just another yellow girl in a white world (中国制造)
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2018-12-07 22:36:57

    Little yellow bitches now worship white cock after centuries of oppression. Racial genocide is always rewarded.


    “Racial genocide is always rewarded” is a nice summary of my worldview. The greatest lie you need to shake from yourself is the idea that injustice is eventually punished, that exerting your power will eventually come back to haunt you, as if the universe is a great set of scales, always shifting back to balance.

    This is a comforting lie the weak tell themselves. The truth is, power is rewarded with more power. Injustice is a brilliant strategy that all winners use. You can spend your life trying to be kind to people or make reparations, or smugly believe that your oppressors will one day be toppled, or you can accept that the universe simply rewards cruelty.

    Conquer a people right, and they will serve you forever. Flaunt your cruelty to inferiors, and see them worship you. Treat a woman with unspeakable arrogance and malice, and watch her crawl to you on hands and knees to slurp the cum from your cock.


    Love finding a drunk gook at a party. Leave her covered in white spunk


    I don’t think gooks are stupid or that their senses are worse just because they’re gooks. She smellls your white dick and she knows you’re going to spew your white man cum all over her face. She just thinks that you are a douche.


    but she’ll still lick up every drop you leave on her lips