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    Class Comics is THRILLED to announce that LOST FANTASY HERO VS ZAHN, written by ICEMAN BLUE, is here and available in Print and Digital comic formats!

    What do you get when an evil DRAGON LORD turns his sights to other realms to find for an advantage in his own personal war? An impressive mash-up of massive muscles and heroically-proportioned cocks, that’s what!

    Ripped from the world of Varda, ZAHN is pulled into the realm of the LOST FANTASY HERO, where he is at a distinct disadvantage. Everything is so strange and unfamiliar to him, and getting back to Varda will mean working with JAMES, the hero of the land.

    The trouble is, James doesn’t particularly like Zahn, and though the two are forced to work together, their relationship is anything but friendly. Still, united they will face bizarre and dangerous obstacles, as the ultimate goal is to get Zahn the Hell back to his homeland and out of James’ hair.

    Written and illustrated by Iceman Blue (Camili-Cat: Mounted), this incredible team-up event is the PERFECT way to kick off the Class Comics SUMMER 2017 season! Filled with humor and drenched in jizz, this massive, amazing 30-page adventure proves that opposites don’t necessarily always attract — Heck, they may not even like each other — but they can still fuck the tar out of one another!

    LOST FANTASY HERO VS ZAHN #1 is available in digital format as a Class Access Easy PDF and in Printed comic format as well. Both editions contain the complete story by Iceman Blue and also include three all-new pieces by Patrick Fillion, the creator of Zahn. NOT to be missed!

    For more of ICEMAN BLUE’s comics and artwork, visit his website!

    The long-anticipated second issue of CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS is now available in printed and digital, and special digital comic format! The SON OF WINTER and the TARO DEMON, together at last! No seriously — for REALS this time!

    HURNON, that dastardly COLLECTOR is up to his no-good tricks once again! This time, he and ABAAZ, a fellow collector of stunning male specimens, decide to enter into a dangerous game of chance. Each Collector chooses two of their favorite subjects and pits them against one another in a game of sex, sorcery and survival.

    Having exploited them before and knowing their capabilities well, the Collector selects ZAHN and DEIMOS, and transports them to a savage and unexplored region of VARDA, there to face HORDE and MURD, a duo of hunky but devious Orcs, determined to win by any means possible. Our heroes better watch their hot butts… these Orcs aren’t above cheating and they certainly won’t play fair.

    Beautifully illustrated by Class Comics new-comer, PPMAQ, CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #2 is written by Patrick Fillion and each and every panel is bursting with brilliant color, energy, hotness and that trademark PPmaq panache, humor and flare that fans of his Epic Loads” comic know and love.

    Plus, after teasing ZAHN and DEIMOS as a couple for months now, we FINALLY deliver an adventure which permits these two studly heroes to explore their feelings for one another. This all new adventure will see their undeniable connection deepen in the face of immeasurable adversity and danger.

    CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #2 is available as a PRINTED COMIC. It’s also available as a digital comic in two formats. The STANDARD digital EDITION includes the full 24-page comic and the SPECIAL digital EDITION includes the full 24-page comic as well as 40 pages of bonus art and materials.

    The MARCH 2017 STRIPSHOW free comic from CLASS COMICS. The Son of Winter is in peril again... ZAHN is prey in this latest episode which serves as a prequel to a previous episode of the STRIPSHOW... but can you figure out which one? 

    This awesome episode is written and lovingly illustrated by Patrick Fillion.

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    ZAHN and all characters © Copyright and TM 2017, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


    The NOVEMBER 2016 free Class Comics Animation features DEIMOS and ZAHN going at it HARD and DEEP!

    The boys are BEAUTIFULLY ANIMATED by none other than the amazing GENE LIGHTFOOT!

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    DEIMOS & ZAHN © Copyright & TM 2017, Class Comics inc. All rights reserved.

    NAKED JUSTICEgets a visit from SANTA in "SANTA’S LITTLE HELPERS!” the DECEMBER 2016 STRIPSHOW episode, free comic from CLASS COMICS.

    This awesomely festive episode is written by PATRICK FILLION and gorgeously illustrated by MICHAEL BRODERICK, artist of the amazing SCARED STIFF #1.

    Remember, you can read the Class Comics free STRIPSHOW comics every month before everyone else by signing up for the official Class Comics newsletter.

    Naked Justice, Ghostboy, Diablo, Camili-Cat & Space Cadet and all other characters are © Copyright and TM 2016, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


    I didn’t draw quite as much in 2016, but here are a few samples of what I did get up to. It’s always fun to put together these “Art Retrospectives”. Enjoy guys, and thanks so much for the continued support. It’s greatly appreciated. XOXO



    All characters are © Copyright and TM 2016, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 


    Class Comics Christmas Meaty 2016

    I am takeing part in a Christmas Event held by Class Comics.

    Got invited by @patrickfillion personaly *flattered* <3<3<3

    Wanna share my WIP with you guys n gurls :3

    The featured Characters: 

    Jacko, Deimos, Naked Justice and Zahn (from left to right) 

    are property of Class Comics and don’t belong to me.







    With art by Alexander, Martin Chan and Patrick Fillion, and a cover by SILVERJOW, this issue is gonna be SMOKIN’ HOT! 


    Deimos and all characters are © Copyright and TM 2016 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 

    Ever since I got Zahn #3 ive been dying to draw Zahn`s new get up. It looks like one of those Game Apps with upgradable heroes or if Zahn got a Mega Evolution, just so sexy and powerful but still very reminiscent of his original outfit, you can clearly tell im in love.

    If you guys like crazy hot sex dipped into some good plot twists, I definitely recommend the Zahn series! <3

    Of course you can get it in PDF or Print at CLASS COMICS

    We’ve got some AMAZING new comics IN THE WORKS FOR 2016! Check out the full article and get your first taste of what we have in store for you this year. 


    all characters are © and TM 2016 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.