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    The BriGAYde is the new superhero team of the Class Comics Universe that takes place in the close future of 2021. This first issue is the origin story for these heroes coming together in Gateway City. Awesome first issue and it sows the seeds for future issues to be made. Patrick Fillion is the write and super hottie, David Cantero is the artist.

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    Hey Guys -- Check out this BAD ASS review of the BRIGAYDE #1 by the fabulous GAY COMIC GEEK!

    We’ve been teasing this title since late 2015. Now the wait is FINALLY OVER! Class Comics is extremely proud to announce that THE BRIGAYDE book one by Patrick Fillion and David Cantero is finally here! And what a sense-shattering first issue it is!

    In the distant future, all is not well in Gateway City. Tensions grip society. People are discriminated against because of race, gender, sexual orientation. Politicians run amok, playing their constituents for fools. The authorities have their hands full and cannot keep up with the crime wave sweeping across town. To make matters worse, the GUARDIANS OF THE CUBE have disbanded. Who will stand up for the people?

    At the heart of this civil unrest, the supervillain group “MEAN STREAK” has broken out of prison. Career criminals all, MAMMA RIES, the BREEDER, the PRICK, JACK THE STRIPPER, LIGHTE BRIGHTE and JON DAZY are up to their old tricks but BYRON DURAND, aka the all-new NAKED JUSTICE intends to stop them. One against six isn’t great odds, but Naked Justice isn’t alone. Soon he and DEVILHOUND, the city’s most misunderstood adventurer, are forced to battle for their very lives.

    Meanwhile, mysterious newcomer RED VELVET is assembling some of the city’s most powerful street heroes to lend NJ and Devilhound a much needed hand. GOLDEN BOY, BULLET and LEGEND rush into the fray hoping to even the odds.

    Unbeknownst to these heroes on the verge of forming the all-new super team called the BRIGAYDE”, a new menace begins to manifest itself in Penny, Iowa. A veritable war on homosexuality is brewing, and soon, no gay person will be safe from REVEREND FREELY and his band of Followers.

    Thank God Naked Justice and his friends are banding together to fight against hate and discrimination… the world is about to need them more than ever.

    The BRIGAYDE is written by Patrick Fillion and stunningly illustrated by David Cantero. The series also has the distinction of being the very first on-going series to be released from Class Comics in over ten years. The incredible first issue is fast-paced, superhero action and the pages are literally exploding with hot jizz and gorgeous heroic males.

    The invitation has been sent. Will you accept the call of the BRIGAYDE? It’s now available digitally in three different editions for your pleasure, and the Special Editions include a whopping NINETY — yep, you read right — 90 PAGES of comic and fabulous bonus materials!

    Standard Edition – 32 pages (28 page comic plus 4 covers)

    Cantero Cover Special Edition – 90 pages (28 page comic plus 4 covers and nearly 60 pages of bonus features)

    Fillion Cover Special Edition – 90 pages (28 page comic plus 4 covers and nearly 60 pages of bonus features)

    And fans wanting to get the BRIGAYDE #1 in print, have no fear. We plan to make this issue available in printed comic book format by the end of the Summer, once a suitable new printer is found.