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    This all new issue of DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON is out just in time to celebrate Halloween, and it will blow you away with its two ALL-NEW stories featuring everyone’s favorite purple demon, Deimos! It’s available as both a Printed Edition and Class Access Digital Edition!

    We kick things off with a tale that could only be called “KING DEIMOS”, written and lovingly illustrated by Deimos’ creator himself, PATRICK FILLION. An ancient clan of Gargoyles have lost their monarch, and they’ve come seeking a new king in Deimos. Naturally, the strange creatures don’t give our hero much choice in the matter.

    Like it or not, he’ll become their new “ruler”. Ripped from the comfort of his bed, Deimos is brought before GARGO, the oldest and wisest of the Gargoyles, there to face a coronation and a pounding he will never forget.

    Next, fan-favorite artist, LEON DE LEON illustrates “DEMON SPORT”, written by PATRICK FILLION. Deimos heads to the mansion of the demoness MINERVA and demands to fight in her underworld-famous arena. Our hero wants to win fabled weapons of mystical properties to aid in his battle against the forces of Hell, but first, he’ll have to pay for his admittance… WITH HIS OWN BODY!

    Behold as Deimos is poked, prodded, jerked, milked, used and abused by dozens of Minerva’s guests for days until finally the Taro Demon is permitted to fight for his weapons…and his very life in the savage arena!

    This issue also includes a gorgeous pinup by MARTIN CHAN! All of this and an absolutely breathtaking cover by legendary MICHAEL BRODERICK that will leave you panting for more. Take it from us DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON #3 is NOT to be missed under any circumstances!

    All characters are © Copyright and ™ 2018 Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.