hey real quick can anybody help me find this image that I’ve seen before here on tumblr. it looks like this

    the button doesn’t necessarily say “Elucidate the Rapture” but it does say something that’s kind of lengthy and has religious connotations. the woman pushing the button has an expression of indescribable smugness. there might be other buttons on the machine (?) she is pressing.




    Oh this is only the first image in the Eschatron 9000 Series


    and the finale, because of the Tumblr image limit


    thanks this is part of an even grander incomprehensibleness than I could have expected


    I cannot believe that this is a website where you can ask “hey i think i saw a weird image once” and put a bad stick figure drawing of it and someone will be like “oh yeah that’s the first installment of a 12-part post-ironic apocalypse fever dream photoshop series” and just hand you a dozen of the most unhinged images you’ve ever seen in your life, that still have a better three act structure than most modern cinema


    The picture in the background of the second one




    Sad update everyone, Tama recently passed away… An estimated 3,000 people, including railway officials, attended Tama the cat’s funeral on Sunday, days after she died of heart failure aged 16. [x]


    For those who haven’t read articles about it, the local shrine elevated her to a god. She’s now the Eternal Stationmaster and patron god of the station.


    Now I’m crying thanks


    and a new cat was hired right?


    yep! her name is Nitama (essentially ”second tama” or “tama II”) and she served under Tama as an apprentice before being appointed her deputy

    she works very hard


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    I’m crying at 11pm over train cats


    Nitama, already now a mature cat (born 2010), has a protege named Yontama (fourth Tama, b. 2016).  There is no information available for either the physical befellment or tragic self-disgrace which has removed Santama from contention.


    ^Nitama majestic, and below with Yontama




    a legacy


    okay but actually what happened to santama (or sun-tama-tama, which is her name because it’s a pun on santama) was that she was basically sent to train for the position in okayama and they liked her so much they refused to send her back


    “Sun-tama-tama” (a pun off of “Santama”, lit. “third Tama”) was a calico cat sent for training in Okayama. Sun-tama-tama was considered as a candidate for Tama’s successor, but the Okayama Public Relations representative who had been caring for Sun-tama-tama refused to give the cat up writing, “I will not let go of this child, she will stay in Okayama.” [25]

    As of September 2018, Sun-tama-tama is working as the stationmaster in Naka-ku, Okayama and appears occasionally on Tama’s Twitter account.


    Every time I see this post there’s new info and it gets better


    You are only allowed to scroll pass this after you pay tribute to the great Tama Station masters.


    The shrine of Tama Daimyōjin (Great gracious deity Tama), next to the Kishi station where she worked.


    Nitama presenting her yearly offerings to Tama Daimyōjin on the anniversary of Tama’s Death, June 23 (The offerings are presented by the company president, as Nitama is a cat and thus can’t hold the offerings herself) (Not pictured, but also present, Yontama)


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    I was not expecting this. But then again, who expects station cats on Tumblr?


    that new animal crossing character named sasha that uses he/him pronouns i say congrats on the gender


    I love Sasha but can y’all remember that other countries exist and Sasha isn’t inherently a feminine name? 🙄


    In this episode of “questions that have never been asked before”: Is this rabbit a genderqueer icon or just slavic?


    I just looked up Sasha’s names in the other game localizations, and there’s a whole lot of interesting things going on!

  • As we’ve already covered, Sasha is primarily a masculine name in Slavic languages, but it is typically feminine in English-speaking countries.
  • The funny thing is that in the Russian version, his name isn’t even Sasha! It’s Геррит (or Gerrit, which is also his German name)
  • Meanwhile, Gerrit is a name of Dutch origin, but in the Dutch version his name is Sasha. 
  • Ariel is another one of those names that can be masculine or feminine depending on where you are, though in Spanish-speaking countries it’s usually masculine. 
  • Alix is also a gender-neutral name, though it should be noted that in French, it is more commonly a feminine name. 
  • The Japanese name ミッチェル and Korean name 미첼 both translate to Mitchell, while the Chinese name 蜜雪兒 could be Mitchell or Michelle. 
  • It seems that for many of these, they intentionally picked gender-neutral or ambiguous names. So in conclusion, congrats! This rabbit is indeed a genderqueer icon.

    (Please correct me if I’m wrong about any of these, especially Chinese and Korean as I do not speak or read either of them. I also couldn’t find anything on the gender connotations of the name Sasha in Italian or Dutch, so if anyone has any info on this I’d love to know!) 


    So he’s consistently both androgynous and foreign.


    this rabbit’s gay AND european!

    So I managed to watch the first 15 minutes of Hawkeye today, and I am so unbelievably pissed off.

    This show is STEEPED in David Aja’s style.

    The opening credits are a replica of his work.

    There’s a moment where Kate pulls back her bow, and time slows. You can hear her heartbeat and the snowflakes move in slow motion.

    Just like this panel set.

    It gave me the exact same feeling.

    And I was so pissed.

    Because David Aja isn’t even credited in the show. Because David Aja wasn’t even payed.

    And worse yet, it seems they didn’t even offer him the bullshit $5,000.

    Marvel misuses their artists, writers and creators.

    Disney is full of greedy assholes.

    David Aja and Matt Fraction are beyond skilled, and Disney blatantly ripped off David’s entire style from the font to the coloring. And they ripped Matt’s story straight from the pages. It’s a carbon copy of their work.

    Creators deserve to be compensated fairly for their work.

    Marvel makes billions, they can afford to properly honor comic creators.