was in 2020) there was a graphic novel illustrated based on the first book; The Invasion and talks about adapting the others in the future.

    Officially made work aside, some of the members from within the group are super talented and they made up some of my early internet experiences by posting fan-made trailers of the thing. Here’s one right here...[Animorphs 300] 


    There are also fanfictions and fan art to keep the fandom burning and murmurs of a potential second attempt of rekindling the series with updates. There’s also this looming hope that some producer out there will find the merits of this series and adapt it into a film, a show or anything aside from just being a book because it truly deserves more recognition. 

    Of course, any fandom would wish for their favorite series to be made on the big screen or even on the small screens but, seeing how they adapted stuff like and . You see where I’m getting at? No?

    Look, I’m going to level with you. I hope they DON’T do it because it functions best as a book series. the various narratives is one of the strengths of the series and adapting that into a show/movie would be highly difficult. But, with the right person in charge. Anything is possible.


    As a fan who experienced the series in fragments. I would say its a series that I can still pick up to this day and enjoy. Some of the themes still hold up to today’s age and I highly recommend for anyone who is looking for some good ole angsty teen stuff with saving the planet on the side. 

    Good news, the series is getting updated and it truly is an exciting time to be an Animorph fan. With that said, I’ll end with handing over the bright blue morphing cube and say this to you...

    “It’s all in YOUR hands~”

    Thanks for Reading

    - B -