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    It’s Halloween in July! Class Comics is chilled to announce the second volume of the undead urban adventure, Beautiful Dead, written by Robert Fraser and illustrated by Butch McLogic.

    Beautiful Dead #2 has been three years in the making since you just can’t serve up fresh zombie. You have to let them rot! We promise that it’s been worth every moment that you’ve been waiting! In addition to the fantastic standard edition, we’ve exhumed a variant cover by Jacob Mott! The Jacob Mott variant cover edition also contains three additional Mott pin-ups!

    Gage and Hayden continue their perilous journey together through the zombie filled infected zone in order to get far enough away to bang each other in relative safely.

    The lads receive mysterious assistance from an unknown collaborator that might be helping them along, or might be sending them to certain death. Unfortunately in times like this, there’s only one way to find out.Their designated detour brings them to the source of the outbreak, but at the same time lands them in a mad man’s lecherous hands.

    Sadly only one of our sexy travelers makes it to a local airstrip and discovers the bigger picture of the undead epidemic. But that doesn’t mean he’s reached a place of safety quite yet! By the end of this comic both Gage and Hayden might have joined the undead!

    We’ve got some AMAZING new comics IN THE WORKS FOR 2016! Check out the full article and get your first taste of what we have in store for you this year. 


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    The OCTOBER 2015 free Class Comics Animation features Gageand Hayden arguing over the moral ambiguity of this hot zombie action!

    GAGE, HAYDEN and the ZOMB are BEAUTIFULLY ANIMATED by none other than the amazing GENE LIGHTFOOT!

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    Gage and Hayden are © Copyright & TM 2015, Class Comics inc. All rights reserved.


    Class Comics is pleased to announce that STRIPSHOW: THE COLLECTION book three, is now available in print and digital comic formats.

    Question: where can you find insanely hot comic strips illustrated by JACOB MOTT, HVH, CRAY, DAVID CANTERO, LOGAN, LEON DE LEON, RICHIE SAN LUCAS, PPMAQ, ANTHONY GONZALES and PATRICK FILLION? Easy! In the all-new STRIPSHOW: THE COLLECTION book three, that’s where!

    This impressive new volume of the hugely popular STRIPSHOW comics is bursting with panel upon panel of your favorite Class Comics characters in some of their raunchiest adventures to date. CAMILI-CAT and DEIMOS both experience torrid run-ins with COSSAK, the strange slime creature. BEAUTIFUL DEAD’S GAGE and HAYDEN share a very sweet and very sexy Christmas despite the Zombie apocalypse. ZAHN checks into a haunted Inn and has a paranormal, para-SEXUAL ghostly experience.  DEVILHOUND realizes that the ancient mystical tail that grants him his power exacts a rather high price. And all of these cum-drenched stories are just the tip of the iceberg. This issue of STRIPSHOW is a collection of comic strips filled with pivotal moments in our sexiest heroes’ lives.

    Written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by some of the best talent in the industry, this latest issue in the STRIPSHOW COLLECTION is a stunning and over-the-top HAWT installment in the series that collects two years of the hugely popular series. Even if you’ve read these episodes online, you’ve never experienced these stories quite like this. STRIPSHOW: THE COLLECTION book three is the first time these comics have ever been presented in full, high resolution and in such beautiful, boner-popping brilliance.


    All characters are © Copyright and TM 2015, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 

    Gage and Hayden discover the true meaning of Christmas in “Beautiful Christmas” - The December 2014 STRIPSHOW free comic.

    Zombies aren't just for Halloween! The apocalypse is a year round event and survivors will have to deal with last minute Christmas shopping just like we do today!

    This surprisingly tender episode is beautifully illustrated by Jacob Mott & written by Patrick Fillion. It was a complete surprise for Robert Fraser and Butch McLogic!

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    The NOVEMBER 2014 free Class Comics Animation features HAYDEN and GAGE and the creepy LEATHER DADDY ZOMBIE from BEAUTIFUL DEAD!!

    This insanely HOT animation celebrates the first year anniversary of BEAUTIFUL DEAD #1, which was released 1 year ago!!

    Hayden and Gage are BEAUTIFULLY ANIMATED by none other than the amazing GENE LIGHTFOOT!

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