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    Men Are Pigs

    Fuck, my ass reeks! And my armpits too. God, even when i put my arms down, you can still see sweaty hair sticking out. This is fucking hell! That bitch Stacy did this. All because I didn’t want to label myself as a ‘feminist’. “Not all men are pigs” I told her. “Some can be quite nice.” She scowled at me and said “Well Hannah, if you love men so much, why don’t you just join them?”.

    Now I’m some big smelly man! I hate this. My balls are always so itchy, I can’t stop tugging them through my sweatpants in public. I cant stop breathing through my mouth. I feel like a hairy ape. And this thing… in my pants. It’s monstrous.

    God, i need to adjust down there. Look at this thing. It’s constantly sticking up. And it’s huge! All the girls drool at it’s imprint as I walk down the streets. I feel the need to just… stick it in something. Fuck… it feels so good when I touch it. What if I just give it a tug. Fuck. My cock. It’s not bad to just… keep rubbing it… right?

    No! What am I doing?! I’m a girl. I shouldn’t have a big thick cock. I shouldn’t be thinking this way. I shouldn’t be this gross hulking ape! I’m a petite feminine girl. Think. I just need to think… god, all I can think about is my dick. It feels so good, bro.

    What the hell was that? My phone? Why doesn’t my phone have a pink cover anymore? Did I always have this black one? How do I use this again? Oh yeah, that’s how it works. Dude, sometimes i can be so fuckin dumb. A text from… Stacy?

    You got what you deserved, pig!” it read.

    Pig? Huh, i’m not a pig. Am I? I don’t think so… that would be pretty funny though bro. *playfully snorts*. I mean, i do smell like a pig, but who has time for showers?

    No! What’s happening? I’m a smart girl! Get yourself together Hannah…ter… Hannter… Hu… Hunter. What is going on with me tonight, bro? Thinkin i’m smart and shit.

    Fuck bro, look at the little man. He’s ready to cum inside some chick, get her pregnant. These smelly balls down here will guarantee that. I call him my little man, but there’s nothin little bout him. God, feels so good to touch…. wait… this isn’t me. I’m not…. fuck… these pecs… these biceps… this cock…

    Fuck, my phone is blowing up. Who are all these girls texting me? This one sent me a photo… WOAH. THOSE TITS. GOD… I just wanna… fuck… so big and bouncy. I’m not… i’m not into girls… but… GOD THEY’RE JUST SO BREEDABLE.

    And FUCK my homescreen! Don’t remember having some big titted blonde bitch as my screensaver. God, who are all these women following me on Instagram?

    Fuck… they’re all so hot. God my dick is getting so hard. I wanna put my cock inside of them. That bitch would drop to her knees the second she saw these guns. Fuck need to flex. God look at me. I’M A GOD. I NEED TO SPREAD MY SEED. I NEED TO… IMPREGNATE.



    God, i’m still so horny bro.

    Gonna make my way over to Stacy’s house. She won’t be able to resist this dick. She likes to pretend she’s above nature. Above her biological purpose. But I know when she sees me, her panties will be soaked.

    And plus, one of the bros said she’s ovulating. Gotta get in there while I can, right?

    The Jockie

    Spider-man had no idea what he was up against. They called him “The Jockie”, Brooklyn’s newest villain on the streets. Peter had been advised to just ‘leave it to the Avengers’. He wasn’t ‘ready to deal with this level of crime’. But when Peter stumbled upon The Jockie’s den, he couldn’t help but sneak in.

    Peter was no match for The Jockie. The mastermind and his goons ambushed Peter as soon as he stepped foot in their lair. Before Peter knew it, The Jockie had shot a small green dart into his left thigh, causing Peter to cry out in shock.

    Heat spread across Peter’s leg, covering his entire thigh and calve muscles. The heat caused the muscles to pulse, his entire leg grew thicker and heavier. The pulsating spread all over the young superhero’s body until his new muscles strained against his superhero suit.

    Peter struggled and thrashed until his hulking stature broke free from The Jockie’s goons’ tight grip.

    NO!” Peter stumbled, struggling to adjust to the size of his new body. His voice was now low and dull. He caught a glimpse of the new him… the jocked version of him… in the reflection of a metal gas canister. “PETER MUSCLES LOOK SO BIG! PETE… PRETER… P- PRESTON… PRESTON LOOK SO DUMB! HE LOOK SO HORNY!”

    Reality shifted around the superhero as his IQ rapidly dropped to a shockingly low 70. Gas containers turned into workout machines. Guns shifted into dumbbells. Beer cans warped into protein shakes.

    Preston now found himself at the gym. He looked around in confusion. The gym? He looked down at his massive body. Of course he was at the gym. Why wouldn’t he have been? He spent every waking second of his life here. Lifting weights. Flexing his biceps in the mirrors. Letting out rank protein farts. It was home. Preston’s home. It’s the only place he belonged. He wasn’t smart enough to contribute anything of actual value to society. He couldn’t be a superhero like the ones he’d seen on TV, especially not that spider one. What was his name? Ah, doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is getting swole bro!

    The Jockie can’t wait to see how the Avengers will react to the new Peter, or should I say, Preston. But more importantly, he can’t wait to see which of the Avengers will join Preston on their journey into jockdom…


    Hi! I absolutely love you work and thank you for being back. Just wanted to ask if you thought of doing more gay to straight tfs or at least jock tfs in the near future?

    Yeah I can definitely see myself writing them soon enough.

    I’m just being careful about straight tfs right now cause there’s a growing trend in the tf community with ‘conservative tfs’. They are becoming popular and I just really don’t like the fetishisation of racism/conservatism. I find it really disgusting and g2s tfs are becoming synonymous with this whole ‘conservative tf’ thing. So i’m just being careful cause I don’t want anything to do with it.

    But the overall answer is yes. I could definitely see myself writing a jock tf very soon


    im so happy your back!!!!! Your taste in men is amazing! Do you mind me asking who your top 10 hottest guys are???

    Thanks man! I appreciate the kind words!

    Sure. These are 10 hot guys i’ve really been into recently. In no particular order:

    1. Michele Morrone

    2. Dev Patel

    3. Blaine Gibson

    4. KJ Apa

    5. Mo Saffari

    6. Doctor Mike

    7. Charlie Puth

    8. Miguel Herrán & Álvaro Rico (kinda cheating here)

    9. Ryan Gosling (anyone who’s been on my Twitter should have seen this coming lol)

    10. Mansoor (WWE guys are my weakness)

    I could go on forever but you get the idea haha. Hope that’s given you all the insight you were looking for haha.


    Welcome back and nice new caption. Looking forward to more good boys, pudgy softies, and dumb fuckboys or whatever sexiness you have in store for us.

    Thanks man!

    That story genuinely took me over 6 hours to write (it was initially meant to be 3 parts but I ended up having to cut 2/3 of it). Quality over quantity and all that.

    I could say that I’ll never write a story that long again, but we all know that I probably will lol. My stories are getting longer and longer at this point haha. But I’m happy with the quality of my works so it’s all worth it.

    But I’m glad you enjoyed it! And don’t worry, there are plenty more clueless men just ready to fall victim to ChangingMen’s powers. Will I turn them into empty-headed himbos, cocky jocks, big bellied men? Only the future will tell ;)

    Never Trust A Genie

    *1000 Follower Special*

    “A lamp?” Bobby chuckled, sifting through the miscellanea stored in the decrepit attic’s filthy boxes.

    “Must have been left by the old tenants…” Bobby stuck both hands into the cardboard box, pushed aside the useless sundries and took out the dust covered lamp.

    “A dusty lamp… just like in the movies.” He smiled to himself. “Better be a genie or something in here that’ll help pay rent for this place.”

    Bobby tapped the lamp’s spout on the palm of his dusty hands and sighed. He’d moved into this old Victorian house two days ago. He now lived with his new roommate Carter, someone who Bobby hadn’t taken much interest in getting to know. He was gay, which didn’t necessarily bother Bobby, but it didn’t thrill him either. He had never pictured himself living with a gay person, especially a gay man, but he was willing to for this house. It was everything Bobby looked for in a home. It was spacious, but not enough to inspire feelings of loneliness. It had a good location, only taking Bobby twenty minutes to walk to the office. The house was nestled inside a gated community too, keeping it safe from the rebellious teenage troublemakers that Brooktane City had grown so infamous for. There was only one problem. The price.

    Bobby’s sales job at Brooktane City’s well known IT distribution company, Hyatt Ltd, barely provided him with enough money to feed himself, let alone pay rent for this new place. Carter was no richer. He was a digital artist. Paid by commission too. Even on a good month, he wasn’t paid half as much as Bobby. Though Bobby’s relentless optimism helped him prevail through the most difficult situations, not even Bobby knew how things would end out here.

    Bobby’s hands rose up from the disheveled cardboard box, the glistening lamp resting on his soft palms. He took a deep breathe and blew on the lamp, sprinkling the dull grey dust over the attic’s creaking floorboards. Bobby cleared his throat triumphantly and cupped the side of the lamp.

    “Genie!” He announced with a playfully exaggerated grandeur. “Show yourself!”

    Bobby closed his eyes and repeatedly rubbed the lamp’s golden curve. His eyes shot back open as the lamp rumbled in his grasp. Without warning, a sparkling purple mist shot out the lamp’s spout, forming into the shape of a man. A fat one at that. He was round, sporting a soft pudgy gut. He wore flashy gaudy necklaces and yellow tinted glasses. His hairless tits jiggled and bounced, showing off his thick suckable nipples. He looked like a joke. Nothing like the stereotypical blue genie you see in the movies.

    “Holy shit!” Bobby stumbled backwards, tripping over the previous tenant’s musty boxes. He fell harshly on his flat ass, peering up at the monstrous man in front of him.

    FINALLY MASTER!” The genie’s booming voice bounces around the desolate attic. “I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!”.

    The genie crosses his arms and laughs.

    “Mmm- m- master?” Bobby stuttered at the giant in front of him. “M- me? I’m your master?”

    That’s right, master.” The genie chippered. “I’m just an obedient genie and you are my master!”

    “So…” Bobby’s eyes remained wide open, staring at the blubbering genie. “Do I have wishes or something?”

    Three to be exact! You may wish for anything. No limits.” The genie rubbed his hands together. “Make em good, Master. I’m ready for some fun!”

    Bobby didn’t know what to say. How do you decide? How do you choose a wish when there are endless possibilities? A new house? A new car? A perfect girlfriend? Or why not go even bigger? Though, Bobby never saw himself as an ego maniac but he could go crazy with these wishes if he so wanted. Wish to be a king, prince or something crazy like that. He had an opportunity to bend the world over and make it worship the ground he walked on. Though, these ideas intrigued Bobby, they mostly intimidated him. But among these daunting wishes, one stood out from the rest. One which would solve all his problems and allow him to create a dream life for himself without financial worries. All he needed was money.

    “Genie!” Bobby puffed out his chest triumphantly. “I wish I was extremely rich!”


    The genie smiled, extended his finger and shot a purple lightening bolt into Bobby’s chest. The light absorbed him and created swirls of purple sparkles which trickled around the room. The purple light faded and Bobby relaxed his scrunched up face.

    “Did it work?!” Bobby yelled in excitement, his dreams of becoming a millionaire on the brink of fruition. He pulled out his phone and checked his bank account. The screen read:


    “Holy shit!” Bobby screamed. Like one million fucking dollars! That’s like… so totally fucking cool!”

    Bobby clasped at his mouth. His voice sounded… different. It definitely didn’t sound like Bobby’s regular deep voice. The one which garnered much male approval from his coworkers and football buddies. It was now almost feminine in its inflections. His tongue now making it hard for him to pronounce his S sounds, giving him a slight lisp. He sounded really… gay.

    Bobby had never thought of himself as homophobic. It was true, he had never had any gay friends, but that didn’t mean he didn’t like them. As long as they didn’t flaunt their gayness around Bobby, he wouldn’t have a problem with it. Yet, Bobby didn’t realise how homophobic he was until he was forced to speak with the most stereotypical feminine gay inflections. It was humiliating. He couldn’t help imagine what his coworkers would think. “Damn Bobby, you sound like you suck dick with that mouth!” or “You turn gay over the weekend or somethin?”. Bobby’s face turned a crimson red at the very thought of it. Bobby grew more embarrassed as he thought of Carter. Would Carter think he was gay? Make a move on him? Bobby’s imaginary scenarios just got worse and worse.

    I like TOTALLY love the new shirt Daddy bought for me!” The words slipped out of Bobby’s mouth with ease. “He always buys me the sweetest things!”

    Bobby looked down in horror to see his Texas sweater, showcasing his proud state of birth, had turned into a thin see-through shirt reading:


    Like, what happened to my stupid boring sweater?! And super masculine voice?!” Bobby blurted out. “I sound like so totally gay and stupid! I totally sound like all i’m good for is sucking cock!”

    Bobby, in shock, stepped backwards onto a pile of boxes, losing his footing. He fell backwards onto the hard wooden attic floor.

    That totally like hurt my fucking pussy! I wish there was a dildo that I could have fallen back onto!” Bobby’s mouth moaned despite his resistance.

    This wasn’t Bobby. Bobby knew that. He wasn’t like this. He wasn’t feminine. He wasn’t gay. He had never touched a dildo in his life, let alone want one in him. He was masculine! A masculine straight man. Not some slutty feminine gay boy!

    Bobby sat in disbelief on the floor, gazing up at the gaudy Genie’s grin. He was enjoying this. Seeing Bobby so humiliated. Acting so… gay. Suddenly, Bobby noticed a different sensation in his lower half. It didn’t feel like he was sitting on the harsh wooden floor anymore. The floor… it felt soft… like a cushion. It was more comfortable, for sure. The warm soft sensation of sinking into the cushion almost made Bobby forget the humiliating position he had found himself in. The cushion became softer and so very comfortable. It was like it was just forming under him, propping him off the ground. It was so soft… Bobby just wanted to let himself sink into its comfort. The cushion suddenly sent a tingling jolt of pleasure throughout his body.

    Ohhhh fuckkkk.” Bobby moaned. “My new fat fuckable ass feels like, so totally fucking comfortable…” Bobby’s heart dropped and his eyes shot open. He looked down. He wasn’t sitting on a cushion… the warm soft comfortable ‘cushion’ he was sitting on… was his inflating ass.

    “What the fuck!” Bobby’s deep masculine voice had suddenly returned.

    “You can’t do this to me! M- m- my ass! Its so fucking big- UGHHH I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO FUCK ME!!!” Bobby’s body began absentmindedly rubbing its new bouncy fuckable ass on the floor, desperate for something to fill his jiggling cheeks.

    I granted your wish, Master!” The genie innocently grinned, his cock rock hard as he watched Bobby show off his altered body.

    “I didn’t! I didn’t wish… FOR MY FAT FUCKABLE ASS TO BE FILLED LIKE THE GOOD SLUT I AM!” Bobby drooled in ecstasy, bouncing his fat cheeks, causing them to clap loudly for his neighbours to hear.

    Bobby, still having control over his body, attempted to stand up. He grunted and let out a loud girly moan, struggling to get up. After two more tries, the altered office worker found himself back on his feet. It felt so strange. Bobby could feel his two inflated cheeks weighing him down, bouncing behind him. It was a new and unwelcome sensation for the 25-year-old.

    Bobby looked down at his body, noticing more alterations. The genie’s purple magic had changed Bobby’s lean body. Now, he looked more muscular. His biceps had grown to the size of footballs. His forearms were now double the size they were before. His chest had undergone changes too. His two pectoral muscles had inflated like balloons, bouncing independently of one another. Their growth caused the the seams of his “SLUT” t-shirt to burst, letting his new heavy round pecs jiggle in front of the genie. They swayed side to side, looking more like tits than masculine pecs. They’d grown so big, they had caused his nipples to point downwards under their weight. His nipples looked thick like pegs. The genie drooled at the slut in front of him, imagining what it was like to suck his new round breasts.

    Bobby’s stomach had formed a six pack, creating deep trenches in which sweat would soon gather. Bobby noticed changes in his legs too. His thighs had grown as to accommodate his large butt cheeks. His feet had grown to match the proportions of his new body too. Bursting through his size 8 socks and increasing to a size 13.

    Bobby stood exposed in front of the genie. Feelings of humiliation, fear and arousal flooding his mind. Not only did he speak like some gay feminine fucktoy, but he looked like one now too. Carter was supposed to be home soon. What if he found him like this? Surely he would help, right? Right now, that seemed like Bobby’s only hope.

    Bobby stood in the attic drooling, watching the Genie tug his precum soaked cock.


    Bobby heard a door slam downstairs. Sounded like the front door. Could it have been Carter? It must have been, right? No one else has keys to this place. At least, Bobby didn’t think so. Though he tried, Bobby couldn’t scream for help. It would just gather in his throat, then dissipate.

    Bobby heard the sound of keys downstairs. Honey, I’m home!” A deep growling voice boomed up into the attic. Bobby furrowed his brow. It sounded like Carter, but there was something off. Carter’s voice was definitely not as deep as the man downstairs. It also lacked the gay ‘like’ and ‘totally’ fill words which Carter was so fond of filling his sentences with. Maybe he was sick? Or maybe it wasn’t even Carter at all… an intruder maybe?

    What’re you doing up in the attic?” The voice growled. “Did someone get lost?”

    The intruder’s voice sent shivers down Bobby’s spine. Who the hell was that? Even though Bobby didn’t fully recognise the voice, a part of him felt safer knowing someone was here. He needed help. Even if it was from an intruder. Though, something about the man downstairs did seem off. Bobby wasn’t blind to that fact.

    Is Daddy gonna have to come up there and get ya?” The voice chuckled below. “I can’t have my husband getting lost, can I?”

    Bobby clasped at his mouth, feeling a sense of danger from the man below. Though, as soon as Bobby’s hand reached his face, he noticed something strange. As his fingers ran along his lip, he felt something cold. Something metal… on his finger, it seemed. Then it hit him…

    “No…” Bobby held up his hand in dread. A wedding ring. He grabbed at it. Twisted it. Yanked it. No matter how hard he tried, it wouldn’t come off. It was like it was locked onto his finger, reminding him that he was legally bound to someone. To… a man.

    Before it could get any worse, Bobby pleaded to the genie. He got on his knees and begged.

    “Please! Give me my old life back! Genie! I wish- I wish… TO HAVE A SELF LUBRICATING ASSHOLE!”


    Bobby’s heart dropped. The genie’s finger raised and shot its purple light into Bobby. Bobby felt hopeless. His second wish… wasted. Squandered by the dumb slut he was becoming.

    Slut! Get down here. I had a rough day at work and need to pleasure my fat cock in that breedable ass of yours!” The stranger downstairs demanded.

    The man’s deep voice caused Bobby’s sensitive skin to shiver. The man sounded so dominant… so demanding. The man’s voice alone caused Bobby’s ass to start emitting a certain wetness which lubricated his hole. A type of wetness which would perfectly lubricate any dick that came near it, allowing it to slide into Bobby’s greedy tight hole.

    Down here now, boy! I’m not joking now!” Bobby’s husband shouted in a slight southern drawl. “Or am I gonna have to come up there?!”

    Bobby felt an overbearing pleasure emit from his ass as soon as his husband spoke. It was overbearing, causing the straight man to cry out in overwhelming pleasure. The pleasure created pink clouds which fogged over Bobby’s mind. Thoughts of big cocks and sucking on the fat nipples of hairy chests filled his straight mind. Bobby could feel his heterosexuality slipping away. But he force himself to care. He just continued to slip away into the pink fog’s pleasure.

    I’m coming up there, boy!” The ladder shook and the sound of the man’s footsteps on each ladder rung grew louder.

    As the man climbed each rung, the pleasure grew more intense, causing Bobby to moan like the pathetic slut. The pleasure just filled Bobby from head to toe, destroying his rational mind. Making his thoughts hazy and more sexual. Making him lose himself in a pink fog of dumbness.

    The gravelly voiced man reached the attic. He slowly stomped his way over to Bobby, each step shaking the boxes of clutter around him. He stood right behind Bobby and growled like a primal animal.

    So that’s what you’ve been doin up here, eh?” The dominant man grumbled.

    Bobby, able to pull himself away from the pleasure, turned around. The man towered over Bobby, causing him to feel insecure. Bobby’s head reached just under the man’s hairy pecs. The man looked like a monster! Or some kind of animal. An ape, to be exact. His entire body was covered with a thick coat of smelly manly body hair. His beard was thick and crawled up the man’s cheeks. He looked familiar to Bobby. He’d seen this man before. Had it been in work? No. Maybe back in college? No one looks like this in college. Then it hit him… it was… Carter.

    The genie’s magic had devolved Carter into this monstrous ape-man. He looked nothing like his frilly feminine self. Instead, he looked more manly than any man Bobby had ever seen before.

    Carter’s stench was invading Bobby’s nostrils, causing him to scrunch his nose.

    What’re you doing with that hand of yours, boy?”

    Bobby focused his fading attention on his hand, realising it was not down by his side like he had thought. Instead, it was jammed in between his big fuckable ass cheeks. His fingers reaching deep inside his hole, jamming against his prostate.

    Bobby slides his fingers out of his hole and looks at the lube tracing down his wedding ring.

    That’s nothing, trophy boy! Let me show you what real pleasure feels like!” The big man grunts and whips out his cock. He forces Bobby onto the ground and easily slides his fat 10 incher into his boy’s wet hole. The genie watched eagerly, laughing and chuckling at Bobby’s struggle.

    The pleasure was unlike anything Bobby had ever felt. It was intoxicating. More pleasurable than sitting on his inflated cheeks. More pleasurable than his sensitive nipples. More pleasurable than fingering himself. No one but his husband could make him feel like this. His husband is who held the power to pleasure. His husband is who held the power to everything.

    No, he wasn’t Bobby’s husband! He wasn’t earlier at least… right? Bobby was single. He was straight. He wanted a wife and kids. Bobby tried to remember but he couldn’t escape the blissful confusing pleasure caused by his husband’s cock ramming against his prostate. He felt so confused.

    SUCH A GOOD TROPHY HUSBAND!” His husband yelled. Bobby’s ass and tits bounced with each thrust. “YOU LOVE DADDY CARTER, DONT YOU?”

    Bobby knew he had full control over his body, his voice, everything. Yet, the tight grip from his husband and the pleasure he felt was enough to make him question everything. Maybe he was gay? Maybe Carter was his husband? Maybe he was just a gay fuckable submissive himbo after all? Were the memories of his ordinary straight life from a dream? They had to have been. They had to have been fake. He was getting deep dicked by his husband, his wedding ring scraping along the floor. He could feel the pleasure. This was real. This was reality. Bobby was a dumb slut. What had gotten into his head? Thinking he was a successful businessman? He couldn’t even spell ‘businessman’, let alone, be one. He was only good for shaking his fat ass and taking care of his Daddy’s cock.

    SAY IT, BOY!” His husband yelled into his ear.

    I. LOVE. YOU.” Bobby yelled in between Carter’s thrusts. “DADDY MY PUSSY IS SO WET!”


    YES DADDY!” Bobby, his brain completely scrambled, moaned in ecstasy.

    SAY IT. YOU KNOW WHAT TO SAY.” His husband began fucking him harder and harder. “SAY IT FUCKTOY!”

    I WISH…” Bobby screamed as prostate got rammed harder and harder. I WISH…”

    SAY IT!”

    I WISH I WAS STUCK LIKE THIS FOREVER!” Bobby screamed causing his Daddy to grunt and shoot his thick potent load between Bobby’s jiggling fertile cheeks.

    The genie chuckled in amusement watching the former roommates, now husbands, collapse upon each other’s new hyper sexualised bodies.



    And so, Bobby lives as a trophy boy with his husband, Carter, in a million dollar mansion. No more thinking about work or mortgages. In fact, he couldn’t think about those things even if he wanted to. He didn’t have the mental capacity to. Now, he can only focus on looking slutty and pleasuring his husband’s fat cock.

    In the end, Bobby got what he wanted. Bobby is a millionaire. Well, his husband is anyway. You see, he married into a rich family. Carter is a bit of a sugar daddy. He buys Bobby all the things he could dream of. In this last week, he bought Bobby a vibrating prostate massager, a slutty pink thong and a new pair of dick sucking lips.

    As for the genie, well, he remains in the attic. Sitting in his small lamp… waiting. Waiting for another man to come along and fall victim to their own grand ambitions…

    This is a bit overdue, but we hit 1000 followers (we’re actually at 1.3k right now but still)! I didn’t do anything to celebrate it last time, but this time, I wanted to do something special! So, enjoy this LONG story as a celebration! :)


    hey man, welcome back! missed your stuff!!! Keep up the good work!

    Glad you’ve found your way back to the erotically twisted world of the ChangingMen.

    But in all seriousness, it’s always cool to know my old followers are finding me here again. I really appreciate the kind words! :)

    Who’s a Good Boy?

    Danny confidently strode down the sidewalk, his ginger dog pulling him along. The confident gym buff was lost in thought, planning out his day and how he was going to meet his buds that evening. He didn’t even notice the hulking man stomping behind him. Danny bent down and rubbed his dog’s slender face. The large man approaches Danny and his dog, his shadow enveloping the pair.

    “Such a pretty little dog, aren’t you?” the older man cooed. His large hairy muscles pressing firmly against his dress shirt. Tufts of thick hair covered the man’s meaty forearms and chest. Danny looked up at the 40 something year old man. The man stared right back at him.

    Danny stood back up, his eyes now fixated on the stranger. Even standing straight, Danny only reached the man’s collar bones. The man must have been at least 6’3. His broad shoulders and muscles were layered with a thick fatness. This only further intimidated the young 24-year-old.

    “You can pet him if you want?” Danny shrugged. “He’s a young one. Loves attention. Especially behind his ear.”

    “Mind if I-” The silver fox asked as he leaned in.

    “Sure.” Danny agreed, his eyes travelled towards his dog, waiting for the man to bend down. But the man didn’t…

    Danny felt an odd sensation emit from his head. He furrowed his brow as he realised what was happening. Still staring at the dog, Danny felt the old man’s hand run through his own hair in a soft repetitive motion. Danny looked at the man in confusion as the man continued to pet Danny’s head.

    Danny, still taken aback by the whole situation, sighed in disgust. “What the hell are you doing? I meant the dog. Obviously, not me. The dog.”

    “I am petting the dog, boy.” The man smiles softly, still rubbing Danny’s thick luscious hair. “And what a good boy he is…”

    “Get off me-” Danny grabbed the man’s arm before the man’s hand slipped down behind his ear. He began scratching intensely. The scratching caught Danny by surprise. Danny’s entire train of thought was destroyed by the man’s fingers running behind his ear. His eyes rolling into the back of his head. Pleasure shot throughout his body, all emanating from the man’s thick fat finger scratches.

    “That’s a good boy.” The bald man grinned deviously through his thick beard.

    GOOD. BOY. The words repeated softly in Danny’s head, disrupting every part of his mind, not allowing him to form a single original thought. His mind completely focused on the head scratching and the older man’s captivating praise. ‘Good boy…’

    “Ohhhhh fuckkkkkkkk” Danny moaned leaning into the man’s head scratching.

    “You’re such a good boy for your owner, aren’t you? Such a good boy.”

    GOOD. BOY. OWNER. The words rang more intensely in Danny’s pleasure filled head. He felt his knees begin to buckle as pleasure shot through his groin, causing his cock to stand at full attention. Danny felt at peace as his owner continued scratching behind his ear, just like Danny always liked it.

    Danny jumped backwards with a sudden jolt of energy. His rational brain kicking back into action. Why did he say owner? This man… this man wasn’t his owner. No one owned Danny… or at least he thought. But he was beginning to question whether that was true. What was the man doing to his brain? Danny still felt the remnants of hot warm pleasure flowing through his body.

    As Danny spiralled into confusion, he felt a cold thick fabric make contact with his neck. The fabric wrapped around his entire neck and was solidified with a loud CLICK. Danny looked down to see a collar on his neck. A thick leather collar with a round metal plate hanging off the front. The plate read “REX”, followed by the contact information of a phone number that Danny had never seen before. Even more shocking, while Danny was looking at his new label, he realised he was completely naked. Butt naked. On complete display for the man to ogle at and sexualise.

    “C’mere boy.” The fat muscle man motioned Danny over before noticing the 24-year-old gym buff was gaining too much self-awareness. He could see Danny looked panicked.

    “Who’s a good boy?” The man condescendingly cooed at Danny. “You are. You’re a good boy!”

    Another wave of pleasure washed over Danny, his eyes rolling back into his head. The hot sensation flooded his body, leaving him a sweaty moaning mess. His mind refused to think. Completely blank with the pleasure of his master’s words. He felt so relaxed. So at peace. So at home hearing his master’s affirmations.

    Noticing that his magic words were succeeding in mindfucking his subject, the man continued to tease the boy.

    “You’re such a fucking good boy. The best boy. I wanna breed your fuckable bouncy ass when we get home. Put a litter of pups in you!” The man enthusiastically laughed.

    His owner’s affirmation shot the most intense pleasure through Danny. More intense than any orgasm. Than any drug. It was so addicting. So orgasmic. Danny wanted more. He wanted his owner to compliment him, flirt with him, fuck him… The heat shot through his legs, causing them to buckle even more intensely this time. Danny fell onto all fours, his tongue flopping out of his mouth. The good boy panted as drool dripped off his tongue, his eyes still in the back of his head. His cock grew harder and harder, gathering all his smarts and his sophistication in his balls, ready to be shot out onto the sidewalk. He began absentmindedly swaying his hips side-to-side, completely mindfucked.

    “That’s right.” Danny’s owner hunkered down on this thighs and whispered. “Such a good dog.”

    Danny, still drooling his brains out, felt a sensation building in his throat… a sound. A sound that was trying to escape his throat and expose his new self to the world. The sound built in his throat more and more. Another one shot up his throat, causing his cheeks to puff up.

    “That’s it boy. Let it happen. Let it out. It’s natural. You’re just a dumb dog. Let the world know.” The man whispered sensually, causing Danny’s erect dick to pulse, ready to shoot out his brains onto the ground. Danny found his ass begin to shake violently, side-to-side, wagging his non-existent tail. Fur sprouted on Danny’s hairless chest and face. He moaned more and more intensely for everyone on the street to see. A complete spectacle for passerbys to witness.

    He resisted. He couldn’t. Another sound shot up his throat and died in his puffed cheeks.

    “C’mon Rex. Be a good dog, let it out!” Danny’s master demanded. He harshly slapped the boy’s fat ass, forcing out the humiliating sounds…


    The feeling of letting out his true nature, his canine nature, sent Danny over the edge. With one forceful hump, Danny shot out all his human abilities and smarts onto the ground. His humanity and dignity was now just a puddle of cum on the tarmac. Cum that would be left behind and disintegrated by the sun and washed up by the rain, never to be seen again.

    Danny was now “Rex”. The dumb obedient dog, that is ever so eager to please his master. Whether it be getting his ass fucked all day, waiting around in his cage for Master to come home or eating dog food from his dog bowel, Rex does it all. He does it for him… the person he loves the most. The only person that exists in Rex’s world… his owner.

    Rex’s owner smiled. “C’mon boy. It’s time to go home…”

    The Stench of a Jock

    Brian was a typical nerd. The 18-year-old highschool senior wasn’t popular, he hated sports and he had never attended a party in his entire life. None of this bothered Brian. He knew that he was smart. Unlike the rest of his peers, Brian knew he was destined for greatness. He knew that one day, he’d become rich and successful. Meanwhile, his dumb jock classmates would be stuck in boring dead-end jobs. Or so he thought...

    Brian smiled when he heard the school bell ring. His hard day’s work was finally over. Brian stepped out into the fresh air and headed towards the school gate to meet his boyfriend. Brian swooned at the thought of finally getting to smooch his beautiful boyfriend’s lips. As Brian made his way past the football pitch, his heart dropped. He heard dumb chuckling and yelling. Brian meekly glanced up at the pitches to see a group of jocks staring at him.

    HEY FAGGOT! WE SEE YOU LOOKIN AT OUR SEXY BODS.” one of the jock’s grinned as he flexed his biceps. His teammates followed suit and joined in on the taunting.

    This kind of taunting wasn’t foreign to Brian. Him and his boyfriend were openly gay which made them prime targets for bullying. Brian continued to stare at the tarmac, ignoring the jock’s comments. Brian quickened his pace and continued walking towards the school gate.

    YOU IGNORING US, FAG? NO ONE IGNORES US.” the group of jocks slowly surrounded Brian, towering over him.

    I don’t... I don’t want any trouble.” Brian stuttered, avoiding all eye contact.

    Get him?” the jock grinned to his teammates.

    Get him.”

    The jocks put Brian in a chokehold and threw him onto the football pitch. Brian frantically struggled to break free from their control, but the jocks held him down. Brian lay helplessly as the alpha jock stood above his head. The massive jock leaned down and let out a dumb chuckle.

    Get ready for the ride of a lifetime... bro.” the jock pulled down his shorts and positioned his juicy ass over Brian’s face.

    No. No please. Don’t...”



    They did what?” Brian’s boyfriend sat up from his bed in disbelief.

    Farted in my fucking face! It was humiliating.” Brian sat down beside Austin. “I feel like his stink is permanently stuck up my nose.”

    You do smell kinda bad, baby.” Austin laughed, rubbing Brian’s shoulder. “It’s all those jock farts you’ve been sniffing.”

    Stop.” Brian huffed. “This isn’t funny.”

    I’m only kidding. You can use my shower if you want?” Austin kissed his boyfriend’s plump lips.

    Can I?” Brian looked lovingly at his boyfriend.

    Sure, baby. Just make sure you wash that stink away. I swear it’s getting worse by the second.”


    Brian locked the bathroom door and turned on the shower. His stench clouded the room.

    God, I fucking stink.” Brian mumbled to himself.

    As Brian continued to breathe in the jock stink, he realised he looked a bit taller. Maybe he had grown recently? Unaware of what was happening, Brian put his hand into the shower checking the water’s temperature. His height slowly inched upwards. 5’7 to 5’9 to 5’11 and then finally to a gigantic 6’3.

    Brian looked down at his new elongated body in shock. What the hell was happening? He had always been bullied for his small stature and now he was a 6’3 God. As Brian began hyperventilating, he breathed in the jock stink at a faster pace. The effects of the stink starting rapidly increasing. Brian’s jaw dropped as his torso began beefing up. His shoulders grew broader. His chest jutted outwards. His fat pecs strained against his t-shirt. Brian’s arms began thickening. His biceps inflating like balloons. His forearms growing thicker and thicker. His hands growing in size, becoming thick and calloused. The hands of a real man.

    The growth then spread to the lower half of Brian’s body. His ass thickened becoming fat and bouncy. Each step he took elicited a hypnotic jiggle from his two massive globes. The growth then spread to his cock. Brian moaned in pleasure as his dick snaked down his leg. His once 5 inch cock lengthened until it reached just over 9 inches. Brian’s new manhood grew in girth too, becoming thick and fat. Its girth started to resemble the size of a beer can’s.

    I’m... i’m fucking huge” Brian yelled as he grabbed his new soft tits with his massive hands.

    Brian’s amazement was cut short when he noticed a wet stickiness around his armpits. He lifted up arm to see a stream of hot sweat dripping down his impressive body. The stench wasn’t like anything Brian had smelled before. It was somehow even worse than the jock farts.

    Oh God, I smell so fucking- PFFFTTTTTTTTTTTT”

    Without Brian’s permission, his new fat cheeks emitted an embarrassingly loud fart. His fart adding to the jock stench that filled the bathroom. Brian was even more humiliated when he realised his cock was rock hard from letting out that big smelly fart.

    What the hell- BURRRRRRP did those jocks- BURRRRRRP do to me- PFTTTTTTTTTT”

    Brian couldn’t control his burps or farts anymore. His new jock body had a mind of its own. It farted when it wanted. It burped when it wanted. Its 9 inch cock got hard when it wanted. It was as if his new body was actively trying to embarrass him.

    Brian was panicking. He burst down the door and stepped into the fresh air of Austin’s bedroom. He took out his phone, ready to call for help. Austin shrieked and stared in awe at Brian’s big bulging biceps. His thick beefy legs. His towering stature. What the hell happened to him?

    Brian? What the hell happened to you?” Austin muttered in shock.

    Baby, I don’t.....” Brian was interrupted by a pleasureful wave that flowed over his body. Suddenly, Brian felt very confused. Brian? Who the hell was Brian? He looked at his jock body in the mirror and shook his head. Brian sounds like the name of some nerdy dweeb. That wasn’t him at all... right? “My name is Brett. Who’s Brian?”

    Brett?” Austin quivered. “How are you so buff? What happened to your skinny body?”

    Brett shook his head as clouds of fog drifted over his mind. I think it’s the stink. It’s changing me. Stay bac......” Brett’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as another wave of confusion clouded his brain. Brett had never been some skinny dweeb, right? He’d always had a massive jock bod. “Skinny? I’ve always been huge, bro. What’re you talkin about?”

    You’re a smart skinny nerd, Brian! Not some big smelly jock!” Austin pleaded.

    Another intense wave washed over Brett. The fog making his brain more and more hazy. He looked at his beautiful boyfriend and furrowed his brow. His brain slowly became duller. His thoughts became slower. His brain now shrinking. His interests fading. No longer was he into studying, books and video games. Now, he was into lifting weights, playing football and partying. Each blissful wave that flowed over Brett’s body made him dumber. His 140 IQ shrank to a mere 60. His jaw became slacked as he lost his ability to breathe through his nose. His brow slowly became more prominent, giving him more of a primitive ape look. Brian’s once intelligent face now looked dull and stupid.

    Brett’s dumb brain let the waves of confusion wash over him. Each wave dumbing him down even more. It felt good to be dumb. It was who he was. Being a dumb jock was all he was good at. It was his identity. Brian slowly faded away as he turned into Brett, the infamously dumb sexy gay football player.

    You’re not some dumb smelly jock. You’re my boyfriend!” Austin yelled.

    Brett felt another immensely pleasureful wave wash over him. Brett stared vacantly at his boyfriend, drool gathering in his mouth and leaking out onto the floor. He thought about all the times he ravenously fucked Austin and how good it felt. Brett smiled at the thought of ripping Austin’s clothes off and fucking him..... wait no.... ‘him’?.... that doesn’t sound right. No football player in his school was gay. Not even Brett. Brett felt his brain become filled with images of fucking and breeding women. Their big juicy fuckable asses. Their voluptuous tits bursting out of their tight blouses. The way their pussies taste. He wanted to breed every woman he possibly could... and so he did. Memories of breeding girls all around his school filled his mind. Brett felt his balls droop as alpha sperm invaded his testicles. The alpha sperm eradicated any gay genetics. Brett’s offspring were doomed to become dumb smelly straight jocks like him. It’s their destiny. Brett’s testicles swelled to the size of tennis balls. His two huge balls forced his legs apart. His balls grew bigger and bigger as they filled with hot potent alpha sperm.

    Nah, bro. I’m not some fuckin fag. Have you seen all the girls walkin around school with babies in their stomachs? That’s my work, bro” Brett let out a proud chuckle. His cock strained against his pants just thinking about it.

    Brett’s cock got harder the more he thought about the dumb bimbos he’s bred. Brett felt the last reminants of Brian slip down into his ballsack, being stored in his testicles along with his smarts, personality and homosexuality.

    Fuck I’m so horny. I just wanna breed some fuckin bimbo right now. I want her moaning my name and she cums again and again. I wanna grab her juicy tits as I shoot my load deep inside her puss- UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH” And just like that, Brett shot his thick potent load into his underwear. His homosexuality and smarts now dripping from his cock.

    Austin was in shock. He had just watched his once smart, loving boyfriend turn into a dumb smelly jock in a matter of minutes. Brett’s dumb vacant eyes looked at Austin as he drooled onto the floor. Austin stared at the cum stain in Brett’s underwear.

    What’re you lookin at, fag?” Brett dumbly chuckled. “You know what we do to fags around here.”

    Brett slipped his trousers down revealing his fat juicy ass.

    Come here, little dude” Brett forced Austin onto his knees and let out a loud stinky fart into his face.




    The highschool football team were satisfied with their two new recruits, Brett and AJ. The two jocks were now the best of friends. Constantly farting and burping in each other’s faces. There are even rumours floating around school that they watch straight porn and jerk off together. No homo, of course. The jocks have grown to love their new alpha scent. It’s how every real man should smell.

    Brett and AJ stood on the sidelines of the pitch waiting for the football game to begin. They dumbly chuckled and burped into each other’s faces. That was until they spotted something in the bleachers. Something that looked like it needed a jock to fart in its face. They saw... a gay couple.

    Get that ass ready, bro.” Brett deviously smirked at AJ. “Those two fags are gonna be your first victims”

    Coach’s Favourite

    Lucas was an out and proud nerd. He excelled academically because he loved to study. He was every teacher’s dream student. He was a straight A student in all his classes except for one. Gym class.

    So when he was asked by Coach to stay after school to discuss his grades, he was terrified. Lucas didn’t put any effort into gym class. He often insulted the class describing it as ‘mind numbingly boring’ and ‘A class created for people who don’t have a brain’. But now Lucas was terrified that he was being forced to face the hulking man that he loved to criticise.

    Lucas anxiously waited outside Coach’s office after school. He waited and waited until there was not a single person left in the halls. No one chatting by their lockers. No busy bustling atmosphere filled with laughing and gossiping. Just silence. The empty atmosphere put Lucas on edge. He began shaking his leg until eventually a big hulking hairy figure came around the corner. It was Coach. He walked up to his office door, unlocked it, turned on the light and told Lucas to come in. Coach confidently strode in and sat at his desk. He invited Lucas to sit across from him. His face stern and angry.

    “Lucas, your grades are...”

    Lucas was ready for the shouting to begin. He was ready to face the consequences of his constant back talking and defiance. Lucas braced himself for coach’s harsh words. But then Coach said something Lucas didn’t expect.

    “Amazing, Lucas. Your grades in gym class are amazing. You’re at the top of the class.”

    Lucas was shocked. That couldn’t have been right. Lucas barely partook in class. How could he be getting an A+ when he always defied coach’s orders? Especially when all the stupid empty headed jocks that excelled at gym were in his class. Coach smiled deviously at Lucas’ confusion. Coach whipped off his t-shirt and smiled at Lucas, condescendingly asking:

    “How many protein shakes do you drink a day? You look huge. At this stage, you’re the biggest jock in my class”

    Lucas was shocked by the fact that Coach was standing shirtless in front of him. But Lucas had no time to question it. Lucas’s uniform began to feel so uncomfortable. It began to feel so tight. As if his clothes were shrinking. He felt so restricted. His clothes just got tighter and tighter. Lucas groaned hoping coach wouldn’t notice. Lucas then looked down to see that it wasn’t his clothes that were shrinking... he was growing.

    Lucas’ biceps began to grow bigger and stronger. His hands becoming big and thick. His fingers fat like sausages. Lucas grasped for his phone and tried to call for help. But his big fat sausage fingers wouldn’t allow him to press the correct buttons anymore. Lucas’ pecs then began to inflate. They grew big and soft. Like two fat juicy tits. His round tits became so big that they began to press against his shirt. The shirt got tighter and tighter until *POP*. The buttons flew off his shirt revealing his big fat bouncing tits. The once scrawny Lucas was now a hulking big titted monster.

    Lucas was in shock. He began screaming and running his hands over his new big body. He cupped his pecs letting out an erotic moan. His nipples were so sensitive now.

    “What have you done to me?!” Lucas screamed in terror. “I look like a big stupid jock!”

    “Well you are a big stupid jock, Lucas. So why would you look like anything else?” Coach began chucking.

    Lucas had always despised jocks. They were dumb and gross. Smelly and annoying. They bullied him for being gay. They would fart in his face and spit on him just because of his sexuality. Lucas knew he was nothing like them. He was not some dumb jock. He was a smart, ambitious nerd. Not some dumb oaf.

    “I’m not some dumb gross....” Lucas’ train of thought was cut off by a tingling sensation in his head. The tingling got more and more intense until it was all encompassing.

    “I’m not some... fuckin nerd” Lucas said feeling extremely confused. “Yeah that seems right. I’m a dumb jock”

    Lucas’ reality began to alter. His uniform turning into a tank top and gym shorts. His mind becoming hazy and confused. Lucas’ IQ plummeted. His IQ dropped from 140 to just under 60. His thoughts became more clouded. His brain becoming thoughtless. Dumber. Stupider. The more he tried to think, the more he forgot. All the years of studying and learning being replaced with guzzling protein shakes and working out. Lucas was now a straight D- student. He was scraping by in every class except for his favourite. Gym class. Lucas was getting so dumb. His face becoming more and more relaxed. His eyes becoming more vacant. His jaw relaxed and loose making him look so incredibly stupid. Lucas now found it impossible to breathe through his nose. It felt so natural breathing through his mouth. His breathe stank but he didn’t care. All he cared about was working out and showing off his body. The old part of Lucas was scrambling to get the tank top off. He needed to escape. But as his IQ dropped more and more, he couldn’t figure out how to take off his tank top anymore.

    “From what I hear, you are quite the ladies man, Lucas. You could get millions of girls pregnant with big alpha balls like yours”

    Lucas’ brain began to change. His thoughts becoming filled with sexual thoughts about women. His gayness being replaced with thoughts of bouncing tits and impregnating women. Testosterone filled Lucas’ body. Body hair began growing all over Lucas’ new body. His chest, legs and ass were now covered in dirty smelly body hair. Lucas’ body odor became more pungent. Straight Lucas didn’t care for hygiene. He rarely showered after his football games. Showers were for runts. Real alphas, like Lucas, didn’t need to shower. It was a privilege for some nerd to smell his stink. When he forced a nerd to lick his sweaty ass crack, it was an honour. They get to smell what a real man smells like. Lucas lifted his arm letting coach smell his new pungent straight alpha armpit.

    Lucas’ balls began to tingle as they inflated. His ball sack becoming fuller and bigger in size. It was full to the brim with straight alpha sperm ready to be shot inside some big titted babe. Lucas cockily smiled at the thought of depositing his sperm in as many different women as possible. His loose asshole began to tighten. It tightened to the point where no penis could ever penetrate it again. Lucas was permanently stuck as a smelly straight jock. He had no memory of ever being a gay nerd. It felt so natural to be smelly. It felt so good to have muscles. It felt so natural to just be... a jock.

    “So why’d you call me in here again, bruh” Lucas let out a dumb chuckle

    “No reason, Lucas. You can leave now” Coach smiled deviously at his new creation.

    “Alright Coach. See you tomorrow for training, bro” Lucas smirked and turned towards the door. “Protein fart! PFFFTT. Lucas confidently strode out leaving his fowl stench behind in Coach’s office.

    Lucas left the building to go torture some nerds with his stink. Coach smiled as he saw his new creation leave the building. At that moment, Coach knew Lucas was going to be the most dedicated student he’s ever had.

    Lucas’ life consists of nothing but working out, farting and fucking. Coach turned him into what he hated the most. A dumb smelly jock. Coach can’t help but feel a certain sense of satisfaction as he sees Lucas bullying his former nerd friends with his stink. The jock spits in his former friends’ mouths, belches in their faces and farts on their clothes in the locker room.

    From the first time Coach met Lucas, he just knew the nerd would grow to love gym class. He just needed a bit of prodding, that’s all.


    Culture Shock

    William put on his dapper suit and stared out at the beautiful Sydney skyline. He had a beautiful apartment and a well paying job but still he wasn’t happy. In fact, his job was the only reason he was in Australia. William was offered a promotion. A big promotion. One that only an idiot would reject. Of course, it meant he had to move away from his loving boyfriend and his supportive friends but he would make new friends in Sydney, right? Sadly, William soon found out that this would not be the case. William had been in Sydney for over a month and he still hadn’t made a single friend. Only acquaintances. Acquaintances like his coworker Blake who he could give a smile and a nod to, but nothing else.

    William blamed his loneliness on the culture shock. He felt so different to the Australian people. Australian culture was so different to what William was accustomed to. Coming from the UK, William just didn’t understand them. Their slang, their focus on being outside in the sun and partaking in water sports was all so off-putting to William. He felt as if he would never adapt. Never fit in. As if he was destined to be isolated in his two story apartment forever.

    William took one last look at his skinny, pale body in the mirror and made his way to his brand new job. He sat slumped in his office chair browsing the internet on his computer.

    “I wish I could just fit in” he whispered to himself.

    As soon as the words left his mouth, he felt a warmth flow through his body. William was taken back. It felt as if there was a fire inside him, pulsing through his veins. It didn’t hurt. It felt... good. William threw himself back in his chair, basking in the waves of warm pleasure washing over his thin body.

    Suddenly, William felt all the heat focus on his arms. It felt so good. William bit his finger trying not to let out any moans. The heat gathered in his bicep making the pleasure become unbearable for William. He let out a high pitched moan that filled the office. William realised that something was very wrong. William knew this wasn’t normal. He needed help. He grabbed the phone on his desk only to drop it when he glanced at his arm. His arm was pulsating. Throbbing. It was... growing.

    William gasped as the heat grew more intense. His entire arm becoming huge, bursting out of his shirt, tearing it to pieces. He was becoming broader and broader. His hand becoming huge and his fingers thickening, becoming fat and heavy. Tattoos began to appear on his forearms. His two arms were now both as big as each other.

    William grabbed the phone again and tried to call an ambulance. But his thick, fat fingers wouldn’t allow him to press the correct buttons. He was then hit by another wave of pleasure. But this time, it was focused in his chest. His chest began to thicken. His abs became became more defined, pushing out of his stomach. His pecs jutted out of his chest. William gasped at the size of them. His new big, juicy pair of tits fattened and grew until William couldn’t even see his feet. He ran his hand over them not expecting his nipples to be so sensitive. The light touch of his sensitive nips caused him to moan in pleasure.

    The whole office clearly heard. William went red in humiliation. New gym clothes began to materialise on William. He made a dash for the bathroom as his legs began to beef up filling out his new gym shorts.

    William stumbled into the bathroom. That is when he saw himself in the mirror for the first time. “I’m huge. I look like some stupid jock!” he cried. William was revolted by his reflection. William was smart. He looked down on stupid frat boys. But now William looked like what he despised. A stupid, dumb, low-life jock boy. “Why are you doing this to me? Give me my body back!” William cried. William pulled out his phone, ready to call an ambulance.

    But then he heard footsteps coming towards the bathroom door. William used his big chunky fingers to wipe away his tears. He hid in first cubicle he saw and locked the door.

    “William?” a voice rang out. “Ya doin okay, mate”

    “Oh no, it’s Blake, my coworker. What am I gonna do?” William whispered to himself

    “Yes, I’m fine. Thank you.” William lied. His posh British accent eliciting a chuckle from his coworker.

    “Ya don’t have to be embarrassed, mate. Just tell me what’s happening and I can help ya” he called out in his deep Aussie accent.

    William had no choice but to come clean. “Blake, I don’t know what’s happening. You have to help me. My body is growing. I look huge” William cried to Blake.

    “Well obviously. You’ve always looked huge, ya big dag.” Blake laughed.

    William was confused. “I have always been skinny... wait, no. That’s not right.” William questioned himself.

    His memories being rewritten before his eyes. The more he thought about his life, the more he forgot. Blake was right. He had always been huge. He was always a gym bunny.

    “How’d you forget about that” he laughed. “You’re such a dumb himbo, mate. But that’s why we love ya” Blake laughed banging on the cubicle door.

    William’s IQ began to disappear. His 130 IQ dropped to around 60. Williams face gradually got blanker and blanker until finally a big dumb grin spread across his face. He was now an idiot. So dumb. His friends in the UK always laughed at how he could barely form a coherent sentence without his face going blank and his jaw dropping to release a vacant “Uhhhh”. William was the constant butt of jokes. The jokes were always aimed at the dumb expression on his face and the way he would breathe through his mouth which would often cause drool to come dribbling out.

    “Uhhh, sorry Blake. I don’t know what’s happening today. I can’t believe I thought I was smart. I barely made it through school back in the UK” William dumbly chuckled as drool began to drip out of his mouth.

    “What’re you talking about, Willie? You’re an Aussie, remember? You practically grew up on the beaches in Sydney. You didn’t even make it through school. You were too busy drooling all over your fat tits, ya big dumbo” Blake grinned.

    “Yeah, I remember. I’m as Aussie as they come, mate. I am a real dumb himbo, arent I mate” Willie’s British accent was replaced by a thick Aussie one.

    “Now get outta the dunny, grab your thongs and lets head to the beach and find some hot babes to bang tonight, alright Willie?”

    William’s wish was now fulfilled. He had totally integrated into the Aussie lifestyle. He traded his smarts for a life where he fit in. Now Willie feels as though he belongs. He was fired from that new job because he wasn’t able to read anymore. But it’s not like he cares. He’s okay with living a life of mediocrity now. I mean, I doubt he can even spell ‘mediocrity’ anymore. All he can think about is working out, banging hot babes and bouncing his big titties for his bros. That’s it.

    The once smart, young, gay businessman is now a dumb, straight, horny slut who shows off his sexy body every chance he gets. But William got what he wanted. Now he feels like he belongs. He’s got hot babes in one arm, his bros in the other and he absolutely loves it


    Where it all began…

    Work Experience

    Jeremy was rich. He inherited money from his famous father and so Jeremy had never worked a day in his life. Jeremy’s life consisted of nothing but flying on private jets, sleeping in lavished hotels and eating in the most high-end restaurants. Life was good for Jeremy.

    One day, Jeremy got an odd email from his father. There was still an air of tension between the two after they had fought the previous day. The email stated “Meet me at the construction site. I’ve got a job for you”. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for Jeremy to get invited to his dad’s construction sites. His dad was a world famous architect after all. But Jeremy didn’t care about that. It was the “I’ve got a job for you” part, he was confused about. Jeremy was a thin 24 year old. No muscles for lifting and no knowledge of architecture. What ‘job’ could he possibly be doing? Jeremy shook his head, put on his most expensive looking suit and headed downtown to his dad’s construction site.

    Jeremy hopped out of the taxi and stood in awe of the huge construction site. There were big burly workers carrying machinery. Men travelling up and down scaffolding. Tools scattered everywhere. It was hectic. Jeremy ignored the health and safety rules and cautiously made his way to the back of the construction site.

    “Jeremy, my son! You’re here” Jeremy’s father shouted gleefully over the noise of the drilling.

    “Like I said, i’m sorry for what I said yesterday. I shouldn’t have called you a spoiled brat. So i’ve arranged a little gift for you” His father said earnestly.

    “It’s fine, dad. It doesn’t mat-“ Jeremy was cut off when a big strong man interrupted them. He towered over both Jeremy and his father. The man’s beard was thick and bushy. His shoulders were broad and strong. His smell clouded the air. He reeked. He was everything Jeremy wasn’t. He was the epitome of masculinity.

    “Has your dad told you what we’re doing today?”

    “No, not reall-“ The masculine worker cut Jeremy off by grabbing his frail shoulder and leading him away from his father. The worker brought him to a coat rack filled with high vis jackets.

    “Put one of these on and get to work, boyo” the man said handing Jeremy the high vis jacket.

    “Wait!” Jeremy defied. “I’m not going to do the work of some worthless blue collar worker.” Jeremy turned around, ready to storm off when he was grabbed from behind.

    “You’re gonna be a good little worker for me, alright” the masculine man growled in his ear.

    Jeremy was in shock. The big burly man held him tightly, not letting him budge. The man then covered Jeremy’s mouth with his big meaty hands.

    “Soon enough I’m gonna be kissing these juicy lips and farting on this beautiful face of yours” the masculine man said tracing Jeremy’s mouth.

    Jeremy struggled and thrashed until he eventually wiggling his way free. He then made a beeline for the exit.

    “There’s no point in running, boyo! There is no escape!”

    Jeremy sprinted to where he thought the exit was. Only this time, there was no exit. It was just more scaffolding. How could he get out? There was no way to escape. He was helplessly trapped.

    Suddenly Jeremy was struck by an intense itching feeling. It covered his entire body. His legs, his arms and his chest were on fire. Jeremy started itching his entire body but the itching sensation just got more and more intense. Jeremy ripped off his suit jacket to see that hair was covering his forearms. Big thick body hair was coming out of his entire body. He looked as if he was becoming some kind of monster. A monster just like the man who had assaulted him.

    Jeremy screamed as his body progressively got hairier. Suddenly, the feeling spread to his face. Jeremy looked at his reflection in the machinery. He could see his clean shaven face was now replaced by a 5 o’clock shadow. The 5 o’clock shadow then grew out into a proper short beard. Jeremy was terrified. His rich blonde hair started fading, becoming darker. It was starting to look just like all the other construction workers on the site.

    Jeremy noticed a stench beginning to fill the area. The fowl smell filled his nostrils. Jeremy wondered what it could possibly be coming from. What could possibly emit such a fowl overwhelming stench? It was as smelly as a pig sty. Jeremy furrowed his brow, lifted up his arm and gave his new hairy armpit a little sniff. His armpit stunk. The stench filled his nostrils making his eyes water.

    “God! What’s happening to me?! Someone help me” Jeremy’s cries were left unheard. The other workers didn’t question it. They had seen this happen a hundred times before. It was nothing new. But they couldn’t help feel a hint of satisfaction seeing a spoiled brat like Jeremy being turned into a big smelly brute like them.

    Suddenly, Jeremy felt a strange sensation cover his body. Jeremy’s body began to inflate. His biceps grew bigger as his hairy forearms thickened. His arms looked massive compared to the rest of his body. The feeling then infected his chest. His pecs ballooned outwards. His fat pecs grew bigger and bigger until POPPPP. His chest burst out of his shirt tearing it to shreds. The only thing left we’re the tattered remains of his undershirt. His pecs looked like big milky breasts weighing down on his chest. His sensitive nipples were perky and could easily be twisted. His abs were defined but they were covered in a pelt of black smelly hair.

    Jeremy was shocked to see that his skin was getting more and more calloused. His new big meaty hands were growing stronger. They began to show years worth of evidence of manual labour. His skin began to become stained with dirt. Jeremy rubbed at his skin trying to clean it. But it wouldn’t go anywhere. It was almost as if the dirt was apart of him now. As if it could never be removed. His new dirty skin was only adding to the horrible smell. Jeremy’s beard began to get longer and more unkempt. Jeremy was turning into a monster. Some blue collared monster.

    Finally, Jeremy’s mind began to endure changes. His memories began to warp. Jeremy screamed and cried as the memories of his rich upbringing were replaced by memories of being poor. Memories of going to a posh private school was replaced by memories of dropping out because he was too stupid. This caused Jeremy’s intelligence to plummet. Jeremy got dumber and dumber. He couldn’t think anymore. Couldn’t spell anymore. Couldn’t write anymore. All he could do was lift. That’s what he was built for. He is now nothing more than a dumb construction worker.

    “Hey Jerm. Guess what?” The big burly man from earlier had found him. The new and improved him.

    “What?” Jerm answered. His eyes vacant. His jaw relaxed. Drool gathering in his mouth.

    “I forgot to give you this” PFTTTTTTTT. The big man let out the rankest fart that Jerm had ever smelled.

    Jerm’s beard absorbed the smell making him ten times smellier. But Jerm didn’t care. Jerm loved his smell. He smelt like a real man now. The smellier the better. Jerm loved getting his co-workers’ smell all over him. He would willingly shove his face in his co-workers’ smelly cracks. He would willingly sniff their farts. He would do anything to get close to them.

    “Now how about that kiss I was promised?” the big man smiled deviously. Jerm jumped on the burly man kissing him passionately.

    Jeremy was now nothing more than a stinky construction worker. No more thoughts. No more money. Just lifting and farting while his father deviously watches his new smelly son in which he is so proud of.



    It was the final day of school before Summer. Everyone was ecstatic. Especially Oliver and his nerdy friends, Ross and Jacob. Oliver and his friends were your average stereotypical high school nerds. They loved studying, reading books and playing video games. They were rarely invited to any parties or social events. So when they were invited by Jackson to attend the school’s most anticipated party of the year, they were ecstatic. Jackson was the most popular jock on the school’s football team. He was a stereotypical high school jock. He was empty headed and dumb, but popular. Oliver was surprised that him and his friends were invited to Jackson’s party. But they definitely were not going to turn down the invitation.

    Oliver and his nerdy friends arrived at the party in their uniforms. The house was full to the brim with the most popular people in school. The nerds nervously passed through the crowded house full of dancing students and made their way into the back garden.

    “Look who is is, brahhh” Jackson chuckled to his football teammate. The two jocks were standing there shirtless. Their muscles on show for the whole garden to see.

    Oliver couldn’t help but admire Derek’s beautiful sculpted body. His bulging biceps. His blonde hair. His chiselled face. He was Oliver’s dream man. But Oliver would never let Derek know that.

    “Oh hell yeah, duuude. It’s the nerds! I can’t believe they actually came” the other jock laughed pointing at Oliver. Oliver’s face went red. It was humiliating. They couldn’t have invited them just to humiliate them, right?

    “Um... yeah, we‘re here. I don’t know if we’ll stay long. We’re going to... maybe, play some video games later or something. I don’t know.” Oliver muttered avoiding all eye contact.

    “Nahhhhhh, BRAH. You gotta stay. Let me get you guys some... drinks.” Jackson winked at his teammate.

    “Come with me, little fellas” The blonde jock smiled deviously to his teammate and motioned for the skinny nerds to follow him back into to house.

    “Here we go” Jackson handed the nervous nerds glasses of beer. “I made these ones especially for you guys”

    The nerds held the beers anxiously. They had never been keen drinking. But they weren’t going to reject a drink from the school’s most popular football player. They all looked at each other.

    “Together?” Jacob muttered.

    “Together” the nerds all clinked their glasses together and took a sip. All except for Oliver.

    “HELLL YEAH, MY BROTHAAA” Jackson laughed slapping Oliver on the back. “I’m gonna leave you guys to drink for a bit. I’ll check in on you guys soon.... and Oliver, make sure you drink that beer, okay?”

    Jackson slowly backed away smiling at Oliver. Oliver swooned. He was so caught up looking at Jackson that he didn’t notice his friends were yelling at each other.

    “That definitely wasn’t beer!” Ross panicked. “I’ve had beer before. THIS is not beer!”

    “I’ve never had beer but it looks like beer” Jacob said as he inspected the liquid in his glass.

    “If it wasn’t beer, then what the hell was it?” Oliver began to panic. What had he and his friends just drank.

    “It better not have been pee” one of the others joked.

    “I’m not sure. But that definitely wasn-BURRRPPPPPP” Ross immediately covered his mouth in embarrassment. “I’m sorry. I was just saying, it definitely was-BURRRRRP”

    The group of nerds nervously laughed at Ross’ burps. Was he playing some kind of prank on them? Was this all a set up? Was Ross lying?

    Ross began to look faint. The others looked worried as Ross couldn’t stop burping. Suddenly Ross’ body began to look bigger. Heavier. As if he was gaining weight by the second. Ross groaned and moaned between the burping.

    “Oh-BURRRP hell yeah. I need-BURRRP more beer” Ross’ body got bigger and bigger until he eventually burst out of his shirt. Ross didn’t seem like he was in control anymore. He stomped through the nerds and grabbed another beer, downing it in a few gulps.

    Oliver was in shock. Ross was packing on years worth of muscle in a matter of seconds. It was unnatural. He looked like some kind of muscular monster. Oliver suddenly heard more and more burping all around him. He looked at his friends only to see them all bursting out of their shirts, like Ross had. They were turning into muscular jocks.

    “Get outta the way NERD!” the new muscle jocks used their big biceps to push Oliver aside. They began chanting like some frat boys as they downed more beers.

    “NO NERDS. NO SMARTS. NO HOMO” they chanted over and over. The beer dribbled down their chests as they chugged the beers like some kind of animal.

    Ross, or now the new jock version of him, crushed the beer can and stared directly at Oliver. Oliver was like a deer in headlights.

    “NO NERDS ALLOWED! Get em!” Ross screamed pointing at Oliver.

    Oliver tried to escape but he wasn’t strong enough to break free from the jock’s grip. The new Ross and Jacob surrounded the nerd putting him in a chokehold. They then started dragging him towards the bathroom for some... privacy.

    “NO NERDS. NO SMARTS. NO HOMO” the frat boys chanted gleefully as they gathered the magic beer and carried the nerd to the bathroom.

    Ross kicked the door open and threw the nerd onto the floor. He then held the nerd down by sitting on his scrawny chest.

    “You like that you gay nerd? I bet you love that” Ross said rubbing his crotch into the Oliver’s face. “Too bad I’m as straight as they come. The thought of fucking you is disgusting. I’m a ladies man now”

    Oliver screamed as the jocks surrounded him with beer cans in their hands.

    “No! No please stop!” Oliver screamed


    “YEAH BRAH” they all answered in unison. Ross forcefully held Oliver’s mouth open, looked up and smiled at his bros.

    “CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!” the frat boys chanted as they poured the beer into the helpless nerd’s mouth.

    Oliver had no choice but to swallow the beer. Ross laughed at the puny nerd’s despair and then stood up allowing him to breathe.

    Oliver slowly stood back up. The jocks were all smirking at him. Oliver’s body began to inflate as the jocks stared at him. His pecs ballooned outwards. His biceps grew big and strong. His lips plumped up. His jaw became relaxed making it to hang open. He found it impossible to breathe through his nose. He had to breathe through his mouth. It felt so natural. He looked like the most stereotypical dumb frat boy.

    Testosterone began to fuel through his body. Oliver began to get more animalistic. He felt so manly. Like a beast ready to hunt it’s prey. His homosexuality began to erase itself. His mind began to fill itself with thoughts of breeding women and fucking a nice pair of juicy tits. He needed to fuck women. He needed to cum in them. It was his purpose. It was his job to spread his seed. His thick potent alpha seed. His ass that had seen years of penetration began to tighten. It tightened until it was impenetrable. No matter how much he tried, nothing would ever be able to enter his ass ever again.


    Jacob smiled at his new frat bro and began pouring the jock beer all over him. “That’s it. Just give into your natural instincts. We’re fucking alphas, bro”

    “Damn bros. We stink” Ross sniffed his armpit. “DIBS ON THE SHOWER”

    Ross ran towards the shower and hopped in, turning it on.

    “NAH BRAH. THAT SHOWER IS MINE” Jacob chuckled, stripped naked and jumped into the shower with Ross.

    “LET ME JOIN BROOOOSSSS” the other jocks hopped in the shower, including Olly.

    “This is so fucking gay, dude” Olly scoffed.

    “No homo bro” Jacob smiled deviously at Olly.

    The entire group began dumbly chuckling. They then began smacking each other’s asses and pretending to fuck each other. Olly looked at his bros’ fat asses, but no matter how much his former self tried, he couldn’t get a boner. Nothing compared to pussy. His bros’ asses were nothing to him anymore.

    The former nerds exited the shower and put on their new jock clothes. They then made their way out to the garden.

    “HEY MY DUDESSSS! LOOK WHO IT IS!” Jackson laughed pointing at his new creations as they stomped their way into the garden.

    “How’s my favourite teammate doing?” Jackson walked up to Olly and started jokingly humping his muscular leg. “Damn dude, you make me so hornyyyyyyy” Jackson jokingly moaned.

    “Ay dude. I’m not some fucking gay” Olly scoffed as he smoked on his cigarette.

    “NAHHHH DUDE... no homo” Jackson laughed as he began humping Olly’s leg furiously.

    The former nerds were now nothing but empty headed frat bros. All they did now was fuck women, bully nerds and jokingly hump and kiss each other. Jackson got exactly what he wanted. He’d successfully gotten rid of all the nerds in his school.



    Another one of my favourites

    No More Subtitles

    “Fuck this, man. I don’t want to read subtitles”

    Scott was your average American. He wasn’t too smart either. So when his roommate put on a Spanish film with subtitles, Scott rolled his eyes and immediately turned it off. Scott took the disc out of the DVD player and chucked it out the widow. But what Scott didn’t know was, the DVD was actually cursed.

    Over the next few weeks, Scott experienced some changes. His white complexion slowly became darker. His skin beginning to look more... tan. More hispanic. But Scott was oblivious to the change. He just thought he was getting a good tan. He had been playing football with his bros in the sun after all.

    Scott’s body had gotten bigger too. His muscles slowly grew over the weeks. The growth was noticeable. Scott’s lean body had gotten bulkier. His lean pecs jutted out becoming big and round. His biceps became as big as a body builder’s. But Scott wasn’t going to complain. He was starting to get bigger than all his bros. Anyway, it’s probably cause he’s been spending so much time in the gym, right?

    Scott’s body hair progressively got darker and thicker over the weeks. He would try and shave it off, but his body hair would just grow back throughout the day. He would shave his face in the morning only to have a full thick beard in the evening. His once hairless chest had grown a thick pelt. His shaved armpits now covered in hair.

    Scott dismissed it. Maybe it was just all that testosterone in his body. Scott only started to worry when strangers began to assume he was hispanic. Store clerks would talk to him in Spanish. The girls he went on dates would often ask when he moved to America. Scott was always offended by these assumptions. He was as American as they come, right? How could anyone mistake him for some hispanic?

    On the third week of the curse, everything changed. Scott woke up unable to speak a word of English. He screamed and shouted in his new Spanish accent. His mind began to be erased. It emptied and emptied until he couldn’t even remember his own name. Scott stood mindlessly in his room. His new big hulking hairy body stagnant as he stared vacantly at the empty wall. His face relaxed. His jaw hanging open. Suddenly, Scott began moaning. His mind being filled with memories. New memories. Memories of a life in Mexico. All memories of every having ever lived in America were wiped from his mind. All he remembered is that his name was Juan. He was born in Mexico City. He’s always had dreams of moving to America. But he just can’t bring himself to do it. He loves Mexico too much. Juan’s surroundings shifted into a cheap dirty apartment in Mexico City. His wardrobe began to change, filling itself with Mexican attire.

    Juan was ready to begin his life. He confidently strode out of his bedroom. He looked at the TV to see that a Spanish film was playing. The same Spanish film from his past life. Juan grinned.

    “¡Mi película favorita!” Juan laughed.

    Scott definitely won’t be needing any Spanish subtitles anymore.


    A Change of Perspective

    “Girls! I feel so big!” Lucy giggled to her girlfriends struggling to balance in her new body.

    “Looks like you still have your boobs, Lulu” the two friends cooed giving her pecs a squeeze.

    “I know babes! Let’s go see what this big body can do!” Lucy said flexing her biceps.


    Lucy and her friends were tanning on the beach when they were approached by a man selling ‘magic seashells’.

    “Wish into the seashell” the man gave the girls a blue glowing shell. “Let it make your wildest dreams come true”

    Lucy enjoyed the theatrical nature of the man and decided to buy one.

    “But you must be careful. If the seashell is shattered, the effects will become permanent. Your world will be altered... forever”

    The girls rolled their eyes at the warning. They then gathered around the shell asking each other what they would wish for if the magic seashell was real. Lucy lay down looking up at the sun and sighed:

    “My exes have all been horny misogynistic pigs. I just want to understand them. Sometimes, I wish I could just understand what it’s like to be a man.”

    And with that, blue mist shot out of the shell consuming Lucy. Reshaping her. Making her grow bigger and broader. Moulding her like clay. Turning her into a big hulking muscular giant.

    For the first day, life as a man was a dream. No more catcalling. No more worrying when walking home late at night. She could just drink and have fun with her friends. Life was so much simpler as a man. Lucy and her girlfriends went to the local gay bar looking for guys Lucy could hook-up with in her new body. But as Lucy gazed out at the crowds of gay men dancing, she realised that she just didn’t find anyone attractive. Men she normally would have gone for just didn’t seem to appeal to her now. She shrugged it off. Maybe she just wasn’t in the mood tonight.

    On the second day, Lucy met up with her two blonde friends for lunch. She sat at the table waiting for her friends to show up. But when she saw them... her jaw dropped. They looked stunning. It was like her brain couldn’t think. Thoughts of her friends’ naked bodies consumed her mind. Her new manhood strained in her jeans. Lucy couldn’t help but just lightly stroke her cock through her jeans when no one was looking. Maybe it was just all these male hormones. She wasn’t attracted to her friends... was she?

    It was Lucy’s third day of being in the masculine hunk’s body. Her two friends were coming up to his apartment today. Lu... Lucas... or was it Lucy. No it couldn’t have been Lucy. Lucy is way too feminine. Lucas is as manly as they come. Lucas had barely slept during the night. He had just been lying in his bed, jerking his cock to his friends’ instagram. He jerked his big 8’ cock to their pretty faces. Their huge breasts. He just couldn’t help it. They were just so... hot. Lucas couldn’t help but think of all the unspeakable things he’d do to their fuckable bodies. Deep inside, Lucy knew she shouldn’t be doing this. She felt guilty. But it just felt so... right. It just felt too fucking good to stop.

    The two ladies knocked on his door. Lucas opened the door to the women in nothing but a thin towel. His massive cock outlined by the fabric.

    “Hello ladies” he smiled seductively. These women weren’t his friends anymore. They were just objects now. Objects for him to stick his fuckstick into. Lucy knew she shouldn’t be thinking about her best friends like this. But she couldn’t help but give into Lucas’ urges. All she knew was that she needed to cum deep inside her friends.

    Lucas looked at his prey. The two big breasted women stood before him. His cock telling him to rip their clothes off and fuck their brains out. Lucas dropped his towel, deviously grinning at the women.

    “Get over here and suck my cock. Lube it up real good, ladies. Cause after you’re done sucking, I’m putting babies in both of you”

    The ladies got on their knees and complied.


    By the end of the week, Lucas had bred the women more times than he could count. Lucas’ unrelenting horniness made it so he couldn’t go more than an hour without sex.

    Lucas knew that there was only one thing left for him to do. No way in hell was he going back to being some nice submissive woman. He was born to be an alpha. He was born to fuck women. He was born to spread his seed. He was born to be... a man.

    “Bye bye Lucy” He smashed the magic blue shell onto the bedroom floor. “Lucas is here to stay”

    Let’s just say Lucy definitely understands her horny misogynistic exes much better now. All she needed was a little... change of perspective.


    This is one of, if not, my favourite story i’ve written