Submissive Orgasm Guidelines:

    Gender neutral guidelines for submissive orgasm denial/control. 

    Submissives should not cum unless told to by their dominants because:

    1. Edging can make you perma-horny which makes your body always ready to enthusiastically provide service.

    2. submissive orgasms belong to their dominant, not to the submissive themselves.

    3. submissive orgasms should happen for dominant pleasure, ego or enjoyment rather than for submissive pleasure.

    4. It’s rude to cum when you’re not told to.

    5. It teaches self control.

    6. It keeps you humble.

    7. Denial makes you appreciate release.

    8. The focus of sex should always be dominant pleasure.

    9. Deciding if/when you cum brings the dominant enjoyment and shows them they are in total control.

    10. Only orgasming when commanded to demonstrates respect.

    11. Because your dominant said so.


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    A Load of Hypno Audio Links

    This really just started out as a reference post, to make it easier to find hypaudio files later.  It got bigger than I’d intended.


    Binaurul drugs:

    mistress mona:













    The Secret Subject:

    Ella Enchanting:














    Princess Indigo:


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    Reblogging these hypnofiles for all the good girls. Maybe one, two, or all of them are for you.


    The Beautiful Intimacy of Cum Feeding

    Cum feeding is a creampie cleanup, but a little different. Instead of your cuckold crawling between your legs to clean up, he’s waiting on his back for you to feed the cum to him. You are in complete control. You are the one that determines when he gets to eat. It can feel more intimate and erotic, like the two of you are participating in this wondrous game together.

    It’s most sensual when he’s on his back. He’s vulnerable underneath you. He trusts you completely. He knows exactly what’s in your pussy and he can’t wait for it to fill his mouth.

    Doesn’t that thought alone turn you on a little? You have someone else’s cum in your pussy and your husband wants to swallow it. You want you to feed it to him. It’s a beautiful way to recapture the intimacy of a husband and wife relationship after you’ve been with someone else.

    If you’ve just been fucked particularly hard, your husband’s tongue can feel wonderfully soothing. He can’t get too vigorous about it, but to feel him lapping at your labia is thrilling.

    You’ll hear him moan as you begin to feed him. As your lover’s cum seeps out of your body and into your cuckold’s mouth, he’ll be overwhelmed with lust. This is his favorite part of the night. Isn’t that beautiful? Reconnecting with you by eating another man’s cum from your pussy is your cuckold’s favorite thing. That’s just incredible.

    What this lovely girl is doing is a great way to deepen that bond. Take his hands in yours as you feed him cum. Hold them as you gently ride his face and let your lover’s cum drip into his mouth. Enjoy the look of bliss on his face. He’s in his happy place. He’s eating cum from your pussy.

    It’s important to remember that he genuinely loves this. He loves that you fucked someone else. He loves that someone else came inside you. He loves eating that man’s cum from you. It’s his favorite thing in the world, and by feeding it to him you’re enhancing that pleasure.

    The more active you are in the cum feeding, the more effective it will be. Instead of just sitting on his face and browsing on your phone, use it as a chance to connect with him. Look down at your husband. Encourage him with sensual dirty talk about eating your lover’s cum. Put your hands in his hair. Guide him to the right spot.

    If you can cum again while on your husband’s face, do so. After he’s gotten all the cum out of you, encourage him to lick your clit and bring you to a final climax for the evening. If you want to give him an orgasm, do it after you’ve had yours.

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    Every cuckold couple does this differently. It’s a special/humiliating moment when a wife decides to force her sub hubby to eat another man’s cum from her mouth, off her tits, from her pussy, and out of her ass hole! No matter how it’s done, it’s amazing when a wife thwarts her dominance over her husband!!


    Chastity Games

    Here are some ideas, and some advice to couples that are exploring a female led relationship that involves chastity.   These are not “advanced techniques” and I don’t claim to be an expert, but in the 6 years we have played in the lifestyle, these are some of the more important things I have learned.  If you are looking to completely dominate your husband in every aspect of your life, this is probably not the article for you.  If you are interested in having a more fun, kinky, and exciting sex life, along with a little more control in the household, and help your husband be a better partner to you, this may help.

    How long should he be locked?

    I truly believe that it should be up to the keyholder and her alone, but some people like to switch things up, so here are some fun ways to let fate decide.

    • Determine the number of orgasm he has to give the keyholder before he earns an orgasm.
    • The keyholder could require him to provide her with 10 oral, 10 using a vibrator, and 10 using his cock before he earns the right to have his own.  Or 20 using his fingers and 5 using his mouth, and 5 with a dildo, or strap on, you get the idea.
    • How about adding one day every time he has an orgasm, so if he made it 21 days this time he has to wait 22 next time.
    • There is a myriad of dice games that could be used.  If you Google dice chastity game, you can find an endless supply.
    • Marbles seem to be another favorite, again if you Google marble chastity game, there are plenty to choose from.
    • I think a really fun one is to use trivia to determine his lock up time. While lying in bed the keyholder can ask a series of questions about anything she likes really, and for every answer the sub gets wrong he gets a day or a week or whatever time period the keyholder desires locked in chastity, this is fun because the keyholder is still determining the lock up time, by the number of questions or how hard they are.  Try Keyholder trivia, she can ask questions about what she likes, you can both have fun and learn what makes your keyholder happy!
    • I also think that it is a big turn on for the sub to know that regardless what the “game” determines should be the lock up time, that he knows it is ultimately what his keyholder decides, so when the time arrives that he has earned his orgasm, simply tell him, “I know you were supposed to have an orgasm today, but I have decided to keep you locked another few days.”

    Fun things for the Keyholder to say to keep the sub excited.  I think it is important for the keyholder to remember that for the sub in chastity, it is a 24/7 commitment, and sometimes all it takes is the smallest reminder from his keyholder to get his libido back up and racing and keep it exciting for him.

    • “Tonight sweetie, you can be my little brown noser.”
    • “Oh! Sweetie, your cage looks tight and uncomfortable!  Oh well, you will just have to suffer for me.”
    • “You haven’t thanked me for locking up your cock and controlling your orgasms for you in quite a while.  Do you have anything to say to me?”
    • After he has given you an orgasm orally, you could say, “Sweetie you are getting so good with your tongue, pretty soon I will never have to unlock your cock!”
    • After inspecting his cage to make sure he is secure, you could say something like, “Hmmm, maybe we should get a size smaller.”
    • “Sweetie I seem to have lost the key, oh well, we won’t be needing it for a long time anyway.”
    • “Denying you is so much more fun than letting you orgasm, I might never let you cum again!”
    • Every time you lock his device, you should say something like, “Now thank me for controlling your orgasms,” or, “There we go, my cock is locked up again, until the next time I need it.”
    • You get the idea, anything to remind him that you are in control will excite him and keep him happy for quite a while.

    Tease and Denial:  I think this is the most important part of chastity and also a successful female led relationship.  There are numerous entire web sites and articles with ideas out there, so I will let you find your own fun ideas, but I would like to remind you that it doesn’t have to last only an hour, there are ways to tease your sub all day without having to lift a finger.

    1.      Have him shave all his pubic hair.  It is more comfortable wearing a cage when you are shaved anyway.  Every time his goes to the bathroom it will be another reminder of your control.

    2.      Assign him to make you a sex toy, or bondage device, like a leg spreader, or install eye bolts to tie him off to.

    3.      Assign him a list of chores you want complete, with the knowledge that if they are not done he will be punished.

    4.      Make him clean the house dressed as a woman.

    5.      Have him hand wash your panties and lingerie.

    6.      Have him run an errand for you wearing a butt plug.

    7.      Tell him you need new panties and you want him to buy them for you.  When He gives them to you, tell him you think they will look better on him, and make him wear them.

    8.      Before he leaves for work, make him lick your pussy and tell him that he has the privilege of smelling you every time he inhales now.

    9.      You can set rules for him, like having to ask to use the bathroom, or having to address you as mistress or princess for the day.

    Punishments: Punishments can be fun, or they can be just that, Punishments.  I think any female led relationship should have both.  Just having “fun” punishments promotes behavior from the sub that is unacceptable, because he enjoys the punishment and acts up in order to get it.  For punishments that are meant to correct behavior or habits, he should be aware that you are truly unhappy with what he has done, that you love him very much, and that the punishment is meant to hurt.  After the punishment reinforce that you love him, and you did what you did to help him be a better partner.  I can say 100% of the time that your partner will love you for it, gain respect for you in the relationship, and be far more excited because it now seems real to him.  With just playful punishments, he may still view this as a game.   Here are some playful punishments:

    1.      Have him lick your ass, as you watch TV or read a book.  Make sure to give him plenty of direction and encouragement, and tease him a bit as well.  Lets face it, sex is 90% mental.  Say things like, “I love my little brown noser,” or “get your tongue in there or that cage stays locked for another week.”  It’s important that you make do a good job, not just lick your butt cheeks, the excitement for the sub is all mental, being made to lick your ass, the punishment part is making him really do it.

    2.      During a teasing session, if he starts moving too much or getting overly close to orgasm, take off your panties, put the gusset on his face and tell him they can keep him company while you go get a drink.

    3.      Have him run you a bath, wash your body, lotion your legs, dress you, even paint your toe nails.  Keep it exciting for him by telling him how happy you are he is in chastity, and how you would hate to lose his enthusiasm, so you may never remove the device.

    4.      Have him wear panties and stockings to work under his work clothes, no one but you and he will know.  He will be on high alert all day hoping no one notices.  You can text him from time to time to remind him of his situation!

    5.      If he keeps asking to be let out of his cage, take off your panties and gag him with them.

    6.      Play a little trivia game with him, tie his hands up, play with him until he is excited, and ask him if he knows how to please you, he will of course say yes, then you can say “great!  We are going to play a game, I will ask you some questions about me, when you are right I will stroke your cock, when you are wrong, I will slap it.”  Ask away!  You can ask him anything from your favorite color to your favorite sexual position!

    7.      Tens units are a lot of fun as well, as they can be used to provide great pleasure, or a small amount of pain.  They can make a great training tool used correctly.

    8.      Take all his boring male underwear, and replace them with panties, and tell him he has to earn his underwear back, and he should wear the panties till he does.

    9.      Hoods can be a lot of fun.  Get one with a gag and use some ear plugs and he won’t know when or where you are going to give him pleasure (or pain).

    10.  Spankings of course are a favorite, using your hand or a paddle its pretty tough to really hurt him, so spank away.   Careful with some of the switches or canes, as you can actually draw blood with enough force.

    11.  If he comes without permission, I consider that a pretty serious offense. The whole idea of the relationship is that he is giving you control of his orgasms, if he takes that back, its just a sex game to him again.  If he is unable to control himself any more, he should be able to talk to you seriously and explain the situation and let YOU decide when and how he orgasms.  Taking it upon himself is unacceptable.  He should get a serious punishment, be locked back up, in his cage immediately, and made to lick up his mess.

    12.  Ruined orgasms can be very effective.  There are plenty of videos and articles on how they work and how to cause them, so I will not go into it, but they take some practice to get it right.  When you do get it right, it actually will leave your sub just as horny, but leaves you with the leverage of saying “you just had an orgasm!”  You know you did it right if his seed simply flows out with no “burst”, also just watching his face will tell you!

    Like I said there has to be more than just fun punishments.   Sometimes, he will need to be corrected.  This prevents him from “topping from the bottom” or controlling what you have him do.   Certainly he has to get some of what he wants, but he should not be able to “force you to force him” that is not how it works, and is not as much fun for him or you.  Punishments are also great ways to “tweek” his behavior or attitude towards you, if he is acting moody or speaking disrespectfully to you, simply tell him of your concern, explain what you expect from him, and proceed with the punishment.  Its amazing how quickly a good spanking will get a man back in “subspace” where he is loving and respectful.  Some punishments can include:

    • The easiest and usually most effective is spanking.  It is both humiliating and a bit painful for the sub.  You can use your hand, a hairbrush, cane, switch, paddle, flogger, crop, shoe, anything really.   Make sure he knows the reason, make sure he knows you love him, make sure he knows it is going to hurt.  When its done hug him, tell him again you love him, and reinforce with him that you don’t want that behavior to continue, as it is upsetting his keyholder.
    • You can put spikes in his chastity cage.  Be careful here as I have heard of some people actually getting a bruised or cut penis from some of the spikes available for some devices.
    • Being tied in an uncomfortable position for a period of time.  This can really be painful and uncomfortable, and gives the sub time to reflect on what he did.
    • Prolonging his release date.  Yep, that’s pretty effective.  Although it really only works if you have a set release date.
    • Withholding teasing sessions.  What your sub craves most of all is your attention, so withholding it is about the worst thing that you can do to him.  Be careful here though because after a few days in chastity your sub is going to be pretty emotionally vulnerable, and could easily feel neglected by being ignored.  So, if you are withholding your attention make sure he knows why and that he is just not being put on the back burner for something more important than he.

    When you feel the time comes for your sub to have full orgasm I encourage you to let him build up to it, and make it special.  I also could not encourage you more, that if you want to continue with his current lock up, that you ask him. That’s right ask him!  Say something like, “You have been a very good boy and have earned an orgasm, but I am really enjoying myself, and don’t want to have to start all over, when you are so horny and loving right now.  If you ask me to, I will put you back in your device, and I will promise to be more demanding, more cruel, more kinky, and an all around better keyholder.” I would make sure he is right on the edge of an orgasm when you do this as it will really drive him crazy!  Be prepared, he will eventually say he needs an orgasm, don’t look at it as him rejecting you, look at it as nature overpowering his need to submit.  If he does choose to orgasm, if you would like to continue his chastity, and devotion to you, make sure he puts his device on immediately after he has his orgasm.  When a man has an orgasm, he immediately loses all his submissiveness, and it is important to have him in his device to start building it again.

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    Advice from a girl who has been in charge fro a while.

    My man is in CHASTITY pretty much all the time. In the beginning, it took me a while to understand the purpose of chastity. It took him a while to get used to a foreign body attached to his member.  But once I got used to the power, there has been no going back.

    TEASING is become our daily routine and I just adore being a blue balls queen. Seeing his frustration and hearing him beg is both fun and huge turn on for me.

    Most of the teasing I perform with his cage on. I remove the cage for tease and play once in a while, sometimes as reward, or if I want an occasional real cock. But only when his hands are bound. This way I am in total CONTROL, all of the time.

    EDGING AND DENIAL are essential to melt his mind into state of fully obedience and humility. Prolonged denial increases it all. For how long one should deny the other, is completely up to the denier…in this case ME :)

    Prolonged denial increases it all.  How long should any of this last? Well that is completely up to the one in charge.  Me/  should deny the other, is completely up to the girl… in this case ME : )  

    RUINED ORGASMS keep your submissive healthy but are not satisfying and that keeps him horny.

    If you can make him cum while wearing chastity, it is also a  ruined unsatisfying cum.  And of course all that unsatisfied horniness results in him being the best partner in the world. ATTENTIVE, HUMBLE, OBEDIENT.

    PEGGING nicely deals with the ego issue as it is about the most humiliating thing for him and empowering thing for you.  If you do it with his cage on, double that feeling.  And if you manage to make him have a ruined orgasm in his cage, just by pegging. So proud of myself : )

    Dealing with his ego is important or he will forget his place in your relationship. You want someone who feels good about themselves, is confident and successful. But when it coms to the two of you, who do you think should feel more important and entitled?  : )


    A FEMALE LED RELATIONSHIP results in a humble and obedient husband.


    Good stuff!


    Be Careful What You Wish For...

    By doyouwantthetoporbottom,

    There is a saying among couples who have tried chastity…  Be careful what you wish for…

    When chastity is carried out for more than a few months, the shift of power and overall satisfaction is clear. At least half the husbands want to go back to increased opportunity to masturbate and achieve sexual release. The initial fun of the kink eventually gives way to the reality of the girl owning their ability to orgasm.  However, not one of the wives is willing to give up control.  

    The reality of male chastity and female control is much different than the fantasy because the practical aspect is much closer to the female ideal of how a relationship should be, than is the wishful thinking of the male. Women who stay with it out through the initial ups and downs figure out how change their mindset from a need to give him orgasms to one of deserving all the orgasms they could ever want. Finally putting the constant subliminal attitude of “men before women” to rest seems to translate to their entire life.

    Curiously though when questioned about “happiness”, both women and men rate their overall satisfaction much higher when they man is locked. Men don’t necessarily realize that they might want to be able to orgasm on demand. But they need to be sexually controlled by the strong women in their lives…

    Thanks todoyouwantthetoporbottom


    They may want to orgasm, but they don’t realize they’ll be much happier if they don’t…




    The Sensory Overload of the Cuckold 69


    Most cuckolds see a gif like the one above and feel a surge of arousal. The idea of being underneath your wife as she gets fucked from behind is pure bliss. It’s so much more than that, though.

    Think beyond the visual splendor of staring at that image in your screen. Think about being there. Think about lying beneath your wife. Think about how all of your senses are engaged and potentially overloaded.


    Feel her body on top of yours. Feel her breasts pressing against your stomach. If you’re lucky, feel her playing with your cock and balls. Feel her hot breath on you as she moans in pleasure. Fit her clit on your tongue as you lick her. Feel his balls brushing against your forehead as he thrusts inside her.

    See the way her pussy lips open for him. See the length and thickness of his cock filling her. See how much bigger he is than you. See how much better he is at fucking your wife than you are.


    Hear her overwhelming moans of pleasure as a bigger, better cock fills your wife. Hear the wetness of her pussy as he fills her over and over. Hear the sound of their flesh slapping together as he drills her doggystyle. Maybe you’ll even hear the words of humiliation they both have for you.

    Smell the overwhelming scent of sex as another man’s cock pounds your wife’s pussy. If he’s wearing a condom, smell the latex as his dick is inches from your nose. Smell the unmistakable scent of his balls. Take in all the smells that a cuckold 69 produces.


    Taste her pussy as you lick her from beneath your wife. Taste his shaft as she orders you to lick it. Taste his balls as they pass over your tongue. Most importantly, taste his cum as it drips from your wife’s pussy as he fills her with a massive load.

    A cuckold 69 is so much more than a fun way to fuck. It’s pure sensory overload for the lucky husband underneath his wife and her lover.

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    I want to slurp a pussy full of cum and suck all the COCKS THAT FILLED IT


    The 30 Day Anal Orgasm Test

    It is a fact that ALL men, CAN cum with no stimulation to their penis.

    All that is required is to not let your man cum under any circumstances, for any reason.  Before we show you how you can accomplish this, one might ask, “Why do I want to make my husband have an anal orgasm anyways?  The answer is simple.  The transformation that will occur during the following process, will be sure to make your man more obedient, a better and more attentive lover, and overall better partner in life in and out of the bedroom.

    So lets begin…

    Set The Stage.

    The first thing you need to do is let your husband/boyfriend know your intentions.  Tell him know right now that you are going to run an experiment on him for your amusement.  Tell him it will be tough on him, but the reward at the end of your experiment will be well worth it.  Let him know that you are going to teach him how to have an “anal orgasm” where he will feel a full orgasm and cum without any stimulation to his cock whatsoever.  Let him know that when he has it, that it will be the most intense orgasm of his life, and that the wait for this will be worth it.  Also let him know that you do not know how long this will take, but it will involve lots of sex, but he is not allowed to cum.  (this will make him interested for sure.)

    Stage 1.

    Every day you must tease your husband or boyfriend.  You must make him hard, and if possible EDGE him every day.  This is where you bring him really close, and then stop prior to the point of no return. Also be sure to tease him verbally, and talk dirty to him.  Remind him how much you own him, and how he is to serve you.  Make him bring you to orgasm as many times as you like, and for him to do things like lick your ass.  This is a giant turn on for submissive men.

    The main point of this stage, is to tease and deny for approximately 2-5 days following his last orgasm.

    Stage 2.

    This is very much the same as stage 1 except after 5 days, you will start to anally penetrate on a regular basis.  After you tease him and his cock is really hard, flip him over, and start working his ass.  Plant some triggers here while you are doing this.  Tell him how horny he is, and how much he likes it when you fuck his ass.  At this point, use your fingers, dildos, anything you have ever used in the past, and use lots of language to keep him turned on during this.  Let him know what a good anal slut he is for you, and that good boys get great rewards.  The point is, keep the tease and level of excitement high, while you penetrate his ass.

    As you are using your dildo, fingers, strap on, or whatever you want, ask him how it feels best.  Slow it down, and speed it up, and try different things.  Get him to tell you what feels best.  Find out if slower or faster is better, and find the perfect speed that he likes a lot.  Don’t just take his word for it, judge by how his body is reacting along with what he is saying.

    At this point it would be a good idea to do this at least once every second day.  Every day is better, and at the same time too, so it becomes something he expects. This is part of the brain conditioning that it will take for him to have release without stimulation to his cock.  For the ultimate and best results, at some point, switch to strap on only.  Teach him that this is the way good boys get fucked.  They get taken by their boss, where and however they want.  Use varying rhythms, and lots of verbalization as you take him each time.  Ask him to thank you, and let him know how much you are turned on by his obedience.  Always let him know that there is a big reward at the end of this experiment.  Also tell him while you are taking him with your strap on, that there is a big reward at the end of your strap on.

    Stage 3.

    Pretty much, keep on repeating stage 2.  Do it daily or at least very regularily.  Make sure you talk to him while you are doing it.  Make sure you make him hard everytime before you start doing this.  Train him that when he gets hard and horny, your strap on cock is going in his ass.  The more you do this, and the hornier he gets, the more he will crave your strap on.   At this point it is really only a matter of time.  The only rule you need to get from this point on, is that he does not get to cum EVER again normally UNTIL he blows his load from you anally entering him.  At some point his semen buildup will need to be released, and between your verbal encouragement, and cock teasing, it will happen. Definitely.  The only thing that will vary is the amount of time it takes, and this will vary due to these 2 conditions:

  • how old he is
  • how often he had orgasms before you started this experiment
  • Generally the older a person is, the longer this might take, and also the less frequent your man masturbated, or had orgasms, the longer it will take.

    If your man is past 50, and only orgasms once per week, this might take up to 2 months.

    If your man is 18 and is used to cumming multiple times per day, this might only take 3-4 days.

    Most people will fall in the middle of this and will cum within 30 days of this type of training.

    One thing is for sure though.  All men can cum through anal penetration only, and this exercise is to find out how long that is for your man regardless.


    Some women elect to make this the new way PERMANANTLY after this happens.

    Why?  Because keeping your man in a suspended horny state that only cums from anal penetration at your control, will make your man more obedient, compliant, better lover, better house boy for doing chores, and much, much more.  This experiment will open both of your eyes to a world of extreme production of the male, and blissfulness for the woman.


    Learn More Cool Femdom Training Tips

    The 30 Day Anal Orgasm Test was posted by a member on Femdom Training | Husband Training Femdom

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    Great post


    The Faggot's Pledge

  • I WILL SWALLOW unless otherwise instructed. A Man’s cum deserves it as does the Man himself. Swallowing reinforces the bond and the position between Man and faggot.
  • I WILL DEEPTHROAT to the best of my ability regardless of whether I gag. A well-rounded faggot must master the use of its lips, tongue AND throat to maximize a Man’s pleasure.
  • I WILL NOT USE MY HAND unless instructed. My mouth and faghole is my sexual organ.
  • I WILL NOT TOUCH MYSELF when sucking a Man’s cock. His pleasure is my own. To suggest otherwise is deeply disrespectful.
  • I WILL MAKE MYSELF AVAILABLE and serve on His terms to the very best of my ability. A Man should never have to jerk Himself off when a faggot could do the job, instead.
  • I WILL BEG HIM TO CALL ME NAMES, such as ‘faggot,’ ‘cocksucker,’ and ‘cumdump.’ A faggot must accept its place on the sexual totem pole. Such names are a Man’s way to claim His superiority over a faggot.
  • I WILL CONTINUE TO SERVE for as long as a Man deems appropriate, whether minutes or hours, without complaint.
  • I pledge these things because I am a faggot, and because I am at their service.


    Every time Sir. Thank You Sir.


    be obedient or get the fuck out


    Study faggots.


    The following are FEMDOM and their slaves are having a good time. The male slaves will serve and be subjected to harsh discipline by these beautiful ladies. Who will enjoy inflicting heavy pain and cruel torture to their slaves, making them suffer without mercy. The slaves will be either dogs, furniture, sluts, ponies, maids, cuckolds and complete toilets. The slaves will be expected and forced to perform homosexual sex acts among each other to amuse and entertain the ladies.

    GAME #1 Blind slave’s buff with Mistress’ feet This game consisted of each Mistress putting one of her heels in the middle of the room. With all the slaves blindfolded, each slave is allowed to service one of any of the Mistress’ feet. Afterwards each slave must crawl to the shoes and pick them the one that belongs to the Lady he just serviced, bringing it back in his mouth, all the while being whipped by the one of the Dommes. If the slave got it right, he was allowed to replace the shoe, kiss her foot and then maybe she might fondle his cock or at least prod of her crop. If the slave failed then after replacing her shoe and kissing her feet, he was usually whipped or had his balls cropped depending on the individual lady’s mood.

    GAME #2 Blind slave’s buff with Mistress’ fragrance The Ladies ride their slaves like ponies around the room, blindfolded. The slaves had to identify the Lady they were serving by her particular feminine fragrance. All the Dommes whipped losers of the game and winner were given the privilege of serving as the Mistress’ toilet. (The human party toliet)

    GAME #3 Fetch Mistress’ panties Worship a Mistress’ ass or is electric shock tortured. The slaves are blindfolded with their hands cuffed behind their backs. The Dommes had drawing to decide which one of them was going slip off her panties and throw them up in the air for all the slaves to fetch. The slaves compete against each other for the panties and the one that ends up with the panties in his mouth would get the honor of servicing the asshole of the owner of the panties. While all other slaves would be tortured by an electric cattle prod used on their balls. With a one-minute time limit,with the slaves falling all over each other. To make things difficult, the Dommes will lash the slaves with their crops and whips as they crawled around. A couple of times they even moved the panties, when a slave get close to them.

    GAME # 4 Shoe derby All the slaves are placed on their bellies, with their ankles cuffed together and hands tightly bound behind their backs. The Ladies are asked to remove her shoe and place in front of her hand-picked slave’s head. The rules were simple. The object for the slaves to race with each other across the room, slithering on their bare bellies to get both shoes to the other side of the room. The Dommes are thoroughly delight in seeing these asshole slaves naked and bound and slithering like worms, as they are pushing high heels down the length of the room with their noses. The owners of these shoes chided and exhorted the slaves. kicking them with their stocking or bare feet and whipping their asses the entire length of the room.

    GAME # 5 Tug of War between the slaves With two slaves kneeling back to back to each other with their cock and balls tied up with leather twine. This was to connect each slave’s balls to each other. A two foot rope is placed between each slave’s balls,each slave, facing a chair in which a Lady is sitting with her legs spread apart, having the slave service her, making him stretch. This causes both slaves to play a painful tug of war, between their balls. The first slave slave that reaches his Mistress’ pussy will win. The rest of the Dommes take sides and urged the slaves on with their crops as the slaves struggled to reach the ladies and to service them properly. Their balls were stretch so tightly that they were definitely presented a very erotic sight for Dommes, seeing them in lots of pain and the slaves felt like their balls were going to exploded. It wasn’t their whips that urged them into position as much as it was their desire to serve and please their Mistress.

    GAME #6 Race to the Mistress ‘Pussy All the slaves on their hands and knees side by side, each one had a twenty-pound weight tied to his balls, which they have to drag behind them on the floor, while being urged on by the Dommes crops. The slave’s goal was to reach his Mistress seat in front of him on the other side of the room with her legs spread wide apart. The first slave to reach a pussy would be allowed to bring his face between this Mistress’ legs and service her, while the other slaves will have their asses’ blistered ass by two Dommes. Not until that Mistress pushes the slave away with her foot indicating she had an organism, did the Dommes issue their last swing of the whip. The slaves will be mess but that was okay. There was something about the sight of slave covered with his Mistress’ whip mark that turns these women on. Twenty pounds doesn’t sound much like much, but it must have put a terrible strain on a slave’s balls. With the constant assault of crops and their desire to please the Dommes in every way, this kept us going. This was a direct result of slave training and their dedication to Female superiority

    .GAME # 7 Whipping Contest #1 Two slaves matched against in bondage. While the Dommes have whipping contests, a competition among the slaves. The slaves are severely flogged by the Dommes using various types of whips, crops, straps, and canes. The slave that flinches, squirms, screams or cries the most, is the loser slave. He is severely humiliated, as he must suck his opponent’s cock for about five to ten minutes. The slaves didn’t cum and they were also prohibited from doing it.

    GAME #8 Cum Race Cum Race I All slaves on lined up kneeling up with their heads bowed in the center of the room. The Mistress of Ceremony (MC) take time to give each slave one a taste of her strap and warned them not disobeys any of the ladies. Saucers were place in front of each slave. But before each race, cock rings, cock harnesses, cages were removed from the slaves. MC announced, “Let the cum-races begin. There was many varieties of the cum racing games. They stress performance on the part of the male slave and the punishments and humiliations, but almost certainly the punishments involve the failing slave or slaves eating a lot have their own or other slave’s cum. .Cum Race II The second heat was different in that pits each slave against a clock. The slave with the slowest time is the loser. Each slave in turn was ushered to the center of the darken living room, and spot light was shined on him as he was to race against the clock with all the Dommes cheering and laughing and offering numerous humiliating chides of kind or another. Each slave was to shoot his load in a single tin cup on “center stage.” And the slave with the slowest time - you guess it, downed the tin cup of cum.

    Cum Race III The third heat of the cum-races, was pairing us slaves and to compete against each other. This provided the Dommes for as many of losers as winners and an opportunity for the Dommes to dish out considerably more punishment. These were following slave matches.

    GAME # 9 Spitting Contest: Slaves are used and abused as sluts, are put into a kneeling position with his hands cuffed behind his back. The Dommes are invited, two at a time, to gang rape these slut/slaves with their big strap-on dildos. This game is to decide who gets to fuck him in the ass and who gets to fuck him in the mouth. Both Dommes wager a spitting contest decide which orifice to fuck, by using the slave’s face as their target. The point system will be as followed;

    20 points for spitting in his opened mouth. 30 points for spitting onto his nose. 40 points for spiting in his the eyes. 50 points bulls-eye hit, spit between the eyes.

    The winner of the game gets this slave/slut’s ass, while the loser, who there is no real loser, gets her dick suck off by the slut. After each game, each slave had to lick the floor clean of all Dommes’ saliva on the floor, before being rape by these cruel ladies. When being raped, the slaves were either all fours or bounded to saw horse while these Dommes have their way with them.

    Game#10 Card torture A slave with his ankles hanged this slave in suspended bondage and blindfold covering his eyes. The Dommes then begin going through a deck of cards, one at a time. As each card is selected, the slave must guess whether it’s red or black. Each time they guess incorrectly, a clothespin is applied to a body part of the Mistress’ choosing. Each correct card is placed in one pile, and each incorrect one is placed in another. Once the entire deck has been gone through, the cards in the “incorrect” pile are shuffled, and the game begins anew with them. The penalty is doubled, since it’s now the second round. The game continues until all of the cards have been placed in the “correct” pile. The Dommes used other variations in penalties. Hot wax was used, in set number of seconds to be increased with successive rounds. Play piercing needles were used, and ice cubes placed in a sensitive orifice, and weights hung from a clamp or stretcher.

    Trampling Zone This consisting of two couches facing each other, with just enough room in between for a slave to prostrate himself, completely covered by the Domme’s feet and slither his way up and down on his back or stomach while they trample him at will under their sharp heels. The Dommes also enjoy playing some foot games here while they lounge on the couches and amuse themselves as the slave frantically attempt to guess whose feet I am serving.

    Party Toilet slave This slave serves as the party’s toilet. He is to lie on his back with a portable toilet encasing his head. His arms are secured around this box and funnel is inserted into his mouth, strapped around his head. The portable toilet is placed in front of the standard toilet which has a sign posted to it “OUT OF ORDER!” Which mean that any Domme, who needs to use the toilet, must use the human toilet instead of the real one.

    The whipping boy This slave was bounded spread eagle with his face the wooden X-frame. There, any Domme could use her favorite whip and severely punish this slave unmercifully. Some Dommes can use the African blowgun, to play darts. Using the slave’ ass as their dartboard.