One of Space Cadet’s obsessed fans lures Byron to his house under the pretense of meeting with one of his largest fan clubs.

Upon his arrival, the crazed fan serves Space Cadet a tainted drink. The next thing Byron knows, he awakens in an abandoned warehouse shackled to a chair as his number one fan is “plugging” him in. And of course, Byron is unable to talk his way out this sticky situation and ends up getting milked to fulfill the fantasies of his most avid admirer.

Byron is about to learn the hard way that you never meet privately with your fans.

A deliciously perverse Space Cadet fan illustration and scenario cooked up by the ever creative, greatly talented JOTTO! A gorgeous piece of art to say the least. Thanks Jotto!! :D

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Illustration by Jotto. Space Cadet is © Copyright and TM 2016, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.