ChloeM-EA Kimono Recolor

    Hi Everyone,I disappeared for a while,Now I'm going to make a brief appearance.

    Recently I have more important things than making CC, so I may stop making new CC in the next few months, but please wait for me, I will definitely come back! I love the SIMS, and I also love creating CC. Maybe I will make some recolor things recently, looking forward to meeting you next time!

    This time I recolor the EA kimono in Snowy Escape!I love this clothing and I wish it had more swatches.So I recolor It!

    Hope you like it!

    12  Swatches

    Recolored By ChloeM

    Snowy Escape Needed!!!!



    Pic 1: Short-Sleeve Shirt                    Download:TSR

    Pic 2: Rose Dress                                    Download:TSR

    Pic 3: Sleepwear Jumpsuits               Download:TSR

    Pic 4: Dress with Coat                          Download:TSR

    Created for :The Sims4

    Hope you like it!

    PLEASE DONOT reupload my mesh!