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    Why settle for big, when you can have HUGE? Our Cyber Weekend Sale is on now! It’s our biggest of the year!

    Save 25% on your order on TOP of any automatic quantity discounts! Use the coupon code CYBER until midnight on Monday Nov 26th!

    This all new issue of DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON is out just in time to celebrate Halloween, and it will blow you away with its two ALL-NEW stories featuring everyone’s favorite purple demon, Deimos! It’s available as both a Printed Edition and Class Access Digital Edition!

    We kick things off with a tale that could only be called “KING DEIMOS”, written and lovingly illustrated by Deimos’ creator himself, PATRICK FILLION. An ancient clan of Gargoyles have lost their monarch, and they’ve come seeking a new king in Deimos. Naturally, the strange creatures don’t give our hero much choice in the matter.

    Like it or not, he’ll become their new “ruler”. Ripped from the comfort of his bed, Deimos is brought before GARGO, the oldest and wisest of the Gargoyles, there to face a coronation and a pounding he will never forget.

    Next, fan-favorite artist, LEON DE LEON illustrates “DEMON SPORT”, written by PATRICK FILLION. Deimos heads to the mansion of the demoness MINERVA and demands to fight in her underworld-famous arena. Our hero wants to win fabled weapons of mystical properties to aid in his battle against the forces of Hell, but first, he’ll have to pay for his admittance… WITH HIS OWN BODY!

    Behold as Deimos is poked, prodded, jerked, milked, used and abused by dozens of Minerva’s guests for days until finally the Taro Demon is permitted to fight for his weapons…and his very life in the savage arena!

    This issue also includes a gorgeous pinup by MARTIN CHAN! All of this and an absolutely breathtaking cover by legendary MICHAEL BRODERICK that will leave you panting for more. Take it from us DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON #3 is NOT to be missed under any circumstances!

    All characters are © Copyright and ™ 2018 Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.



    Story by Patrick Fillion. Art by Alexander.

    Additional art by David Cantero, Byron Power and many more!


    BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT, we’ve collected the first three issues of our wildly popular STAR CROSSED series AND included the all-new STAR CROSSED: ORIGINS #1 comic in this fantastic 100-page collected Print Trade Paperback edition.

    STAR CROSSED: THE COLLECTION volume 1 follows the adventures of CAPTAIN JUNG, DISCO, FLAMER and LOCUS, hung and hunky bounty hunters by trade, as they embark on all kinds of insanely raunchy space adventures aboard their star cruiser the HUNTRESS. Along the way, our intrepid crew meet EZZET and KRUEG, a pair of horny Tolarian twins out for a good time, and PUMA, a Felinoid stud with vital information to sell.

    Jung and his pals end up in the clutches of the BIOLOGISTS, androids bent on adding these galaxy-faring hunks to their massive archive of male specimens. Meanwhile, the evil DR. PUPAE hatches a plan to exact revenge on his enemies and strikes an alliance with a most unlikely ally.

    Also included in this volume, STAR CROSSED: ORIGINS #1 features FLAMERs backstory and sheds a deeper light on the muscular blonde adventurer. You may be stunned by his humble beginnings, but the twists and turns in his path will certainly surprise and perhaps even shock!

    In print for the very first time ever, the STAR CROSSED series is written by PATRICK FILLION and lovingly illustrated by ALEXANDER. DAVID CANTERO illustrates the ORIGINS issue, and with a veritable armada of guest pinup artists, this trade is a great way to enjoy this dynamic series in one satisfying gulp!

    Gorgeously printed and filled with some of the hottest man-on-man-on-extraterrestrial, cum-soaked, intergalactic sex action, STAR CROSSED: THE COLLECTION volume 1 is a must for any Class Comics fan.


    All characters are © and ™ 2018 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


    Story and Art by BENOIT PREVOT


    Is it possible for everything to go from bad to worse? If you happen to be Angelface, Red or Joshua, then that’s exactly what’s happened! Each of these three fellows would love to think that they’re out of trouble, but that’s not the case.

    The series picks up right where it left off, at a sweaty boxing arena, filled with the musk of panic-stricken men. Red and Josh succumb to the Black Rook’s thugs and are tossed buck naked into the back of a Model A Ford!

    Meanwhile Angelface believes he’s joined a network of elite criminals, ready to take New York for everything it has. Little does he realize that Red’s capture will knock him from the top of his world, right back down onto his sexy bottom.

    By the end of this volume, double crosses will become triple crosses, new alliances will be drawn, new bedfellows chosen, and no one will sleep a wink at night!

    Beautifully written and illustrated by French artist Benoît Prévot, Angelface is a series set in an era of prohibition, swing, speak easies and loose morals!


    All characters are © and ™ 2018 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

    PAYDAY #1

    Story and Art by SUNNY VICTOR



    Like all of us, Adrian has a secret. It’s not that he’s an escort, or that he’s one of the top paid escorts in the world. He’s not ashamed of these things at all — he’s quite proud of them, actually. No, no. It’s the story of how he became the “Upscale A$$ for Hire” he is today!

    He didn’t do it the conventional way, working the call boy corporate ladder, pleasing the boss, courting the customers, saving his tips, investing the secrets that he learned during late night pillow talk. Instead he used the oldest trick in the book. He lied. He pulled off a grand deception crafted to elevate him to an unbelievable level of desire before ever sleeping with a single client.

    Now he’s willing to tell his story… to the right ear, for the right reason… and for the right price, of course. As fate would have it, the world renowned author, Julian Daniels, is looking for inspiration for his next book and he’s willing to pay Adrian a handsome sum for his lusty little secrets.

    Written and illustrated by Sunny Victor, Payday #1 treats you to a glimpse into the life of the world’s highest paid escort! This oversize Class Access Digital Edition contains a whopping 30 story pages!


    All characters are © and ™ 2018 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


    Story and Art by DAVID CANTERO



    This tale might sound vaguely familiar… but trust us when we tell you that this ain’t the usual journey along the yellow brick road that you’re used to! So pack your bags, you’re going to enjoy this trip!

    As usual, it all starts on a little farm in Kansas, with a tornado looming on the horizon. Unfortunately, Dorian doesn’t notice it because he’s busy servicing, and getting serviced by all three farm hands.

    After being whisked away to a mysterious land, squishing the Wicked Bitch of the West, having an uncomfortable encounter with the Dumpkins, and walking a mile in extremely uncomfortable silver high heels, he meets three hunky friends!

    Along with his new butt buddies, the scrumptious Scarecrow, the tantalizing Tin Man and the lascivious Lion, Dorian finds his way to the Hemorrhoidal City and meet The Wizard of Jizz who showers them with exactly what they need!

    Creatively written and beautifully illustrated by David Cantero, The Wizard of Jizz is a sexy take on a whimsical tale! This Class Access Digital Edition contains 28 fabulous story pages and a stunning 22 Page Art Gallery!


    All Characters are © Copyright and ™ 2018 David Cantero / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

    The October 2015 Class Comics STRIPSHOW episode.

    “Halloween Magic” starring Jacko the Halloweener and Devilhound!

    Story by Patrick Fillion. Art by Jacob Mott.

    All characters © Copyright and TM 2018, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


    The October 2016 Class Comics STRIPSHOW episode.

    “Halloween Blitz” starring JACKO the Halloweener (and a bunch of Class Comics hunks)!

    Story by Patrick Fillion. Art by Michael Broderick.

    All characters © Copyright and TM 2018, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


    Class Comics is thrilled to announce the release of STAR CROSSED #2, the second issue in fantastic SCI-FI, XXX, adventure-fantasy series written by PATRICK FILLION and magnificently illustrated by ALEXANDER (Ridehard, Super Hung). STAR CROSSEDgives CAPTAIN JUNG, FLAMER, DISCO and LOCUS a title of their own!

    Weeks have passed since Captain Jung and his crew left Dekkor, Ezzet, and Krueg to the mercy of the sadistic Dr. Pupae. Now, the good Captain finds that, in all good conscience, he just can’t leave them in the clutches of that madman. A rescue must be mounted!

    Once on planet Suktamimus,at the Space Jock Male Strip Club, Jung, Flamer, Disco, and Locus turn to an unlikely source for information on Pupae’s whereabouts. Enter PUMA; a gorgeous Felinoid stripper turned spy. Puma can help the crew of the Huntress accomplish their mission, but at a price. On the run from the Sektan Guard, he needs off the planet and fast.

    Things get complicated when a garrison of Sektan Officers led by the power-hungry Captain Scarb barge into the club, blasters at the ready, eager to get their hands on Puma and the crew of the Huntress.

    Can our bounty hunter heroes and their new Felinoid ally evade the Sketan fascists, or will they leave the Space Jock in pine boxes? They’ll have to be cunning and act very quickly because time is running out for hunky twins Ezzet and Krueg. Pupae is enjoying his Tolarian sex toys and has an extremely nasty fate planned for them.

    STAR CROSSED #2 is an all-new 16-page comic adventure. This issue also includes a special 30 PAGE BONUS SECTION! The bonus section starts with an art gallery featuring art by Alexander, David Cantero, Aknaton, Hydaria and Patrick Fillion.  It finishes with a special silent edition of the comic which beautifully shows off Alexander’s stunning artwork.

    Written by Patrick Fillion and gorgeously illustrated by Alexander (Super Hung, Ridehard), STAR CROSSED #2 is a gloriously raunchy and intensely action-packed space adventure guaranteed to leave your heart racing and your trouser rocket shooting at light speed! Make sure you’ve read STAR CROSSED #1 before jumping into STAR CROSSED #2!

    Being a superhero isn’t just about fighting bad guys and preventing world-ending events. As we see in The Legacy #2, it can be about the smaller things, like stepping up and making a difference in the community.

    Naked Justice, Space Cadet and Emil Durand decide to help raise funds for the construction of Gateway City’s first retirement home for LGBTQ seniors by throwing a sexy superhero charity car wash.

    Clad in their skimpiest swim trunks, our heroes scrub, spray and sponge for a good cause, that is, until SOLACE, a new hunky villain shows up to spoil the fun.

    Under Solace’s powerful control, Naked Justice, Space Cadet and Emil give in to their primal urges, until Solace reveals the true motive behind his sudden appearance with devastating consequences.

    There are those who will stop at nothing to resurrect the past in order to secure control over the future. Let’s hope Felix and Byron can figure out how all the recent events they’ve experienced relate to one another, and how they can lead to answers about the evil awaiting its chance to strike… before it’s ultimately too late to stop it.

    The Legacy #2 is a 10 page story with a huge gallery featuring works by series artist Tom Cray and guest artists David Cantero, PPmaq and Patrick Fillion! 

    Written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Tom Cray (the JOX series), The Legacy #2 is a mini comic that packs a punch and delivers a faceful of jizz.

    The long-anticipated second issue of CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS is now available in printed and digital, and special digital comic format! The SON OF WINTER and the TARO DEMON, together at last! No seriously — for REALS this time!

    HURNON, that dastardly COLLECTOR is up to his no-good tricks once again! This time, he and ABAAZ, a fellow collector of stunning male specimens, decide to enter into a dangerous game of chance. Each Collector chooses two of their favorite subjects and pits them against one another in a game of sex, sorcery and survival.

    Having exploited them before and knowing their capabilities well, the Collector selects ZAHN and DEIMOS, and transports them to a savage and unexplored region of VARDA, there to face HORDE and MURD, a duo of hunky but devious Orcs, determined to win by any means possible. Our heroes better watch their hot butts… these Orcs aren’t above cheating and they certainly won’t play fair.

    Beautifully illustrated by Class Comics new-comer, PPMAQ, CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #2 is written by Patrick Fillion and each and every panel is bursting with brilliant color, energy, hotness and that trademark PPmaq panache, humor and flare that fans of his Epic Loads” comic know and love.

    Plus, after teasing ZAHN and DEIMOS as a couple for months now, we FINALLY deliver an adventure which permits these two studly heroes to explore their feelings for one another. This all new adventure will see their undeniable connection deepen in the face of immeasurable adversity and danger.

    CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #2 is available as a PRINTED COMIC. It’s also available as a digital comic in two formats. The STANDARD digital EDITION includes the full 24-page comic and the SPECIAL digital EDITION includes the full 24-page comic as well as 40 pages of bonus art and materials.

    The MARCH 2017 STRIPSHOW free comic from CLASS COMICS. The Son of Winter is in peril again... ZAHN is prey in this latest episode which serves as a prequel to a previous episode of the STRIPSHOW... but can you figure out which one? 

    This awesome episode is written and lovingly illustrated by Patrick Fillion.

    Remember, you can read the Class Comics free STRIPSHOW comics every month before everyone else by signing up for the official Class Comics newsletter.

    ZAHN and all characters © Copyright and TM 2017, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


    The MARCH 2017 free Class Comics Animation features BULLET moving at super speed, being in two places at once, servicing the sexy GOLDEN BOY!

    The boys are BEAUTIFULLY ANIMATED by none other than the amazing GENE LIGHTFOOTin his final CLASS COMICS ANIMATION ANIMATION piece. Thanks for all the AMAZING animations, Gene! We’ll miss you!! XOXO

    Remember to subscribe to the official Class Comics newsletter for loads of freebies and just plain AWESOMENESS!!!!

    AND REMEMBER to check out the ANIMATION INVASION archive for a TON of raunchy animated hunks! 

    BULLET & GOLDEN BOY © Copyright & TM 2017, Class Comics inc. All rights reserved.

    Quick sketch of RED VELVET that I drew in PROCREATE on my iPad. Still learning how the program works – but so far, it’s a lot of fun! 

    art by Patrick Fillion. 


    Red Velvet is © Copyright and TM 2017 Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved