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    This all new issue of DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON is out just in time to celebrate Halloween, and it will blow you away with its two ALL-NEW stories featuring everyone’s favorite purple demon, Deimos! It’s available as both a Printed Edition and Class Access Digital Edition!

    We kick things off with a tale that could only be called “KING DEIMOS”, written and lovingly illustrated by Deimos’ creator himself, PATRICK FILLION. An ancient clan of Gargoyles have lost their monarch, and they’ve come seeking a new king in Deimos. Naturally, the strange creatures don’t give our hero much choice in the matter.

    Like it or not, he’ll become their new “ruler”. Ripped from the comfort of his bed, Deimos is brought before GARGO, the oldest and wisest of the Gargoyles, there to face a coronation and a pounding he will never forget.

    Next, fan-favorite artist, LEON DE LEON illustrates “DEMON SPORT”, written by PATRICK FILLION. Deimos heads to the mansion of the demoness MINERVA and demands to fight in her underworld-famous arena. Our hero wants to win fabled weapons of mystical properties to aid in his battle against the forces of Hell, but first, he’ll have to pay for his admittance… WITH HIS OWN BODY!

    Behold as Deimos is poked, prodded, jerked, milked, used and abused by dozens of Minerva’s guests for days until finally the Taro Demon is permitted to fight for his weapons…and his very life in the savage arena!

    This issue also includes a gorgeous pinup by MARTIN CHAN! All of this and an absolutely breathtaking cover by legendary MICHAEL BRODERICK that will leave you panting for more. Take it from us DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON #3 is NOT to be missed under any circumstances!

    All characters are © Copyright and ™ 2018 Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

    Class Comics is proud to announce that DEIMOS #3 – the long-awaited final issue in the Deimos series – has arrived at last! It’s available in a Print Edition, a Special Digital Edition and a Standard Digital Edition!

    In the not too distant future, the once impressive Gateway City is now a ravaged battleground in the war between Heaven and Hell. Though he swore he’d never return, Mack MacKenzie dares to venture into the once sprawling mecca. Mack has sensed that Deimos is in terrible danger and aims to help him at any cost. Unfortunately for Mack, his bravery may spell his doom.

    Meanwhile, Deimos and Sethan desperately try to escape Bob’s grotesque henchman, Obscene. Sadly for them, the monster’s venom course through their veins, and both the Taro Demon and his accomplice are severely weakened, making them perfect prey for Obscene.

    Defeated, stripped and ravaged, Deimos can only await his fate as dozens of horny demons use him as a cumdump. Soon, our hero gets dragged to the very center of Hell where he must endure a terrible ordeal and eventually face Bob, who plans to execute him for turning his back on his demonic roots.

    Written by Patrick Fillion and breathtakingly illustrated by Alessio Slonimsky (Good Sports, Deimos: Innocence), DEIMOS #3 concludes this mini-series in a bold and cathartic fashion, spinning our beloved, hunky Taro Demon in an intense and unexpected new direction. Exterior and interior cover art by Deimos creator, Patrick Fillion.

    The print edition of Deimos #3 is a LIMITED EDITION printed comic. The first 100 print copies are personally autographed by Patrick Fillion!  The Deimos #3 Special Digital Edition contains 16 pages of bonus features, including behind the scenes info on the book, never before seen Logan artwork, and more. The Deimos #3 Standard Digital Edition contains the core 24-page story.

    The long-anticipated second issue of CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS is now available in printed and digital, and special digital comic format! The SON OF WINTER and the TARO DEMON, together at last! No seriously — for REALS this time!

    HURNON, that dastardly COLLECTOR is up to his no-good tricks once again! This time, he and ABAAZ, a fellow collector of stunning male specimens, decide to enter into a dangerous game of chance. Each Collector chooses two of their favorite subjects and pits them against one another in a game of sex, sorcery and survival.

    Having exploited them before and knowing their capabilities well, the Collector selects ZAHN and DEIMOS, and transports them to a savage and unexplored region of VARDA, there to face HORDE and MURD, a duo of hunky but devious Orcs, determined to win by any means possible. Our heroes better watch their hot butts… these Orcs aren’t above cheating and they certainly won’t play fair.

    Beautifully illustrated by Class Comics new-comer, PPMAQ, CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #2 is written by Patrick Fillion and each and every panel is bursting with brilliant color, energy, hotness and that trademark PPmaq panache, humor and flare that fans of his Epic Loads” comic know and love.

    Plus, after teasing ZAHN and DEIMOS as a couple for months now, we FINALLY deliver an adventure which permits these two studly heroes to explore their feelings for one another. This all new adventure will see their undeniable connection deepen in the face of immeasurable adversity and danger.

    CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #2 is available as a PRINTED COMIC. It’s also available as a digital comic in two formats. The STANDARD digital EDITION includes the full 24-page comic and the SPECIAL digital EDITION includes the full 24-page comic as well as 40 pages of bonus art and materials.

    The NOVEMBER 2016 free Class Comics Animation features DEIMOS and ZAHN going at it HARD and DEEP!

    The boys are BEAUTIFULLY ANIMATED by none other than the amazing GENE LIGHTFOOT!

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    DEIMOS & ZAHN © Copyright & TM 2017, Class Comics inc. All rights reserved.

    NAKED JUSTICEgets a visit from SANTA in "SANTA’S LITTLE HELPERS!” the DECEMBER 2016 STRIPSHOW episode, free comic from CLASS COMICS.

    This awesomely festive episode is written by PATRICK FILLION and gorgeously illustrated by MICHAEL BRODERICK, artist of the amazing SCARED STIFF #1.

    Remember, you can read the Class Comics free STRIPSHOW comics every month before everyone else by signing up for the official Class Comics newsletter.

    Naked Justice, Ghostboy, Diablo, Camili-Cat & Space Cadet and all other characters are © Copyright and TM 2016, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


    I didn’t draw quite as much in 2016, but here are a few samples of what I did get up to. It’s always fun to put together these “Art Retrospectives”. Enjoy guys, and thanks so much for the continued support. It’s greatly appreciated. XOXO



    All characters are © Copyright and TM 2016, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 


    Class Comics Christmas Meaty 2016

    I am takeing part in a Christmas Event held by Class Comics.

    Got invited by @patrickfillion personaly *flattered* <3<3<3

    Wanna share my WIP with you guys n gurls :3

    The featured Characters: 

    Jacko, Deimos, Naked Justice and Zahn (from left to right) 

    are property of Class Comics and don’t belong to me.






    The breaking of DEIMOS has begun in Deimos: Tales of the Taro Demon #2! In this issue featuring three jizz-soaked tales of debauchery, the Taro Demon is about to embark on one of his most vital missions yet, and failure is not an option. To this effect, BILLY ZAMBU, Deimos’ “best friend” and closest ally, enlists the aid of the mysterious MATHIAS to “train” Deimos in preparation for his quest.

    The issue opens with “How to Train your Demon” (written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Alexander) in which Deimos learns just how far Billy will go to ensure his success. Deimos is rendered powerless, stripped and “trained” so that he can convincingly pose as a slave for a man who holds hundreds of human lives in his twisted hands.

    Written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion, “Uninvited” finds Deimos resting from his training as a slave. Charged with house-sitting for Billy, Deimos is surprised by a demon named EFFIGY, who somehow manages to infiltrate Billy’s allegedly impenetrable fortress. Suddenly ZAHN is conjured up to occupy the Taro Demon who is more than happy to take up with his long lost lover.

    In “Mantoy”, the final chapter (written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Martin Chan), the day finally comes for Deimos to pose as SIMO, a male demon sex slave, stripped of his power and presented to a man named Crandle by Mathias as a buy in to a secret Sacrifice Trade Ring. How far will Deimos go to get at the information he seeks? Farther than he’s comfortable with, of that you can be sure.

    This incredible second issue of DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON features mouthwatering art by some of the brightest talents in the world of Gay Adult Comics, and boasts a truly MAGNIFICENT cover illustration by none other than the legendary SILVERJOW.

    This issue also serves as a prequel to the DEIMOS #0 story “The Ring Leader”. It’s DEIMOS like you’ve never seen him before: On his hands and knees, ass in the air and begging to be filled by the biggest dong you can find. OKAY. Maybe we’ve seen him like this before, but this entire issue is devoted to making Deimos realize that cock in his can is truly his favorite pastime.

    Now Available as a limited edition Printed Comic, or as a Class Access Easy PDF Digital Comic. The Digital Edition of DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON #2 also features a 17-page Deimos Art Gallery. Get your copy today!

    It wouldn’t be the Halloween Season without a Class Comics Halloween Special, and this year, we have a doozy for ya to sink your fangs into! JACKO’S HORNY HALLOWEEN TALES #1 is now available as a Class Access Easy PDF DIGITAL COMIC!

    JACKO THE HALLOWEENER has a very busy night of COCKTOBER festivities planned this year. Not only is he preppin’ to pork some of Class Comics’ hottest hunks, but he’s also prepared three tales of HORNYWEEN TERROR, just for you. Hold onto your butts as Jacko introduces you to ELIJAH, ISAIAH and JEREMIAH, the protagonists of his weird and raunchy yarns.

    Elijah stars in “Into the Wild”. An early October hike into the woods leaves this hunky, but slightly dim-witted hiker, lost in the woods. There he encounters a Sasquatch bent on… well, mostly just BENT!

    Isaiah isn’t terribly fond of Halloween. He’d rather stay home while his girlfriend Abby attends the Halloween fair. Trouble is, once Abby’s gone, a creepy toy devil starts talking to Isaiah… and it makes him do UNSPEAKABLE things. Poor straight hunk Isaiah soon wishes he’d gone to the fair with Abby in “Devil on the Shelf”.

    Jeremiah hurries home to attend the first Harvest Festival hosted by his village. The year is 1913, New England, and Jeremiah has never seen an alien artifact before. You know what they say? Curiosity PROBED the cat! Soon Jeremiah is swept up in a blinding beam of light and finds himself the subject of Alien interest in a tale that could only be called“Lost and Found”.

    Patrick Fillion has been very busy prepping JACKO’S HORNY HALLOWEEN TALES #1, his first full-length comic since 2013’s ZAHN #3, and the equivalent of a surprise album drop. Nobody knew he was working on this secret gem, and playing with a fun, ink-heavy approach, Patrick has created a fabulous Halloween concoction that is at times hilarious, effectively creepy, and always boner-poppingly HOT!

    Available exclusively as a Class Access Digital Comic, JACKO’S HORNY HALLOWEEN TALES #1 is an 18 page full-length comic that also includes pinups and an additional silent version of the complete comic for distraction-free wanking fun!



    With art by Alexander, Martin Chan and Patrick Fillion, and a cover by SILVERJOW, this issue is gonna be SMOKIN’ HOT! 


    Deimos and all characters are © Copyright and TM 2016 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 


    With art by Alexander, Martin Chan and Patrick Fillion, and a cover by SILVERJOW, this issue is gonna be SMOKIN’ HOT! 


    Deimos and all characters are © Copyright and TM 2016 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 

    Class Comics is proud to present the first issue of our brand-new Deimos anthology series. DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON #1 is now available as a Print Edition and as Class Access Digital Edition.  This fantastic collector’s first issue contains three incredibly hot and action-packed stories featuring everyone’s favorite Taro Demon.

    “Innocence”, written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by the incredibly talented Alessio Slonimsky making his Class Comics debut, finds Deimos on the run… with a demon baby in his arms! Deimos isn’t exactly the fathering kind, but the survival of this infant is crucial to the fate of the world, and Deimos will stop at nothing to protect him. The Taro Demon is willing to lay down his life for this child. He may well have to, as his arch-nemesis BOB has resurrects one of Deimos’ most feared adversaries to hunt him and his charge down.

    “Inspiration” written by Fillion and illustrated by the wonderful David Cantero is a very different Deimos story and explores the softer side of the Taro Demon. Say, did you ever wonder what became of GRINN, that cool shape-shifting, weapon-becoming demon sidekick-thing that Deimos used to have? Yeah? Deimos too! A visit to a mystical artist might be the only way Deimos can locate his missing friend and shed light on his predicament.

    And thirdly, due to massive fan demand, DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON #1 is rounded out by “Dead of Winter Part 2”, written and illustrated by Fillion and available in print for the very first time. After leaving Mack’s home deep in the woods outside Gateway City, right after the events of DEAD OF WINTER part 1, Deimos encounters an ancient order of Monks known as the “Brotherhood of the Illuminated”. Cut off from civilization and oblivious to the world beyond the walls of their monastery, these “men of God” incapacitate Deimos with an ancient binding prayer and set out to punish him for his sins and evil deeds.

    All of this plus pin-up art by JC Soto, Patrick Fillion and legendary GENGOROH TAGAME, this sensational first volume is a must for all Deimos lovers. This book contains 4 extra story pages over our usual comics, making it a stunning 28 pages of Deimos action! TheCLASS ACCESS DIGITAL EDITION also includes a bonus 10 page sketch book art gallery with art by Alessio Slonimsky, David Cantero and Patrick Fillion, making the digital edition a whopping 42 pages!


    All characters are © 2016 Copyright and TM Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 

    Here’s some DEIMOS wallpaper for your computer screen!! XD

    DEIMOS loves the beach, but he needs help — will you rub lotion on his back? HA HA HA!

    The wallpaper is available in standard and widescreen formats for you guys. Just right click, save as and set as wallpaper/background… and of course, ENJOY!


    Deimos is © Copyright and TM 2016 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.