the diary of a chubby princess

19. from Portugal. dd/lg. looking for a daddy . unicorns. pandas. pizza. kik: arianavalente96

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    So Daddy and I were taking a shower together. He reached up and started to wash my hair. He was slow, and tender, and so gently. He massaged my head as he went. He whispered to me that I was his good little girl and he kissed me on the forehead. I immediately slipped into the happiest little space I had been in. He washed out the soap and then turned the water off. He took the time to dry my hair and body and dress me. My Daddy was so gentle and wonderful with me that I have been a very happy little ever since.
    Caregivers… sometimes all it takes to touch your Little one’s heart are the simple gestures. Help bathe them, dress them, wrap them in a blanket. Bring them their stuffies even if they didn’t ask for them. Get them a coloring book or small present from the dollar store. Just hold them for a while. There are countless ways to make your Little one feel so very special. 💜