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    It’s interesting that the same crowd who claims that RWBY treats abused women as evil are the same people who blame four female characters for choices and actions that other characters make, to the point of vilifying said girls for how they defend themselves against men who want to victimize or even kill them.


    Tmw the hatedom spent 2 years burning Blake on the stake because “she was mean to Sun”, then proceeded to claim Adam’s not an abuser for the next 2?


    If you're old enough to remember console televisions, then chances are you're wondering why modern technology can't double as furniture too. The first reason is that shipping costs have drastically increased since the Golden Age of the 1980s. Second, liquid-crystal displays aren't very deep, and the manufacturers want to show off the slim-line sexiness of the all-digital era. Way to chassis-shame, jerks.

    Feeling nostalgic, I wanted to bring back the sensation of having completely unmovable furniture stuffed full of implosion hazards in my living room. After summing up my options, it was decided that I would simply do what my ancestors did to create the console televisions in the first place: find a smaller television, and then build some pointlessly large furniture around it with unnecessary empty space on all sides.

    Luckily for me and my total lack of woodworking ability, one of my neighbours had thrown out a perfectly good big-screen LCD television on the side of the road. Just because the screen was a little smashed in the corner didn't mean that this wasn't still a useful TV! You don't need to see the rightmost 1/3 of any Hollywood movie in order to be able to tell what's going on.

    And the same went for the furniture, where I found a perfectly good scratch-and-ding casket thrown out behind the mortuary. Presumably the guy who was going to put in it didn't die all the way, so they threw it out for sanitary reasons. Nothing a pressure washer couldn't solve, if I owned a pressure washer. Instead, I gave it a blast with the Shop-Vac until it stopped smelling weird. One "borrowed" router from a neighbour, and the screen was happily installed into the giant impractical piece of furniture that now dominated my living area and reeked of formaldehyde. Ah, the 80s have truly returned.

    For my next adventure in the field of reviving broken garbage from the 1980s, I'll buy a brand-new base-model Nissan Frontier.


    god how could i ever leave this webbed-site?


    wish there was a non rude way to be like “I understand your criticism, I don’t even necessarily disagree with it, but I am doing these things on purpose, because I like them and I want to, and therefore your opinion has no value, because you might think me painting a room entirely pink is tacky, but I did it on purpose”


    it's not a 1 to 1 for this but i was in a workshop thing a few years ago where we learned to use the phrase "i appreciate your advice and promise to weigh it carefully." you have to actually weigh the advice when you use this phrase because otherwise it feels like "shut up" to the person you say it to. but it might be useful in these kinds of situations.

    I always love the argument that, in a show where two characters’ relationship progresses into eventual romance numerous volumes later, the exact same thing is unacceptable if those characters are a same-sex relationship, because apparently queer people never form bonds that grow into affection and love.

    It just drives home the fact that the reason the RWBY hatedom wants to deny the Bumbleby build-up is because they actually want LGBTQ+ fans of a show to be ultimately disappointed, because their spite over a cartoon is more important to them than LGBTQ+ representation in fiction and LGBTQ+ people in real life.


    Hate the 4 or so days after peeling a bandaid off where you have to wait for the stupid red mark to go away


    That’s what you all said about pomegranates a few days ago. Tumblr doesn’t get to armchair diagnose me with two allergies in the same week, that isn’t fair.


    Stop being maybe allergic to things then /j.


    I’ve gone through my entire life with basically no allergies and I’m not about to start now


    #could also be an adhesive allergy! i am fine with latex but some bandaids man 

    Given that the persistent red parts and dry skin are always in the ‘shape’ of the adhesive part that’s probably it


    “Pomegranate allergy is seen in conjunction with allergies to other foods presenting as Latex Food Syndrome, which is caused by the body confusing the proteins it encounters in food to that of latex proteins to which it is already sensitised.”

    “There are 3 allergens thought to cause allergic reactions in pomegranates, these are called Pun g 1, Pun g 7 and Pun g 14. Pun g 14 is a chitinase protein. This is a plant derived enzyme made by plants naturally to act as a defence against fungal attacks. Chitinase is a protein associated with an allergy to latex.”



    You’re saying it’s possible that my body throws hissy fits over delicious fruit and medical treatment because it’s freaking out over an antifungal protein?





    May I offer moral support?

    I spent my entire life thinking tomatoes were spicy. Turns out, they’re not. I was 36 when I learned that I’m allergic to some kind of pollen that also triggers on raw tomatoes. :S


    At least you get an entirely different depth of flavour from the average burger! XD

    If Lynati is right I might have one single allergy that wants to fuck my life up in multiple distinct ways.


    The irony here is that I only mentioned bandaids because I was using them to secure samples to my skin for a pomegranate test last week.

    you cannot be "pro aces/aros, but only lgbt ones uwu" because by saying that you are saying you do not think being aspec is an inherently marginalized experience. you are saying that aphobia on it's own is not a problem. you are saying that ace and/or aro experiences do not matter unless they are coupled with gay or trans experiences. You cannot support aspecs unless you agree that aphobia is a real thing we experience and agree that we are queer for our aspec identities, not in spite of them. You cannot be "pro aces/aros" then turn around and say we don't face anything.



    my headcanon is that Jinx picked her favorite bands and held them at gunpoint until they all wrote songs about her. and then because she's such an important part of Zuan's landscape those songs became best sellers and more artists wrote songs about for a few months.

    yeah you know what? this is it

    either this or jinx offhandedly mentioned she liked a band and dad of the year silco was immediately like “I’M ON IT DARLING” and took it too far


    i know its the mets, but this is the coolest shit i’ve ever seen a human being do


    Smoove with it too 


    This is the kind of shit you see in anime that shows that a certain character is stronger than other characters. 


    “Pathetic.  You can’t even hold the bat you dare step to the plate? Have you no respect for the sport?”


    reminds me of this gif


    Baseball players are to be feared


    Reblogging for the last one


    ^Same for me


    They just kept getting progressively more “woah”


    much woah


    Oh my god this is a lucky universe


    every time this post comes around, my favorite part is the “I know it’s the Mets” qualifier at the beginning lmao like how baseball that this zillion note posts starts with “sorry for putting this hellteam on your dash, bUT”


    Y’all have no idea how hard I was trying not to laugh in class at that poor bird


    They…they just blew up a fucking bird…


    Ball’s dead. Bird’s dead. I’m dead