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    The October 2015 Class Comics STRIPSHOW episode.

    “Halloween Magic” starring Jacko the Halloweener and Devilhound!

    Story by Patrick Fillion. Art by Jacob Mott.

    All characters © Copyright and TM 2018, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


    The October 2016 Class Comics STRIPSHOW episode.

    “Halloween Blitz” starring JACKO the Halloweener (and a bunch of Class Comics hunks)!

    Story by Patrick Fillion. Art by Michael Broderick.

    All characters © Copyright and TM 2018, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


    It wouldn’t be the Halloween Season without a Class Comics Halloween Special, and this year, we have a doozy for ya to sink your fangs into! JACKO’S HORNY HALLOWEEN TALES #1 is now available as a Class Access Easy PDF DIGITAL COMIC!

    JACKO THE HALLOWEENER has a very busy night of COCKTOBER festivities planned this year. Not only is he preppin’ to pork some of Class Comics’ hottest hunks, but he’s also prepared three tales of HORNYWEEN TERROR, just for you. Hold onto your butts as Jacko introduces you to ELIJAH, ISAIAH and JEREMIAH, the protagonists of his weird and raunchy yarns.

    Elijah stars in “Into the Wild”. An early October hike into the woods leaves this hunky, but slightly dim-witted hiker, lost in the woods. There he encounters a Sasquatch bent on… well, mostly just BENT!

    Isaiah isn’t terribly fond of Halloween. He’d rather stay home while his girlfriend Abby attends the Halloween fair. Trouble is, once Abby’s gone, a creepy toy devil starts talking to Isaiah… and it makes him do UNSPEAKABLE things. Poor straight hunk Isaiah soon wishes he’d gone to the fair with Abby in “Devil on the Shelf”.

    Jeremiah hurries home to attend the first Harvest Festival hosted by his village. The year is 1913, New England, and Jeremiah has never seen an alien artifact before. You know what they say? Curiosity PROBED the cat! Soon Jeremiah is swept up in a blinding beam of light and finds himself the subject of Alien interest in a tale that could only be called“Lost and Found”.

    Patrick Fillion has been very busy prepping JACKO’S HORNY HALLOWEEN TALES #1, his first full-length comic since 2013’s ZAHN #3, and the equivalent of a surprise album drop. Nobody knew he was working on this secret gem, and playing with a fun, ink-heavy approach, Patrick has created a fabulous Halloween concoction that is at times hilarious, effectively creepy, and always boner-poppingly HOT!

    Available exclusively as a Class Access Digital Comic, JACKO’S HORNY HALLOWEEN TALES #1 is an 18 page full-length comic that also includes pinups and an additional silent version of the complete comic for distraction-free wanking fun!


    The Jacob Mott HALLOWEEN Special has arrived in time for All Hallow’s Eve! And what a horny, spooky, naughty treat it is!

    No one loves Halloween more than Jacob Mott! Discover his dark passion in this collection of Halloween-themed pin-ups featuring the hottest ghosts, goblins and ghoulsthat you’ve ever seen! It’s a veritable horde of horny creatures of the night, just dying to pull you into their macabre embrace.

    What lurks in these pages, waiting to jump out and ensnare your mortal soul? Ghosts,vampires, goblins, monsters, aliens and candy… lots and lots of delicious, boner-inducingEYE-CANDY.

    The Jacob Mott HALLOWEEN Special is a delicious treat to be gobbled up all alone in a dark room. Each beautifully illustrated image simply bursts off the page, and this collection brings them to you in glorious large format, in all of their balls-out glory for the very first time.

    This spooktacular collection is a true feast for the eyes. It will leave you drooling and begging for the beastly boys that go bump in the night to come knocking at your door again and again on All Hallow’s Eve.

    The OCTOBER 2015 free Class Comics Animation features Gageand Hayden arguing over the moral ambiguity of this hot zombie action!

    GAGE, HAYDEN and the ZOMB are BEAUTIFULLY ANIMATED by none other than the amazing GENE LIGHTFOOT!

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    Gage and Hayden are © Copyright & TM 2015, Class Comics inc. All rights reserved.


    HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Yours Truly and CLASS COMICS!

    Last, but not least, I present to you this deliciously chocolaty BARUND the Vampire wallpaper, with art from me, PATRICK FILLION drawing as BRYCE PETERS!

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of four illustrations, my friends. I love Halloween and it’s always such a treat to draw themed images like these for you. I look forward to it every year.

    Have a safe, horny and fun-filled All Hallow’s Eve!!! Patrick XOXOX



    Barund is © Copyright and TM 2015 Class Comics Inc / Patrick Fillion. All rights reserved.

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Yours Truly and CLASS COMICS!

    Enjoy this gingerly festive NAKED JUSTICE wallpaper during the spooky season, with art from me, PATRICK FILLION drawing as BRYCE PETERS!

    One more character design still to come this October 2015! Stay tooned!

    Naked Justice is © Copyright and TM 2015 Class Comics Inc / Patrick Fillion. All rights reserved.


    Enjoy this bootifulSPACE CADET wallpaper during the spooky season, with art from PATRICK FILLION drawing as BRYCE PETERS!

    Two more character designs still to come throughout October 2015! Stay tooned!

    SPACE CADET is © Copyright and TM 2015 Class Comics Inc / Patrick Fillion. All rights reserved.



    Enjoy this devilishly sexy DEVILHOUND wallpaper during the spooky season, with art fromPATRICK FILLION drawing as BRYCE PETERS!

    Three more character designs coming throughout October 2015! Stay tooned! 

    Devilhound is © Copyright and TM 2015 Class Comics Inc / Patrick Fillion. All rights reserved. 


    The OCTOBER 2014 free Class Comics Animation features the leader of the SONS OF THE NIGHT, SCARAB riding the cock of  JACKO THE HALLOWEENER!

    This insanely HOT animation celebrates the official release of SONS OF THE NIGHT #1!

    Scarab and Jacko are BEAUTIFULLY ANIMATED by none other than the amazing GENE LIGHTFOOT! 

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    Scarab and Jacko the Halloweener are © Copyright & TM 2014, Class Comics inc. All rights reserved. 

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    The Pornomicon - Beautiful Dead #1 - The Class Comics HALLOWEEN Special Meaty "The Trick Edition" & "The Treat Edition" - In The Blink of an Eye - Deimos: Tenth Anniversary Special - Heroes in Peril Volume 1 & Volume 2 -- ALL 25% OFF!!

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    Class Comics is monstrously proud to presentSONS OF THE NIGHT #1 – a spooktacular,ALL-NEW MINI COMIC written by PATRICK FILLION & ROBERT FRASER and illustrated by DAVID CANTERO.

    It’s Halloween Night — a night for dressing up, trick or treating, and throwing a bitchin’ kegger — and the guys of the Zeta Mega Phallus Fraternity (the hunks of the ultra-popular “Initiation” series) are preparing for their awesome ZETA MEGA PHALLUS FUNDOSHI HALLOWEEN PARTY! While the preparations continue,evil approaches!

    On this night of All Hallow’s Eve, mystical forces and supernatural creatures are free to roam the earth, and three such creatures — SCARAB the Mummy, BLUE MOON the Werewolf and HOWIE DEAD END the Zombie — HUNGER! They hunger for COCK! And what better place to find hard, juicy dick than at a frathouse filled with young, muscular, horny guys?

    The uninvited guests decide to crash the party, andZACK, TOPHER, ALEX, DYLAN and their bros don’t know if they should run for the hills or spread their butt cheeks! The decision is taken out of their hands and soon they fall under the horny spell of the SONS OF THE NIGHT, and just as the party gets into full swing, another guest of a halloweeny supernature decides to make an appearance.

    It’s a freakishly faboolous Class Comics Mash-Up written by Fillion and Fraser, and boorilliantly illustrated by David Cantero that features the world’s hottest comicbook College Guys VS the sexiest creatures of the night. Sorry Twilight, you got nuthin’ on these undead hunks!

    SONS OF THE NIGHT #1 features an all-new 9-page mini comic, plus a massive 19-page gallery with art by David Cantero, Leon de Leon, Alexander, Jacob Mott, Patrick Fillion, Robert Fraserand Bryce Peters.

    It doesn’t need to be Halloween for you to get into SONS OF THE NIGHT #1, but it makes for a hell of a horny seasonal treat!

    HALLOWEEN IS HERE — and so is the highly-anticipated BEAUTIFUL DEAD #1!! It’s available as a print and a digital edition.

    What if the end of the world wasn’t the worst thing that ever happened to you? Beautiful Dead is a brand new series about love and lust in the coming zombie apocalypse! It’s the story ofGage andHayden, two unlikely survivors who find each other as the world crumbles around them…

    Neither Gage nor Hayden would have been each other’s first choice as traveling companions, but each of them see the benefit of having someone along for the ride. Even if it’s not for the most noble of reasons.

    They’ll both be surprised by what this undead world brings out of each other… and themselves. Beautiful Dead #1 chronicles their insane first 48 hours together, which will define the rest of their existence… however long, or short, that is.

    Written by Robert Fraser, creator of The Initiation, and illustrated by Butch McLogic, creator of Tug Harder, the comic has been six years in the making! Get your copy as aPrinted Edition and/or Digital Edition today!