: Well, Yes: black lingerie isn’t the norm for a woman’s wedding night. But then, it’s not the norm for 35 year old married Moms to wed and bed their own 15 year old sons, is it? LOL!”


    Not to mention this married mom is ready to be breed as her hot blood son had stopped wanking for a month to prepare an entire weekend of fucking his child/sibiling into mommy’s womb.


    Carey was really excited when her husband took her and their son out to dinner for her birthday treat. And even more so when he left them off in a hotel room and told them he’d pick them up next morning. 


    She even more excited that her husband had removed all the condom in the room and leave some fertile pills for both her and the boy.


    Nancy was one of those Mothers who found the whole idea of it disgusting. But then, Tommy proposed to her – actually got down on his knees and asked her – oh, yes, right in front of Tom! And Tom was all for the idea!

    Well, Nancy couldn’t believe herself, I don;t think: but she said YES! And here she is a week later, in the bridal suite Tom booked for them, and the action;s about to begin. 

    Nancy was a beautiful bride… Tom is so proud and happy… and Tommy: what a lucky young man: in the 7th Grade, and married to his own gorgeous mother!


    Son! Honestly, I don’t have much time. Your mother will soon become menopause.So you have to hurry up and get me pregnant, okay?


    “Say, ‘Aaaahhh....’”


    Beautiful point of view


    Mom, are you okay?

    Huh? What? This? It's just morning sickness.

    I'm sorry, Mom. I think I hurt you. I won't do it anymore.

    What are you talking about?

    From now on, I won't put my stick in my mother's vagina.

    No, no! That's not it, son! I'm just pregnant, so you can keep putting your cock in my vagina every day.


    No, son! You can keep going! And from now on, you don't have to use condoms, and...If you want to do it inside, just do it inside.

    Can I use a condom inside every day?

    Of course, son! Inside! And I'm not going to wear panties anymore. I'm only going to wear skirts. So if you want to, you can always lift my skirt and insert it.


    Mom told me that have an afternoon walk with her to the forest nearby as our bonding activity and she will reward me toward the end of the walk. Now we walk back home as I am in delighted at millions of my healthy sperms are swmiming inside mom’s fertile womb.


    Don’t be shy, son! You can proudly say that you’ve had sex with a woman from now on. And I’ll keep your sperm in your mother’s womb, and when it’s full, just let me know. I’ll always put it in my womb.


    Mommies in the kitchen are the most beautiful thing 😍🍑


    Mom asked me what I wanted her to make for me, I blurted out "a baby" she turned off the stove and said "mmmm, mommys oven is full of eggs, cum here and scramble them with your hot cream son".

    We fucked on the kitchen table so hard it broke as she begged for my baby seed.

    Mom and I shared a knowing grin when my stepdad got home and asked "what happened to the table?"

    Mommy said "well dear Michael got overexcited helping mommy bake up something special while putting a load of his son only made batter into my hot and ready to make oven."

    He seemed miffed then asked where was the food.

    Mom explained "it was too good to save and Michael had ravaged her sweet little muffin but not to worry she was sure they'd work on it again tomorrow."