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    Story and Art by BENOIT PREVOT


    Is it possible for everything to go from bad to worse? If you happen to be Angelface, Red or Joshua, then that’s exactly what’s happened! Each of these three fellows would love to think that they’re out of trouble, but that’s not the case.

    The series picks up right where it left off, at a sweaty boxing arena, filled with the musk of panic-stricken men. Red and Josh succumb to the Black Rook’s thugs and are tossed buck naked into the back of a Model A Ford!

    Meanwhile Angelface believes he’s joined a network of elite criminals, ready to take New York for everything it has. Little does he realize that Red’s capture will knock him from the top of his world, right back down onto his sexy bottom.

    By the end of this volume, double crosses will become triple crosses, new alliances will be drawn, new bedfellows chosen, and no one will sleep a wink at night!

    Beautifully written and illustrated by French artist Benoît Prévot, Angelface is a series set in an era of prohibition, swing, speak easies and loose morals!


    All characters are © and ™ 2018 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


    Story and Art by DAVID CANTERO



    This tale might sound vaguely familiar… but trust us when we tell you that this ain’t the usual journey along the yellow brick road that you’re used to! So pack your bags, you’re going to enjoy this trip!

    As usual, it all starts on a little farm in Kansas, with a tornado looming on the horizon. Unfortunately, Dorian doesn’t notice it because he’s busy servicing, and getting serviced by all three farm hands.

    After being whisked away to a mysterious land, squishing the Wicked Bitch of the West, having an uncomfortable encounter with the Dumpkins, and walking a mile in extremely uncomfortable silver high heels, he meets three hunky friends!

    Along with his new butt buddies, the scrumptious Scarecrow, the tantalizing Tin Man and the lascivious Lion, Dorian finds his way to the Hemorrhoidal City and meet The Wizard of Jizz who showers them with exactly what they need!

    Creatively written and beautifully illustrated by David Cantero, The Wizard of Jizz is a sexy take on a whimsical tale! This Class Access Digital Edition contains 28 fabulous story pages and a stunning 22 Page Art Gallery!


    All Characters are © Copyright and ™ 2018 David Cantero / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

    The October 2015 Class Comics STRIPSHOW episode.

    “Halloween Magic” starring Jacko the Halloweener and Devilhound!

    Story by Patrick Fillion. Art by Jacob Mott.

    All characters © Copyright and TM 2018, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


    The October 2016 Class Comics STRIPSHOW episode.

    “Halloween Blitz” starring JACKO the Halloweener (and a bunch of Class Comics hunks)!

    Story by Patrick Fillion. Art by Michael Broderick.

    All characters © Copyright and TM 2018, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


    An all-new 36-page art book, WHO’S MY TOY?” is a collaboration between Juan Castaño and David Cantero, two gay Spanish artists born in Cartagena. 

    The illustrations in this collection were created as part of a joint exhibition and are collected in this volume for the very first time.

    WHO’S MY TOY?” turnins sexual roles and stereotypes onto their heads.  The artists have reversed the domination of these hunky men against adorable little animals. Depicting hunks like toys in the hands of these sweet little bears, creates funny and sexy situations.

    Within these illustrations, sweetness is mixed with sensuality, as is the intention of showing that sexuality can be fun and entertaining.

    With these whimsical illustrations, the artists have created a safe place to play, communicate and share. Indeed, they help us experience a vision of a more “intimate” and “human” sexuality.

    The styles of Juan Castaño and David Cantero match perfectly, thanks to their precise lines and clean colors. A unique collaboration that we are very proud to present you!
    Enjoy it and PLAY!!! Available as a Class Marketplace Easy PDF Digital Comic.

    Meanwhile, you can get yourself the print version of the book from Sugoi Ediciones. There are only 100 copies available, and each is numbered and signed by the two artists!

    Also, T-shirts featuring artwork from WHO’S MY TOY? are now available from the Huntees website. Get yours today!! :D

    The long-anticipated second issue of CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS is now available in printed and digital, and special digital comic format! The SON OF WINTER and the TARO DEMON, together at last! No seriously — for REALS this time!

    HURNON, that dastardly COLLECTOR is up to his no-good tricks once again! This time, he and ABAAZ, a fellow collector of stunning male specimens, decide to enter into a dangerous game of chance. Each Collector chooses two of their favorite subjects and pits them against one another in a game of sex, sorcery and survival.

    Having exploited them before and knowing their capabilities well, the Collector selects ZAHN and DEIMOS, and transports them to a savage and unexplored region of VARDA, there to face HORDE and MURD, a duo of hunky but devious Orcs, determined to win by any means possible. Our heroes better watch their hot butts… these Orcs aren’t above cheating and they certainly won’t play fair.

    Beautifully illustrated by Class Comics new-comer, PPMAQ, CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #2 is written by Patrick Fillion and each and every panel is bursting with brilliant color, energy, hotness and that trademark PPmaq panache, humor and flare that fans of his Epic Loads” comic know and love.

    Plus, after teasing ZAHN and DEIMOS as a couple for months now, we FINALLY deliver an adventure which permits these two studly heroes to explore their feelings for one another. This all new adventure will see their undeniable connection deepen in the face of immeasurable adversity and danger.

    CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #2 is available as a PRINTED COMIC. It’s also available as a digital comic in two formats. The STANDARD digital EDITION includes the full 24-page comic and the SPECIAL digital EDITION includes the full 24-page comic as well as 40 pages of bonus art and materials.

    The MARCH 2017 STRIPSHOW free comic from CLASS COMICS. The Son of Winter is in peril again... ZAHN is prey in this latest episode which serves as a prequel to a previous episode of the STRIPSHOW... but can you figure out which one? 

    This awesome episode is written and lovingly illustrated by Patrick Fillion.

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    ZAHN and all characters © Copyright and TM 2017, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


    Quick sketch of RED VELVET that I drew in PROCREATE on my iPad. Still learning how the program works – but so far, it’s a lot of fun! 

    art by Patrick Fillion. 


    Red Velvet is © Copyright and TM 2017 Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved

    So what if it’s March? We love ISAIAH SHADE and we love that his very first appearance ever was in JACKO’S HORNY HALLOWEEN TALES #1.  We agree with Sharon Needles! It should be Halloween all year!! 


    ISAIAH SHADE and all other characters are © Copyright and TM 2017, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 

    Class Comics is extremely proud to announce that Michael Brodericks and R. Tyler’s highly-anticipated first issue of SCARED STIFF is now available! You can get your copy in either PRINT or DIGITAL comic formats!

    SCARED STIFF #1 has us extremely excited because it’s an amazing anthology of twisted tales of sex and the paranormal. Drawing inspiration from the classic “Tales from the Crypt” comics, as the cover suggests,SCARED STIFF features three creatively creepy stories filled with the strange and the horny. Together, Broderick and Tyler have concocted “3 bizarre tales of ass-thumping weirdness!”

    SCARED STIFF #1 has already received rave reviews! Lee G of Adam Male Blog says “from art to storyline to final execution, Scared Stiff is one of my favorite publications from Class Comics. It’s a quick, fun read that is totally worth spending a your money on.”

    While SCARED STIFF #1 arrives just in time for Halloween, it isn’t strictly a Halloween comic… but what better way to celebrate the season than with this fantastic new tome of pervertedly twisted and terrifyingly torrid tales? Truly the scariest thing about SCARED STIFF is how bloody good it is!

    To see more of Michael Broderick’s beautiful artwork, check out his website HOTTLEAD.Meanwhile, SCARED STIFF #1 is up for grabs and available in both print and digital comic formats.


    Scared Stiff is © Copyright & TM 2016 M. Broderick, R. Tyler / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

    Class Comics is thrilled to announce the release of The Brigayde #2 in a Print Edition, Digital Edition and an expanded Special Digital Edition!

    Every superhero team needs a base of operations! For some it’s a fancy mansion or a high rise tower. For others, it’s a dark, dingy cave!  For the heroes of the BRIGAYDE, it’s the Armistice Estates; a newly constructed, state of the art townhouse development that comes equipped with all the amenities a superhero could want.

    Today is “moving in” day! As NAKED JUSTICE and his teammates lug their belongings, they finally meet DOC SOLANDO, their patron and the man responsible for uniting them as a team. But danger lurks in the least expected places, as Golden Boy soon discovers from a chance meeting with a particularly difficult neighbor.

    As if our boys weren’t busy enough, they have to get ready for DIABLO’s bachelor party at the One-Eyed Snake Club. Things mostly seem to be going well for this newly formed superteam, except that as they blissfully settle into their new digs, a new BIG BAD sets his hideous plan in motion.

    A world away, we learn of the ghastly fate that befalls Gateway City Council Member ADIL FADIP and his new husband, DANIEL PAUTSCH. Meanwhile, Devilhound desperately seeks the help of EMIL DURAND in the hopes of freeing himself from the demonic tail that enslaves him.

    All this plus some insanely hot man on man sex, superhero style! Written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by David Cantero, The Brigayde #2 is available in a Print Edition and also available as a Class Access Easy PDF digital comic.

    The Digital version come in both a Digital Edition, and a Special Digital Edition which features a whopping 38 pages of bonus features, including behind the scenes concept designs, character sketches, original page breakdowns and a glorious, full-color gallery of pin-ups and much more.


    All characters are © Copyright and TM 2017, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 


    (via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cY73EQIv458)


    The BriGAYde is the new superhero team of the Class Comics Universe that takes place in the close future of 2021. This first issue is the origin story for these heroes coming together in Gateway City. Awesome first issue and it sows the seeds for future issues to be made. Patrick Fillion is the write and super hottie, David Cantero is the artist.

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    Hey Guys -- Check out this BAD ASS review of the BRIGAYDE #1 by the fabulous GAY COMIC GEEK!

    The NOVEMBER 2016 STRIPSHOW free comic from CLASS COMICS. Introducing DOC SOLANDO and co-starring RED VELVET!

    This awesome episode is written by Patrick Fillion and gorgeously illustrated by David Cantero.

    Serving as the official comic introduction of DOC SOLANDO, this episode is a direct prequel to the up-coming BRIGAYDE #2, due out SPRING 2017.

    Remember, you can read the Class Comics free STRIPSHOW comics every month before everyone else by signing up for the official Class Comics newsletter

    Doc Solando & Red Velvet and all characters © Copyright and TM 2017, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.