My gf Kate so hot. 32 indian origin, very cute. 32C cups has a tight ass. Loves flirting and teasing men. Somenights she would give me slow teasing handjobs telling me how she was 'seduced' by someone and edge me.

    While edging one night, she admitted that she would be down to have a threesome with another guy. So I took a shot and asked her if my friend Pravin was somebody that she could see joining us for a threesome. I had noticed that she would flirt with him a lot. She would flirt with him right in front of me at times, which turned me on and intrigued me! She was attracted to his looks and personality but didn’t admit that to me at first. He would drive down and stay with us for a weekend every month to get away, so she felt very comfortable with him. At first, she would just smile and reply back with something quick like, "in your dreams"!

    Finally, one night while edging, I know she was hot and wet so I brought up the idea of having a threesome with another good looking guy. She smiled and without taking her eyes off my cock, said quietly said, "yeah, maybe." On another night, I told her that I would tell her a secret but couldn't say anything to anybody, especially to our friend Pravin. After assuring me that she would not say anything, I told her that Pravin had a crush on her and also had confessed to me that he had a sexual dream about him and her. She laughed and looked at me in disbelief and said, yeah right babe!

    After some more prodding, she admitted that Pravin was the one friend who she could see having a threesome with one day. I was so turned on by her admission that I fucked her right there and then! While I fucked her, I whispered in her ear if she would like to feel Pravin cock in her also. She moaned with her her yes closed and nodded her head yes. That's all I needed! I called my friend later on that night and told him what me and Kate talked about. He was obviously excited and said that he was down if we were down.

    I saw him soon afterwards and I laid out my plan on how we could get her to fuck the both of us. He smiled and admitted to me that he was always sexually attracted to her and said that he couldn't wait to join us in a threesome. He even admitted dreaming about her again giving him a blow job when he was laid out on our couch one night! Later on, I told Kate that I had talked to Pravin and she laughed when I told her what Pravin had dreamed about. She said with a sexy smirk on her face, "Yeah, he wishes I would blow him!" A couple of weeks had passed when me and Pravin dropped by her house with her favorite wine in hand. We were ready to seduce her that day!

    When we got there, she said for us to kick back because she wanted to jump in the shower. She gave me a kiss and went in, saying that she would be out soon! Me and Pravin looked at one another smiling and were barely able to contain ourselves. I popped in a porn flick to get the party started! When she came out of the shower, she was wrapped in a big white dressing gown and walked in to her bedroom where we were sitting watching the porn video. She looked at the screen and said with a smart ass look, “Oh, I see that somebody has been watching porn while I was showering.” Before we could respond, she said “Okay you two, you both need to go sit in the living room while I get dressed.” We both stood up laughing and went to the living room.

    After a while she called us back to the bedroom where we found her drying her long wavy dark brown hair. She had put on some tight little panties that showed off her long legs and tight ass. I noticed that she still had the white dressing gown on with no bra underneath and when she moved you could see her boobs. Her nipples were hard. You could see her dark nipples each time she leaned forward. I looked at Pravin and smiled when I saw him with his eyes on her boobs! She continued drying her hair and didn’t seem to care if we saw her boobs and acted like nothing was happening. The porn was still playing on the screen , which I took as a sign that she didn’t mind it being on at all. She ignored it but I caught her peeking at it a couple of times. We talked and drank for a while when she suddenly asked with a sarcastic tone and smile on her face, “do you guys wanna’ get beat in poker, or are you scared?” I said "Let's do it!" Pravin chimed in by saying, “I'm in!”

    We laughed and sat around a table and pulled out the cards. We began drinking, listening to music and playing poker . The three of us were having a good time but dealing with the sexual tension was tough for us! I began to notice that she was getting buzzed because she began to tease us and talk shit whenever she would win a round!

    I suggested that we start playing "Truth or Dare" with the cards. The rule was whoever won a round could ask anybody a question or dare them to do whatever the winner told them to do. She agreed to play and even boasted that she was not gonna’ lose! HA!

    From the very start, she was doomed to lose! Me and Pravin kept winning games and our questions to her were becoming more and more personal! At one point he asked her what her last sexual dream was about. I got an instant hard on when she sheepishly answered with a smile that she had a dream that she had sex with a hot looking guy while I watched! I looked at Pravin and I could tell he also had a raging hard on! I asked her if she ever thought about the sexual fantasy that we had talked about. Pravin played dumb and asked, “Whoa, what sexual fantasy?” She took her time and was a little embarrassed when she admitted she did think about it! I went on to explain to Pravin what me and Kate had talked about. Me and Pravin had smiles from ear to ear!

    At one point, she asked Pravin if he could have sex with any of her friends, which one would he pick? He could have chosen any of her sexy ass friends but instead he smartly answered, “I wouldn't want any of them, I would want to be with you Kate! She blushed and smiled and didn't say a word. I acted like I was surprised at what Pravin had said and asked him laughing, "you would pick my lady dude?" He replied, "no disrespect but I have to keep it real with you guys." I replied by telling him that it was cool. I understood. I didn't blame him for picking Kate cause' she is heck of sexy! She smiled and said, "Awww, thanks babe and gave me a kiss on the lips." Pravin laughed and followed by saying, "Hey, what about me? I don't get a kiss? I was the one that picked Kate over all of those other chicks!" She smiled and said, "thank you Pravin and blew a kiss at him."

    I was so excited at what I was hearing that my cock was throbbing! I won the next round and when she picked "Dare", I dared her to flash us her boobs for 10 seconds! She paused, and sighed before she slowly opened up her dressing gown letting her 32c's on show! Pravin said, "OMG, they are so perfect !" She covered herself up and exclaimed with a laugh, "You guys must be cheating!" He won another round and asked my GF, "are you down with us having a threesome" It got quiet real suddenly as we waited for her response. “Shit, maybe if you two are good boys", she laughed out! I knew we were wearing her down and she was buzzing hard so I decided to go all out!

    I said loudly, "Okay, whoever wins this round gets to order somebody to do whatever you tell them to do!" I was ready to explode! I could feel the pre-cum running down my cock! She laughed when we got up to stretch and she could easily see how hard we were! She laughed and teased us by suggesting that we could watch the movie and play with ourselves while she went back to sleep! I said to her, "babe, if I win you will not be able to sleep after what we do to you!“ She laughed and said confidently, "you two will be doing what I tell you to do after I win this game, watch!"

    It was close but Pravin ended up winning the round and ordered Kate to lay back on the bed, close her eyes and relax! Kate let out a sigh, acting like she wasn't looking forward to what was coming next. She looked at me and quietly did what he ordered her to do. She positioned herself on her bed and closed her eyes. We both smiled at each other and quickly dropped our pants as we both laid next to my girlfriend on either side and pulled open her dressing gown. We grabbed and began sucking on her dark nipples, her neck, and her mouth while rubbing her thighs and legs, slowly reaching her wet pussy after pulling off her panties. She was moaning quietly with her eyes closed and opened her legs wide. Her tongue was licking her own lips as she began grinding her hips. We all moved up on the bed and took our positions! I felt her pussy and felt how wet her pussy was. She was on her back while he laid next to her with his tongue in her mouth! She had his balls and hard cock in the palm of her hand as she stroked my cock with her other hand! I went down, lifted her legs up and ate her hot pussy like a man who hadn't eaten in days! I fingered her at the same time making her cum loud! I got up and sat up against the head board while she got on all fours so that her mouth was on my hard swollen cock! He slid his cock in her and began pounding her hard! He grabbed and pulled on her long brown hair as she moaned and cried out for him to fuck her harder! “Fuck me Pravin ! Fuck my pussy!” She sucked on my cock until I finally could not hold it! She stroked my cock hard as I came all over the place!

    Pravin was fucking her Doggy Style when I said to them that I was going to take a quick shower to cool off. I looked and winked at him before jumping into the shower! I had left them alone fucking doggy style! When I came out dripping wet ten minutes later and saw that they had switched positions. He was on his back, grabbing her bouncing 32Cs as she rode him with her eyes closed! She looked at me and said that she wanted to go back to doing it doggy style and got off him. He got up, his cock all wet with her sweet juices. She got on all fours again and I returned to where I was sitting against the headboard and stroked my cock until she began to suck on it again!

    Seeing her sucking my cock must have gotten him hornier and ready to shoot his load cause’ he yelled “Oh shit, I am ready to cum!” She sucked on my nuts, and cock while I pushed her head down and ordered Pravin to fuck her pussy harder! “I'm going to cum” he yelled out! “OH FUCKKKK!” … “YESSS”, she cried out as she took her mouth off of my cock! “TAKE THAT PUSSY Pravin , TAKE IT!” He grunted like a bear and shook as he shot his load in her and fell on her body. He rolled off wet with sweat and exhausted! She laid flat on her stomach and looked at me breathing hard, “It’s your turn babe, fuck me hard and cum in me!” I got up and rolled her over, got on my knees, lifted her legs over my shoulders and pushed my throbbing cock in her! Her pussy was soaked with her cum and Pravin’s cream! It felt so good that I said, “Oh shit, I’m cumming baby!” She moaned hard as I pounded her pussy harder and let out a yell as I shot my load deep in her pussy!

    All three of us laid there naked and exhausted and fell asleep.

    She deserves to be happy