Tumblr is shutting down sensitive content on the 17th

    I guess this is a goodbye then :(

    I was away for a long time now. Had personal and work stuff overwhelming me. I got a GF again, got a big client to freelance for and things are really going great.

    Before tumblr deletes this blog I wanted to say thank you to all my now 130000 followers. That’s a crazy number! Thx for the support and all :)

    I won’t continue the blog somewhere else. Sorry!

    Goodbye everyone!


    What's happening? When r u posting again :o

    Too much personal stuff at the moment (good things). I simply don’t have the time to restructure my blog like I wanna do.

    I know you are all waiting for more. I‘ll be back when I can make room for it. Hope you all understand 😘


    As much as I love your blog, taking a stance against misappropriation of stolen content is incredibly noble of you. It’s easy to get off to this stuff and forget that there’s a very real possibility that a lot of these women didn’t consent to having their pictures shared online, and they certainly didn’t consent to having them used to fuel an obscure fetish they likely have no idea even exists. It’s very admirable to be respectful of the privacy and consent of the women in your captions

    Thanks for the message! I felt the same for a long time, but I sort of suppressed it by ignoring that and thinking “well it’s already out there reblogged 10k times, so what does it matter”. Well it matters a lot. I’ll stop bullshitting myself and I wanna make it right. And I know that I messed up in the past. Your post makes me look way better that it should. I did shitty stuff for way too long and I regret it now. I’m not sure what to do with all my posts that are already out there… since tumblr has shitty programming deleting a post won’t delete reblogs (I think, right?). I don’t think I can make right for what I already put out there… the internet never forgets. And I feel pretty shit about that :/

    But I want to turn this into something positive and use this blog for submissions as I said.

    Not to eliminate concerns of some of my followers: yes this might mean less content, but that’s a price I’m more than willing to pay.

    Also I’ll try to counter that by providing an easy way to create your own snap images and directly submit them into my queue (with prior approval by me). I have an idea for coding a webapp that will let my followers edit their pics and add the timer + captions. I will also add fields for promoting their channel. They will be able to add their tumblr name and Snapchat or whatever they want. They can add a caption for the post and tags. I’ll use the tumblr API to turn that into a post and queue it. That way I can assure the quality of the snaps (they look real and are not some bad photoshop try) and every post has a source and promotes the model in the pic (by linking to their (paid) channels and/or tumblr/snap/whatever). The web app will a way to confirm your identity. I’m still thinking about ways to do that. I will probably require writing a random code on the models body in a separate picture that clearly shows that it’s the same person as in the submitted snap. If somebody has a different idea for proofing identity, please dm me!

    These are my current ideas. Let me know what you guys and girls think about this. I think it will be awesome :)

    It’s the only way I see submissions working - because I want to keep the quality of the images high and not lower the standards here. (but it will also take some time to code)


    It is not as authenticate, but why not use porn images?

    Well just because it’s porn doesn’t make it free content. Photos of pornstars belong to them as much as any other pic. As I said, I’ll probably switch to submissions only and have them provide proof that it’s them (like writing my blogname on skin or something). I don’t know yet and I’ll figure it out..

    Statement about „my“ Content

    I’ve decided to stop posting as of today. I’ll explain the reasons for this in this post.

    But first a small explanation of how I get the images for most my posts.... I just find them on tumblr.

    The issue there is that those pics are reblogs of reblogs of stolen stuff. Stolen in the sense that the original creator is not mentioned or easily found.

    Now. This is not an excuse to just use those pictures and assume that the image is now „open“ for everyone to use. It’s the internet and things get stolen and copied of course - but that doesn’t mean everyone should just do it or support it.

    I sure didn’t care too much about that in the past. I am guilty of just using what I found without questioning the sources.. and I’m sorry for it now.

    I always remove posts when someone messages me and claims it’s theirs. But honestly that’s just bullshitting myself into believing that makes it okay to just use everything without asking first.

    I‘m not sure how to continue my blog now or if I should delete it all. I might go towards submissions only (with proof of ownership) to make sure to not steal anything....

    I will see. But for now: Sorry to anyone who I offended or stole from. I’m really sorry and I’ll do something about it in the future.


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    I don’t know, she should be comfortable with it and not only do it for you. Start slow and maybe try having a threesome? Or let her make out with someone else but then stop it there and talk about the experience. Just go slow and talk a lot