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This is a blog for some cute boys struggling with cute bellies.

Maybe I’ll start drawing or writing? Sorry if I’m not the best, I’m learning.

Mpreg and weight gain where bangtan have a belly is adorable to the point I wish there was more but there isn’t so in here to at least try bringing some.

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Fandom: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS
Rating: Mature
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Relationships: Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Kim Taehyung | V
Characters: Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, Kim Taehyung | V, Park Jimin (BTS)
Additional Tags: Belly Kink, Belly Rubs, Chubby Kink, Stuffing, stuffing kink, Weight Gain, Flustered Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, vhope - Freeform, taeseok - Freeform, Chubby Kim Taehyung | V
Summary: Hoseok had more of a sharing trace of thought when he decided to add those goodies to the shopping list, but fine. Taehyung had already stolen his heart, why not his slice of cake? Or his half of the chocolate bar? or In which Tae gets chubby and Hoseok is the most flustered boyfriend in the world.


    I'm still waiting for the rest of this piece of art 💜🥺

    Tonight I’m kinda in the mood wishing I had a partner that agrees to be my feedee, where we can both enjoy how they get all soft and cuddly for me as time passes by. But I also want to get to that point to where I slowly turn into a feedee myself. Unintentionally loose any assurance that I ever was a feeder and gain weight together. Movie nights and cuddling sessions with food involved where we eat until we’re too horny to continue or too stuffed to be able to do anything else. Is it too much to ask for??? 🥺

    Okay it’s 12:56 am and the only thing I’m thinking about right now is how much I thank my relationship with mi ex didn’t work. I would’ve been so fucked up if I had stayed with them. But now my standards are higher and because of that I might never find someone. Shit.


    Here’s another commissioned piece! As always, if you’d like one for yourself, shoot me a message!


    The LED display lit up as Scott felt the cool glass of the scale beneath his feet. The light began to dance, eliciting a familiar feeling of anxiety, before they finally landed on 3 digits: 188. Scott looked at those numbers in utter disgust. No matter how he tried to get them to change, they always remained the same. He slammed his fist on the bathroom sink, knocking a small glass into the ceramic basin, shattering it. The crashing noise has been enough to attract the attention of his husband, Carl.

    “Everything okay, babe?” Carl asked.

    Scott turned to see his ample husband occupying much of the doorway behind him.

    “Yeah… It’s fine, bear,” Scott said, pushing past his husband and continuing into the bedroom.

    Carl’s body was an object of both affection and envy for Scott. A big guy since childhood, it was all Carl could do not to gain weight, and, here he was, skinny as ever, unable to add a single ounce onto his body. For as long as he could remember, Scott had wanted a body like the one that his husband, easily 150 pounds heavier, had. Carl was nothing if not encouraging, but it was quickly seeming to Scott that no amount of encouragement would ever help him to achieve the kind of body that he really desired. He threw himself down onto the bed, wishing it made even a slight creaking noise, as he shoved his face into a pillow and sobbed softly, listening to the sounds of Carl, still in the bathroom, picking up the pieces of the glass.

    Carl felt horrible. He and Scott had met 5 years ago, on a site for big guys and small guys who wanted to be big guys. The two had come to the site for vastly different reasons: Carl because, as a man of size, he had felt ostracized by the greater gay community; and Scott because he wanted nothing more than to go from his lithe body to one with a massive gut like the one Carl had always been slightly self-conscious about. The two had really hit it off, and after several years together even moved in and got married. The only dark cloud had always been Scott’s weight. It didn’t matter one bit to Carl what size his lover was, so he helped from the outset. In the beginning, the two were in their early 20’s so Scott just chalked his inability to gain up to an unfortunate metabolism. However, as they aged, none of the usual added weight ever seemed to come to Scott. The past few months, he had grown increasingly distraught.

    Carl hated seeing Scott like this. He walked past the bedroom, the door open, Scott laying on the bed having cried himself to sleep for the second time that week. Carl softly pulled the door closed and continued to the office, sitting down heavily at his desk. He checked his e-mail. Under the promotional tab, he noticed something odd. The subject line just read “Fat Transplant?” Carl knew better than to trust anything that he found online, but with Scott’s current level of desperation, he couldn’t help but open the e-mail and read through it. His face lit up as he read over the screen.

    Scott opened the door and strode languidly into the hallway. He had spent the entire work day thinking about nothing other than his dashed dreams of obesity. He felt as though he’d lost a part of himself. As he neared the bedroom, the smell of scented candles reached his nose. Confused, he strode closer, hearing slow, sexual music coming from the room as well. As he pushed the ajar door all the way open, his jaw dropped. The room was indeed illuminating only by candles and smelled like a display of beautiful flowers. A trail of rose petals led to the bed where his husband was currently lounging in nothing but a tight jock strap, every single curve and crevice of his fat body was there for the world to see.

    “Wha…what’s all this for?” Scott stammered.

    “Does a guy need an excuse to do something special for the love of his life?” Carl replied, arching his back and splaying his enormous thighs outward.

    Scott could hardly resist himself and dove onto the bed between Carl’s legs. Starting at his chest, Scott gently kissed his husband’s soft skin, slowly working downward, first over the crest of his belly, and then down the lower half. Carl just placed a large hand at the base of Scott’s neck, guiding him ever lower. The other hand slowly pulled down the waist band of the jock strap, allowing both fat pad and cock to come flopping out. Scott’s tongue danced around the soft fat before slowly working around the buried base of Carl’s cock. His husband moaned as Scott slowly brought his mouth up the shaft and down over the head, wrapping his lips around Carl. Scott slowly began unbuttoning his own pants with his free hand.

    “I think you….unnnhhh…might want your clothes on for this next part…” Carl said with a wink and another moan.

    Scott only had a few moments to feel confused about these words before he felt Carl stiffen in his mouth as a flood of cum filled his cheeks. Carl’s hands held Scott’s head in place, forcing him to swallow the entirety of the hot load.

    Scott’s head swam in a weird kind of euphoria as he lapped up the last bits of Carl’s cum. It tasted different than usual: sweeter, creamy even. Scott reached a hand up to rub Carl’s gut, but met with air. Stumbling, he placed his hand down and immediately felt skin on top of hard muscle. Looking up, Scott saw an entirely different version of his husband before him: still just as tall, but completely lean and muscular.

    Again, his time for confusion was short, as the warmth from his mouth was slowly spreading down into his gut and outward across his entire body. The warmth turned to a combination of pressure and heaviness. Scott looked down to see his once-baggy work shirt straining against his skin, the buttons barely able to hold themselves together. Shocked, he hefted himself up from the bed and ran into the bathroom, feeling parts of his body jiggling with each footfall. Standing on the scale, Scott watched as the numbers continued upward and upward. His attention was pulled away as a might tearing noise sounded from behind him. He watched in the mirror as the seat of his pants was destroyed by his growing ass. The viewing of his body, growing outward like a time-lapse of rising dough was enough to send a shock of orgasm through his sensitive flesh. As his vision returned, Scott looked down, barely able to see the numbers on the scale over the crest of his new, massive gut. “350.” He could hardly believe it. He jiggled the mass of flab in front of him, just to be sure that it was indeed real. His hands cupped his ample tits, giving each a squeeze and causing him to moan loudly.

    “Seems like you’re enjoying yourself,” Carl’s voice came from behind him.

    Scott turned, his belly grazing against the sink to see his now fit husband.


    “You’re not gonna believe this, but I found this doctor. He performed a procedure on me that would allow me to essentially inject all of my body fat into someone else through my semen. I know you wanted to be bigger and I hated seeing you so sad, so I figured it was worth a shot.”

    Scott grasped his husband, pulling him into the biggest of hugs, tears welling up in his eyes.

    “Don’t worry, with the way I gain, it won’t be long until I’m just as big as you again,” Carl laughed.

    “And I’ll be here ready to take it all again,” Scott said, pulling Carl into his flab and kissing him square on the lips.