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2022-06-26 02:04:30

    y’know for me it straight up doesn’t even occur to me to unfollow someone when they stop posting whatever it is i followed them for. unless the thing they’re posting about now is somehow actually actively upsetting to me i just accept it as a part of my life now. i’ll just scroll past it like i’m driving a car and dodging an obstacle on the road. and that part of the road is my daily commute and the thing stays on the road forever and i swerve around it every day for months instead of ever taking the initiative to get it removed. it just adds flavor i guess


    thinking of how one of my twitter mutuals tried to do the ai generated greentext and got like. a genuine piece of poetry with meaning that actually feels like a person wrote it


    this is one of the most effective poems i’ve ever read and it was written by an algorithm that was prompted to write something completely different than what it ended up making. what the hell


    Let me get this straight because I've only seen memes and am piecing this together as i go, but i think i figured out what's happening.

    Tumblr is advertising the tumblr app, on the tumblr app, using a photo of a guy in a Pikachu cosplay, because that's what they think it will take to successfully sell this app, to people whom already use it?

    But now the ball shaving ad is gone? Or is that one still in the mix?


    It’s real and your timing was uncanny


    Ok. Why is tumblr advertising tumblr on tumblr though? What happens when you click the ad?



    I suppose shit like this is why tumblr gave us the option to turn ads back on. Hold on. I'll be back after i experiment.


    I'm getting plenty of ads. Real actual ads. Mattress firm. Burger King. Walmart. Actual ads. No weird Pikachu man. What is even going on here? Is he just a very infrequent ad? Is he a tumblr ploy by @staff to get those of us whom pay to be ads free to turn on ads so we can see him? Is he am actual facts ad for ads free tumblr and already being ads free means you don't get the ads free tumblr ad? I have more questions, not fewer!





    The weirdest part is, when you click on the ad from someone who reblogged it, it sends you to a blog with just the word 'help' on it


    What?!? No. What??!


    Did Andrew Hussie write this


    do kids these days make up songs about killing the wiggles and doc mcstuffins or did barney the dinosaur just unlock some latent primal rage in my generation


    Listen I had a childhood pre-Barney and we didn’t sing about killing our childhood characters then as far as I am aware so I am inclined to suspect that goddamn purple dinosaur just struck some kind of collective nerve.


    I grew up in a transitional period.  When I was really young, we had Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers, and we had nothing but unconditional love for them.  

    Then Barney came along, and so great was our rage that we would need to slaughter not only him but also Baby Bop to slake our bloodthirst.

    Then as far as I can tell came the Wiggles, Lazytown, and Blue’s Clues, and all of them are still quite beloved.

    Maybe there’s still some primitive part of our brain that knows to fear dinosaurs?


    Yeah I was born on the tail end of Barney and that was the only one we ever wanted dead