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    Quick sketch of RED VELVET that I drew in PROCREATE on my iPad. Still learning how the program works – but so far, it’s a lot of fun! 

    art by Patrick Fillion. 


    Red Velvet is © Copyright and TM 2017 Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved

    Class Comics is thrilled to announce the release of The Brigayde #2 in a Print Edition, Digital Edition and an expanded Special Digital Edition!

    Every superhero team needs a base of operations! For some it’s a fancy mansion or a high rise tower. For others, it’s a dark, dingy cave!  For the heroes of the BRIGAYDE, it’s the Armistice Estates; a newly constructed, state of the art townhouse development that comes equipped with all the amenities a superhero could want.

    Today is “moving in” day! As NAKED JUSTICE and his teammates lug their belongings, they finally meet DOC SOLANDO, their patron and the man responsible for uniting them as a team. But danger lurks in the least expected places, as Golden Boy soon discovers from a chance meeting with a particularly difficult neighbor.

    As if our boys weren’t busy enough, they have to get ready for DIABLO’s bachelor party at the One-Eyed Snake Club. Things mostly seem to be going well for this newly formed superteam, except that as they blissfully settle into their new digs, a new BIG BAD sets his hideous plan in motion.

    A world away, we learn of the ghastly fate that befalls Gateway City Council Member ADIL FADIP and his new husband, DANIEL PAUTSCH. Meanwhile, Devilhound desperately seeks the help of EMIL DURAND in the hopes of freeing himself from the demonic tail that enslaves him.

    All this plus some insanely hot man on man sex, superhero style! Written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by David Cantero, The Brigayde #2 is available in a Print Edition and also available as a Class Access Easy PDF digital comic.

    The Digital version come in both a Digital Edition, and a Special Digital Edition which features a whopping 38 pages of bonus features, including behind the scenes concept designs, character sketches, original page breakdowns and a glorious, full-color gallery of pin-ups and much more.


    All characters are © Copyright and TM 2017, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 


    (via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cY73EQIv458)


    The BriGAYde is the new superhero team of the Class Comics Universe that takes place in the close future of 2021. This first issue is the origin story for these heroes coming together in Gateway City. Awesome first issue and it sows the seeds for future issues to be made. Patrick Fillion is the write and super hottie, David Cantero is the artist.

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