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    The JULY 2016 free Class Comics Animation features PAUL and HEATH from Robert Fraser’s the BROMANCE enjoying a golden shower in the men’s room.

    The boys are BEAUTIFULLY ANIMATED by none other than the amazing GENE LIGHTFOOT!

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    Paul, Heath & the BROMANCE are © Copyright & TM 2016, Class Comics inc. All rights reserved.


    Do you ever daydream about an unobtainable straight friend? If so, then you’ll understand Paul in THE BROMANCE #1 which is available as both a Print Edition and Digital Edition!

    Paul has an overactive imagination and an active libido and as we meet him and each one of his friends, we’re treated to some of Paul’s hottest… and horniest… fantasies involving his hunky pals. Each fantasy is raunchily penned by Robert Fraser and brought to life by a different artist who will leave you gasping for more, wondering just where does fantasy end… and reality start?

    We’ve all had waking wet dreams about some of the straight hunks in our lives, so we can all relate to Paul who may or may not end up with a serious case of blue balls unless some of his closest buds throw him a boner… ERR… BONE!

    Paul gets pretty easily aroused playing video games, helping a buddy build a mancave in his home, taking the metro from work, going to the supermarket and even doing the simplest thing like using the restroom at the office. His sexual fantasies have no limits.

    As Paul’s flights of perverted fancy increase in intensity, so will your pulse! The Bromance is brimming with hunky guys that could be right out of your own life… Maybe you’ve even fantasized about one or two of them yourself? One thing’s for sure, with THE BROMANCE #1, Robert Fraser and his artist cohorts have put together one incredibly raunchy, witty and crazy-hot comic that you’ll love to fantasize over, over and over again.


    The Bromance. All characters are © Copyright and TM 2015, Robert Fraser / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.