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    Decided to draw the legendary Patrick Fillions OC, Naked Justice. This one was really fun and I felt like a learned a bunch on how to better render and speed up my drawing process. 


    This is absolutely, mouthwateringly GORGEOUS!!! What a stunning piece of art – you’ve really done Naked Justice incredible, well, JUSTICE!!!  LOL! I absolutely LOVE THIS to bits!!! <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much for painting this beautiful art!! :D :D 


    (via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cY73EQIv458)


    The BriGAYde is the new superhero team of the Class Comics Universe that takes place in the close future of 2021. This first issue is the origin story for these heroes coming together in Gateway City. Awesome first issue and it sows the seeds for future issues to be made. Patrick Fillion is the write and super hottie, David Cantero is the artist.

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    Hey Guys -- Check out this BAD ASS review of the BRIGAYDE #1 by the fabulous GAY COMIC GEEK!

    DEIMOS - The Taro Demon Dress-up Doll

    Check out this amazing Deimosdress-up doll that we’ve just added to our website’s TOYBOX!

    You can download him for free… Print him, cut him out and dress him up… OR DOWN… as much as you like! Enjoy! :D

    Art By Patrick Fillion. Colors by  Hernán Cabrera and Patrick Fillion

    Deimos is © Copyright and TM 2015, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.



    One of Space Cadet’s obsessed fans lures Byron to his house under the pretense of meeting with one of his largest fan clubs.

    Upon his arrival, the crazed fan serves Space Cadet a tainted drink. The next thing Byron knows, he awakens in an abandoned warehouse shackled to a chair as his number one fan is “plugging” him in. And of course, Byron is unable to talk his way out this sticky situation and ends up getting milked to fulfill the fantasies of his most avid admirer.

    Byron is about to learn the hard way that you never meet privately with your fans.

    A deliciously perverse Space Cadet fan illustration and scenario cooked up by the ever creative, greatly talented JOTTO! A gorgeous piece of art to say the least. Thanks Jotto!! :D

    For more of Jotto’s art > go here! 


    Illustration by Jotto. Space Cadet is © Copyright and TM 2016, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 


    Class Comics Christmas Meaty 2016

    I am takeing part in a Christmas Event held by Class Comics.

    Got invited by @patrickfillion personaly *flattered* <3<3<3

    Wanna share my WIP with you guys n gurls :3

    The featured Characters: 

    Jacko, Deimos, Naked Justice and Zahn (from left to right) 

    are property of Class Comics and don’t belong to me.







    With art by Alexander, Martin Chan and Patrick Fillion, and a cover by SILVERJOW, this issue is gonna be SMOKIN’ HOT! 


    Deimos and all characters are © Copyright and TM 2016 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 


    @patrickfillion, it’s all fun and games until you realise you don’t have the right shade of green!! 💚 Locus!


    HOLY!! Sean, I freakin’ LOVE your take on Locus!  WOW!! He’s SUUUUPER SEXY and I love the shade of green you used for his skin! MMMM – that foreskin!! >:D HE’S AWESOME!!  Thank you so much for taking the time to draw him!! :D XOXO :D 

    Big Loads: The Class Comics Stash Volume #3 is here!  

    What makes a really successful and engrossing adult gay comic book? Balance. A careful balance of elusive ingredients that we’re not even quite sure of yet!  That’s why we’re especially thrilled with this third volume of “Big Loads”.

    It contains six incredible titles that deliver a powerful blend of off the wall, incredibly hot and often envelope-pushing sex, as well as some deeply endearing characters, embroiled in riveting and stimulating stories.

    Locus #1 written & illustrated by Patrick Fillion
    The Bromance #1  written by Robert Fraser & illustrated by several artists
    Mako Finn #
    1 written by Patrick Fillion & illustrated by Jacob Mott
    Beautiful Dead #
    1  written by Robert Fraser & illustrated by Butch McLogic
    Deimos Dead of Winter #1 &
    #2 written & illustrated by Patrick Fillion
    The Pack #
    1  written by Robert Fraser & illustrated by Nathan Sero

    These copies will come AUTOGRAPHED by Patrick Fillion and Robert Fraser!

    Big Loads: The Class Comics Stash Volume #3 is a mammoth collection of six complete awesome comics, printed on heavy gorgeously thick paper, all encased in a premium hard cover binding! It measures a stunning 8 X 11 inches and weighs almost three pounds!

    So sit back, undo your trousers, pull out your dick, and prepare to start stroking and immerse yourself in a fantastic world of hot characters, beautiful art and incredible stories.

    Ever since I got Zahn #3 ive been dying to draw Zahn`s new get up. It looks like one of those Game Apps with upgradable heroes or if Zahn got a Mega Evolution, just so sexy and powerful but still very reminiscent of his original outfit, you can clearly tell im in love.

    If you guys like crazy hot sex dipped into some good plot twists, I definitely recommend the Zahn series! <3

    Of course you can get it in PDF or Print at CLASS COMICS

    Complimentary “Kissing Class Comics Heroes” WALLPAPER, featuring SPACE CADET, GOLDEN BOY, GHOSTBOY and DIABLO, with beautiful art by the fantastic DAVID CANTERO.

    The wallpaper is available in standard and widescreen formats for you guys. Just right click, save as and set as wallpaper/background… and of course, ENJOY!


    Space Cadet, Golden Boy, Ghostboy and Diablo are © Copyright and TM 2016 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

    Here’s some DEIMOS wallpaper for your computer screen!! XD

    DEIMOS loves the beach, but he needs help — will you rub lotion on his back? HA HA HA!

    The wallpaper is available in standard and widescreen formats for you guys. Just right click, save as and set as wallpaper/background… and of course, ENJOY!


    Deimos is © Copyright and TM 2016 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 


    Naked Justice tribute sketch © Patrick Fillion/Class Comics - work in progress. @artofpatrickfillion @jacob_mott_bwb

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    And a lovely Naked Justice!!! Love your take on him, Gerardo! Thanks!! :D 

    Beautiful drawing of Naked Justice by Gerardo Califano. Check out his work! :D