Weiling was a rare girl indeed, she had been blessed with a great face, body and boobs. I heard stories of how Weiling leveraged her beauty throughout her school life. Stories such as Weiling sucking the dicks of her lecturers to get good grades circulated throughout the school but was never proven. I heard that she once even deep throated an Indian security guard to keep him quiet about her smoking on campus.

    After hearing the stories, I decided to see if it true for myself. First, I identified that on every Wednesday, Weiling’s classes would end at the same time as me, at the classroom opposite me. I made it a point to stalk Weiling for a bit every Wednesday after class. For the first few weeks, nothing suspicious came up except for the part that I was ogling Weiling in her tight clothes every Wednesday.

    However, on one of the weeks I noticed that Weiling exited the class with her tutor, walking in a strange and awkward manner. This alerted me heavily, as I carefully followed Weiling as the couple headed to the secluded engineering block. The couple disappeared into the stairs of that block and I carefully made my way the opposite direction, finding a way to reach the stairs from upstairs instead of downstairs (from which they enter).

    I slowly stepped down the stairs and i finally saw Weiling, she was wearing her pink shirt & cardigan but her shorts was already nowhere to be found. I whipped out my phone and started recording from above, still unnoticed. I saw Weiling with a vibrator inside her pussy. “Mr XXX, let me take out the vibrator already, I will get full tutorial participation marks right?” Weiling said. “take it out, and let me fuck you” the lecturer said. “I don’t do fucking, let me finish you off alright?”. I recorded everything, watching how Weiling finished the lecturer off, swallowing the cum. The stories were true after all.

    I started blackmailing Weiling with those recordings and true enough she responded and we arranged for a meeting. We agreed that she would blow me and that I would never tell anyone about the incident. We meet up at the same set of stairs the next day and Weiling showed up in her white croptop w/ hotpants, “fuck you’re hot you slut” I said.

    We began our make out session as I started to fondle with Weiling’s breasts, through her shirt, while stripping her off her shorts. I started fingering Weiling’s pussy, and damn she was tight, my finger was tightly wrapped with the vaginal walls of Weiling. I proceeded to usher Weiling down on her knees and placed my thick dick into her mouth. After a couple minutes of deep throats, I told Weiling that I wanted to eat her out, Weiling said that she normally wouldn’t do it but because of the recording she agreed, “so long as you don’t do anything more than that” she said. Heh, what was this slut expecting.

    I told her to get on fours, and I began licking Weiling’s pussy. After a few licks or so, I told Weiling to close her eyes, and enjoy the sensations, she obliged as I started to position my dick at her pussy entrance. Giving Weiling a couple more fingers, I made sure Weiling’s pussy was wet and well lubricated by this point. In one movement, I trusted my dick straight into Weiling’s vagina. Weiling’s eyes immediately opened wide as she turned around and tried to use one hand to shove me away. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” Weiling exclaimed, instead of stopping, I grabbed Weiling’s hands and pulled her back, making her back arch and my dick go even deeper into Weiling’s tight cunt. Evidently, Weiling was too horny to retaliate as she was moaning by this point. Apparently, I had just taken Weiling’s virginity too, as i saw blood on my penis. Weiling had been seducing guys without giving her virginity so far.

    I started stripping Weiling of her top now, she was competely naked now, Weiling was now voluntarily fucking me, no longer crying and instead riding me. Weiling rocked her hips vigorously now, while saying “fuck me harder, rape me you fucker”.

    I couldn’t take it anymore,this tight virgin pussy was too much for me to handle, I came straight into Weiling as her pussy tightened and she announced that she was cumming. Weiling arched her back and thrusted her hips towards my dick as my semen milk flowed straight into her.

    Weiling proceeded to lift herself from my dick, placing her hand at her pussy lips allowing the cum to flow out of her pussy onto her hands. Weiling scooped up the cum and placed it right into her mouth, With the cum still in her mouth, Weiling proceeded to french kiss me, exchanging the cum between our tongues. Fuck that was the hottest make out session I ever had.

    After that, I got Weiling’s number and instead of blackmailing her again, both of us just agreed to meet up voluntarily the next time. Weiling ended the day texting me “I’m glad I was raped by you”

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    Disclaimer: All stories are fictional


    Anyone know her new ig? Been looking for long time


    I met this asian while on vacation in Europe. I put an ad out as a freelance photogtapher and she replied looking for some instagram photos. We went out around town took some pics and came back to my hotel to have a look. She was very happy with the results and i said i wouldn’t charge her and complimented her on how fun she was to hang out with. Needless to say I was balls deep in her a few mintues later.


    I know her instagram