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2018-12-11 00:01:48

    Ghork VS Deimos.

    An Overnight Drawing. Don’t ever let it be said that i’m not a fan of Class Comics. For whatever reason, i just never did any fan art. I think was kind of afraid to, not sure why. It may be because when i was younger (gosh this is sort of embarrassing) i just never thought i was “good enough” to draw his characters.

    I think being in the company of other artist this school year helped me get over that stigma. I’m not the best, but i sure as hell won’t get better without trying and working on it.

    I couldn’t decide if this needed a background or if my eyes were just crying bloody murder since i’ve been staring at white for too long. XD

    I’m almost sure i’ll be doing more Class Comics Vs since I have so much characters to spare that share physical traits of the Hereos of the Class comics universe. “Space Traveler Vs Taro Demon, a Horny showdown” would be a great title XD. Ok it’s late, i’m going to bed now.

    Enjoy! :D