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    Our Lisbon hotwife adventure

    We were on a vacay to Lisbon. She was dressed in a hot red dress. Showing a bit of cleavage and a lot of leg. Classy not slutty. We went to a pub with a few friends we made there. After a few drinks, she was close dancing with a friend literally grinding her ass against him he had his hands on her stomach and was pulling her towards him. I was sitting sipping my beer was Soo hot. After a while we all were sitting vin a booth. He was sitting next to her, and all our friends were sitting around us. Under the table he had his hands on her thigh and was caressing her and teasing her while she was talking to other people..and she was trying to keep a straight face. After a while he had his finger on her pussy and was teasing her clit..all this while the others had no clue this was happening