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    The long-anticipated second issue of CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS is now available in printed and digital, and special digital comic format! The SON OF WINTER and the TARO DEMON, together at last! No seriously — for REALS this time!

    HURNON, that dastardly COLLECTOR is up to his no-good tricks once again! This time, he and ABAAZ, a fellow collector of stunning male specimens, decide to enter into a dangerous game of chance. Each Collector chooses two of their favorite subjects and pits them against one another in a game of sex, sorcery and survival.

    Having exploited them before and knowing their capabilities well, the Collector selects ZAHN and DEIMOS, and transports them to a savage and unexplored region of VARDA, there to face HORDE and MURD, a duo of hunky but devious Orcs, determined to win by any means possible. Our heroes better watch their hot butts… these Orcs aren’t above cheating and they certainly won’t play fair.

    Beautifully illustrated by Class Comics new-comer, PPMAQ, CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #2 is written by Patrick Fillion and each and every panel is bursting with brilliant color, energy, hotness and that trademark PPmaq panache, humor and flare that fans of his Epic Loads” comic know and love.

    Plus, after teasing ZAHN and DEIMOS as a couple for months now, we FINALLY deliver an adventure which permits these two studly heroes to explore their feelings for one another. This all new adventure will see their undeniable connection deepen in the face of immeasurable adversity and danger.

    CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #2 is available as a PRINTED COMIC. It’s also available as a digital comic in two formats. The STANDARD digital EDITION includes the full 24-page comic and the SPECIAL digital EDITION includes the full 24-page comic as well as 40 pages of bonus art and materials.

    Ever since I got Zahn #3 ive been dying to draw Zahn`s new get up. It looks like one of those Game Apps with upgradable heroes or if Zahn got a Mega Evolution, just so sexy and powerful but still very reminiscent of his original outfit, you can clearly tell im in love.

    If you guys like crazy hot sex dipped into some good plot twists, I definitely recommend the Zahn series! <3

    Of course you can get it in PDF or Print at CLASS COMICS

    We’ve got some AMAZING new comics IN THE WORKS FOR 2016! Check out the full article and get your first taste of what we have in store for you this year. 


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    The Holiday Season is a time for giving, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with A CLASS COMICS CHRISTMAS – the 2015 Edition — our gift to you this Christmas! Download it for FREE and enjoy!

    Over the years, Class Comic has created so much fun and sexy Christmas-themed art, that we decided to collect it all together in one exciting Holiday Special. With art by DAVID CANTERO, JACOB MOTT, LOGAN, LEON DE LEON, GOLDEN KEY, GENE LIGHTFOOT, PPMAQ and PATRICK FILLION, and featuring your favorite Class Comics Hunks, this is one Christmas Present you won’t wanna miss! We’ve taken last year’s edition and added 12 new pages of art and comics to it for your enjoyment!

    The Christmas Season makes us so giddy, and we’re just thrilled to present to you this lovely collection which includes our sexiest and most beautiful Holiday art. And the best part is that you can get it no matter if you’ve been nice OR naughty. Unlike Santa, we don’t discriminate and want you to have this little gem no matter how bad you’ve been!

    This 44-page bundle of Holiday Cheer is bound to help keep you warm on those cold Winter nights! So download and enjoy A CLASS COMICS CHRISTMAS – the 2015 Edition!

    We hope you have a fantastic holiday season!

    Patrick & Fraser

    All characters are © Copyright and TM 2015, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 


    Class Comics is pleased to announce that STRIPSHOW: THE COLLECTION book three, is now available in print and digital comic formats.

    Question: where can you find insanely hot comic strips illustrated by JACOB MOTT, HVH, CRAY, DAVID CANTERO, LOGAN, LEON DE LEON, RICHIE SAN LUCAS, PPMAQ, ANTHONY GONZALES and PATRICK FILLION? Easy! In the all-new STRIPSHOW: THE COLLECTION book three, that’s where!

    This impressive new volume of the hugely popular STRIPSHOW comics is bursting with panel upon panel of your favorite Class Comics characters in some of their raunchiest adventures to date. CAMILI-CAT and DEIMOS both experience torrid run-ins with COSSAK, the strange slime creature. BEAUTIFUL DEAD’S GAGE and HAYDEN share a very sweet and very sexy Christmas despite the Zombie apocalypse. ZAHN checks into a haunted Inn and has a paranormal, para-SEXUAL ghostly experience.  DEVILHOUND realizes that the ancient mystical tail that grants him his power exacts a rather high price. And all of these cum-drenched stories are just the tip of the iceberg. This issue of STRIPSHOW is a collection of comic strips filled with pivotal moments in our sexiest heroes’ lives.

    Written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by some of the best talent in the industry, this latest issue in the STRIPSHOW COLLECTION is a stunning and over-the-top HAWT installment in the series that collects two years of the hugely popular series. Even if you’ve read these episodes online, you’ve never experienced these stories quite like this. STRIPSHOW: THE COLLECTION book three is the first time these comics have ever been presented in full, high resolution and in such beautiful, boner-popping brilliance.


    All characters are © Copyright and TM 2015, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 

    Here’s an encore presentation of the MAY 2015 STRIPSHOW episode which is beautifully illustrated by the wonderfully talented PPMAQ!

    ZAHN stars in “SHROOMED” part 2! Morning eventually comes... and the light of day sheds new light on things. Will Zahn mind that Bol enchanted him with a magic mushroom? Hmmmm... probably not. 

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    Aaaaaand... if you’ve loved seeing PPMAQ take on the Class Comics universe as much as we have -- we know you HAVE -- then you’ll be thrilled to learn that this incredible artist has more Class-related projects coming up shortly. REJOICE! :D 

    ZAHN and BOL are © Copyright and TM 2015, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

    Illustrations by PPMAQ
    Words and letters by PATRICK FILLION

    If you missed the fabulous PPMAQ's official Class Comics debut with the April 2015 STRIPSHOW episode, here's an encore presentation!

    ZAHN stars in “SHROOMED” part 1! Looks like there's an extra spice in the Son of Winter's soup! Gee, I wonder what will happen next?

    Uhm... actually... I'm pretty sure we all know what’s gonna happen next! That’s why we can’t wait for the May episode! Heh! Heh! 

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    And join us in giving PPMAQ a HUGE welcome to the Class Comics family!!! We just love this talented guy’s mouthwatering artwork! Be sure to visit PPMAQ’s Tumblr for more of his awesome drawings and TONS of hard, dripping toon peen!! XD

    ZAHN and BOL are © Copyright and TM 2015, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

    Illustrations by PPMAQ
    Words and letters by PATRICK FILLION