Anne the Clit Collector: Part IV

    A lacrosse coach has a plan to finally get her male team to the NCAA championship and will sacrifice whatever it takes to get there. By: martineasy

    A lacrosse coach has a plan to finally get her male team to the NCAA championship and will sacrifice whatever it takes to get there.

    Anne the Clit Collector: Part IV

    Kim traced her tongue in tiny circles around Anne's large, sensitive clitoris while she admired her handiwork. Six weeks of aggressive pumping had transformed Anne's clit from a delicate little pink pearl into a nearly inch long throbbing lady-dick. Her neatly groomed light brown pubic hair tickled Kim's full lips as she nuzzled the bound and naked woman's sex; she deeply breathed the fragrant musk of sweat and wet pussy into her nostrils. The slender Asian woman was completely naked as well; her long black ponytail fell over her left shoulder as she laid on her elbows between Anne's spread and shackled legs. As she gently took Anne's large clitoris into her mouth she reached down between her own legs and teased the slick, empty slit where her pussy used to be.

    "Oh, Kim..." Anne moaned, her restrained hands rhythmically pulling against her bonds as she grinded her hips in pleasure. Her cheeks were brightly blushed red beneath her blindfold, "I love feeling your hot mouth wrapped around my clit. It's not going to take much to make me come..."

    "Mmmm, my lioness," Kim cooed, "I love making you come by worshipping your large, powerful clitoris." She slurped on her clit in earnest for a moment, making Anne arch her back and gasp.

    "You do it oh so well..." Anne groaned, "How does my clit taste?"

    "Slick with sweetness... A splash of pungent pheromones... And salty sweat..." As Kim spoke she began to prod two fingers into Anne's pale anus.

    Anne groaned again as Kim's fingers slid deep into her rectum, stretching her tight, delicate bud open, "How does my Clitoris feel?"

    Kim smiled warmly as she looked over Anne's pubic mound to watch the rapid rise and fall of her chest, her erect pink nipples pointing straight up, "Erect. Pulsating. Hot. Most of all your clit feels powerful." Kim began to massage Anne's large clitoris, slowly picking up the speed as she spoke, "Not like the many clits that you have harvested. So many women cannot experience what your clit feels right now, so many women like me, my lioness. I love to think about my harvested flower as I give you pleasure, as I suck your powerful clitoris. My clit is cold and unfeeling, drowned in a jar for the world to see. My clit will never give me another orgasm like the one you feel building up right now."

    "MmnnnGod..." Anne moaned as she began to buck as her sex exploded with sensation; Kim began pounding her fingers in and out of Anne's anus and rubbed her spasming pussy with real vigor, further fueling an already intense orgasm. Anne's voice went hoarse for a moment, she pulled against her bindings with all she had but they held true. Once Kim was satisfied with the resulting climax she slowed to a gentle stop and massaged the nearly hyperventilating woman's lower abdomen.

    "My lioness." She murmured and she laid her head down on Anne's inner thigh. Kim closed her large brown eyes while smiling pleasantly.

    * * * * *

    Coach Lauren was an imposing woman. Beautiful and tan, she wore her long auburn hair pulled back in a pony tail. She had strong arms, shoulders, and the well defined thigh and calf muscles of a professional athlete. Her short sleeved baby blue polo shirt wore tightly over her full, natural breasts. She was Anne's age, early to mid thirties, and if Anne had a type (in a lesbian sense) she suspected that Coach Lauren would fit the bill. Her aura of authority attracted Anne to her, an aura of sexual authority. She admired this woman.

    "This is an impressive collection," the prospective client said, "Your wealth of experience is quite evident. I was right in seeking you out."

    "Thank you, Lauren." Anne replied, "However, what you are asking of me is outside my realm of desires. However, I do believe that we can come to some sort of arrangement. An arrangement that we would both find satisfying." Anne and Kim made eye contact and smiled knowingly at each other.

    Lauren is the head coach for the local state college's male lacrosse team. As an NCAA division one champion for the Maryland team back in 2000, the sport is a central passion of hers, and the state of her current team's lack of focus is more than she can tolerate. She knows that the group of young men she has on her team is more than capable of winning the championship, but they are too distracted with partying and chasing young college girls to realize their potential. And then there's the rape allegations... Coach Lauren knows that the only way to right her team is to do something drastic, and armed with a drunkenly shot video capturing a gang rape of a passed out girl, she now had the leverage to see it through.

    As the three women discussed a compromise, a nervous college boy sat on Anne's couch, silently fidgeting his fingers together. Lauren had explained to them earlier when they arrived for their appointment that he was the lacrosse player who had filmed the rape and turned it over to her. He was also here today to do whatever was necessary for him to stay in his coach's good graces and benefit his team.

    "I collect clits," Anne said, "It is my specialty. It is my passion. Yours is leading your team to victory. How far would you go to fulfill your passion, Coach Lauren?"

    "You mean let you cut off my clitoris?" Lauren whispered in a tone that implied she was weighing it over, "If I did, and I mean 'IF' I did... You would cut my boys for me?"

    "I would cut your boys for you." Kim said with a smile, she too was wearing her long black hair in a pony tail, "I would remove all their distractions so that they could focus on being the champions you so want them to be. I would do just as you requested; cut their balls off and remove the sensitive heads from their young cocks."

    "If I let you cut my clit off..." Lauren repeated with uncertainty.

    Anne didn't know what came over her but suddenly she could no longer fight her own impulses; she stepped into Lauren's personal space, so close she could have kissed her, "Yes, Coach Lauren," Anne leaned forward and spoke softly into her ear while deftly sliding her hand down the front of the woman's loose fitting khaki shorts. Her expert fingers slid behind the woman's panties and down her hairless pubic mound; her slit was already slick and wet. Her finger tips located the erect pea sized nub of her clitoris, "If you let me cut this hot, throbbing little clitoris of yours off, it will be done." She felt the woman go rigid as she gently nibbled her ear lobe, "If you make this contribution to my collection all of your players will be made into dutiful, ball-less, glans-less, good boys."

    At that moment the fit woman's carefully constructed wall of authority and dominance crumbled, "Yesss..." She breathed the word out in hardly a whispered.

    Kim circled around behind the woman and ran her hands up her sides and forcefully cupped both of her firm breasts; she kissed the other side of her neck then whispered into her ear, "I will show you how I will nut your boys and clip their cocks on your sexy young stud here if you like..."

    Lauren's tan cheeks blushed, "Yes..."

    "That's a good girl," Anne smiled and withdrew her glistening fingers from Lauren's shorts, "Now strip." She turned to the young college boy who was now watching the three women in awe, "You too, Logan. Come, strip down and place your clothes in the cubby in the corner."

    Once Logan and Lauren were both naked Anne and Kim went about their separate duties; Anne instructed Lauren to lie back on the couch for pics of her uncut pussy while Kim led Logan to the awaiting suspended cuffs from the ceiling. After six months of working together they developed an efficient routine as well as romantic bond that grew stronger every day. While the word 'love' was commonly associated with Anne in Kim's mind; Anne was still unsure of how to categorize her feelings for the beautiful, clever woman whom she cared deeply for.

    As Kim shackled Logan's hands high above his head his penis began to stir, but it wasn't until he was blindfolded that his dick reached a state of full erection. He had a good sized penis, but his balls were high and tight in his scrotum... Kim hated that. She loaded a thick rubber band into her tri-bander and knelt down and pushed his thighs apart until he was standing with his legs at shoulders' width. Kim set the bander down and began to massage and pull down on his balls, doing her best to loosen them up and get them as low as possible. Once she was satisfied with their position she retrieved a syringe full of anesthetic and began to pump it into each of his testicles. The young, dark haired college boy moaned as she did so, but remained silent. He was nervous, but after cutting so many young, dumb college kids it really didn't register on Kim's mind anymore. He was just another set of balls that she was to cut off and add to her large collection jar; a jar which at this point was nearly two-thirds of the way full. There were in fact two things special about this cutting; it was a milestone number, it would be the 35th set of balls added to her collection, and it was the first opportunity she would experience performing a glansectomy. After a moment she smacked his balls, "Can you feel that?" She asked with a dark grin, the young boy meekly shook his head no.

    Coach Lauren's newfound submissiveness bolstered Anne's sexual attraction to her; she was behaving in ways she never had before in all of her cuttings. Anne began to strip her own clothes off. As Lauren watched Anne remove her clothes she remained on the couch with her legs spread, rubbing her wet and engorged pussy. Although Lauren is a lesbian she hadn't had a gay sexual experience since her days in college; she had always found herself too busy to entertain any sort of relationship. Now in the presence of this boyishly cute, short haired brunette, she felt her heart race as the sexy naked woman now knelt between her legs.

    "This is a cutting tube," Anne said as she laid the device on the couch next to Lauren before readying a syringe filled with clear fluid. Lauren winced as she began to make several injections in and around her clitoris, "It is a suction device that contains a spring loaded blade. It's razor sharp and it's results are clean and precise. I am going to pump your clit with it; your clitoris will be stretched out to ensure I cut it off all the way down to the root, then I'm going to cauterize your slit to make sure all the clitoral nerves are destroyed." Lauren's body tingled with excitement at Anne's words, "And this is the remote trigger." Anne said and held up a small push-button device, "When I push this button- SNIP!" She said with a smile.

    Kim yanked down on Logan's numb balls; he couldn't feel anything so she felt no need to be gentle anymore. She pulled down with as much force as they could physically take before working his balls through the tri-bander's jaws and castration band. She snapped the thick green band into place high up the neck of his scrotum then loaded another band into place on the jaws. "And now the fun part," Kim laughed as she lubed up a rigid catheter. She set the prepared catheter down on a clean surface and began pricking around his glans with the needle, injecting a generous amount of numbing agent. "You are a bit of a suck up, aren't you, young man?" Kim teased, "Letting a sexy woman cut your dickhead and balls off for your coach. Don't worry, you two will be leaving here with matching genitals... My Lady is seeing to your coach right now. She's taming that large, frustrated clit of hers." Kim set the syringe down then gently inserted the rigid catheter down his urethra. "And now we choke this off..." She said to herself as she placed a band on his penis just below the rim of his penis's head. It immediately turned a deep dark red color as the delicate glans skin expanded to its limit. "Such an angry color!" She joked.

    Anne pumped the end of the cutting tube, sucking up and inflating Coach Lauren's clitoris, "Oh wow," She said in awe, "I didn't know my clit could get that big."

    "I've seen bigger," Anne smiled as she stood and pulled back on her outer labia, revealing her large, erect clit.

    "Oh my..." Lauren said in awe, she was mesmerized by Anne's clitoris. "Can I..." She started to say, but trailed off, unsure of herself.

    "Yes, Lauren, you can touch it... With your tongue. With your lips. With your mouth." Anne helped Lauren off the couch then took her place, spreading her legs, "Now, kneel down and suck my clit. I want you to feel it spasm and throb as you make me cum."

    Kim drew her razor sharp knife from its sheath and rubbed the cutting edge up and down the darkening neck of Logan's scrotum. With her other hand she pulled his balls down forcefully and quickly sawed through the tender scrotal tissue, the flesh offered little resistance so she was careful not to knick the inside of his thigh as the blade passed through. She dropped his discolored balls into a bowl then took his erect cock into her hand and readied it. "Are you cutting me now?" Logan asked shyly.

    "Yes, young 'stud', I am." She carefully sawed into his straining dick flesh between the rim of his now purple glans and the strangling green band. She cut down to the rigid catheter and sawed all the way around it, as she did so a considerable amount of blood dripped down to the hard wood floor. The glans deflated and went pale as it was separated from his dick. Kim smiled and set the knife aside, "All done now," She teased and slid the severed glans off of the lubed catheter and dropped it into the bowl with Logan's young, dead balls.

    Anne was panting in rapid short breaths as Lauren sucked her large clit for all she was worth. She thought of her lacrosse team and reaching the national championship as she lapped up Anne's plentiful, pungent pussy juices. The now rosy cheeked woman began to grind her hips and moan loudly, she was about to come, Lauren could feel the woman's orgasm building. "Oh... Ohhhhh..." She cried out as the throes of a fierce orgasm enveloped her. As Lauren continued to suck and slurp the woman's large clitoris, Anne's hand came into her field of view and it was holding the push-button trigger. Her heart fluttered as she watched the woman's thumb forcefully mash down on the button and instantly felt a tingle between her legs. She recoiled from between Anne's spread legs, pussy juice spread across her lips and chin, and looked down to see the tube hit the floor with her large severed clitoris trapped inside.

    The only thought that crossed her mind was "For the championship."

    To be continued...

    Anne the Clit Collector: Part III

    Kim aspires to satisfy Anne and serve as her assistant in collecting clits and testicles; a step-mother and son make their contributions. By: martineasy

    Anne tugged against her restraints again to test just how futile it was to try and escape. Black leather, fur lined cuffs held her wrists and ankles firmly in place, the medium sized padlocks that secured them rattled against steel and leather with each attempted movement. She was splayed out on her bed in the doggy style position, a sex-wedge cushion supported her hips ensuring that her pale, red-whelped ass remained elevated for ease of paddling. Ropes ending in D-rings stretched her arms out before her as others kept her feet and knees spread apart for access to her engorged pussy which was so wet it dripped down her thighs. Blindfolded and gagged, Anne gave a facedown, muffled moan as she received another sharp, forceful smack of the leather paddle. Her short brown hair was matted with sweat, her lips and cheeks were flushed as red as the many whelps that now adorned her hippy, full buttocks. Her muscular back strained with anticipation of the next strike.

    Over the last few months Anne and Kim had developed a special bond since that fateful day Anne separated Kim from her delicate flower and took her on as her assistant. Kim relished every opportunity to serve and aid Anne as she removed the clitorises of dozens of women; each time she participated she was reinvigorated by vicariously reliving her own total circumcision. The beautiful, slender woman who was once lonely and shy now felt empowered and alive with new purpose. She especially loved castrating the young, handsome men who were beginning to turn up more and more these days for procedures that Kim now oversaw entirely. While clit collecting remained Anne's realm, Kim was allowed to take the lead role in separating men from their balls, and she did so with her own bravado. While Anne had preferred the safer, cleaner means of the burdizzo clamp, Kim specialized solely in elastration. Men were forced to endure hours of agonizing pain while blindfolded with their hands cuffed to restraints suspended from the ceiling, all the while the tight rubber elastrator bands around their balls did their work.

    Kim loved to serve Anne, and although neither of them were what they would consider lesbians, they both understood that their relationship was special. Anne would allow Kim to worship her intact vagina; Kim would marvel over her shortly trimmed light brown pubic hair, her proper pink labia, and her nearly undersized clitoris. Kim was not a student of the S&M scene but learned quickly that Anne was; she learned that Anne's kink was to be restrained, blindfolded, paddled, and fucked from behind by the few casual sexual partners she entertained. Strong, tall, muscular men. For such a dominant and forward woman, Kim did not understand how Anne could subjugate herself to such treatment. Kim knew that she could satisfy her better than any man could whose sole purpose was satisfying his own desires. She knew she had to make it her duty, so a few weeks ago when the two of them had just finished cleaning up after a long day of appointments, Kim presented Anne with the leather cuffs. Although Anne was not outwardly receptive of the idea, she did not resist as Kim gently, but determinedly secured the cuffs around her wrists and locked them with two small master locks. Thinking back on it now, it made Kim smile with self satisfaction.

    "Your ass is a fiery red, Lady." Kim whispered, readying the leather paddle to administer another application, "And I can tell by how wet you are that you are loving every stroke I deliver. You know that I love to satisfy your desires..." She struck Anne across both reddened ass-cheeks with a loud smack. "Now I have something new that I would love to try, a new pleasure for you. Something special that I hope shows you just how deeply I care for you."

    Kim set the paddle down and began to gently rub Anne's buttocks with both hands, tenderly massaging the hot, traumatized flesh. There was a twinkle of affection in Kim's large brown eyes as she caressed the other woman's enflamed skin, gently kissing each side of her ass before gliding her palm across her slick wet pussy. Anne let out a muffled moan of pleasure as Kim slid two of her slender fingers into the hot, pink folds of her sex before quickly withdrawing them again- just a tease.

    The sexless woman tasted her fingers while she brushed her straight, long black hair out of her face. She then produced a pussy pump that she had procured earlier that day and placed it over Anne's engorged, dripping sex, centering it over her clitoris. Although Anne did not flinch or make a muffled complaint, Kim put the woman's mind at ease,

    "Relax, Lady," She cooed, "It is not a cutting tube. It is a clitoris pump. You are a lioness. You should have the large, imposing clitoris of a lioness. A clitoris that is the envy of the many women that you have cut."

    Anne moaned with pleasure as Kim began to pump her pussy, her small clit began to enlarge and discolor, "You should have a clitoris that gives you quaking orgasms; orgasms that so many women cannot not have thanks to your expert fingers." Kim continued to pump until Anne's pussy was under maximum pressure. Leaving the pump in place, Kim spread Anne's tender ass and licked her pale, tight anus. She continued to prod and tongue the bound woman's ass while fingering her pussy from behind, pushing down hard to stimulate her already puffy G-spot. It did not take long until Anne began to shudder and spasm with a fierce orgasm. "Oh, my, yes!" Kim exclaimed excitedly as a clear jet of fluid emitted from Anne's pussy, "Oh, my Lady, I have made you squirt!" Anne bucked and pulled against her restraints as Kim worked two to three more jets of ejaculate from her shaking body. Even after she withdrew her hands, Kim watched in amazement as Anne continued to convulse in what appeared to be a full body orgasm. Kim rubbed the clear, pungent fluid into her own erect nipples as she gazed longingly at Anne's swollen, trapped clitoris. "My lioness..." She cooed.


    The next day's appointment arrived punctually at the scheduled hour. Kim greeted the two prospective clients at the door; a tall, thin woman in her early forties who introduced herself as Lidia, and her obviously much younger sexual partner. As Kim led them into Anne's home where she awaited them in the trophy room, the shy-eyed, shaggy haired young man introduced himself as Thomas. Kim didn't believe that he was even old enough to buy his first beer yet, but he was old enough none the less for what she yearned for.

    "Welcome," Anne said with her boyish smile as she looked Thomas up and down, something which caused him to blush and instinctively hug one of his arms and look away.

    Kim took her place at Anne's side, clasping her hands in front of herself as Lidia gazed in wonder at the shelves of collected specimens.

    "My goodness," The woman said with an excited smile, "I thought that the stories were over-exaggerated... But no..." She gently ran her fingers across a few of the small jars nearest her, disturbing the severed clits suspended in their preserving fluid, "I never imagined such a thing could be true. Truly magnificent!"

    "Would you like to see my prize trophy?" Anne asked almost rhetorically, motioning to the lone specimen jar on the small solitary shelf just next of her.

    Lidia and Thomas both peered inside at what first appeared to be a fleshy flower laid out and settled at the bottom of the jar, "Absolutely beautiful... You managed to capture the entire inner labia and the clitoris together in one piece, truly beautiful," Lidia said in awe.

    Anne nodded in appreciation, "Thank you, but I merely harvested this flower. Kim here is the woman you should truly thank for such a treasure."

    Kim's eyes sparkled with pride as Lidia examined her pickled sex even closer, "This... This is your pussy? You truly are an amazing woman. It's absolutely perfect."

    "Thank you," Kim beamed.

    Under the small shelf containing Kim's displayed sex, sat a small round end table. Lidia's eyes trailed down to the gallon sized jar atop the table and its contents, "Are those?"

    "Balls!" Kim said with a grin. In almost disbelief, Thomas inched closer towards the large jar that had at least ten sets of testicles at the bottom of the clear fluid, "As you can see, each clitoris is a prized trophy; it was very important to woman who sacrificed it for Anne's collection. However, balls are something completely different. They drive a young man, like your balls do, Thomas." Kim smiled at Thomas as she spoke but he was so captivated by the contents of the jar that it appeared that he wasn't listening at all. "I know your balls are a huge part of what it means to be a man; strength and virility. Do you like having your balls sucked, Thomas?"

    The young, shaggy-haired blonde's meekness seemed to subside a great deal at that moment, "Yes..." He answered, "I love it when Lidia sucks my balls... It's the only way I can really get off. It drives me crazy."

    "Good," Kim clapped her hands together, "I am going to suck your balls, Thomas. I'm going to suck them long and gently. I'm going to make them feel amazing. Then I'm going to cut your young balls off... I'm going to take your most prized possessions, which Lidia has played with and sucked for you so many times, and I'm going to drop them into this jar just like these cold, pale testicles. They will no longer be special. They will be nameless, faceless, pickled little eggs nestled there and forgotten except by you and I."

    Thomas was hooked, "Yes..." Was the only word he could breath. Since Kim started assisting Anne she was always amazed by the woman's ability to seal the deal, although Anne didn't show it at the moment, she felt a great deal of pride for her.

    "Perfect." Anne said, leading the couple to the cubbies, "Let's get these clothes off so we can survey your genitals."

    Anne and Kim watched wordlessly as Lidia and Thomas undressed and stowed their clothing. Kim smiled as she felt Anne's small, strong hand run down the small of her back before she withdrew to gather her camera. As Anne began the process of taking pictures of their naked genitals, Kim hurried off to collect the necessaries for the procedure. When she returned with Anne's equipment she took a moment to admire just how fit Lidia was in the nude as the woman laid back on the couch with her pussy exposed for Anne's camera. As she began laying the items on the couch next to, her Lidia smiled, "I know what you're thinking," she said, "How does an old lady get mixed up with a nineteen year old kid? Well, I'm his stepmother." She said with a sly grin.

    Anne laughed, "Ms. Lidia, you cradle robber!" She joked.

    Lidia laughed as well, "Guilty as charged. Tommy, show off for the young lady's camera, show mommy what you're giving up for me today."

    Thomas was eager to oblige, once the pictures were taken it was quick business from there. Anne poked around Lidia's clitoris with a needle, injecting the local anesthetic while Kim pumped each of Thomas's balls full of the stuff, then took the extra time to make several quick injections around the neck of his scrotum. Kim then loaded her tri-bander with a small, thick band and spread the jaws open. With deft hands she worked Thomas's young, shaved testicles through the band then stretched them down low while setting the band high on the neck of his scrotum near his body. He winced in pain but did not complain; his leaking, eager erection stood testament to how aroused being banded made him. Kim quickly led him to the far wall where she shackled his hands high above his head. Once in place she smiled warmly at him, looking into the young man's baby blue eyes as she ran her hands down his young, un-muscled chest, slowly sliding down to her knees where she began to gently suckle on his trapped, reddening balls.

    "Your girl really knows her stuff," Lidia commented as she watched Kim alternate sucking each of her stepson's straining balls.

    "Yes, Kim is an aspiring professional collector," Anne replied, but she was focused completely on her own work. She placed the cutting tube over the older woman's clean shaven sex and trapped her pulsing clitoris; with a few pumps of the suction end the clit stretched out and was ready to go.

    Lidia watched in awe, "This is really it..." She said, "I've gotten a lot of good orgasms out of my clitty. God knows that Tommy can suck on it like a nursing calf. Mmmmmm..." She moaned and closed her eyes, "Cut it off, Anne!" Lidia didn't flinch as Anne triggered the cutting tube, the device clicked as the blade was released, slicing cleanly through the base of her clitoral root. Lidia was half surprised to see that it had already been done when she opened her eyes; Anne had done an efficient job in numbing her, she felt no pain. Anne handed Lidia the cutting tube with the small, fleshy node trapped inside for her to inspect while she took the cauterizing pen to her trickling slit. "Such a small thing, when you really look at it..." Lidia said in wonder, Anne smiled to herself as glistening, clear juices seeped out of the older woman's pussy. She could get turned on all she wanted to, but she wouldn't be getting off on this later.

    "Are you..." Thomas stammered, he was lost in the moment, "Are you still sucking my balls, I can't feel them anymore..."

    Kim looked up at him and pulled his now nearly purple colored balls out of her mouth, "Yes, Thomas, I am, but it seems that you are completely numb now. So what's the point, right?" She drew a small, sharp knife from its sheath and pulled his balls down tightly with her other hand. "Do you think they'll come off easily? My knife is quite sharp, you know?" She placed the sharp edge against the neck of his unfeeling scrotum about an inch below the band, "Do you think your balls are special, do they feel special?"

    Pre-cum leaked from the tip of his young dick, "No... My balls are not special..." He moaned.

    "Do you want me to saw my little knife through your sac and cut your balls off? Tip your sac upside down over that jar and dump your dead, naked testicles into the jar with the others?" She cooed.

    Thomas's hips began to buck a little, Kim giggled in surprise as a sloppy rope of cum slurped out and splattered on her thighs, "Oh god..." He moaned and began to ejaculate, "Oh! Cut my balls off, oh please!"

    Kim's smile turned dark as she sawed through the tender neck of his sac, she could feel the cords and tissues inside give way to the razor sharp cold steel. As the blade passed through the last bit of scrotum, the raw, cut end of his sac snapped back as the tension was released from having his balls pulled down and off. Without so much as letting him kiss his balls goodbye, Kim stood up, discolored testicles clenched tightly in hand, and walked over and deposited the purple scrotum's twin, pale orbs into the jar with the others. Anne had already begun taking Thomas's post-op pictures by the time Kim had resealed the large jar. She smiled; they really did make a great team.

    To be continued...

    Anne the Clit Collector: Part II

    A young stud meets Anne's burdizzo and a woman makes the ultimate contribution to the collection. By: martineasy

    Anne's current appointment was running long, which normally wouldn't be an issue because she usually only had one appointment a day, but today was not a normal day. Kim, an Asian woman who was somewhere in her early thirties, seemed confident that she was ready to have her clit snipped off, but after almost an hour of deliberation Anne was not certain she would be able to harvest her little pleasure button before she backed out. Soon her next client should be showing up for his appointment, a young gay college student named Mark and his boyfriend Chris who was returning for his three month post-op pic. Mark was with Chris at his appointment and watched in awe as Anne castrated him with a burdizzo clamp. She knew it was only a matter of time before his young balls would return to meet their fate at her hands as well.

    Kim nervously ran her fingers through her long, straight jet black hair for the thirtieth time since she had arrive, "And this one?" She asked while she pointed to yet another trophy vial on Anne's shelf.

    Anne leaned over and studied the name and date on the vial for a moment, it was a pale, normal sized clit that Anne had harvested just a few months ago,

    "Jenna," Anne said, thinking back for a moment, "A pretty young girl with long curly red hair. She had nearly no labia at all, just this proud little clitoris poking from atop her modest young slit. I could see in her large green eyes right away that she wanted to be rid of it. She opted for the cutting tube, which was a good choice for her because its quick and neat, which is great because she was resistant to the local anesthetic."

    "Oh my," Kim said, her large brown eyes widening while she touched her lips with both her hands.

    "Not at all." Anne reassured her, "Jenna was an extremely sensitive girl, her clitoris was like a hair-pin trigger. When the cutting tube's blade sliced through the root of her clit she had the most intense orgasm I have ever witnessed, which is saying a lot because I have seen a lot of women experience their final orgasms." Anne smiled fondly, "I saw a woman ejaculate for the first time during a recent appointment; a fit, muscular woman, right before I cut off her huge penis-like clitoris."

    Kim closed her eyes and thought about that for a moment, her pale cheeks reddened. She ran her small hands down her chest to her breasts and played with her nipples through her blouse for moment, "Mmmmm, that's so fucking hot. Do you think I'll cum like that when you cut my clit off? Do you think I'll really never cum again?"

    Anne showed Kim to the cubby were she was to disrobe, "Well, let's get a look at you and see what we have to work with. How often do you masturbate?"

    Kim pulled her blouse off and began undoing her bra, as she spoke she revealed firm b-cup breasts adorned with chocolate kiss shaped nipples, "More than I'd like to admit, especially at my age..." Kim blushed, the redness in her cheeks now spread down her neck, "I'm thirty-six and I masturbate at least twice a day... Sometimes as many as six times. And it's all clitoral. I've gotten a lot of use out of my clit, but my biggest turn on... The thing I think about the most is having it cut off... It's that fantasy that always pushes me over the edge."

    As Kim finished disrobing she ran both her hands down her flat stomach across her freshly shaved pubic mound and began to massage her engorged vagina, "Looking at all these severed clits, preserved and still in their tiny jars... I can feel my own clitoris tingle and cry out to join them... Seeing the pics of these women's flowers before and after their pruning makes my heart race. I... I want to do this. I need to do this. I want you to cut my clitoris off, Anne."

    Anne led Kim over to the couch and motioned for her to lie back as she readied her camera, "Show me your little clitty, Kim. Show me what you have been devoting so much time and attention to all these years."

    Kim spread her legs and pulled back on her outer labia revealing a large, engorged set pussy lips and a heavily hooded pulsating clitoris. As Anne snapped picture after picture she marveled at the fullness of the woman's labia, she had large lips but they were symmetrical, inviting, like the pedals of a flower. The outer edges of her labia were light brown that faded into pink as it neared the glistening pink opening. Her clit was well defined, but not overly large, like the rest of her womanhood it seemed perfect somehow. Although Anne preferred clients who were ready to get snipped, she did not mind the coaxing that Kim required, after all her pussy was aesthetically perfect. Anne felt a tingle in her own pussy, soon she would be collecting this perfect flower, one that had been so carefully tended to for so long.

    "Your pussy is truly special, Kim. You have a wonderful little clit and full lush lips... I must take your entire flower. I must take everything from you."

    Kim arched her back and closed her eyes as she slid two fingers into her pussy while she rubbed her clit, "Yes... I thought so." She moaned for a moment then opened her eyes to gaze at Anne longingly, "I want you to take it all. It's just that..."

    The door bell rang. Both women looked up towards the door and the spell was broken. Anne sighed, "I'm sorry. The next client is here. Do you mind if I bring them in? Perhaps you would enjoy seeing someone else go through their procedure to heighten your excitement before you experience yours?"

    Kim was delighted, "Oh, my, yes!"

    With the camera still in hand, Anne went to answer the door, before doing so she apologized once more, "I truly am sorry, this isn't very professional. I have been so busy lately that it is hard to keep up with demand."

    Anne greeted Chris and Mark, and led them into her home. Both young men were physically fit and dressed casually, Mark was obviously excited and anxious as Anne led them into the trophy room.

    "Boys, I hope you don't mind if I have a guest present while we conduct our business?" Anne introduced them to Kim, who was still naked and blushing, she smiled shyly from the couch where she continued to gently play with her pussy.

    "Ha," Marked laughed, "Not at all, I don't mind. The more people that see this, the more real it feels for me I guess."

    "Very good," Anne nodded, "Now, let's get those clothes off so we can get down to the main event, shall we?"

    Chris and Mark smiled at each other then began to disrobe. As Mark lowered his blue jeans his large erection sprouted out of the window of his boxer shorts, "Hmmmm someone's excited," Anne joked, "We'll get to you very soon, I promise."

    Once they were completely naked, Chris and Mark both presented themselves to Anne's camera for wall pics; Chris's penis was semi erect, he lifted it out of the way so that Anne could get a good shot of his saggy, empty scrotum. He had two faint pink scars on each side of his scrotum compliments of the bite the burdizzo had given him, but the results were superb. Sometimes clients would need to come back for a second clamping, but never a third. Anne was very thorough and always attained optimal results.

    Mark's dick was at full-mast, he held his erection up to display his large, low hanging testicles. He had ridden to his appointment with a warm towel between his legs to ensure his scrotum was as loose as possible, this helps to ensure the best results. A thin line of pre-cum ran down the shaft of his penis, after Anne finished taking her pics she motioned for him to assume the position on the couch next to Kim. Kim watched Chris longingly; she was very turned on by the sight of a slack, empty scrotum of such a young and handsome man. She stared dreamily at it as she continue to work her spread pussy for all to see.

    Chris knelt down between Mark's spread legs and began massaging his balls while Anne retrieved the items necessary to conduct the procedure. She returned with a syringe and a 14" burdizzo, "I think that's enough, foreplay, Chris. If I didn't let you cum one last time as a man what makes you think I'd let Mark?"

    Chris smiled and crawled out of the way, taking a seat on the floor next to where Anne knelt between the spread man's legs. Chris and Kim both watched in silent excitement as Anne began to pump each of Mark's testicles full of local anesthesia, "Oooh!" Mark moaned, "That feels so cold. Mmmmm this stuff kicks in quick."

    "That's the point, big boy." Anne smiled, she had a predatory look in her eyes as she fondled his balls, isolating the cords and pinching them roughly with her fingers, "Now, can you feel that?"

    Mark frowned for a moment, "Nope, but I can still feel my sac..."

    Anne picked up the burdizzo and opened its jaws, "That can't be helped. You're going to feel a strong pressure going all the way up into your gut, but it won't hurt. What will hurt is your scrotum. You're about to feel a hell of a pinch. Now hold your dick out of the way so I can castrate you."

    Mark did as he was directed, another thick string of pre-cum leaked out of the tip of his dick onto his stomach as Anne located his left testicle's cords and applied the jaws to them. Without a countdown or warning she squeezed down on the jaws until they were fully administered; Mark's thick spermadic cords which were visible in his saggy, loose scrotum made a faint celery-like crunching noise. Mark arched his back and gritted his teeth, "Oh fuck! Oh... Fuck..." He moaned loudly.

    Anne wiggled the handles back and forth for about thirty seconds before she released them. With focused workmanship she felt the crushed cords between her finger and thumb then positioned the clamp on the other side. Without comment she again squeezed down the handles and repeated the process, Kim watched in amazement, completely captivated; as Anne counted down from thirty in her head, Kim let out a loud moan as she brought herself to orgasm watching her castrate this young handsome stranger.

    For Kim, the next few moments were a bit of a blur for her as she sank into the couch. Her body was glistening with sweat from an intense orgasm and the prolonged excitement from events that she never imagined she would ever experience. Anne, Chris, and Mark seemed like they were miles away even though they were still in the same room. She only half paid attention while Anne took her post clamping pics of Mark's bruised and swelling scrotum. She was vaguely aware of the two men dressing and leaving, Mark doing so with some difficulty, Chris having to help him along. It was not until she felt Anne's hands push her thighs apart that the haze cleared from her mind.

    On the couch next to Kim she saw that Anne had laid out the implementations she would need to conduct her procedure, "Now you're going to take my flower..." It was all Kim could muster.

    Anne smiled, "Yes, Kim, I am." She wiped down Kim's glistening sex with a sterile cloth and then applied some sort of clamp like device that trapped her clitoris and labia between two small steel bars. On the side of the bars were two little butterfly screws. Kim watched with silently, arms slack at her sides, palms up; she was too exhausted to resist. Anne tugged and pulled her labia and clit to their limit with a set of forceps, each pinch sent bolts of electricity through her body. She moaned as Anne turned the butterfly screws, clamping the bars down, trapping her most sensitive of treasures which were now becoming a deep dark red color as the blood flow was cut off to them.

    "You are a special woman, Kim. You have a special pussy. I'm going to make you an offer. I want to take your pussy from you without anesthetic; these little bars can be tightened down until they pinch your womanhood right off your body. In exchange for allowing me to do so, I will let you relive your fantasy of full castration by being my assistant and aiding me in castrating others."

    A single tear rolled down Kim's cheek, "Yes. Please, Anne. Yes."

    "Good, girl. Now touch your clit, I want you to try to rub yourself to orgasm while I twist these little screws. I want you to feel your sex go numb as the nerves are crushed and destroyed. I want you to feel it separate from you."

    Kim did as she was told, her clitoris was already cool to the touch but she could feel an intense tingle run through it and her labia. She licked her fingers and began to masturbate herself once more as Anne tightened the screws, each time she did so Kim let out a faint whimper of pain. She could feel her orgasm building up, closer and closer it came. She was being castrated, she was having her clit cut off, and the idea of it made her want to cum harder than she knew was possible. "Oh my god..." Kim moaned, she stroked her pussy harder, she was right on the edge, Anne was picking up the rate of speed she was turning the screws. The orgasm hit hard, it took Kim's breath away, she screamed silently and clenched her eyes shut as she feverishly worked her clitoris. She was rubbing it from side to side when suddenly she felt herself brush it clear off to the side, like brushing away something unwanted. She brushed off her own pussy. "Oh my god!" Kim called out as she continued to buck in the throes of her orgasm.

    After several moments she was able to open her eyes and look up at Anne. When she did so she saw that Anne was presenting her with her complete severed sex; it really did look like a fleshy flower.

    "Now, there's my good girl." Anne smiled in a nurturing manner as she held the slightly discolored sex up to Kim's lips. Kim closed her large brown eyes and gave her clitoris and labia a gentle kiss.

    ...To be continued.

    Anne the Clit Collector: Part I

    Two female MMA fighters make a contribution to a cutters ever growing collection. By: martineasy

    Anne is the kind of woman who is boyishly cute; she kept her light brown hair cut short, but not in a dyke-ish way, and did not need to wear any makeup to be beautiful. At thirty-four years of age, standing 5'7'', weighing a 155 lbs, Anne definitely looked like the kind of woman who could handle her own while at the same time emitting an unmistakable aura of sexiness about her. Upon meeting her, most people would assume that she is a lesbian, and although she is not sexually attracted to women she does enjoy cutting off their clitorises and labia.

    An appointment was due to arrive at any moment. Anne worked out of her suburban home; she performed dehoodings, clitorectomies, labia reduction and removal, and even castrations by burdizzo clamp. She couldn't quite decide which she preferred more, taking away another woman's center of her sexuality, or making a man into a eunuch. Looking over her neatly organized shelf with rows of small vials containing the severed nodes of several women's vaginas she couldn't quite decide. On one hand the thrill of clipping a large, penis-like clitoris caused her own womanhood to tingle and moisten, but the satisfaction of hearing the crunch from a set of large low hangers as she squeezed down on the handles of her burdizzo was electrifying. She supposed that the clitorectomies were her favorite, after all she got to keep those. Anne takes before and after photos of all her clients, so for her male clientele that was the only trophy she had to keep; three framed pictures. The first pic was the before shot; virile shaven testicles, the second pic was a swollen blue and purple mess, and some months later the third pic would be taken revealing an empty sagging sac beneath a flaccid penis.

    The door bell rang and soon Anne was welcoming two very fit women into her home. Judging by their muscle definition, Anne knew that their clits were going to be huge.

    "Welcome, please come in," Anne greeted each of them; a broad shouldered blonde woman who introduced herself as Alexis and a dark haired Hispanic woman named Mira. Both were mid twenties and obviously professional athletes, perhaps swimmers, but their tattoos suggested MMA.

    Anne led them through her living room into her trophy room; the girls were instantly captivated by the wall of framed before and after pics of her previous clientele as well as the several rows of jarred clits and labia. On each jar and picture frame was a name and date of when the person was clipped; once upon a time Anne would advertise in message boards on the internet, but clitorectomies and castration was no longer as underground as it was ten years ago, these days most of her clients were brought to her by word of mouth.

    "So," Anne asked, "Who sent you my way?"

    Alexis, the blonde, whom Anne now realized had a very stunning blue-eyed gaze responded, "Claire. She trains at our gym in between her bicycling seasons. Mira and I are both fighters, currently amateur but are about to make our pro debut."

    Yup, they were both beautiful; Alexis more in the classical way, Mira looked more rough and tumble but had a rough edged beauty about her none the less. They both wore tight leggings and tank tops; though they were muscular they weren't so in a masculine way. Both were what Anne could only describe as Amazonian. She walked over and picked up a vile and showed the two fighters the large fleshy node that bobbled around in the clear fluid.

    "Oh, you mean this Claire? Yes, I remember her. Her large clitoris made focusing on the rides nearly impossible due to her overstimulation."

    "Wow..." Said Mira as she took the small jar and held it up to the light, Claire's clitoris was well on the large side of the spectrum, "I bet she got a lot of fun out of this! I couldn't imagine trying to ride a bike with this between my legs."

    "I'm sure she did," Anne replied as she replaced the vial back on her shelf, "Now it's a feeling-less, dead little trophy like all the others that sit on my shelf. Sometimes I like to think about the countless orgasms all these clits gave their owners and the countless orgasms that were stolen from them when I cut them off."

    It was clear that the two fighters were getting turned on, as Anne spoke they openly shuddered while their nipples were obviously fully erect.

    Anne continued, "I bet your pussies are dripping wet right now thinking about how much these women must miss their clits... I bet your own clits are tingling just thinking about me clipping them off right down to the root..."

    Alexis and Mira both glanced at each other with a look that was a mix of sexual excitement and nervousness. Alexis spoke first, "Yes, I don't think I've ever been more turned on..."

    Mira slid her hand down the front of her leggings and touched her slit, "Me too," she withdrew her hand revealing glistening fingers.

    "First things first," Anne said while she picked up her digital camera, "Take off your clothes so I can get some pics of you."

    Both women hurriedly complied, Anne motioned towards a row of cubbies in the corner for them to place their shoes and clothing. The two tattooed, muscular women sat back on Anne's living room couch spread eagle. Both were already clean shaven, a sign that they had received a good brief from Claire on how to prepare for the procedure without the delay of Anne having to shave them. It was also a sign that they were committed to having this procedure done before they even arrived. Anne loved it when the women did not need any coaxing. Both Alexis and Mira spread their outer labia as Anne took pics of their pussies. Alexis had had a neat, set of pink vulva with a large glistening clit that resembled the head of a small penis. Mira's vulva were chocolate colored like her large erect nipples, her clit was also oversized like Alexis's; it was obvious that they both used some form of hormonal treatment, probably some form of performance enhancing drugs that they had to give up now that they are going pro. Anne supposed cutting off their little girl peckers was a good way to cover that fact up.

    "That should do it," Anne said as she set the camera aside, "Now it's time to get down to business. You both know the price and have brought the money?"

    Both women nodded their heads, still playing with the spread pussies.

    "Good," Anne continued, "Having gotten a good look at your genitals it's clear that you have large clits that are in need of cutting." Anne sat down between the two splayed, naked women and placed a hand between each of their legs. She rubbed her palms up and down their wet pussies and marveled for a moment at the heat and nearly pulsating energy that radiated from them in their expectation of getting castrated. "I suggest the cutting tube. It's quick and easy. I will inject a local anesthetic into your clitoral area, snip off your large dick-like clits, then cauterize the incisions which will effectively stop the bleeding and destroy whatever clitoral nerves my little blade might miss."

    Mira bucked as her knees began to clench together trapping Anne's hand between her legs, she moaned long and deep as her body shuddered with an orgasm. Anne was impressed, she had hardly touched the girl, and most definitely did not intend to bring her to orgasm. Not wanting Alexis to sneak one in as well, Anne withdrew both of her hands, "Well, aren't you a lucky girl, Mira. Alexis, it looks like you'll be first."

    Alexis watched as Anne left the couch and then wondered into bathroom down the hall. Her muscular abs rose and fell with her excited short choppy breaths while she quickly tried to stimulate her clit to one last orgasm. She was so wet that she could feel her pussy juices running down the crack of her tight, firm ass. She was so close when Anne returned to the room with two syringes, two cutting tubes, and a cauterizing pen.

    "Now now, big girl, there'll be no more of that. Not now, not ever," Anne smiled darkly as she knelt down between Alexis's thick glistening thighs. Beads of sweat were starting to bud up all over her body in expectation. Mira sat up, still rubbing her pussy to get a good look at what Anne was doing as she began to wipe Alexis's pussy dry with a sanitary cloth. After a few injections into Alexis's obviously ultra sensitive clitoral area, Anne placed the cutting tube on her clitoris. The small device was suction powered with a small spring loaded cutting blade; Alexis watched with wide eyes while she squeezed her own nipples as the tube was placed over her erect, throbbing clitoris. Anne squeezed the small pump end causing suction to pull the trapped clitoris to maximum length to ensure it was completely exposed for excision. "We'll just give that a few moments while everything becomes nice and numb." Anne flicked the tube and Alexis flinched with pain.

    Repositioning herself between Mira's spread legs, the young fighter laid back into the couch again and prepared herself. She still felt the echoes of her orgasm and yearned for another just as the needle began poking around her clitoris, making small injections. Her dark little node stood at attention as the cutting tube was placed over it, then stretched out to a length and size she didn't even know was possible as suction was applied.

    "Can you feel your clits straining against the cutting tube?" Anne asked, looking from one tube to the other to make sure they were securely fashioned in place, "Can you feel your clits strain as they are stretched beyond their limit. Are they pleading for one last orgasm?"

    Alexis moaned, her large pink clit was now a dark red, "Yes, but it's starting to fade... I want to come so badly..."

    "Hmmmm..." Anne said, "Standup and bend over, Alexis." Anne commanded. The tall, sweating, muscular woman did as she was told, bending over the back of the couch. "Mira, help Alexis out... Eat her pussy. I'll give you just one minute to make her cum. Either way, that clit is coming off."

    Mira smiled, as she hopped up she jiggled her own cutting tube that was tugging on her clit and moaned through gritted teeth. She knelt behind Alexis and took her cutting tube in her hand and began to wiggle it, "Can you feel that, baby?"

    Alexis moaned, "Just a little... It feels good but it's almost completely numb now... Please make me cum!"

    Anne watched as the two girls worked in tandem to get Alexis off; Mira wildly licking her pussy and tight, budding asshole from behind while Alexis began rubbing her fingers around the cutting tube. Anne picked up her camera and took a few more pics, however it didn't take long before Alexis cried out in a knee shaking orgasm. Anne had never seen a woman squirt before, and was amazed as two or three rhythmic jets of clear fluid gushed out of Alexis's pussy down Mira's firm chest. For a moment Anne was so captivated by the event that she nearly forgot to hit the remote trigger she had been pocketing. Simultaneously both young fighters flinched and bucked, letting out a cry of surprise as their cutting tubes both made an audible clicking noise before falling to the floor with their trapped clits inside.

    "Perfect. Now let's get you girls to just bend over the couch for a moment so I can cauterize those pussies." Anne said in a sadistic tone, breaking the moment. Seeing the thin trails of blood leaking from their freshly cut pussies made Anne incredibly wet, soaking through her panties. Alexis's body was still trembling, her knees wobbled as Anne cauterized the small incision. Mira cooed and threw her head back as Anne repeated the process on her. "Now, collect your clits and it's back on the couch for the post-op pics," Anne stated as she replaced the cauterizing pen with the camera. With trembling hands both naked, women gathered up their cutting tubes and returned to their spread eagle position on the couch. As Anne took her pictures she marveled at her clean work, there would be little to no scar, may even look like they never had clits at all by the time they are fully healed.

    Alexis and Mira were both spent. They marveled at the perfectly captured nodes of flesh in their cutting tubes. Anne presented them with labeled vials for them to deposit their clits in, "These are truly a couple trophy clitorises, ladies. I wish you both the best of luck in your new lives as clitless women." Mira's large, dark clitoris was deposited into the vile, it bobbed for a moment before sinking into the clear fluid. Alexis's large clitoris had returned to its pink color as it sunk to the bottom of her vile. Anne sealed the lids and placed the small jars on the shelf with the others.

    "You two should talk the rest of the girls at the gym out of their clits as well... I'm always looking to collect more trophies."

    To be continued...

    Heather Gets Her Wish

    horror story

    by darkboy

    Heather made one last stop in the grocery store before taking her basket to the checkout. She hadn't meant to, but as she passed by the kitchen implements, her eye fell on a tempting little knife, causing her to catch her breath.
    She stopped and turned to examine the cookware, pretending she needed something. Her nipples brushed against the inside of her dress, causing her to shiver. She looked from item to item, but her eyes kept coming back to the small paring knife which had first caught her attention.
    Swallowing hard, she reached out and selected the little knife. Sliding the plastic sheath off, she imagined him pressing this to her bud. When she closed her eyes, she felt the heat of his body. Tonight... tonight he would be in bed with her.
    It was enough to make a girl go mad.
    "This please," she said to the cashier, handing her the knife first, before unloading the rest of her few items onto the counter.
    The cashier was a teenage girl, probably barely out of high school. Heather's eye flicked to watch the girl's fingers as she scanned the knife, trying to get it to read. What would this young woman think if she knew what Heather was planning to do with that knife? Would she be turned on? Freaked out? Horrified?
    Is there any chance she'd want to try it herself?
    "ID please?" the cashier asked, giving her a wierd look.
    "Oh, sure!" Heather said, pulling out her id. When the cashier handed it back, she looked at her own picture. God, had she really been that young just a few short years ago? Everything had changed once she met Michael. What would the girl in that picture think if she could look forward and see herself now, buying a paring knife for some sort of twisted sex game?
    She shrugged. Young her would probably be into it. Maybe she'd have gotten started earlier. Maybe--her breath caught in her throat.
    If she'd started earlier, was there a chance she might have already lost it by now?
    "Are you okay, ma'am?" the cashier asked.
    "Fine, just distracted. Thank you," Heather smiled, grabbed her bags, and left, aware of the slippery track between her legs.

    By the time she arrived home, she had calmed down a bit. She put the groceries away and tidied up. But it wasn't long before she ran out of things to do. Breakfast had been cleaned up already, and dinner preparations were done, or as done as they could be until Michael got home. The chores were all done. What was she to do?
    She wandered back into the kitchen, and found herself with the new paring knife in her hand. She slipped it from it's plastic covering. The blade shone with easy silver sharpness. It would be so swift. With a sharp blade like this, one swift cut, and her life would be changed forever.
    No more orgasms. Impossible.
    She groaned, sliding her hand down across her belly, but stopping short just above her pubic mound. She wasn't supposed to masturbate without Michael.
    He had promised. He had told her that if she couldn't obey one, simply command--not to cum without permission--that he really would cut it off. He would take away her orgasms forever.
    After the last few times she had slipped, she had made him promise. You're playing with fire, Heather, she told herself.
    It was simply too much. She looked at the clock. Four hours until he came home. Lunch hour had already passed, so he wasn't coming home for lunch. In fact, if today was anything like the last few days, he would be at the office late.
    What he didn't know wouldn't hurt him.
    Once her mind was made up, she didn't hesitate. The sooner it was over the better. Heart pounding, she swiftly stripped off her clothes, leaving them in a trail to the bathroom, and leaped in for a quick shower. She shaved carefully. If she was going to steal an orgasm, she wanted it to be good. Completely smooth and clean. She could tell Michael tonight that it was for him.
    Out of the shower, towelling off, she felt the sexual energy humming through her body. Michael hadn't let her cum in weeks, telling her it was for her own good. She needed this.
    She took her time with the blowdryer. She loved sensations on her hair. This was almost as good as what was to come, itself. But she couldn't help casting nervous glances at the door and the clock now and again, and she stopped a little earlier than she might have otherwise.
    She stopped in the hall, letting the towel slip from around her breasts. Where to do it?
    She looked into the bedroom, where she would be safest. Into the kitchen, where the knife awaited. Into the living room, with a large picture window and the front door. How risky did she want to be?
    Very, she decided. She walked slowly into the living room, letting the towel drop from around her body.
    She was only going to do this once, let it be as good as it could be. She thought about getting the paring knife from the kitchen, but she was afraid that once she had it in her hand, she might want to actually cut her clit. She pondered the fact that she might want to actually have it removed someday. That just made her wetter. But not now. Not today.
    Today she wanted to cum. Hard. Her body ached for it.
    But she wanted to tease herself too. She wanted the fear. She ached for it, she realized, looking at the front door. Michael could walk in at any second, she told herself, then walked over and made sure it was locked.
    Feeling her heart pounding in her chest (and in her clit) she turned her favorite large armchair toward the door. Afraid that she was half way suicidal, she sat carefully, naked, in the armchair and spread her legs toward the door. If he came in and found her like this...
    She stroked her thighs, but she could not resist temptation for long. Her clit ached to be touched. It demanded to be touched. She hooked her knees over the arms of the armchair. If Micheal walked in right now, he would see her clit first. Her wide, spread open pussy, waiting for him. Waiting for his justice.
    She hesitated for just a second before breaking the rule, her hand hovering above her pussy nervously. And then she touched her clit.
    Liquid heaven slid through her body. Satisfaction, pure pleasure. She gasped. She rubbed harder.
    She glanced down at herself, breaking the rule, and up at the door. If he walked in the door right now, she would pay for it with the sacrifice of her most sensitive body part.
    This thought brought out a groan, loud enough to fill the living room. She looked down at her clit, throbbing at the heart of her cunt, being happily rubbed by three fingers of her right hand. It was so good. So good. She made the only sound she could, a moan.
    Focusing her attention (as much as she could) she tried to imagine what her pussy would be like without it. How would it feel to have the heart of her cunt, the essence of her body, empty? To touch herself like this and feel nothing more than a pleasurable sensation, like a french kiss?
    God, she was so close, she could cum any second now. The pleasure was unbelievable, mountains of it, volcanoes of pleasure, erupting from the little bud under her fingers. It felt so tiny to her touch, so unbelievably delicate, and fragile, and vulnerable.
    If Michael walked in right now... she forced her eyes open to the door, looked down at her naughty hand and her throbbing clit, and she came, lifting her hips off the couch and groaning aloud with pleasure. She ground her fingers into the bud of her clit, grinding it, grinding every last bit of pleasure out of it.
    She looked at the door. If he came in right now... her poor clitty. She came even harder, nearly doubling over with pleasure, but keeping her eye on the door, imagining the handle turning, imagining her poor, sensitive clit on the butcher's block.
    The handle turned.
    Oh. My. God. Heather's heart nearly stopped.
    The door started opening. Hadn't she locked it?
    Her hand was locked to her clit in the damning embrace of pleasure. She wanted to pull away, but that would mean sacrificing some of the delicious pleasure of this last orgasm. Would it be her last?
    Besides, it was already too late. He would know.
    She kept on rubbing, squeezing every ounce of pleasure out of her contractions. But she made one concession. When she saw the edge of his coat coming around the corner, she slipped her fingers one to each side of her clit, still rubbing, but making it visible for him. She thrust her hips up, willing her clit to be the first thing he saw upon entering the door.
    He stepped in, all familiar coat and wavy hair. His brown eyes locked on hers and then looked down between her legs. To her damning hands and her damned clit. Right at the heart of her.
    She shuddered as the last contractions  of her orgasm swept through her, but still held her clit exposed toward him. Her offering.
    "You promised," she whispered, not sure if she were playing or for real, but terrified.
    "I see," he said, his brown eyes meeting hers.
    He stepped over and kissed her deeply.

    Micheal whipped Heather seven times that evening, by way of punishment. She savored every second of it. Later, as they lay in bed together, he explained that because he had been late the last few nights, when he had the chance to head home early tonight, he jumped on it. Other than that, they didn't talk about it.
    When evening came and he drew her to the bedroom, she ducked out to the kitchen, and shyly presented him with the small paring knife she had bought. Even a few hours earlier, she wouldn't have had the courage to, being afraid he might actually do it then and there. But after spending the long hours of the afternoon together, lost in each other's company, the events when he came home seemed far away. She just wanted to feel threatened by him, loved by him.
    But he just took the paring knife, smiled and set it aside, saying, "Later, later."
    They made love several times that night. He told her to cum freely, and she did. Her body had never felt so free and alive. By the end of the night, she was lost in a golden haze of orgasm.
    As she drifted off, somewhere she was blissfully thankful that he had not actually cut off her clit. Those orgasms had been so good. She cuddled up to him and fell asleep.

    The next day, she wondered, had it been a dream? Had he really caught her red-handed, hand in her pussy, spreading her pussy like a fool toward the door for him? Had he really done nothing about it?
    She was puzzled. He had promised, but he hadn't followed through. Or would he still follow through?
    She spent the next several days waiting for the axe to fall, too nervous to cum, even though he repeatedly told her she was free to.
    When nothing happened, a flicker of hope began to grow in her. Did this mean she could masturbate with impunity when he wasn't around? Oh... the orgasms she could have.
    The next day, she tested this. She stripped as soon as he was out the door and started rubbing. She couldn't really get herself going until she hit on the right fantasy: it was only a matter of time until the punishment he had promised came, and she lost her clit forever. This would be the last time she could ever masturbate all day like this, and experience the kind of bone-deep orgasms she could have after eight hours.
    That did the trick. By the time he came home, she was exhausted and sated, smiling sleepily at him from underneath a blanket of her hair and tangled sheets. The dishes weren't done. No dinner was prepared. And she didn't have energy to do more than roll over and arch her naked ass for him, inviting him into her.
    That seemed to satisfy him. He took her hard and rough, for his own pleasure. It was excellent, being used by him like that. She almost came again just from the pleasure of it, but her clit was too sensitive to touch, and without direct stimulation, well, she just couldn't get over the edge.
    That was fine, though. She enjoyed being a tool for his pleasure. She didn't want to have to worry about her own. And she didn't have to. She was already completely sated. She wondered if it would be like this once she didn't have her clit? She found that she liked the idea.
    By the time they went to bed, she was thinking hopefully of this possibility, still aglow in the pleasure and deep in the fantasy.
    But the next morning, she woke up stone cold sober. Micheal was showering, and she was in a cold sweat. He wouldn't really, would he? What would she do without any cums left? That was what made life worth living. Oh god! She lay back in bed, wide awake, and tried to pretend she wasn't as tense as a violin string as he readied himself and left the house for the day.
    She couldn't keep down food. She couldn't bring herself to masturbate. She caught up on chores, but her heart wasn't in it. She went and sat in the park, wearing a bulky overcoat so no one would look at her, and found herself looking at men on the street, wishing she had a normal boyfriend like a normal girl, who she could fuck and cum with and not worry about it so much.
    Then she thought how boring that would be, and she instantly wished that Michael would start denying her again. She was heartily sick of being able to cum whenever she wanted. It just wasn't the same if it wasn't denied.
    Michael seemed to sense the shift in her mood and, without either of them speaking about it, they slipped back into their normal routine. He denied her most of the time, choosing whether to let her cum or not almost arbitrarily, it seemed sometimes. She cherished those moments, and wished they would go on forever.
    Before she knew it, a few weeks had gone by, and she had almost forgotten altogether about the incident with her with her legs spread in front of the living room door.
    But Michael hadn't.
    One day he shook her awake gently to say, "Wake up. Get dressed. We're going somewhere today."
    "Isn't it Wednesday? Don't you work?" she muttered, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
    "Not today, we've got a doctor's appointment."
    She didn't understand, but she pulled a shirt over her naked breasts and pulled on sweats. Wherever they were going, maybe she wouldn't need to get out of the car.
    He looked at her attire and asked if she wanted to get dressed more. She mumbled, "Is this a party, or what?"
    "No, wear whatever you like," he said.
    She grumbled and said, "Let's go."
    She looked out the window as he drove, drying to recapture her dream. It had been a vivid one, but it was just on the edge of her consciousness, like a flavor you can't quite remember, and wouldn't have a word for even if you did.
    They pulled to a stop in front of a low, white building with the air of a quietly professional location. Not a big, busy office building or hospital. More like a family practice. Heather was puzzled. As far as she knew, they were both up to date on their dental work. She vaguely wished she were back in bed, getting a good morning fuck.
    Inside was a small waiting room, boring and obvious. She took a seat while Michael went up to the front desk.
    "Hi, Heather Graham here... yes, that's her... yes, for the circumcision. We're the 9:00 appointment."
    "I need you to sign these papers, dear," Michael said.
    Heather shuffled over to the counter, starting to wish she had dressed a little more nicely. She signed a few papers, and then sat down with Michael.
    "What are we here for," she whispered.
    "To have your clit removed," he whispered back.
    A shock of cold ice went through her. She sat up straight. She brushed the hair from her eyes, clearing the last cobwebs of sleep away with it.
    Through a dry mouth, she stammered, "Are you serious?"
    He looked at her, and she knew he was. He said, "You knew what would happen if you masturbated again without permission."
    She gaped at him.
    He looked away, saying offhandedly, "You wrote the rules yourself. I didn't write them."
    "Then change them," she pleaded, her heart pounding a million miles a second.
    "No," he said.
    After a long moment of silence, he added, "It's still your choice, of course. You can always say no. But I'm not going to give you a break."
    She looked into his deep, brown eyes. They looked back unflinching. She felt her heart do a little leap in her chest, and she was suddenly and inexplicably extremely wet.
    "Oh god..." she leaned her head into him and whispered, "You know I want to, but..."
    He put his arm around her and pulled her close. He said, "I know you don't like pain, so I asked them to use anaesthetic. It shouldn't hurt a bit."
    She nodded, still not quite believing her ears.
    "What will I do?" she asked quietly.
    "The same thing you've always done," he said, "Take pleasure in pleasing others. You just won't be able to have orgasms of your own anymore."
    She tried to shudder. She wanted to be turned on by this, or scared, at least. But it just didn't seem real.
    She tried to imagine life without a clit. She had imagined it many times, but never like this. She definitely felt aroused, but not wildly aroused, like she was when she had fantasized about this moment. Just vaguely horny.
    She sank toward him, molding her curves onto his body and wrapping her arms around him with an unexpected little shudder. He seemed to sense her need.
    "Of course, with anaesthetic there will be no last minute play on the bench. No orgasm then clit execution."
    The words, which had turned her on beyond words countless times in the past, now fell on deaf ears. She couldn't comprehend. It was too much.
    "But there's still a little bit of time..." Michael whispered.
    He glanced around the office. The waiting room was completely empty, except for the two of them. The receptionist, a tall, thin woman on the verge between youth and matronhood, was bent over her paperwork.
    Michael put his hand on Heather's thigh. He slid it slowly up. She let out a small sound and pushed her hips forward, semi-consciously opening her legs to meet him.
    He deftly pulled out the waistband of her sweats and slipped his hand underneath. His familiar fingers found her most sensitive spots with long-practiced skill.
    The pleasure was immediate and powerful. She stifled a moan by biting his shoulder, but found herself arcing her hips toward him even more, her whole body tensing. She wanted to cum, but she didn't. As soon as she came, would it be all over?
    Last time... she mouthed the words to herself. I want to do it. I want it to be him. She tried to imagine her clit (the clit he was rubbing right now) as a senseless bulb, severed from her body and preserved as an amulet for him to wear around his neck. The thought had never failed to arouse her before.
    "Miss Graham?" a polite voice came from nearby. Heather jerked up and found herself looking at the receptionist through bleary eyes. She tried to look attentive, which was hard, with Micheal's fingers still nimbly stroking her center with tiny little movements that barely made his wrist move at all.
    "Yes?" she blurted out, pushing hair out of her eyes.
    "I've finished up the paperwork. I'll go let the doctor know you're here. I'm sure she'll be ready to see you momentarily."
    With that, the lady bustled off, as if she hadn't noticed a thing.
    "Hurry," Heather whispered, burying her face in Micheal's strong shoulder. "Please..."
    He knew just how to touch her. But she couldn't quite get over the edge. She tried to imagine her clit as a necklace again, but a thin thread of terror robbed some of the excitement from even that.
    Finally, she focused on her body itself. The tightening of her hips and stomach and, well, everything. The throbbing, erect button that was her clit, singing under his dancing fingers. She couldn't believe it would soon be gone. She couldn't think about that now.
    She thought about how good it felt. How amazing to be touched. How it wasn't the flesh she wanted to give up. It was this feeling, She wanted to give it to Micheal--permanently. She wanted him to know how good it felt. She wanted him to know how good it felt to give it to him. To lose it forever, so that he could have it. She wanted to give him one last, good orgasm, while she still could.
    So she did. She couldn't help herself from moaning, even as (somewhere in the back of her mind) she heard a door opening and closing. Her whole body tensed and erupted in pleasure, waves of it radiating out from her clitoris like mini earthquakes. Heather earthquakes. His fingers pressed hard into her clit, one finger slipped into the entrance of her cunt, holding her as she rocked.
    "That's it," she found him whispering, "Time to go."
    She looked up to see the receptionist watching her, an unreadable expression on her face.
    She nodded. Her knees felt too weak to stand up. But she managed it, on the second go. Michael squeezed her hand and smiled encouragingly. She smiled back, breathed some life into her legs, and followed the secretary.
    "This way," the woman said, opening a door to the back rooms.
    In here is where I'm going to lose my clit, Heather thought, looking in one empty room after another. She came to a room with a gynecological chair. She stripped off her clothes, as instructed, and took a seat in it, feeling surprisingly normal.
    The doctor was an attractive woman of around fifty. She was rather buxom, with large soft breasts beneath her white lab coat. That struck Heather as strange. For some reason, she felt that a doctor trained in the art of separating women and their pleasure should be severe, sexless.
    "How are you, today, Heather? May I call you Heather?" The doctor asked.
    "Sure. Fine," she mumbled.
    "So, I understand that you're here for a clitoridectomy, is that correct."
    Heather nodded. It felt surreal, like she were getting a filling, not having her life changed.
    "I'm sure you understand the implications of this, Heather, but it's my job to make sure. The clitoris is an organ with only one purpose: pleasure. It has thousands of nerve endings, all of which will be permanently severed if you remove it. Do you understand?"
    Heather said, "I know," a bit shortly.
    "You may never be able to experience orgasm again. Are you okay with that?" The doctor asked, her eyes very serious.
    Heather took a deep breath and said, "That's okay." Was it okay? Or was she just saying that? It felt okay. She couldn't tell.
    The doctor nodded, without approval or disapproval, and wheeled over a tray of equipment. She talked while she worked, saying, "Okay, Heather, I'm going to clean your vulva first. Then we'll apply the anaesthetic. Once that's done, we'll do the operation. It's quite simple, so I don't expect it to take more than a few minutes once we start, okay?"
    Heather mumbled some response and stared at the ceiling. The cleaning fluid on her pussy felt cold and dry, not at all like her own wet fluids. The sensation of it on her clit was a welcome distraction.
    Just as she started to enjoy it, the doctor stopped. Had she put in an extra rub or two on the clit for her there at the end?
    The touch disappeared, then the doctor said, "Alright, this may sting. I'm going to apply the anaesthetic now."
    A sharp pain stabbed her in the groin. She jerked and cried out.
    "Hold still!" the doctor said sharply. Heather gasped, trying to keep her thighs from jerking. She had the irrational thought, her body was trying to protect itself. She forced herself to hold her legs still and open. She'd never thought she'd be spreading her legs for this.
    "There, it's almost over, see?" the pain sensation lessened, and Heather looked down to see the doctor removing a large syringe from between her legs. She said, "If I don't give you a good dose, the actual operation could be a lot worse. Now Heather, lay back and relax. I'll be back in about 15 minutes or so to see how you're doing."
    Heather lay down, but she couldn't relax. She was in a gyno chair with her legs spread, about to have her clit cut off.
    Was she fucking nuts?
    She felt uncomfortable. And cold. She took to counting heartbeats to pass the time. She wished she could masturbate, at least, rather than just having to sit here looking at her clit. She wished Michael were here.
    She tried touching it, experimentally. There was still some feeling! God, it felt amazing... she let out a little sigh. But it was a lot weaker than usual, and as she rubbed it, the sensation continued to fade. Soon, she was rubbing it hard, too hard, unable to feel pain, trying to feel pleasure. She'd played with anaesthetic before, and knew that with it numbed, she could seriously hurt herself tomorrow.
    You're going to feel this tomorro
    w, she thought, grinding her clit between her knuckles, trying to coax any last sensation out of it.
    But she wouldn't. Not this time.
    Finally, she was forced to admit defeat. She couldn't feel a thing. She let out a tiny groan of frustration, finding herself wishing for just one more orgasm.
    The door opened and the doctor came back in.
    "How are you feeling, Heather?"
    Heather didn't trust herself to answer. The doctor knelt between her legs. "You tried playing with yourself, I see," she commented, making a swiping gesture down there with one finger. Heather couldn't feel it, but the finger came up wet.
    "Yes," she admitted.
    "Are you sure you want to do this?" the doctor asked, a softer note coming into her voice. "That's a lot of nerve endings. He's not pushing you into this, is he?"
    "He's not pushing me into it," Heather said, but she couldn't meet the doctor's eyes.
    The doctor let out a little sigh and said, "I'm going to make a few preprations. Can you feel that?"
    "Feel what?" Heather asked, looking down at herself.
    The doctor smiled, "Perfect." She brought up some materials and began to do something. Heather couldn't bring herself to watch. She tried to feel sexy, but just felt cold. She felt some tugging down there that nearly jerked her hips up.
    For some reason she had a strange, but completely vivid memory of masturbating with her vibrator. It was the first time she'd gotten a vibrator. Her friends in college had taken her to a sex store. She could still remember the pink little vibrating dildo she'd come home with. Dear god, how it had felt to grind that into her clit. That vibrator was long gone now, but there were 3 or 4 others at home, in a special bag tied with a ribbon, under her bed.
    She wouldn't be needing those anymore, soon.
    Now the arousal came. Muted, but real. A heaviness in her gut that made her nipples stand on end. Her groin was completely devoid of sensation, but even that seemed to turn her on.
    Another tug came, sharper than the first. Like it was tugging right at her soul. She looked down, alarmed. Was it happening?
    The doctor was standing above her. Heather caught one glimpse of her distended clit--what must be her clit, she couldn't feel it--pulled nerveless with forceps taught from her body. In her other hand, the doctor held a scalpel. But what Heather's eyes landed on were the doctor's large, lush breasts. Curves that didn't belong in this room.
    "Heather," the doctor said quietly, "are you absolutely sure you want to do this. After this, there's no going back."
    Heather's heart jumped in her throat. Her mind drew a complete blank. For some reason she remembered masturbating in the changing room of a Macy's on a dare from her friends. She had been wearing a slinky little black dress at the time, she remembered. She wasn't even out of high school yet, and she was just trying on the dress. She had pulled it down past her nipples and hiked it up over her hips. She had put one foot on the little bench, spreading her legs just like this, and rubbed one off.
    Eyes wide, Heather nodded. Why had she done that? Had she done that? Could she take it back?
    But the doctor had already nodded in return.
    Eyes wide, she watched the doctor bring the shining blade up to the flesh clamped between the forceps. It was like watching a video, watching it happen to someone else. She could hardly recognize her own clit, distended as it was.
    A few quick cuts. Surprisingly little bleeding, and the chunk of flesh came off.
    "It's a minor wound, so the bandaging will be minimal," the doctor was saying. "You should still be able to engage in most daily activities. Just don't strain yourself with any athletic behavior--that means no sex!--for at least two weeks. Okay, Heather?"
    She nodded. Had it really happened already? She didn't feel any different.
    The doctor bundled her back into her clothes. She was walking a bit stiffly when she came back out to see Michael, but that was more because of the thick bandage on her crotch--like a big pad, she thought--than any pain.
    Michael gave her a hug and asked how she was. She didn't know what to say. She said, "I don't have a clit."
    The words felt strange in her mouth. The receptionist approached, holding out a small, paper bag.
    "Is that?" Heather asked. The receptionist nodded with a smile. Michael took the bag, while Heather felt a strong sense of vertigo. He led her slowly out to the car.
    Once they were driving, Heather couldn't get her mind off the paper bag tucked in between them, next to the parking brake. She reached for it, then stopped. "May I look at it?"
    "Your clit? Sure," he nodded. "Feel free to take a look at it."
    She picked up the paper bag and carefull emptied it's contents into her hand. She found herself holding a small, clear circular container. Like tupperware, she thought, but more official looking.
    Inside was her clit, or what had been her clit. She clearly couldn't recognize it as that now. Her clit was a vibrant piece of her, this was just a little lump of darkening skin.
    She felt like laughing. "Is that all?" She asked. She twisted the cap off and poked at the dark thing. She said, "It's nothing after all."
    Michael was looking at her oddly, but she felt a strange satisfaction. She poked the dead thing again. When it rolled over, suddenly she could recognize it as her clit. There was the little glans, poking out from the hood, all still intact, just like they had talked about.
    She managed to avoid throwing up into the little dish.

    She wasn't sure what to do when they got home. Well, after they got her cleaned up, that is. She felt more embarrassed than anything about throwing up in the car. Michael stripped her clothes off her and threw them in the wash. Then, because they weren't sure if they were supposed to get her injury wet yet, he just toweled her down with a damp washcloth. She didn't need much cleaning, the sweatpants had caught the worst of it. That, and the inside of the car.
    "Really, I'm fine. I'm sorry. That was stupid of me."
    "Don't worry about it," he said, taking care of her. But he tossed away the last washcloth and bundled her into the robe. He settled her into her favorite armchair while he started the wash.
    Did he realize this was the same armchair, she wondered? It was right here that she masturbated, all those weeks before, and brought this on herself.
    Stupid girl, she thought with a moment's viciousness. Waste a lifetime of pleasure because you couldn't wait.
    But no, she corrected herself. Looking back on it, her actions were too deliberate. Maybe this was what she wanted all along. But that brought on its own quandaries. She sighed, and leaned her head back on the armchair. She lifted one leg up and cocked it on an arm of the chair. It was a comfortable position, even if you weren't masturbating.
    How long would it take to heal, she wondered? When could they have sex again? Even now, that brought a little tingle of anticipated excitement to her. She tried to remind herself it wouldn't be as it had been.
    A vision came into her mind of being pounded by him from behind. No, a naughty little voice said in her mind, it will be better!
    Micheal came back with a cup of soup and all-too-concerned a look on his face.
    "I'm not sick!" She swatted him away, but she accepted the soup.
    He offered to stay for the day to take care of her, but she wanted time alone. She sucked him off once, and then sent him off to work.
    When she was alone, the long hours of sitting down stretched before her. What did one do on the day she had just had her clit removed? She made herself some popcorn and watched movies.

    The bandages were to stay on for two weeks. As that time grew closer, Heather found herself getting nervous. She wasn't sure she was prepared for the reality of her pussy without a clit, no matter how attractive she had once found that idea.
    She started having dreams. Intense, vivid dreams, heavy with sex, in which she took off the bandages to find that she still had a clit, and it was more engorged and sensitive than ever. She would show it to Michael, like a strange, alien thing between her legs, trembling as he took it in his mouth to give her earth-shattering orgasms.
    She woke in a cold sweat, unsure whether she wanted to go back to the dream, or run as far away as fast as she could.

    The day came.
    It wasn't like she hadn't seen it before, but that had been only changing the bandages, and Micheal did that. Once the doctor had checked up on her, said everything was fine, and that she would be fine to go bandaid-less at the appointed time.
    Yet inexplicably, she felt nervous when she spread her legs for Micheal to undo the bandages.
    He peeled them away. This time, there was no sticky crust, they just came right off. She looked down at herself with inexorable curiousity.
    There it was, a little crater where once there had been a little mountain. It still looked a little raw and red in the middle, but she understood that was to be expected.
    "Do you want to touch?" Micheal asked.
    By answer, she slipped her hand down. Her flesh still felt so familiar, and it tingled at her touch. She had missed this.
    By the time she got to her center, she almost expected to find her clit there. Muscle memory, a flash of idiocy, or just habit. It wasn't there. That was definitely true. No matter what else had or hadn't changed, her clit definitely wasn't there.
    She wondered if it was that little dead thing Michael had shipped off to have preserved for them, or if it had gone to a little clitty heaven, wherever clits go when they die but their girl stays behind.
    She eased her middle finger into the crater that was there now, touching the red, raw bit in the middle. It was sensitive--pain sensitive, not pleasure sensitive--but not an open wound.
    You wanted this, she reminded herself. You could have backed out.
    She took her hand away, saying, "It's not as bad as I thought it would be. It's just... not there any more."
    She couldn't tell, herself, if she were telling the truth of not. It was just what she said.
    They cuddled for a bit, and then Heather cocked her eye and said, "Let's put on a video."
    "Oh yeah?" he asked, "Which video?"
    She bit her lip and touched his lip with her finger. She said, "You remember all those times we filmed me cumming? You said it was for posterity, to keep a record, for when I couldn't cum anymore."
    "One of those?" Michael asked, his eyes widening. She nodded, grinning cheekily.
    "I can't tell you how many times I've masturbated imagining this moment. Just had my clit removed, watching a video of myself masturbating, remembering what I can't do. Now that I'm here, I might as well live the dream. God, isn't that hot, though?" She bounced up in bed, sitting up. Her pussy barely even hurt.
    "Alright," Michael said, getting infected by her enthusiasm. He took a minute to set it up, and then they curled up together in front of their big flat-screen TV, to watch Heather in HD, cumming with all her might.
    "Did I really make faces like that?" she asked, at one point.
    Micheal laughed, "Oh yes."
    He couldn't do much for her, of course, but she took out his penis about halfway through the video and started stroking him. They were both so excited, she knew she could finish him at any time, but she held him on edge, teasing him without release until the end of the show.
    She wanted to watch her own climax with all her attention. But after it was done, she let him finish in her mouth.
    She lay down with him, but could not fall asleep. Even after he drifted off, she tossed and turned staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out what was wrong.
    Finally, she hit on it. She was horny.
    She tried slipping her hand down to her pussy, as she always had, but there was no pleasure to be found there. So she turned to her breasts. She massaged them, squeezed them. Tweaked the nipples. She hadn't even ever liked tweaking her nipples. But at least it was something.
    Finally she sat up in frustration, keeping her sigh soft so as not to wake Micheal. She sat on the edge of the bed and wished she could cum.
    Instead, she grabbed a laptop and went out to the main room. If she couldn't have an orgasm, she could at least watch other women do so. Micheal had a fetish for the female orgasm. He had hundreds of videos on his laptop of women cumming, from various sites.
    She nearly laughed as she thought that now, she would never be submitting one of those. It was something they had always talked about. She felt fairly giddy as she pulled up a video. This was exciting!
    If she had been able to masturbate, she would have found it so hot to be getting herself all excited without being able to release it.
    That didn't help with her excitement now of course. She picked a pale-skinned young thing, slender and shapely, with a few freckles. She thought the girl looked a little like herself. Narcissistic much? A voice in her head asked.
    She brushed it off with a wry smile and played the video. Watching the girl's buildup toward climax was sublime. Heather had never seen it like this before. Noticed every detail--details she would not have again.
    When the girl on the screen finally came, she almost thought she herself would have a sympathy orgasm. It was so good. She played another. And then another.
    Finally, she was ready scream with rage and frustration and arousal. God, she would fucking kill for an orgasm!
    "Why did you cut your clit off, you stupid, stupid girl!" She said out loud, but not loudly.
    She stroked her body all over, hard, trying to force an orgasm from skin that was not designed for it. Several times she caught her hands drifting south. She wouldn't stroke her pussy, not now. She wasn't sure she could bear the absence of the pleasure her body craved, expected.
    She thought of her empty cunt, and then of her empty cunt. "Fuck that," she whispered to herself, "I'm going to see if I can still cum."
    A terrible fear welled up in her as she snuck into the bedroom to get the vibrator. What if it didn't work? What if she couldn't cum--forever? She felt unsteady on her feet. There had to be a way.
    Then another fear gripped her--what if she could?
    Torn between conflicting emotions, she snagged the biggest, baddest vibrator she had and tip-toed into the bathroom. There, she turned on the shower, to mask the sound of the vibrator--and the sounds she (hoped) she would make.
    Oh god, she thought in panic and she turned on the vibrator and slid it down over her pubic mound to her clitless pussy. She already knew what she would feel.
    It lived up to her expectation. She felt nothing. She imagined the girls screaming in pleasure on the videos, and wanted to scream herself in frustration. They took it so for granted! And now she might never ever be able to cum again, and they were still just sitting their, diddling their happy little clits, that they have, and not even thinking twice about it. Bitches! What she wouldn't give to trade places with one of them right now.
    She thought of her luscious clit, how delicious it had been, how nice it had been to touch.
    Wait! That almost did something for her. Was it just memory, or was there some sensation?
    She tried touching the vibrator to the cavity where her clit had been, but that wasn't it. That was so definitively not her clit that she knew she had to not touch there at all if she was going to have any chance.
    She had never been a vaginal girl, but maybe now was the time to learn... She was certainly wet enough. She easily slid the vibrator into her wet cunny, and it made a sucking sound as it pulled it in.
    God she needed that.
    She pumped the vibe in and out. She tried to let her mind drift back to her clit. Remembering her clit. If she couldn't create that pleasure anew, maybe she could remember it into life.
    Her clit almost seemed to come back to life in her memory. She juxtaposed memories of her clit with memories of those videos. She tried to pretend the vibrator was Micheal, pounding into her.
    She felt pleasure. Definite, real sexual pleasure. It was true! They said that 90% of the clitoris was inside the body--maybe she could still cum!
    She drove the vibrating all the way up, pounding harder and harder. She began to get sore, but she didn't care. She wanted it. She wanted it all, every inch of it. She forgot her clitoris, forgot it's absence, forgot everything except her clenching pussy on that big, thick, cock of a dildo.
    She was almost there.
    And almost there.
    And almost there.
    And almost there.
    She cried out in frustration, nearly sobbing as she pulled the dildo from her aching pussy and threw it at the tub. It bounced around in the porcelain, still buzzing.
    Pleasure had turned to pain. She knew she would feel that in the morning. Walking might by stiff for a few days.
    She wished once more she could have her clit for just a second. Just a few seconds with it, and she could cum harder than she had ever cum before in her life.
    Biting her lip to still it's trembling, she sat down on the edge of the closed toilet seat. She took a deep breath and spread her legs. Then spread her pussy lips to look at her clit.
    Instead of her clit, she looked at a neatly triangular little absence. A dip in her flesh, where the most powerful and sensitive bump had been. The skin still looked pink and raw, deeper toward the center. But she could tell already it would heal cleanly.
    "It really was that vulnerable," she whispered to herself. "Just a few quick cuts, and now it's gone."
    She ran her frigging finger over the spot where her clit had been, feeling the new sensations of her new body. It seemed like such a deep hole.
    "She must have cut out the roots too," she murmured to herself, feeling in the depths of the hole in her body for some hint of pleasure. None could be found.
    A terrible truth was starting to well up in Heather. A truth that wanted to make her scream, or panic, or cry. Her clit was gone. Really, really gone.
    She bit her lip on all those emotions and carefully dressed in her PJs again.
    She lay down in bed, thinking with new realization, that she might never orgasm again.
    As she ran the gamut of emotions, she found her body gently shaking. Wet droplets rolled down her cheeks. She must have woken Michael, because then he was holding her and she was sobbing.
    She didn't know how long she cried, but she did know when she pulled herself back together. Suddenly, a fierce determination rose out of her tears. She would not let this stop her.
    She shoved Micheal back on the bed by main force, straddling him. She bit his lip aggressively, grinding her groin over his. His body responded immediately, leaping up to an erection.
    She stripped off her pajama top, and he helped relieve her of her bottoms. When he sank into her, a bone-deep sigh shuddered through her.
    It wasn't the same. It hurt. She wasn't technically supposed to be having sex yet. But she didn't care. She wanted him; needed him. She rode him hard, and bucked and moaned when he grabbed her hips and pounded into him.
    Yes, the clit wasn't there, but that wasn't important. She let that little fact slip away, and it really did seem little. He was pounding inside her, and she was a woman, and damn it was good.
    He slowed down, tensing with the ferocity of his pleasure. She knew him. She knew he was dragging it out, teasing himself.
    Even with her eyes closed, she could feel him looking at her.
    She let him wordlessly persuade her to open her eyes, to look at him. It was hard, knowing what he would see there. But she did, and he looked into her eyes, and whatever he saw there, he accepted it.
    When he smiled at her, she felt something in her soften. He hadn't done this to her. She had chosen it herself. Once she was used to it, she would find it as hot as she ever had. A thrill of insatiable lust came over her as she imagined never being able to cum again, and always wanting to as much as she did tonight.
    "Fuck me," she said, "harder."
    She looked him in the eyes as she said it, feeling something hard melt out of her. She wanted him. Wanted him bad.
    He must have sensed her need. He grabbed her body and thrust pounded hard. She was so sore already, but she didn't care. She wanted him. She needed him.
    "Cum for me," she said in a throaty voice, her heart in her words. "Cum for me, please. Cum in me."
    He let out a long shuddering groan that she felt echo in her bones. She could feel every inch of his cock, throbbing in her, tense with his pleasure, and then he gasped and rocked, pressing himself as deep into her as he could. She bucked and arched, feeling the spurts of him come into her, squirting in her, filling in her. She gasped in excitement and a kind of pleasure.
    And collapsed on him when he was spent.
    And smiled.

    How many times today

    [porn horror story]

    'How often today?' her diary silently demanded as she prepared to write an entry. It was the same every night, it had gone on like this for two years. She would open the diary to the the day's page then sit and stare for many long minutes, the questions repeating over and over, 'How often Beverley? How many times today?" She laid the pen down, closed her eyes and thought hard. Once when she woke up, again in the shower and on the bus to work as that handsome young man stared at her. Once, no twice while on the phone speaking to the hypnotic voice of Gunther, the German Section manager. Twice during the meeting with the section head as he droned on and on about figures and returns and performance. Again when hot, young Lyndsey from accounts came down and perched on the corner of her desk, her stocking top showing through the split in her skirt. Twice in the toilets after Carol sent her that picture of the couple fucking in the train. Ten times before lunch. No, eleven, another while standing in the queue for lunch. Then again as she overheard a conversation between Jenny and Ted when she was telling him about the size of her latest lover's cock. Three trips to the toilet in the afternoon, another chat with Gunther, two more meetings, once while waiting in the Production Managers office. Again on the bus, this time while standing in the aisle and brushing against the woman with the expensive perfume. Once, no twice while eating dinner, she had semolina pudding followed by a banana. Three times while watching TV. Fourteen times since lunch plus eleven in the morning, twenty five in total. Correction, twenty six, again while sitting there counting all the other times. She picked up the pen and wrote, 'Today I have masturbated 26 times and my clit is demanding more attention. I am incapable of resisting it. When it starts throbbing I can do nothing until it is satisfied.' It had started as a joke. Beverley and Carol had given each other five year diaries on their eighteenth birthdays and both had promised to make a daily record of their sexual exploits. The idea being to exchange diaries when all the pages were full so they could read what each other had been doing. Beverley looked back at the entries she had made. Too many pages had only one entry, the number of times she'd masturbated. She turned the pages backwards looking for a day when there was more than just a record of her playing with herself. "Oh my God," she said aloud. "Is it really eight months since the drunk at Cheryl's party." She looked back further, rapidly flicking through almost blank pages until she found another entry worth reading. "Ah, Julie, how could I go for so long without a taste of your delicious pussy." 'Because you spend too much time playing with me!' said a voice in the back of her mind. She started at the front of the diary, peeling off post-it notes and sticking them to pages where she'd done something more than masturbate. She counted the little pink slips sticking out. Five! Only five in a little over two years. "Why is my love-life so boring?" she demanded of the world at large. 'Because you're in love with me!' said the sqeaky little voice of her clit. 'Nobody else can please me like you do.' Beverley opened her robe, spread her legs and screamed at her clit, "I hate you! I ought to cut you off!" Her clit start to throb again and her hand moved towards it. 'That's right,' said the voice, 'treat me bad. You know we love it when you hurt me.' "No!" she screamed, bringing her hand down with a resounding slap on her stiffly throbing clit. 'Yes,' the voice squealed, 'that's it, hit me, punish me, hurt me.' Beverley hit her pussy again and again but still her clit throbbed, growing bigger and stiffer, poking it's head out to nod at her as she raised her hand for another slap. "Oh God!" she cried out, bringing her hand down and grabbing her sex, crushing the clit between her thumb and forefinger as her legs began to tremble. 'More!' her clit demanded urgently. She stood up and tossed off her robe, threw herself on the bed and scratched the projecting head of her clit with a fingernail even as she crushed it. Still it begged for more and, as she had done thousands of times before, she succumbed to its demands. Satisfying it was becoming harder and harder. She pulled the short leather belt out from under the pillow and began to thrash her pussy with it. Every time the belt caught her clit, her back would arch and she'd scream with pleasure. Again and again she brought the belt slashing down, feeling the pain and pleasure mount, side-by-side, until they reached a peak, merged and blossomed in a cunt wrenching orgasm that left her weak and trembling. Sleep took her quickly as she lay in a stupor, her swollen clit numb from the abuse. She woke up at the sound of a scream. It was herself screaming in joy, in relief, in liberation. She'd been dreaming dark, forbidden dreams. To anyone else it would have been a nightmare but to Beverley it was freedom, freedomfrom the wicked tyrant that ruled her every waking hour. In her dream, her clit had been bigger than the biggest cock she'd ever seen. Everywhere she went it controlled her, made her touch it, stroke it, play with it until she quivered in orgasm, thousands watching and laughing and pointing to her and her giant clit. A little old lady walked up to her, calm as you like, handed her a knife and said, "Here you are dear, this is what you need for something like that. Beverley had taken the knife with grateful thanks and started hacking at the clit, slicing it into chunks and shreds and then cutting off all the pieces until there was nothing left but a deep gash. She came to full wakefullness and groaned as she felt her clit throbbing insistenty. 'Lovely dream,' said the little voice, 'but you'll never do it, you just haven't got the balls! Ha-ha-ha.' It was Saturday, no work to go to, nothing to do but a little shopping and spend the day playing with her clit. At least that was a normal Saturday but Beverley resolved that this was not going to be a normal Saturday. She wouldresist the need to masturbate, deny the demanding joy-button that was ruining her life. If she could do it for one day she would be free. If not, then ... A quick shower and then she pulled on the special knickers she had made for occasions when masturbating just wasn't an option. Ten layers or alternating wool and cotton strips, sewn over the gusset, through which she could feel nothing less than a sharp blow from the edge of her open hand. Armoured against temptation, she went into town to do her shopping. Her clit screamed for attention but got none. Then it tried coaxing, begging and cajoling but still she didn't weaken, even when she found an attractive man staring at her in the supermarket queue. She couldn't risk smiling at him even though she dearly wanted to, she was barely controlling her urges as it was, the thought of getting close to an attractive man would be just too much. She made it home without accident even though the old bus shook, rattled and bounced her in her seat. Still with her resolve intact, Beverley put away her shopping then made a cup of coffee before sitting down for a rest. When she woke up a few minutes later she found her right hand was inside her knickers and the squeaky voice was purring in satisfaction. 'I knew you couldn't do it,' it smirked gleefully. With a resigned sigh, she peeled off the heavily padded knickers and softly stroked the exposed tip of her clit. Then, still playing with herself, she set about a new task. Her gently stroking finger kept her clit purring happily as she moved around the house, bringing together a strange collection of household objects and setting them down on the kitchen table. There was a small magnifying mirror, two towels, some sticking plasters, a plastic chair from the patio, two disposable razors, a small srewdriver and some antiseptic ointment. Beverley removed her skirt, set the plastic chair at the end of the kitchen table, facing one of the ordinary chairs, laid one of the towels on the plastic seat then sat on the ordinary chair and picked up a razor. Slowly, without the benefit of shaving cream which she never used anyway, she began to shave her pussy lips, scraping off all the hair from the base of her outer lips all the way up to the top of her open slit. In her head the squeaky voice said, 'Ooh, that feels better, a lovely breeze to keep me cool and stimulated, all at the same time.' Setting down the used razor, she picked up the screwdriver and broke open the second razor, carefully laying the blade aside. Then she moved to the plastic chair and set the mirror down on the first chair, angling it so that when sitting forward, she could see her pussy. 'What are you doing?' the squeaky voice asked with a trace of worry. "Getting rid of my problem," she replied firmly while looking at the reflection in the mirror. "Goodbye!" she said then picked up the blade from the broken razor. 'No!' squeaked the little voice. 'NO!' "YES!" she cried, drawing the sharp edge up over her clit hood, splitting it apart with a single stroke. 'Oh God!' the voice moaned. "OH GOD!" Beverley echoed as pain surged through her lower body. 'Once more!' the voice pleaded. 'Just once more before we part company.' "A last farewell?" she queried, looking at her bleeding pussy in the mirror. 'Yes, a last farewell, please!' the voice of her clit begged. "Maybe, we'll see." Then she drew the blade up her clit, splitting it cleanly in two. 'NO!' screamed her clit. "YES!" Beverley screamed. "YES! YES! YES! OH GOD! YES!" "Come now, you filthy piece of useless flesh." she gasped, laying down the blade and grabbing the two halves of her bisected clit. The little voice was weakening but still she heard it gasp, 'One last orgasm, for old time's sake.' She rubbed the two halves against each other, gasping and crying with joy. "Come on then, COME!" she shouted, picking up the blade and cutting one half off completely. The first tremor shook her body but she rode the wave and brought the blade down to the remaing half. A triumphant yell split the air as the last piece of her clit fell onto the blood soaked towel. The shuddering waves of her last orgasm went on for a few moments then she slumped back in the chair, pressing a finger into the wound to be sure it had all gone. There wasn't as much blood as she'd expected and the flow was already stopping when she opened her eyes. She dabbed at the remaining flow with the towel soaked in antiseptic until it stopped then applied two plasters across the wound. She spent the rest of the day with a dull aching throb in her crotch and the euphoria of freedom from an over-demanding clitoris. She went to bed with a self-satisfied smile, lay down and fell into a peaceful, dreamless sleep. The next morning she woke up to an insistent itch inside her pussy and a tiny voice in her head, 'Hey Beverley, remember me, I'm your g-spot, I realy need some attention down here!'

    Richard Manton - Extract from The Odalisque

    A few things that you should know before starting out: This is set in an Arabian harem, sometime before the turn of the century. The main character is named Jenny, who is an Englishwoman, captured and made into a slave of the Khalif, a military leader. Fardji is the chief eunuch of the harem. Pabi is another slave girl, with whom this story deals intimately. The first section summarizes the problem she presents to her masters. In the second section, the solution is explained in detail.
    This is an extract from The Odalisque, a novel by Richard Manton. It is not my intellectual property, but that of the author and/or Blue Moon Publishing. I am making no profit.

      There was much about Pabi that suggested self-importance and disobedience, coquettishness and perversity. It seemed that Pabi resented her captivity and brooded on this resentment, in a place where such brooding was futile. Even to (the main character) Jenny it seemed absurd that such an obvious young whore as Pabi should set so high a price on her own importance, and her own right to come and go as she pleased. This Asian coquette would have been out of place anywhere but in a harem. She was promiscuous in her dormitory masturbation with other girls, and wanton in making love to herself.  She was warned several times by the eunuchs, but Pabi was possessed of the idea that she had certain feminine rights, including the right to use her own body as she chose and to dispose of is as she wished. But in the culture of the harem such playing with herself and over-indulgence with other girls was regarded as childish and rebellious. In the warmth of this climate this frequent arousal – two or three times a day – led to a certain flaccidity and slackness. It would deprive her body’s openings of the tightness and resilience that her master required. It would dull Pabi’s responsiveness to him in bed. The frequent and easy sexual relief on her own fingers or the fingers and tongues of other girls would also make Pabi lazy. Such easy ways must be prevented, in order that Pabi work harder in bed with her master to achieve with him the only release permitted her.   In any place but the harems of Arabia and the Palace of Beit-et-Mal, such philosophy would have been received with horror – and with outrage on behalf of feminine pride. But here there was no need for pretence. It would have been possible to dispose of Pabi in summary fashion by the knife or the noose, but this would have been a waste. But the evening came when she was called to her master’s presence in a way that suggested something other than simple bedroom pleasures. She was not seen again by the other girls for several weeks. By the time she returned, Pabi was very different in temper and disposition. They had made a proper woman of her by removing childish temptation once and for all. It was Fardji who revealed to Jenny the nature of Pabi’s enforced compliance, for he had been there to witness it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Khalif considered the challenge that Pabi’s promiscuous conduct presented. The Asian girl’s rounded face with it’s high-boned cheeks and the dark shining eyes of Eastern beauty under the arch of their brows was powerfully seductive, even to members of her own sex. The pretty mouth and coquettish shortness of dark hair confirmed her promiscuous playfulness.  The new Lord of Kordofan to whom she had been bequeathed gave his orders. Pabi’s wanton behaviour was to be curbed by the skill of a wise woman, as the duenna Karima was known. Unless such steps were taken, she would spoil other girls as well as herself. Karima was summoned to the palace of Beit-et-Mal as she had been on a hundred times before, when such measures were required. On the evening appointed, Pabi was dressed in a waist-length tunic, ending in a tight leather belt. From the waist down her tawny body was naked. The ceremony was to take place in a marble-tiled room of the harem. This room was without windows or any apertures in the plain rose-tinted stone of its walls, apart from the door and a single opening through the wall to the adjoining chamber. This opening was at waist-height in the wall. It was no more than twelve inches high and eighteen inches wide. The waist-high hatchway was designed so that the girl who was to receive Karima’s attention must stand in the windowless room, bending tightly forward through the aperture with the upper half of her body concealed. Indeed her head and shoulders, as well as her arms, were in the next room. Those who had charge of Pabi gave her no choice in this matter. There was a brief struggle with an inevitable outcome. Pabi was soon bending over so that her head and shoulders were on the far side, her bare hips, backside and legs were presented to Karima and the eunuch Fardji on the near side. No doubt her mouth had been well wadded and her arms fastened at full stretch, her head supported and a bottle of restorative sal volatile held close to her nostrils. But Karima saw none of that. To enforce stillness of her hips and legs, a black strap was drawn tight round the Asian girl’s thighs, just above her knees, and another around her ankles, holding her firmly to rings in the hatch-wall. A wooden partition was lowered to touch the small of her back, and then locked into place. A heavy velvet curtain was corded tightly around Pabi’s waist, so that no light or sound carried from one room into the next.  This helped to ensure that the duenna worked impassively, and without compunction. There must be no vindictiveness nor spite, but also no relenting, nor misgiving. Karima had no cause for hesitation or remorse. She never saw more of her subject that the rather heavy-cheeked olive tan of Pabi’s bottom, her bare hips and the thighs whose parting was an easy rear approach to her femininity. A girl who was no more than a bottom, a pair of thighs, hips and legs to the woman who dealt with her was the best subject. The wildness of her mouth was never heard. The frenzy of her eyes was never seen. It was also thought best that Pabi should never know the identity of the woman who dealt with her. By this means all thoughts of vengeance, all fury and resentment were rendered futile. It would have been unlikely in any case; that such an encounter would have occurred even accidentally, but by removing all possibility of revenge, it was made more likely that Pabi would accept what had happened. Karima had carried out such orders on many girls in the past, their skin tones ranging from palest European to darkest African. Being long accustomed to this she had no compunction in doing her duty again upon this anonymous concubine, especially since she could do so unaffected by the girl’s desperation. There was wisdom in preventing Karima from being distracted by Pabi’s frenzy. It would have been much crueller to have made the ordeal longer by Karima’s hesitation or by half-measures that then had to be improved on. Pabi could not keep quite still in her panic, because the eunuch Fardji had told her just beforehand what was going to happen. Her feet twisted one way and the other as she bent through the hatch, moving the few inches that her thigh-strap allowed. The urgent cheek-creasing of Pabi’s Asian-tan arse and the movements of her legs made her look like a restless filly under correction between the shafts. Before beginning, Karima took a bamboo cane that was long and supple. She touched it across the olive tan of Pabi’s bottom to prepare her. Then the Persian woman brought the cane flashing down across the tawny rear cheeks with a smack like a ringmaster’s whip. Pabi’s bottom-cheeks tensed and creased urgently. Karima flexed the bamboo and thrashed again – and yet again – across the rather fatly presented backside. Twelve or fifteen strokes, like a reform school caning, marked Pabi’s arse before Karima paused. The woman’s fingers slipped between the girl’s legs, coaxing back warm secret folds. Fondling, caressing finger-tickling, she made Pabi’s toes curl with an exquisite torment of arousal and alarm. Karima’s face was impassive with the arched beauty of dark eyes, the falling forward of her black hair. Pabi soon writhed with arousal, pressed knees twisting side to side as far as the strap round her sleek thighs would allow. There was a thin-bladed metallic resonance. The light caught a fine edge. Karima let the coldness of it touch high on the rear of Pabi’s tan-skin thighs. She held it there, making the Asian girl wait for what was going to happen. The spilling of Karima’s dark hair as she looked down did not hide the steady passion in her eyes. She slid a hand under The Asian girl’s bare belly, as if to feel the fluttering of panic and the quickened pulse. But Karima made the girl wait still longer, heightening the panic skilfully, ignoring the urgent tightening-together and flesh-creasing of Pabi’s tawny-skinned bottom-cheeks in alarm.   Karima continually fingered back the warm folds, fondling and choosing. Skilled in female passion, she had brought a first arousal from her victim. Even in the rising panic, she coaxed Pabi skilfully towards a final, shuddering release. Then Karima’s mouth tightened. With her blade hand there were firm steady movements between the Asian girl’s legs, the pruning and trimming of troublesome femininity. It lasted only a few seconds, trimming away the teasing bud and pruning hard the sensual womanhood. Despite the wadding, there came a distant but intense frenzy. “She still needs more,” Karima said quietly to Fardji. “Half-measures are cruellest”.   Quick movements with the hand followed for another minute or two, and there was a second muted shrillness. By the time Karima had finished, Pabi’s legs had given under her and she lay limp through the aperture. On several evenings in the weeks that followed, Pabi was presented to Karima, bending once more through the aperture so that the older woman never saw anything of the girl above the waist. The Asian coquette was frantic at discovering what had been done to curb her self-caressing and seduction of other concubines. Karima tried to calm and distract her anonymous but pretty-figured pupil. She stroked the sallow heaviness of Pabi’s bottom-cheeks. Her fingers slipped between, stroking and tickling. It was here that Pabi must learn to be sensitive to a man’s’ intrusion from now on – and eagerly responsive if she could train herself to accept it. A slim glass probe dipped in oil entered her behind easily. It slid in and out; doing things that Pabi would find perversely rousing. Karima’s promise to sensitise the girl in such places that suited only male passion was fulfilled. After several prolonged sessions of this kind, Pabi’s resistance, the rear tightening and refusal, had stopped. Karima explained to Pabi that the impossibility of easy release between her thighs would drive a warm-blooded girl of Pabi’s culture to extremes of perversity. “Girls in her condition grow mad for the relief of their tension. She will provoke a whipping, if there is no other way. She will sometimes be like a she-cat on heat, but quite unable to relieve her feelings without a man’s deep insertion. Despite the torment of the whip, even that will calm her a little if there is nothing else. She will spent the energy of her frustration in wildness under the lash. Then she will be exhausted and quieter.” “A girl like this is often spoilt and self-indulgent.” Karima said on the next occasion. “She must be broken in properly, like a new filly.” And then Pabi was broken in by Karima. For the next hour the bare white walls of the room rang with the sharpness of the whip smacking across the rounded olive-skinned cheeks of Pabi’s bottom. A connoisseur of such occasions might regret that the precautions prevented him from hearing Pabi scream, but the vicious imprints of the woven snakeskin marking her rear cheeks told their own story. Karima could not see the wild eyes or hear the shrillness, but the next day there was no doubt. Pabi was calmer than at any time since Karima had made “a man’s woman” of her in the harem way. After this, Pabi passed into the possession of her new master. Karima had worked according to his instructions. He was a man who sought an enjoyment more perverse that of a passion for men or women. It pleased him to take such girls as Pabi and make them serve him as pageboys or stable-lads. Pabi’s dark hair was trimmed off at her nape, leaving the casually brushed and closely moulded cut that highlighted the seductively rounded impudence and high-boned prettiness of her face. Like several others in this class, Pabi’s costume consisted of a blouse and pants of white cotton, so tight at the seat that she could scarcely have sat down in them. By this appearance she was to flaunt those charms her master preferred, and she must provoke him to make use of her. Little provocation was needed. His harem contained a score of such young women, trained to serve him in the same way. When he chose her for his night’s pleasure, it was the high-boned prettiness of Pabi’s face that caught his attention; the urchin impudence in the ellipse of her dark eyes matching the shorter crop of upward brushed hair. Pabi was sacrificed on her first night with him. The scene of the drama was that regal bedroom whose walls were draped with hangings of blue and gold. At the center, the bed rested on a huge dais in the shape of a boat, with carved bronze figures round it. A canopy to match the wall hangings, draped with real lace and surmounted be immense white ostrich plumes, rose dome-like above the bed.   Pabi, in her short white blouse and skin-tight white pants, was positioned by the eunuchs to await her master. She was made to lie on her belly over the pillows. Fardji’s hands felt round her waist as he undid her pants. They were such a tight fit that he had to tug them down over her hips side to side, until he had worked them down to her thighs. The girl herself lay still and even lifted her hips from the bed a little to assist him. Fardji took a fine porcelain dish from the dressing-table. He scooped a dollop of greasy tallow and placed it on the dish. Then he chose a phial containing strongly perfumed attar of roses. He tipped this until the tallow grease was pungently and sweetly scented. With the little dish in his hand, he came over to the bed and set it down. Fardji took the sweetly perfumed unguent and spread it amply between the Asian-tan swell of Pabi-s bottom-cheeks. The Khalif entered, dismissed the eunuchs, and went to his chosen pleasure without delay. His excitement seemed heightened by the thought of using – or misusing – Pabi in this way. The natural tightness of her anus ensured that Pabi’s bottom gave him as much pleasure as a pageboy might have done, while the girl added a natural feminine response at having a man’s erection inside her. This lewd and vulgar use of Pabi’s backside took place in surroundings of the greatest opulence, the two secretaires and the Psyche glass with huge columns, the white and gold couch with a little white and gold table, the complete toilet-set in gold and tortoiseshell. The sight of the round impudent face and high-boned prettiness in the Asian girl’s features was reflected for him in the gold-pillared Psyche glass. This inspired him and the tightness of Pabi’s bottom upon his stiffness hardened him still further. Best of all he might discharge his passion safely on such hot infertile soil without the least danger of spoiling his urchin page-girl’s shape by unwanted breeding. The Khalif bred by his wives, not his concubines. The eunuchs who spied upon the scene assured their acquaintances that Pabi had enjoyed losing her backside’s virginity. On future occasions they swore that when she saw her master’s weapon uncovered, Pabi’s young bottom itched with the excitement of having it.  They spread the word that Pabi had been thoroughly cured of her lesbian yearnings and had become a proper man’s woman. Karima in her wisdom had assured that Pabi would play alone no longer, for she had nothing left to play with. A man’s deep searching was necessary to her pleasure now.

    High Stakes Poker

    By Liana M  @(C) Copyright 2010 by Liana M, all rights reserved

    A girl with the nick "hurtmypus" in an extreme BDSM chat room sounded like someone with my kind of fantasies, but I had no idea how this chance meeting would change our lives.

    hurtmypus: hello r u a girl anna25: hi, yes, 26, usa, you? hurtmypus: 28 usa female anna25: nice to meet you hurtmypus: like wise hurtmypus: so if i may ask what brings u here anna25: i'm into S&M and have pretty extreme fantasies. hurtmypus: what kind of fantasies anna25: lots of extreme torture including clitorectomies hurtmypus: really r u into clitorectomies hurtmypus: that's something i have thought about having done anna25: clitorectomy fantasies hurtmypus: me too anna25: why are you thinking about a clitorectomy? hurtmypus: just way too sensitive hurtmypus: what about u anna25: well, i have weird fantasies anna25: i think of it more as a punishment hurtmypus: o yeah y anna25: a clitorectomy means no more orgasms or at least a chance of no more hurtmypus: yeah that's true hurtmypus: how would u like it done anna25: it depends on the fantasy hurtmypus: what r a few of them anna25: you may find this weird, but my favorite fantasy is a wager or game hurtmypus: i don't think your weird at all anna25: loser's clit is cut off and given to the winner as a trophy hurtmypus: what do u mean wager anna25: could be a bet on anything anna25: like maybe poker hurtmypus: that's pretty hot hurtmypus: what would u do with another girls clit if u won it anna25: i would keep it in a jar by my bed anna25: so i could look at it and remember the girl i won it from can't do what i'm going to do hurtmypus: lol now that's very hot hurtmypus: kind of laughing at her as your doing it anna25: yes hurtmypus: that just turned me on hurtmypus: lol anna25: i think it is a hot fantasy hurtmypus: its a very hot fantasy hurtmypus: now what if u lost anna25: that would be frustrating hurtmypus: lol i hear ya anna25: its a big bet, somebody wins, somebody loses anna25: don't make bets you can't afford to lose hurtmypus: well if i win it i would make sure to call u and tell u when i'm going to use mine hurtmypus: kind of rub it in anna25: lol hurtmypus: do u think it would be cool to watch another girl get hers cut off anna25: yes, definitely anna25: would be hot to get 6 or 8 girls to play clitty poker hurtmypus: i'd play hurtmypus: how many other girls you got lined up? anna25: lol, your the only one hurtmypus: lol, looks like a one on one game

    We chatted some about clit torture, but it was late and we both had to get to bed. We exchanged email addresses.

    Her name was Janet and we chatted quite a bit after that first night. Janet was into serious clit torture and it is hard to find women interested in that.

    One night when I was stuck at home because my friend was sick. I found Janet online. We chatted a bit. Janet thought I should torture my clit since I could not go out. I suggested a simple clit torture game. We would select a torture and roll two dice using an online dice roller. If the roll was 2 through 6, Janet did the torture. If the roll was 8 through 12, I did the torture. If the roll was 7, we both did the torture.

    We started out whipping our clits with belts. First 10 strokes for the loser, then 20 and 30. We both lost several times and got our pussies red from the whipping. We were ready for something more intense. After a little discussion I proposed a clothespin applied directly to the clit. Janet added her own twist.

    Anna25: clothespin clamped directly on the clit Anna25: pull the hood back and put it right on your clit Janet: for how long? Anna25: we could start with 10 minutes Janet: ok and if you want after its on we can play again if i have it on and lose again i have to twist it back and forth Janet: however many times we decide Janet: keep it interesting Janet: how does that sound Anna25: have never tried that Janet: well we can try it now if you want Janet: but the clip has to stay on while you twist Janet: does that sound ok Anna25: we could also make it depend on the number rolled Anna25: like roll 2 or 3 you have to also twist it, roll 11 or 12 i have two twist it Janet: ok Janet: its a deal Janet: how many twists Anna25: i don't know 5? Janet: ok Janet: what about the other numbers Anna25: just the clothespin, no twists, 7 we both have to do the clothespin Janet: ok cool Janet: so its your roll

    I used the web site to roll the dice and email us both the results.

    Anna25: you are not going to like the roll Janet: haven't got the email yet Anna25: you should soon Janet: damn Janet: lol ok so i have to put it on for 10 minutes Anna25: and twist it Janet: lol Janet: 5 twists Anna25: yep Janet: i am puting it on Anna25: ok Janet: its on Janet: its 1:18 here Anna25: yes, 11:18 here Janet: now for the twists how far Janet: at least half way Anna25: don't know Anna25: not so far it comes off Janet: ok you have to turn it a 1/4 of the way in each direction here i go Janet: that stings but i think i could have gone farther Janet: it hurt at first to put it on now its ok Anna25: yes, first 30 seconds is the worse till you take it off Janet: ok so now for the next roll Janet: ready here i go i'm rolling Anna25: your time is not even up yet? Anna25: still have a minute or so to go Janet: if my numbers come up i will twist it Janet: just to keep the game going Anna25: ok Janet: that's why i thought of the twisting Janet: i rolled Janet: you won't believe it Anna25: what does that mean? Janet: did you get it yet Anna25: yes, 7 Janet: so its been 10 minutes i guess i keep it on for another 10 Anna25: i guess this mean i have to put on a clothespin too? Janet: yea, it does Anna25: ok, i have my clothespin on too Janet: cool Anna25: we should roll again at the end of this 10 minutes, and loser has to keep her's on Janet: ok cool Janet: when did you put yours on Janet: i'll just go off your time Anna25: 11:32 i think Janet: ok cool Janet: hows yours feeling Anna25: sore Janet: lol Anna25: but i'm managing Anna25: i think we should do 1 more roll at 10 minutes Anna25: then give our clits a rest Janet: lol Anna25: then maybe up the stakes Janet: ok cool Janet: ok it's time you roll Anna25: here goes Anna25: yeah, 6 Janet: really? Anna25: it hurts to take it off Janet: wow it was 6 Janet: so another 10 minutes Anna25: more sore after it was off Janet: how does yours feel Janet: are you going to be ready in 10 minutes Anna25: perhaps, but you need to rest it Janet: no i don't think so Janet: i haven't taken it off yet Janet: so i should be fine Anna25: but you need to take it off to get the real experience Janet: ok i'm going to take it off Anna25: ok Janet: holy crap Janet: fuck the hurts Janet: holy fucking shit Anna25: yeah, it really does Janet: yeah Janet: it looks so flat Anna25: mine was a little bluish too Janet: its getting a little better Janet: so whats next Anna25: don't know Janet: if we are almost finished we should finish big Janet: but not cutting it off big Anna25: lol Janet: something that will definitely hurt Anna25: well, in my mind this is all connected with chastity Janet: yes it is Anna25: so in my mind, the final wager should be for who it allowed to cum tonight Janet: yes Janet: so that is the bet Anna25: and for the next 24 hours Janet: wow Janet: ok deal Janet: your roll Anna25: best to get ourselves a little worked up before we roll Janet: good idea Janet: what turns you on the most Anna25: gambling with my clit! Janet: i like that Janet: i think me losing mine gets me the most worked up Anna25: a winner take all button bet would be very hot Janet: mmm heck yeah it would be Janet: mmm one of these days we are going to roll the dice for our clits Anna25: in a few minutes one of us is losing the use of her clit for the next 24 hours Janet: mmm yes you are Janet: lol Anna25: or maybe both of us Janet: true Anna25: if we roll 7 Janet: mmm Janet: mmm someday we have to really put our clits to the test Anna25: what do you mean by put our clits to the test? Janet: well someday we have to bet them Anna25: a high stakes poker game perhaps Janet: clits would be high stakes! Janet: i like it Anna25: you ready to roll and see who gets to cum tonight and who doesn't? Janet: mmm i am ready Janet: its your roll Anna25: looks like i'm going to bed horny, 8 Janet: that sucks Anna25: my clit is still sore, lol Janet: lol so probably better you don't use it tonight Anna25: i bet yours is sore too Janet: very Janet: i'm not sure if i will use it or not Janet: but probably will Anna25: i could get off if i had won Janet: o i will Janet: i'm playing with it now Janet: so if we do ever bet and i lose will you keep my clit Anna25: of course Janet: so do you really want a clit so you can keep it Anna25: well, i want to keep the one i have attached Janet: i mean another girls Janet: lol Anna25: if i win a clit in a fair wager, then i think i have every right to take her clit, if she had won, she would be taking mine Janet: i can see that Janet: well i am going to go make my self happy Janet: and i will chat with you later Anna25: ok, have fun Janet: o def Janet: lol Janet: you have a good night Anna25: as best i can Janet: lol good night Anna25: nite

    I was sore and horny that night. I did my full 24 hours, but 24 hours and 1 minute later I was cumming like crazy.

    The next few times we chatted the conversation always came back to the fantasy of wagering our clits.

    Janet: But r u really ready to put your clit on the line no going back Anna25: it is a fantasy for me right now, a super hot fantasy Janet: If u lose it's gonna be no chickening out Anna25: if i put my clit on the line, i wouldn't try to back out Janet: You wouldn't back out Anna25: there should be no backing out Anna25: one of us is leaving clitless Janet: that is hot Anna25: what game/contest do you think we should use? Janet: Um, I don't care Janet: What do u think Anna25: i think poker would be hot Janet: I'm awful at poker but ok Janet: U know you're going to be leaving with my clit Anna25: great that you are awful at poker!!!! Janet: Lmao Anna25: thousands of orgasms at stake in that poker game Janet: Lmao I am horrible at poker but that's good for you Anna25: well, the thing about poker is, in the short term it is more luck Janet: Yeah Anna25: well, i have to get to bed Janet: nite

    A few weeks later I saw a new story on the web from one of my favorite authors, “The Naughty Bits Playoff”. In the story the author, Liana, bet her clit for a guy's penis. She lost the bet, cut off her clit and sent it to the guy!

    That story made me so hot. I could not keep my fingers out of my panties. The story described the details of how she cut her clit off. It all sounded so easy. Of course, it was just a story.

    I wrote an email to Liana telling her how much I liked the story. I asked her how she came up with all the details. I got a quick reply thanking me for writing. She said the details in the story were based on experience.

    The details were based on experience? Whose experience? Liana's experience?

    I could feel my panties getting moist as I read the email over and over. There was a woman that really cut her clit off! It was not a fantasy. It could be done. Two women could really play a poker game for clits. I came so hard imagining that.

    Next time I chatted with Janet, I had to bring it up.

    Anna25: hey Janet: Hey there how r u Anna25: i'm good Anna25: you read the naughty bits playoff? Janet: I loved it Janet: so hot the way it ends Anna25: super hot!! Janet: imagine losing that bet Anna25: high stakes Anna25: hard to cum without a clit Janet: that is for sure Anna25: but that's why betting clits would be so hot Anna25: loser is going to be horny as hell and wondering where her clit went Anna25: while the winner is going to be staring at the losers clit to cum more often!!! Janet: That is very hot Janet: It is so fucking hot to think about Anna25: it would be incredibly hot to win, would suck big time to lose Janet: Lol maybe Janet: I can't wait to have your little button in my hands Anna25: you want me to be the one wondering where my clit went Janet: Hmm yeah in a way Janet: the idea of betting my clity is so hot Anna25: i would get maximum pleasure out of winning yours!!! Janet: I would hope Anna25: well, if you are not enjoying your clit anymore, i should get to! Janet: that is so hot

    Over the next month Janet and I chatted once or twice a week. Our chat always came back to torturing our clits and the idea of betting them. For me it was an intense jilling fantasy.

    Janet: hi Anna Anna25: hi, how are you? Janet: i'm good, how are you? Anna25: i'm great, still have my clit Janet: a temporary condition Janet: i'll have it soon Anna25: you wish Anna25: you'll have to put yours on the line if you want to win mine Janet: i will win it Anna25: i have this fantasy i can't get out of my head Anna25: i meet a woman in a hotel room Anna25: we chat a while, get to know each other... Anna25: then we play poker for clits … Anna25: and one of us leaves with the other's clit in her purse Janet: wow Janet: that is hot Janet: would the loser get a final orgasm Anna25: maybe Janet: if you were going to cut it off, it would be the best one of my life I just know Janet: it gets me sooo excited Janet: thinking about it getting cut off Janet: it would make me so fucking horny forever Anna25: would you like that last orgasm from masturbation or oral sex? Janet: Both but by the women that is keeping my clit Janet: It is the least she can do lol Janet: Would u be willing to eat me out for my clit Anna25: of course Janet: Awesome Anna25: i don't have a lot of experience at that, but i know what i like Janet: Lol that's what I think and I can do it pretty good you just do what you like and you can't go wrong Anna25: that would be hot, i could get you off, and then really get you off forever Janet: Mmmm, you know how to get me worked up, I would love to make that bet Janet: win or lose it would be hot Anna25: but i bet you would love to win it too Janet: Omg yes that would be amazing Janet: I would be getting off to your clit almost every night Janet: And I would be telling you all about it Anna25: you would really enjoy it Janet: Omg yes all the time I would be touching it all the time Anna25: as if you don't already Janet: Oh I do all the time, I think about seeing u laying there legs spread apart Janet: And looking at your clit still attached Janet: Then getting between your legs grabbing the scalpel pulling on your clit to make sure I get a lot Anna25: the winner deserves all of it Janet: Then looking in your eyes and placing the scalpel just under your clit Janet: Then in one swipe its off of you there in between my fingers then placing it on your belly or putting your clit in your hand Anna25: better practice your poker if you want to take my clit Janet: i will cause i do really want to take yours

    I was surprised how excited Janet got about the thought of losing her clit or taking mine. Next time we chatted, the conversation quickly came back to the same topic.

    Janet: i've been thinking about what we talked about last time Janet: the hotel room and me slicing your clit off with a scalpel Anna25: or me slicing yours off... Janet: yeah, would you really do that? Anna25: it is a hot fantasy Janet: yes, but would you really do it, put your clit on the line Anna25: maybe, would you? Janet: definitely Anna25: you aren't scared of losing it? Janet: i figure the way i've been treating it, it's only a matter of time before i destroy it anyway Janet: and winning yours would be so hot Janet: if i'm going to lose mine, I want you to be the one to take it. Janet: Have you ever fantasized about how u would cut mine off Anna25: most of my fantasies are about clit guillotines, lol Janet: So have you imagined my clit in it and watching as the blade slams closed Anna25: yes, i have! Janet: Mmm that's hot Anna25: i like clitty russian roulette with the button cutter type guillotine Janet: What do u imagine coming off, just my clit or the hood too Anna25: guillotine would take the hood with it Janet: Mmm Janet: That's hot Janet: I love the pics of the girl that had her clit and hood cut off at the same time Janet: It makes it look more like a clit if the hood is still attached Janet: If the hood wasn't attached I don't think it would look much like a clit Anna25: yes, i think that is hot, that is what i imagine the clit guillotine would do Janet: It is sooooo hot Janet: Just so you know if I ever lose to you, you get to take my hood and clit but all in 1 piece Anna25: unfortunately, i don't have one of those guillotines Janet: Lol well then a scalpel will just have to do or a cigar cutter would work awesome just put it around my clit and hood and close it Anna25: i was thinking just a scalpel Janet: Cool a scalpel it is Anna25: i have to go get some lunch Janet: Ok cool I have to run too

    Almost every night I would jill off thinking about this fantasy. I imagined locking my clit in the button cutter guillotine to give Janet a chance at taking it. Then we would lock Janet's clit in the button cutter for my chance to take her clit. Taking turns until one of our clits was in the tray.

    The button cutter was a fantasy, of course. I suppose someone could build one, but I couldn't. A poker game with clits for the stakes was something I could really do. I was a pretty good poker player. I had even won a couple of tournaments at local card clubs. Winning a tournament though is a combination of luck and skill. You cannot win by skill alone. I had won in part because the other players underestimated my skill, or maybe they just wanted to lose their chips to an attractive young woman.

    In the long run poker results depend on skill, but in the short run results depend more on luck. Bad poker players can win big if they are lucky. If bad players lost every time, they would give up poker quickly. They win often enough that they don't realize they are bad players. That is why poker is a good game.

    While I would have an advantage over Janet in a poker game, Janet could get lucky and take my clit.

    Janet: hi, how have you been? Anna25: hi, i'm good, how are you? Janet: good, can't stop thinking about it Janet: the hotel room, the scalpel … Anna25: and one of us leaves with a clit in her purse Janet: yes Anna25: hot fantasy Janet: just a fantasy? Anna25: you mean would i really do it? maybe Janet: you aren't sure? Anna25: not sure i could deal with losing Anna25: you aren't afraid of losing? Janet: no Anna25: you know you'll still get horny without a clit Janet: O yeah I know I will, that's why I'm not so worried about losing it Janet: I'm ok with the idea of not getting off I have come to terms with that Janet: And it might help calm me down Anna25: that's good Anna25: it's so exciting to think about Janet: how about we take the first step to do more than think about it? Anna25: what do you mean? Janet: in the naughty bits playoff she split her hood Janet: so she had better access to her clit Janet: we could split our hoods Anna25: to put our clits on the line? Janet: exactly Anna25: in the story she was cutting her own clit off Anna25: wouldn't really need to split the hood for someone else to do it. Janet: it would make it easier Anna25: true Janet: so what do you think? Janet: are you ready to split your hood? Anna25: i guess Janet: even if we never do it, being able to open the hood and see that little clitty there is hot Anna25: yeah, such a vulnerable little thing Janet: one little slice and it's gone forever Anna25: yep Janet: so you ready to split your hood? Anna25: let's do it Anna25: do you know how to do it? Janet: I think just a sharp scissors is all it takes Anna25: clean it with alcohol first Anna25: some antiseptic and gauze to make sure it doesn't heal back together Janet: that sounds good Janet: you got that stuff? Anna25: I think so Anna25: let me take a shower first Janet: lol, yeah, right Janet: see you later

    I did take a shower and shaved too. Then I did something else and had to clean up my pussy again.

    Anna25: back Janet: was it a good one Anna25: you know it was, i bet yours was too Janet: of course Anna25: you know if we meet, only one of us will be doing it after Janet: yeah, and the other is going to be sooooo fucking horny Anna25: for sure Janet: ready to split your hood? Anna25: yeah got the stuff here Janet: lets go for it

    I had put on a t-shirt after my shower, but I took it off and tossed it on the table. I thought I should be naked for this. I spread some old towels on the kitchen floor. I sat on one of the kitchen chairs and spread my legs as wide as I could. I put some alcohol on a pad and rubbed it around my hood. Then I pulled my hood back and rubbed some alcohol on my clit. My clit was still sensitive from cumming a few minutes before and the alcohol felt cold.

    I took the alcohol and cleaned the blades on my best scissors.

    Anna25: all cleaned, here goes Anna25: hope there isn't too much blood

    There was no reply from Janet. She might be ahead of me. I took the scissors and carefully slide the blade up under my hood. The position made it difficult to hold the scissors precisely. I closed my eyes and slowly closed the scissors blades. I felt the pain as the scissors cut into my hood. It was not that bad. I had felt worse, but I didn't want to see the blood.

    When it felt like I had cut a few inches up, I opened my eyes. There was blood, but not as much as I feared. I set the scissors aside and wiped up the blood with some cotton pads. I inspected my work and decided I need to cut a bit further up. I cleaned up the scissors again with alcohol and slide the blade further up the hood. This time I didn't close my eyes, just slowly closed the blades.

    I cleaned up all the blood with pads. I spread the two flaps of my hood to get a good look at my clit. It looked bigger than I expected. The hood had prevented me from seeing the whole clit all these years. I put pads between the two flaps of my hood to make sure they did not heal back together. I spread some antiseptic along each edge to try to prevent infection.

    When I looked at my laptop, I saw Janet had replied.

    Janet: i'm done Janet: how about you? Anna25: just finished Anna25: little sore, but not too bad Janet: yeah, this is nothing Janet: compared to needles and shit like that Anna25: yeah, will see how i feel in the morning Janet: i wouldn't play with it for a few days Anna25: yeah, planning to give it a rest Janet: so how does it feel to have your clit exposed? Anna25: don't know, all covered up with gauze Anna25: i'll know in a few days Janet: we've taken the first step Janet: i'm ready, are you? Anna25: really tempting Janet: and it will be more tempting in a few days Janet: really late here, got to go Anna25: night Janet: nite

    I looked down at my pussy. What had I done? Had I really taken the first step? Was I going to meet Janet in a hotel room and make my fantasy real? It was an exciting but scary thought.

    It took several days for the hood to heal enough I could stop using cotton pads. The area still felt sensitive so I delayed my urge to test my new direct clit access. Before I had been able to see my clit by pulling the hood up. My clit had looked like a small pinkish, whitish ball. Now I could see it wasn't really a ball. It was elongated and bigger than I thought, but still nothing like some of those pics I had seen of huge clits.

    I looked for Janet online, but didn't see her for several days. She was probably giving things a rest till she healed.

    As the days went by, I got hornier and hornier. Finally, after eight days I had to try. After getting in bed, I started gently rubbing my hood with the flaps held together. I went slowly, but it did not seem to hurt. I was so horny my clit was pulsating from only that indirect stimulation. As I felt the orgasm building, I pushed my fingers between the flaps to directly stimulate the clit. My clit exploded. Strong muscle spasms gripped my pussy, sending pleasurable sensations down my legs and across my stomach. After a dozen or more strong contractions, the spasms grew weaker. I kept my finger on my clit gently massaging out weaker and weaker contraction trying to extract every last bit of pleasure.

    I'm not sure how long I lay on my bed after drifting in nirvana. When I finally gained consciousness I realized my fingers and pussy were soaking wet. I got up and cleaned up before heading back to bed. I had no trouble falling right to sleep.

    I kept checking every night for Janet online, but it was several days before I finally saw her.

    Anna25: hey girl, how are you? Janet: i'm great, all healed Anna25: yeah, i'm healed too Janet: given it a test drive? Anna25: oh yeah, works great Janet: so are you ready to take the next step? Anna25: don't know Janet: want to enjoy that clit for a month or two first? Anna25: it's a hot fantasy Anna25: i'm just not sure Janet: not sure you want to lose it? Anna25: not sure about . . . things Anna25: maybe you'd run out the door when i win Janet: I wouldn't, would you? Anna25: no, if i played and lost, i'd payoff Janet: so would I . . . so no problem Anna25: but for such high stakes, need more than just players word Janet: what's your idea? Anna25: not sure . . . chain ourselves to the table Janet: will the chain be long enough to reach the bathroom? Anna25: lol Anna25: need a neutral 3rd party and chains Janet: whats the 3rd party do? Anna25: keeper of the keys Anna25: unlocks the winner when the game is over Janet: didn't think of that Janet: who would you trust? Anna25: most people would think we were crazy Janet: yeah, need to find somebody into it Anna25: don't know anyone, do you? Janet: no, only you Janet: and Liana Anna25: Liana would be great! Janet: she is just a story writer Janet: does she even exist? Anna25: somebody writes the stories Anna25: i got an email reply Anna25: i think she may even be clitless Janet: really??? she cut it off? Anna25: i'm not sure, the email was ambiguous Janet: a clitless referee! Janet: that is a hot idea Anna25: seems fair the referee should be clitless Janet: so if Liana will referee, are you up for it? Anna25: yes! Anna25: i'll email Liana and see if she is interested

    Had I just agreed to play for clits? I guess only if Liana would referee. That was my out. Liana would probably think we were crazy and ignore us.

    I composed an email to send to Liana.

    I wrote to tell you how much I like your last story. My friend and I are planning a poker game where clits will be the stakes. While we are both excited about this, it is very high stakes wager. We think there should be a neutral third party to supervise.

    We wonder if you would be the neutral third party for this game? If you are interested, maybe we can chat sometime. See if something can be worked out.


    I reread the email several times. While the cursor hovered over the send button, I had second thoughts. How would Liana react? Would she think I was crazy? Trying to put her on?

    I pressed the send button, and immediately regretted it. I wanted to send another message saying it was not a joke and we were serious, but that would sound stupid.

    Oh well. I was not sure I wanted to make this fantasy real. If Liana ignored the email, that was a good excuse. I went to bed.

    I didn't check my email until I got home from work the next day. I looked through the emails. There was a reply from Liana.

    Your offer sounds like an interesting proposition, but have you really thought this through? Do both of you really understand what it means to lose?

    Once your clit is gone, you should not expect to ever cum again. Some women are lucky and can still cum with difficulty, but don't count on it.

    If you are serious and both of you think you can handle it, we could chat. My yahoo account is the same as my email. I should be on this evening.


    Wow! She had replied and didn't dismiss the idea outright

    I logged on and sent her an IM message, but she did not reply. She probably was not online yet.

    An hour later I got a reply.

    Liana: hi, Anna Anna25: hi, thanks for chatting with me Liana: no problem Anna25: we understand what is at stake Anna25: both janet and I have thought this through Anna25: we understand what losing means Liana: are you sure? Anna25: yes, we are sure Liana: i never really understood until mine was gone Anna25: wow, how are you doing Liana: it was hard at first, i'm doing ok now Anna25: then you will do it? Liana: i'd like to, but when? where? Anna25: I think we are flexible Liana: where are you in the world? Anna25: i'm in calif, janet is in illinois Liana: and where will this game be? Anna25: a hotel room somewhere Liana: any idea where? Anna25: we are flexible Liana: Vegas seems like the right place to me Anna25: Vegas! Anna25: great idea! Liana: when? Anna25: i haven't talked with janet about this yet, maybe 4th of July weekend? Liana: i think I can make it then Anna25: great, i'll get back to you when I know more

    That is I how I came to be toasting a pina colada with Janet and Liana in Le Cabaret under the fake blue sky of the Paris Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

    "Going to be a hot night," Janet said.

    "It must be a hundred out there," Liana said.

    "But going to be hotter in our room," I said.

    "Still chance to change your mind," Liana said.

    "I'm not backing out now," I said.

    "Me either. I want your clit," Janet said looking at me.

    "Not just clits," Liana said. "Thousands of orgasms at stake."

    "Really high stakes," I said.

    "Only one of us cums on Sunday," Janet said.

    "And it isn't going to be me," Liana replied.

    Janet and I looked at each other.

    "A toast," Liana said. "To great future climaxes."

    We raised our glasses. I took a sip of my pina colada. I was hoping it was my future climaxes we were drinking to.

    "Time to get this game going," Janet said.

    We finished our drinks and walked over to the elevators. I noticed we were attracting some glances from men both young and old.

    Liana was 30ish, but she had not let her figure go when she lost her clit. She was slim and wearing a rose pink A-line dress with some embroidery around the neckline. The dress showed off her curves nicely. She had shoulder length redish brown hair.

    Janet had a look that I can only describe as restrained goth. She was wearing your basic little black strapless dress. She had short black hair.

    I am a petite Vietnamese. Only 5' 1" and just under a hundred pounds. I frequently wear black too, but today I was wearing a fitted, ruched red dress with a single wide strap that started in the middle and went over my left shoulder. My breasts were small, only 32A, but this dressed was fitted so they showed. My black hair was shoulder length in back, shorter on the sides, with bangs.

    In the elevator full of middle aged tourists in shorts and t-shirts, the three of us attracted a lot of attention. If they only knew what kind of gambling we were going to do tonight!

    The elevator finally arrived at our floor and we walked to the Calais Suite.

    "Wow," Liana said as she walked in the door. "This must be really expensive."

    "Nothing but the best for such an important occasion," I said.

    "We only got it because of a cancellation," Janet said.

    The suite had a separate bedroom and living/dining room. There was a black wooden dining room table with seating for four, as well as couch, chairs and small bar.

    "Let's get things set up," I said. I picked the vase of flowers on the dining room table and moved it to the bar.

    Then I went in the bedroom to get my poker equipment, 4 decks of cards and a big box of assorted poker chips. Janet was getting an assortment of chains, leather cuffs and locks.

    "You girls came equipped for this," Liana said.

    "We will both be chained to the table for the duration of the game," Janet said. "You will be holding the keys to unlock the winner at the end."

    "Oh, yes," Liana said. "That's what I'm here for."

    "Can you deal too?" I asked.

    "I suppose," Liana said. "Holdem?"

    "Yep," I said.

    "Before we get started," Liana said. "Don't you think you ought to show what you are wagering? Just to make sure you both still have it."

    "Put our money ... er ... clits on the table," Janet said.

    "Good idea," I said.

    I unzipped my dress, pushed the strap down over my arm and slid out of the dress. I laid the dress on the couch. I unfastened my bra and set it aside. I was wearing a bra only to cover my barbell nipple piercings. I did not need a bra for support. I pushed my panties down and stepped out of them.

    Janet was not far behind me in undressing.

    "I'll go first," I said.

    I sat down in one of the big soft chairs next to the window. I leaned back and spread my legs wide. I've usually been trimmed with a racing strip, but for this occasion I had shaved myself clean. My clit was tingling in anticipation. I gently spread the flaps of my hood to reveal my clit.

    "There is the little button," I said.

    Janet leaned in to take a closer look.

    "Is going to look good in a bottle on my night stand," Janet said.

    "You have to win it first," I said. "Your turn."

    Janet sat down in the other chair. She was still wearing her bra. Her breast were much bigger than mine, probably a C or D cup. She quickly spread her legs and pulled her hood flaps open. Her clit was larger than mine too.

    "Now that is a nice big one," I said. "You are going to miss it when it is gone."

    "Ha," said Janet. "Not a chance."

    "As much as you abuse that clit," I said. "I'm not even sure it still works."

    "Oh, it works just fine," Janet said.

    "You torture you clit?" Liana asked.

    "Yes, we both do," Janet replied.

    "But she does it much more than I do," I said.

    "I use to torture my clit too," Liana said. "When I still had one."

    "Hmmm, How do we know you don't still have a clit," Janet said. "We showed you ours. Can you show us where yours use to be."

    Liana giggled.

    "Don't believe me, eh," Liana said as she started to unzip her dress. "Ok, I'll show you."

    Liana lay her dress on the couch. She then slipped her panties off and sat down on the couch. She spread her legs wide and then slowly spread her hood. It was pink inside, but there was no clit. There was just a hint of a scare where the clit had been.

    "Amazing," I said.

    "That is hot Liana," Janet said.

    Liana closed her legs again.

    "One of you will be like that tomorrow," Liana said.

    "Anna will be like that," Janet said.

    "You got to win first," I said.

    "We've all seen the stakes," Liana said, "Are we ready to start?"

    "Yes," Janet said.

    "Let's go for it," I said.

    "Then let the game begin," Liana said. "Only one of us will have a clit tomorrow."

    "Let's drink a toast," I said.

    Janet went and got a bottle of white wine out of the refrigerator and poured three glasses.

    "Ok," Janet said raising her glass. "May the best clit win."

    We all took a sip of wine.

    "Those who are about to be clitless salute you," I said as I raise my glass.

    "Time to get chained to the table," Janet said.

    We went over to the dining room table. Janet had fastened two long chains. Each chain was fastened to a leather cuff. Janet fastened one cuff to my leg with a padlock.

    Janet handed the key to Liana.

    "You won't need this key," Janet said. "Anna is going to lose."

    "Hey," I said. "Even if I lose, you still need the key to let me go eventually."

    Janet locked herself into the other leather cuff.

    "True," Janet said as she handed the other key to Liana. "But this is the key you will need first."

    Liana dropped the two keys in an envelope and set it on a table at the other end of the room.

    "Hey we should have put our panties back on before the cuffs," I said.

    "Too late now," Janet said. "Might as well play naked."

    I was already naked. Janet unfastened her bra and tossed it away. Janet had nipple rings to go with her large breasts.

    "Well, if you are going to be naked," Liana said. "Then I guess you dealer should be naked too."

    Liana unfastened her bra and tossed it on the couch. Liana's breast were larger than mine, but smaller than Janet's. Both Liana and Janet's breast sagged a little without a bra, while mine were perky.

    I started cutting out the chips.

    "These chips are $100,000 each," I said counting out 8 for each of us. "These are $10,000 chips," I said, counting out 15 chips for each of us. "These chips are $5000 chips," I said, counting out 10 chips.

    "So a million dollars each," I said. "Blinds start at $5000/$10,000"

    "Let the game begin," Liana said.

    At first Janet was very cautions. I would always raise or fold my small blind, but Janet usually just called. When she did raise, I knew she had a good hand. We traded small wins back and forth, but we both were careful and didn't take any risks. When the blinds went up to $10,000/$20,000 I was up only up a little.

    Janet clearly didn't know what she was doing, but that made her less predictable and a more dangerous opponent.

    I had been raising to $40,000 on any hand I wanted to play, so when I got K K♠, I just raised to $40,000 like other hands. Janet called, but folded to a small flop bet.

    Some hands later I got A Q♥ and raised to $40,000. Janet called. The flop was ace high. I bet $60,000 and much to my surprise, Janet called. The turn was a queen. I now had top two pair. I bet $200,000.

    Janet looked surprised. She counted out $400,000 in chips.

    "Raise," she said and she pushed the chips into the pot.

    I was shocked. Would Janet do this with a lesser 2 pair? She could not have a straight or flush on the board, but she might have a set. If I called, Janet might push the river.

    I folded.

    Janet flashed pocked 3s. There was a 3 on the flop, so she had a set. I had dodged a bullet by folding, but Janet was now ahead in chips.

    A while later Janet raised to $40,000. I looked at A 5♠, and called. The flop was A 3♠ 8♦. We both checked. The turn was a 4♣. I checked and Janet bet $40,000.

    That seemed to be a bet Janet wanted me to call, so I called.

    The river was a 2♥. I checked and Janet bet $100,000.

    I was sure I had her with my straight. I raised to $200,000.

    Janet stared at me for what seemed like a very long time, and then just called.

    I showed my straight. Janet tossed her A K♣ on the table in disgust.

    The binds moved up to $20,000/$40,000. Janet was becoming more aggressive. She was raising preflop a lot and her raises were usually $100,000. As much as she was raising, I figured she had to be bluffing most of the time. She still folded to most of my raises.

    Janet raised to $100,000 and I looked at my cards and see A Q♠. I called.

    Flop was J 4 9♣. We both checked. Turn was a 3♠. Janet bet another $100,000 into the pot. Was she bluffing? I thought she was, but how could I call? I had a flush draw, but 5 to 1 odds of making it. I didn't have the odds to call, but I might have the best hand. Hoping Janet didn't have a pair, I called. The river was a 6♦. Janet bet $200,000. Janet had been reluctant to bet the turn with a bluff earlier. She must have a pair. I folded.

    My chip stack was getting small.

    A few hands later Janet raised to $100,000 again. I looked at my hand and found T T♠. I called.

    Flop was Q T 6♠. Bingo.

    Janet bet $100,000. She must have a pair. I called.

    Turn was A♥. There were two hearts now but no flush possible yet. Janet bet $100,000. Wow! Did she have KJ for the straight? I had to call.

    River was 5♠, no flush possible. Janet bet $200,000. Well, this was it. I had to go all in to cover her bet, so my clit was on the line. If Janet had KJ, I was clitless. I pushed my clips into the pot.

    "Yahoo," yelled Janet. "Your clit is a mine."

    Janet turned over A 6♦.

    I calmly turned over my tens for a set.

    "Damn," Janet said. "You lucked out that time."

    I stacked my chips. Janet still had more chips than I did, but we were close to even.

    After that I stole a few blinds from Janet with moderate hands. She suddenly seemed more cautious. She was not raising preflop anymore. When she did raise, I always folded weak holdings.

    Janet completed her small blind without raising. I looked at my cards and found A 4♠. I just checked. Flop was J 4♦ 4♥. Janet bet $50,000.

    It was unlikely she had a four. Did she have a jack or a pocket pair. I just called.

    Turn was a 7♣. Janet bet $100,000. Wow. What on earth did she have. Should I raise now or just call? I decided to just call. River was Q♠. Janet bet $200,000. That bet scared me. I could just call it and play it safe. If Janet had QQ, JJ or 77 she had me beat, but those hands seem very unlikely. If I raised her, she would raise me back with any of those hands. In a tournament I would definitely raise here, but that could put my clit in the pot again. I had to be careful. I just called.

    Janet flipped over pocket kings. I showed my trip fours.

    "God, you are a luck box," Janet said. "I can't beat you."

    I was now substantially ahead on chips, but Janet still had a good stack. I started to attack her blinds. The blinds moved up to $40,000/$80,000. Janet hit what must have been a dry spell of cards. I was raising every hand and she folded most. I even stole her blind with 9 3. Janet's stack had dwindled to little more than the $80,000 big blind.

    I had T 8♣ and raised to $100,000 because Janet didn't even have enough chips to cover that bet. Janet called with all her chips. She flipped over A♥ 8♠.

    "Come on," Janet said.

    I flipped over my T 8♣.

    "I've got you," Janet said.

    "Well preflop you do," I replied.

    Liana burned a card, counted out the three cards for the flop, then turned them over.

    Flop was T 3 K♥.

    "Come on," I said. "No aces."

    Turn was a 7♠.

    "Ace," Janet said.

    River was an A♣.

    "Alright," Janet yelled. Janet's breasts bounced up and down as she waved her hands in the air.

    Of course she was still very low on chips.

    We traded a few small pots. Janet gained a few more chips in the exchange.

    Then Janet bet all in from the small blind. I looked at my hand. I had K T♥. If Janet had a strong hand, she would just make a small raise hoping for a call. Going all in must be a steal attempt. My hand should be a slight favorite or at least even money, but it wasn't money we were betting. Janet had her clit in the pot, and even if she won and doubled up, I would still be ahead on chips. I called.

    Janet flipped over her cards and stood up. She had a Q J♥, better than what I expected. I flipped over my K♣ T♥.

    Liana burned a card, counted out the 3 flop cards and flipped them over. They were J 8 5♦.

    Damn, Janet had a pair.

    Liana burned a card and flipped over a 2♣.

    "Give me a king," I said.

    Liana burned another card and flipped over a 3♠.

    "Yah," Janet exclaimed with delight, her breast bouncing as she danced around. "I'm back in the game."

    Janet became more aggressive. A few hands later Janet put in her usual raise to $150,000. I had T 9♥ and called.

    Liana spread out the flop of 8 J 2♣. I had an open ended straight draw. Janet checked and I checked.

    Liana burned a card, and flipped over the 2♥. Janet's eyes seem to light up at the second two. Did she have A2 or something. She checked. I checked too.

    Liana burned another card and put the 4♦ on the board.

    Janet stared at me longer than usual and then checked. I was unlikely to win without a bluff river bet, but the way Janet was acting, she had something and was waiting for me to bluff. I just checked.

    "What," Janet said, flipping over 2 2♠. "Why didn't you bet."

    "Cause I had nada," I said, flipping over my cards.

    I dodged a bullet there. If I had rivered the straight, I would have put Janet all in and she would have doubled up again. As it was Janet's stack was getting closer to mine.

    A few hands later I found Q Q♦ in the small blind. I raised to $150,000. Janet looked at her cards, thought for a minute and called.

    Liana spread out the flop. It was 6 3 2♦. Great flop for me, but chances were Janet had nothing. I checked and Janet checked.

    Liana burned and dealt a 5♥ as the turn. If Janet had a four, she had a straight, but I thought that was very unlikely. I checked. Janet checked too.

    Liana delt the river, a J♦.

    I bet $150,000. Janet stared at me for a minute then threw her cards away.

    "You must have something better than mine," Janet said.

    A few hands later I won a similar pot with A 4♦. Neither of us had a pair, but my ace high was good.

    After we folded a few blinds, I got A 4♥ and raised to $150,000. Janet called.

    Liana spread out a flop of 8 3 9♦. I checked and Janet checked.

    Liana dealt the A♦ as the turn. Bingo. I checked expecting Janet to bluff, but she checked too.

    Liana dealt a 7♠ as the river.

    I bet $150,000. Janet stared at me for a while.

    "I'm all in," Janet said.

    Yikes. Did she have the diamond flush? A set? Some two pair hand? I didn't think she would be bluffing here.

    I shook my head and tossed my hand away.

    "I hope you weren't bluffing," I said.

    "Never," replied Janet. "I'm not bluffing you out of your clit, I'm taking it fair and square."

    After folding blinds back and forth I won a small pot with 9 8♥ when I got a 8 high flop. Janet folded to my bet. That put me back slightly ahead in chips.

    We both folded away for a while. Janet raised again to $150,000. I peaked and had 7 8♠. I called.

    Liana burned a card, dealt out the flop cards and flipped them over. The flop was 3 6 5♦. I had an open ended straight draw, but no pair. On the other hand, Janet probably didn't have a pair either. Janet checked. I decided to try to steal the pot and bet $150,000.

    Janet thought for a long time, and then just called. What did she have?

    Liana burned a card and turned over 9♥ for the turn giving me a straight. My heart jumped, but I tried to remain outwardly clam. Janet must have something. Maybe a pair? two pair? a set? Janet checked.

    I eyed Janet's stack. I wanted to bet some amount less than her stack, but not so small too look suspicious. I bet $150,000.

    Janet stared at me.

    "You're bluffing," Janet said. "Maybe you have a flush draw, but you got nada."

    I did not say a thing and tried to keep my face blank.

    "All in," Janet announced pushing all her chips.

    Holy crap. I looked at the board. I had the nuts, but I could be beaten by a flush on the river. I called.

    Janet flipped over A 5♠. So she had a pair and the nut flush draw. I flipped my cards over and Janet's mouth dropped open.

    "Shit," Janet said. "Give me a spade."

    Liana burned a card, and dealt the river, a 2♦.

    Janet let out a gasp. I could not believe my luck. How could Janet be so stupid as go all in with a pair of fives and a flush draw.

    "I was sure you were bluffing," Janet said. "There were no big cards out there. You always play big cards."

    "Not always, I guess," I said with a broad smile. "That lesson cost you your clit."

    Liana walk over to get the envelope with the keys. I sat down and lifted my foot up so Liana could unlock it.

    "So where are we going to do it?" I asked.

    "I think this table would do fine," Liana said.

    "Fuck you," Janet said. "You just got lucky."

    "Are you trying to renege?" I asked.

    "Fuck no," Janet said. "You can have my clit. I'm just saying you were fucking lucky that's all."

    "Yeah," I said. "I was lucky."

    Lucky to be playing against someone stupid enough to go all in with a pair of fives and a flush draw.

    I cleared all the cards and chips off the table.

    Liana and I both looked at Janet.

    "OK, OK," Janet said. She sat down on the table and slid around to face us.

    "Lay down and spread your legs," Liana said.

    Janet looked at us.

    "I still can't fucking believe you won," Janet said.

    "Believe it," I said. "Soon you can look were your clit use to be, if you still can't believe it."

    "You need to lay down," Liana said. "I have a pain killer. It will be over in a few minutes."

    Janet slowly laid back on the table. She spread her arms above her head and spread her legs. Her eyes seem focused on the ceiling above.

    "Fasten her arms to the table legs," Liana said as she handed me a couple of leather cuffs with ropes attached. "I'll tie the legs."

    Liana picked up a towel.

    "We should get this under you," Liana said.

    She slide the towel under Janet's bottom.

    I fastened the cuffs to Janet's wrists and then pulled the cords under the table. I climbed under the table and secured the ropes to the table legs.

    Liana was busy unpacking some equipment.

    "You want a final orgasm?" I asked.

    "Fuck, yeah," Janet replied. "You promised."

    Liana smiled.

    "I will always remember my last orgasm," Liana said.

    "I'm sure Janet will remember her last one too," I said.

    I went around the table and stood between Janet's legs. I bent over and ran my tongue up her pussy to her hood. She was very wet and tasted salty. Janet moaned a little. I ran my tongue back and forth on her hood. I started slowly and gently. As Janet moaned louder, my tongue got faster and pressed down harder.

    Janet's hips began rocking rythmically. I could tell Janet was getting close. I ran the tip of my tongue up into her hood, opening the flaps. I flicked my tongue back and forth directly on her clit. Janet cried out and tried to push her pelvis into my face, but the ropes restrained her. Janet cried out and her body convulsed within the constraints of the ropes. I did my best to keep my tongue on her clit as her body trashed around.

    When Janet started to relax, I slowed down, took my tongue out of her hood flaps, but still kept some gentle pressure on the hood. I slowly massaged her hood hopping I was nursing a few more small contractions out of it.

    Finally, I lifted my head.

    "That was you're last orgasm," I said. "I hope it was a good one."

    Janet didn't reply.

    "That was hot," Liana said. "Thank you for sharing."

    "Now it is time to collect my winnings," I said.

    "Indeed," Liana said. "Time to collect all those orgasms Janet will not be having."

    Liana went over to the bar and came back with a tube.

    "This is Emla cream," Liana said. "It's a topical pain killer. I imagine your clit is pretty sensitive right now. It will help some, but there will probably still be some pain."

    Janet did not say anything. She still seemed to be out of it.

    Liana gently spread Janet's hood and started rubbing the Emla cream all around the clit and inside of the hood. Janet's clit was going to sleep, never to wake again, but my clit was tingling.

    "That should do it," Liana said.

    "How long will the pain killer take?" I asked.

    "A few minutes," Liana said.

    "This is medical grade super glue," Liana said. "We will use it to seal the wound."

    "Superglue?" I asked.

    "Yes, but medical grade," Liana said.

    "OK," I said. "Learn something every day."

    "Let's see how her clit is doing," Liana said.

    Liana went to the table and spread Janet's hood. She gently touched her clit and rubbed it.

    "How does that feel?" Liana asked.

    "Shit," Janet said. "I can't even feel my clit anymore."

    "And you won't be feeling it," I said. "Ever again."

    Liana took a small scalpel and cleaned the blade with some alcohol. Then she handed the scalpel and a pair of tweezers to me.

    "Get a hold of the clit and pull up on it with the tweezers," Liana said. "Then cut it off as low down as possible. You want to make sure you get all of it."

    "Fuck you," said Janet. "Yeah, take it all."

    "I'll hold her hood open for you," Liana said. "And I trust Janet won't give us any trouble."

    "Why would I give you trouble?" Janet said with a sarcastic voice. "You're only cutting my fucking clit off."

    "I won it fair and square," I said.

    My clit was tingling with excitement and my heart was racing as Liana spread Janet's hood flaps. Janet's clit was an elongated pinkish white blub. I grabbed the top of the clit with the tweezers. Janet barely reacted. Clearly the pain killer was working. I worked the scalpel up to the base of the clit, pushed it down to cut as low as possible, then sliced Janet's clit off in a single stroke.

    The scalpel was very sharp and it hardly took any force to slice all the way through. I lifed Janet's clit away with the tweezers.

    "Got it," I said holding it up in the tweezers.

    Liana spread some antiseptic on a cotton pad and cleaned up the blood that was running from the wound. Then she took the tube of super glue and squeezed some of it onto the wound. The bleeding quickly stopped.

    "There," Liana said. "Let it dry for a few minutes and should be good to move around."

    Liana then handed me a bottle. I dropped Janet's clit into the bottle.

    I walked over and shoved the bottle in Janet's face.

    "Your former clit," I said. "Now mine."

    "Fuck," Janet said. "Can you unfasten me now?"

    "I guess we can," Liana said. "Don't try to touch it. You are going to be really sore when the pain killer wears off. You'll be a lot better in 5 days or so, but it'll take 3 or 4 weeks to completely heal."

    "And even when you are completely healed, you'll still be clitless," I said waving the bottle.

    Liana reached under the table and untied the ropes to Janet's feet. I went around and untied Janet's hands. Then I unfastened the leather cuffs.

    Janet sat up on the table and looked down at her pussy. She gentle spread her hood flaps.

    "Fuck," Janet said.

    "You can fuck all you want," I said. "But you are not cumming." I waved the bottle to show her clit.

    "Fuck you," Janet said as she climbed down off the table. "You were so fucking lucky."

    "Lucky?" I said. "Yeah it was all luck, but I'm still leaving with your clit in my purse and I'm the one that is going to cum tonight."

    "I bet you are turned on," Liana said. "I know I am, but I can't do anything about it."

    "Well, I can," I said. "And I will as soon as I get back to my room."

    Liana stared at me.

    "Well...," she said. "We could ... you know ... show Janet."

    I looked at Liana not sure that she meant what I thought.

    "I mean show Janet what she won't be doing," Liana said.

    "You mean ...," I said. "... masturbate?"

    "If you like," Liana said. "But I was thinking ... I could help ..."

    "Oh," I said. "And make Janet watch?"

    "Yes," Liana said. "You won Janet's clit, so she should reward you, but I can understand why you would be afraid of that. I'd be happy to do the honors. You would be getting your clit licked by a clitless woman."

    "Wow, hot idea," I said. "I think we should tie Janet to a chair to make sure she watches."

    We both turned and looked at Janet.

    "A good idea," Liana said.

    "What?" Janet asked.

    "Sit down in this chair," I said pointing to one of the dinning room chairs.

    "What are you going to do," Janet said as she slowly sat down in the chair. "Use toothpicks to keep my eyes open."

    "Hardly," I said, as I tied Janet's hands to the back of the chair. "You can close your eyes, but you are going to hear."

    I looked around.

    "Let's use this chair," I said.

    I turned one of the big, soft chairs to face Janet.

    "I'll get a towel," I said.

    I came back from the bathroom and spread the towel on the chair.

    I turned and looked at Liana.

    "I've never done this before," Liana said sheepishly.

    Liana was several inches taller than I was and I had to look up at her.

    "I'm sure you will do a good job," I said.

    I smiled and stood up on my tiptoes to kiss Liana on the lips. As I pulled Liana closer her breasts pressed against my chest. Liana had a nice figure and her breast while not big were larger than my 32As.

    Liana's hands ran over my breasts and down to my pussy.

    "Hmmm," Liana said. "You are wet."

    I sat down in the chair, slide down and spread my legs wide. Liana knelt between my legs and kissed my stomach. She ran her tongue along my thighs and then around my pussy. She spread my labia and ran her tongue up my pussy to the hood, pushing it apart and running her tongue right over my clit. My clit was instantly tingling and I struggled to avoid cumming too quickly. Liana slowly began to flick her tongue back and forth on my hood.

    I looked up at Janet. She closed her eyes and looked away, but she had clearly been watching. I closed my eyes and moaned softly as Liana's tongue gently massaged my clit through the hood. I placed my hands on Liana's head to make sure she didn't stop. The tension was building in my pelvis. I couldn't hold it back much longer.

    Liana pushed her tongue between my hood flaps and ran her tongue back and forth over my clit. I cried out as the waves of pleasure radiated out from my pussy. I trust my hips shoving my pussy into Liana's face. She somehow kept her tongue on my clit as the waves of pleasure rolled across my stomach and down my legs.

    I let my hips drop back on the chair. Liana pressed her tongue gently on my hood applying small motion and light pressure that eeked out smaller and smaller contractions. When the contractions were undetectable, I pushed Liana away and lay back in the chair.

    I opened my eyes. Liana was still kneeling between my legs with a smile on her face. Janet quickly looked away.

    "God, that was fantastic," I said after a few moments.

    "Now that your disgusting little display is over," Janet said. "Can you fucking untie me. I think those pain killers are starting to wear off."

    "No problem," Liana said as she stood up.

    Liana untied Janet releasing her from the chair.

    I gathered my senses and stood up.

    "Did you enjoy the show?" I asked Janet.

    "Fuck you," Janet said.

    "Oh, I'll be doing some fucking soon," I said. "Just I'll be cumming when I fuck and you won't."

    Janet glared at me.

    "I have some pain killers and sleeping pills you can take," Liana said. "You should get as much sleep as you can over the next couple of days."

    "Yeah," Janet said. "You two can have a fucking good time tonight."

    Janet took the pills and walked into the bedroom.

    "I'll be back later to check on you," Liana said, but Janet just closed the door without answering.

    Liana and I looked at each other. We were both naked.

    "Want to go have some fun?" I asked.

    "Of course," Liana said. "God that was hot. This is one of those times when I really miss my clit."

    "You do?" I asked.

    "Oh god, yes" Liana said. "I'm so horny right now."

    "Then maybe we should get out there and have some fucking fun," I said.

    Liana smiled and went to find her clothes.

    A few minutes later we were both dressed, and I walked out of the hotel room with Janet's clit in my purse.

    We met in the lobby an hour later after freshening up in our rooms. We were both sharply dressed and I could see we were attracting some stares from the tourists. We ended up across the street at the Fontana Bar in the Bellagio to watch the light show and sip some champagne.

    It didn't take long before we attracted the attention of several young men. We chatted and drank with a few, before Liana left with someone who had caught her fancy. I guess she was really horny.

    I took a little while longer, before leaving with the most promising looking young guy. He turned out to have a pretty average cock, but he knew how to please a woman, so we both had a fulfilling night.

    The next morning Liana and I met for a late breakfast. She had checked on Janet, but had to leave now.

    After breakfast and thanking Liana for all her help, I went up and woke Janet to move her out of the suite to her other room. We had only rented that expensive suite for 1 night. Janet was groggy, but I got her in some underwear and a robe and convinced her to take the elevator down to her other room.

    I checked us out of the suite and headed out to find a little poker action. Cash games lack some of the excitement of betting your clit, but I had to find something interesting to do for the next couple days. I found some soft tourist filled games where the old men just didn't believe I knew what I was doing and paid me off over and over.

    I checked on Janet that night and again the next morning. She seemed to be getting better, was still sore and kind of out of it.

    When I went back to check on Janet again before dinner, the key card did not work anymore and the hotel said that Janet had checked out.

    I left Janet some messages and emailed her to make sure everything was alright, but I didn't hear from her for weeks.

    Finally, in early August I got a brief email.

    I'm fine. All healed now.

    I replied asking how she was adjusting, but didn't get an answer.

    Out of the blue in late October I got a chat message.

    Janet: hey, how are you? Anna25: i'm great, how are you? Janet: i'm ok, i'm adjusting Anna25: adjusting to being clitless? Janet: yeah, it sucks, but i'm getting use to it Janet: hope you are enjoying my clit Anna25: i do, it is right on my night stand Anna25: look at every night Janet: every night? Janet: while masturbating? Anna25: yeah, i really enjoy those orgasms Anna25: knowing your not having any more Anna25: cause i've got your clit right there in my hand Janet: fuuuuuck Janet: that is so hot Janet: and i can't do a fucking thing about it Anna25: but I can Anna25: I was just about to go play Janet: then go play Janet: I just wanted you to know how fucking hard it is to be horny and not able to get any relief Janet: and how fucking much i wish i had your clit in a bottle now Anna25: so you regret making the bet? Janet: no, it was fucking hot Janet: i knew i would lose Janet: just harder to adjust than i expected Anna25: i thought it was hot too, and i'm really glad i won Janet: well, i'm glad you're still getting off Janet: i've tried really hard to get off, but it looks like it just isn't happening Anna25: that is the way it is suppose to be Anna25: i won your clit Janet: yeah, that clit got me off thousands of times, I hope you enjoy it as much as i fucking miss it

    That night I stared at the tiny mound of flesh in the bottle that had been Janet's clit. There was so much pleasure concentrated in those nerve endings. I slowly rubbed my clit with my finger, letting the tension build to the point it was hard to resist cumming. Janet could never feel this. I had all her important nerve endings right there in the bottle. My pussy exploded and waves of pleasure rolled across my body.

    I tightened the muscles in my legs to make it more intense and finally collapsed on my bed. I drifted off into a nirvana state where my mind had been cleansed of carnal desires.

    As I regained my senses, I picked up the bottle again and looked at what remained of Janet's clit. My fingers could get me to nirvana, but Janet had lost her key to ecstasy. It made me hot to know I held that key right in my hand. Somewhere out there tonight Janet was horny as hell but could only look where her clit use to be and try to remember what an orgasm felt like.


    I would like to thank Janet for being the inspiration for this story and for providing some of the dialog. I want to thank Dani for her frequent chats and suggestions.

    Liana M

    Gypsy Curse   [my favorite]

    porn horror story

        My story begins nearly one hundred years ago, in Romania. I am Aishe of the Roma - commonly known as Gypsies (though I personally find this term degrading). When I was only 14 years old, I was arranged into a marriage with a man named Stefan. He was considered a powerful Roma sorcerer, so it was a great honor for my family to have our lineage linked to his. Stefan was not a good lover, and perhaps that is what lead me to start having affairs on him with other women. I was a pretty girl at 14, and blossomed into an even more attractive woman. I have dark skin and even darker eyes, my hair is as black as midnight and has natural curls. The roma women were always more open with their sexuality then other women of the time, and I found little difficulty in seducing them. Stefan was away often, as his duties called him to travel around the countryside, leaving me plenty of time to indulge my pleasures with other women. This went on for years, and Stefan never seemed the wiser.

    Finally, as was inevitable, Stefan caught me. He came home early from a sojourn in the countryside to remove a curse from a farmer's lands. When he came into my tent, he found my face between the thighs of another young woman, Tsura. His eyes lit up in rage, and I felt certain that my betrayal would cost us both our lives. Stefan was more cruel then that, however, and had something worse in mind.

    He pointed at me and started chanting in an angry, commanding voice in some ancient dialect. The wind literally started blowing in the tent, and I could feel spasms of pain wrack my body as his chanting became louder. Tsura was screaming the entire time, while I clutched my stomach and was begging him to stop, tears in my eyes.

    After what seemed like forever, it all stopped. Stefan was silent. I felt my body was somehow different, and there was a strange hunger in my belly. Tsura was too scared to move, and was sitting up, crying.

    "I have given you the curse of the Vampire, Aishe. I hate you enough to make you suffer for a very long time. However," he snarled. "I have added my own twist. As you seem to like the taste of women, you will only gain sustenance from consuming their most sacred flesh."

    What was he saying?

    "In this way, I will be punishing you, and you will be a punishment to all women."

    My tongue felt the bottom of my teeth. They were all pointed! I turned to Tsura, and saw her moist sex glistening with my own saliva. The hunger overtook me, and I lunged at her. She screamed as I sunk my teeth into her sex, and I rent it asunder, literally devouring her most sensitive parts. The brutal assault had the effect on me that was needed, it satiated my hunger. However, Tsura was dead, killed by shock.

    Stefan laughed. "Run Aishe, run far away. Never return to this place."

    I ran.

    Withing the first few nights, I discovered some new things about myself. All my teeth were pointed, so I had to be careful that when I talked it was in such a way that nobody could see them - which was made easier by the fact that I could only function at night. Daylight was not fatal to me, but it was exremely uncomfortable and therefore something to be avoided.

    There were some positive aspects to this curse. My body healed very quickly, and I posessed great strength and speed. When I caught someones eye they seemed "charmed" in such a way that they were more susceptible to simple commands. As I would learn as the years stretched on, I has also ceased to physically age.

    There was a price for all this. Stefan had made sure that this was no blessing, but a curse.

    The hunger was not a daily thing, which was good. I could spend a month or more after a good feed not needing more - but the hunger built up steadily until it needed to be sated. I learned quickly enough to feed when it was required of me. If I let it build up too much, I would go feral like I did with Tsura, and cause more death. There was no need to kill anyone.

    It was the external genitalia of women that was my sustenance. Nothing else. They had to be alive or very recently dead for me to gain any sustenance from them. Age was also a factor, I could gain the most nourishment from a young nubile woman then from one more aged (I never fed from anyone under the age of adulthood). The most important factor was size. I knew from my lesbian encounters that women were all built differently, and it made a huge difference to me now. A woman with a small clit and labia would sate me for perhaps a week, whereas one with very large genitals could sustain me for a month. I wanted to inflict the least amount of misery as I could, so I resolved to hunt those that would satisfy me the most. My sense of smell was refined in this regard as well. I could literally "smell" the size of a woman when I was near her.


    It had been a week since I had left my old life. Travelling supernaturally fast, I had made a good distance from my old home, sleeping in old barns and anywhere else I could hide away from the daylight. It was at one such barn that I came across Anna.

    I smelled her as I woke up from my days rest. She was in the barn with me sweeping it out. I was hiding behind some hay, and she had not noticed me. That was about to change.

    The barn was lit only by lamplight, and I stepped out from the shadows to catch her eye. She noticed me at once, and looked surprised, but I locked her gaze before she could scream. Her eyes remained transfixed on mine.

    "What is your name?" I asked.


    "That is a very pretty name. I want you to be calm, Anna."

    She nodded, eyes still wide and focused on mine. I felt the hunger inside me. I could smell her sex from where I stood. It was intoxicating. Damn you Stefan!

    "Undress." I said. What was I doing?

    I needed to see the object of my desire. I stepped closer to her as she began to take her clothes off.

    Anna was a pretty girl, perhaps in her young twenties. She was not a skinny child, though I would think of her as having more of a large frame then being actually fat. Big doe eyes. When her simple dress dropped to the ground I saw her impressive breasts.

    "All of it." I commanded. She had an underdress on, which now also fell to the floor. I was standing next to her now, and the smell of her sex was making me worry about loss of control. She still had not spoken since she said her name - my command of her was impressive (I would discover that some people were very susceptible to my charm. The weak of will would literally do anything I asked, whereas the stronger ones were more likely to break my control).

    I did not want to kill her, and I brought equipment with me to help in this regard.

    "Lie Down". It was the last command I would need to speak to her.

    When she did what I asked, I tried very hard not to think about the object of my desire and to take control of this situation. Using some thin rope I had stolen I tied her hands together, then to a metal stake that I pushed into the ground with my own new strength. I did the same with her legs - although I tied them spread eagle (requiring 2 stakes). I worked preternaturally fast, but by the time I was done she had snapped out of my charm.

    "Who.... Who are you? What are you doing to me?" She wasn't screaming, but was completely terrified.

    "Please, you have something I need. I won't kill you, but you have to be still. Is there anyone in the house?"

    She looked at me with those big eyes, her huge tits hanging on either side of her. "My husband is there. Oh please don't hurt me!"

    Good. Someone to come for her once I was done. I nodded my thanks and gagged her with a cloth. She barely resisted, but now tears were streaming down her face.

    I finally knelt between her legs to see the object of my desire. It was beautiful! She has large lopsided labia, smaller on one side then the other. Her clitoris looked huge in it's sheath, as though waiting for me to kiss it. I thought of how much her husband must love her sex, and how cruel it was of me to take it away from her.

    She was whimpering in her gag as I brought my mouth in close to her enormous genitalia. I licked at her clit, it was wonderful! The taste was better then anything I had ever experienced. I was not going to use my monsterous teeth on her though. As good as that was, I had no fine control of it. I had to be precise.

    I had a thin but very sharp dagger I had stolen from a merchant. When I withdrew it, her eyes grew wide with fear and her head started shaking left to right. She was screaming into the gag.

    "I am sorry. There was a time when I would have made you very happy, Anna. But I need this to live."

    I started with the labia. Moving the knife up to under the shorter left side, I cut the entire thing off in one stroke. Anna was screaming harder into the gag, her huge tits bouncing across her chest as she thrashed around.

    I quickly consumed that part of her, but it was not enough. Not nearly enough.

    The right side was next. It was larger, but I could take it off quickly enough. Again I took the knife to her labia, and cut it in a stroke, and her scream continuted unabated. She was slamming the back of her head into the barn floor and her body was trying to do everything in it's power to escape. Her eyes were shut in pain, but tears squeezed out of them.

    It was a feast! It still took just one swallow to consume the giant piece of flesh, but it felt so good!

    I was hoping at this point I could be full enough to leave her at least her clit, but there was no way I was getting that kind of control over myself. I knew now that I was taking everything from this poor girl.

    I looked into the bloody mess of her sex to see her clit had become erect. I grabbed it with my forefinger and thumb and pulled on it gently. There was a few inches of erect clit in my hands. Part of me longed to suck on it, to give her pleasure - but the hunger just wanted it consumed. Anna's eyes had opened again and over quiet whimpers her large doe eyes simply pleaded with me to stop.

    I could not. Her clit didn't want to leave her body as easily as the labia did. Even with my strength it took 2 strokes to get the clit out. While cutting, her eyes, shot open and a horrible whimper came from her gagged mouth, and she passed out mercifully from shock.

    The wormlike bloody thing in my hand was quickly consumed. A moment of pure bliss overtook me, and then it was over. The hunger was sated.

    I worked fast on Anna to make sure she lived. I had a herbal salve that I smeared into her ruined sex. It was a blood coagulant, and worked very quickly. The blood stopped flowing, and I just sat there between her legs in mute shock at what I had become.

    Gail's Ritual

    By: Amy 

    [GAY] [female circumcision]

    Gail meets a new lover and has to undergo a circumcision ritual

    "In order to join us, you must undergo our ritual" Gail remembered these words as she made her journey down the long flight of stairs into Erin's basement. She recalled meeting the gorgeous 23 year old only 1 week ago. Erin had mid length blonde hair, and was wearing a black tanktop with tight blue jeans. She had smaller but perky tits, and was dancing all night at Diva's, a gay nightclub. her and Gail hit it off at once, and had been dating for the last week. Gail was greeted by the 2 other girls in the room with her. "This is Gwen" Erin said. "She is the one who will be performing the procedure." Gwen was a slightly chubby brunette, but no less attractive because of it. Her most obvious feature was her remarkably large breasts, which she was currently wearing nothing to cover. They were covered in tatoos and both nipples were pierced. "Welcome Gail." she said. "This is my assistant and apprentice Alice. A contrast to the larger Gwen was Alice. She was wispy, and had a slender but still sexy build. "I am going to ask you to undress now Gail. You can put on this housecoat to keep yourself warm." Gwen's tone was soft, and very reasuring. Gail nodded, and began to take off her clothes. Once she had her clothes off, her naked body was on display for all to see. She had long dark hair, and a face that could be described as soft featured. Her breasts were quite large on her slender frame, and she had a belly button ring on her almost flat tummy. "Wow. she is really hot Erin. You are a lucky girl". "I know" Erin replied, and came up behind Gail and put the small robe on her. She whispered "You won't regret doing this for me." "All right sexy. I want you to get in the chair here and place your feet up in the stirrups." The chair looked like one you may find in a gynecoligists office, with the difference that this one was covered in black leather and had straps on it. Gail took her place in the chair. It was cold to the touch, but when her body was on it for more than a second she began to feel warm. There was a small pillow for her to rest her head on. She placed her feet up in the stirrups, and Gwen moved them to a more open position, leaving Gail's legs spread wide open. A light was brought overhead directly overtop her open pussy. Gwen studied the pussy now spread open in front of her. She began to probe around it with her index finger, which caused Gail to wince with pleasure. She had a beautiful pussy. It was small, but moist. He inner labia was a little bigger than it should have been, and she had a tiny but erect clit. Just above it was a small triangle of dark hair. Beads of moisture had begun to form around the entrance of her opening. "Gail, i trust that Erin has told you the nature of this procedure. You will never again be able to make love to a man. The operation is quite painful. If you want to back out, now is your last chance." Gail responded quietly "I'm ready to do this. For you..." she said, looking over to Erin, who had moved to stand at her right. Gwen nodded. "Good. then we are ready to begin. Erin, put this sponge in her mouth to bite down on. Alice, get my instruments." Erin placed the foam in her mouth, Gail opened wide to recieve it. How much is this going to hurt? she wondered as she saw the instrument tray. A glint of metal was all she could make out from her horizontal angle. Alice strapped her in tight. Her arms, thighs, and neck were all firmly strapped in. Then a strap was pulled taught around her waist. "This is to avoid you moving. It's critical that we don't even had a budge out of you during this procedure." Gail began to sweat. She was lying here, with her womanhood exposed to this girl who was examining her. She couldn't help but feel a little excited and horny. She felt the blood rush to her exposed pussy. Erin held her hand and began stroking her hair. "Don't be afraid" she said. "It will all be over before you know it". Gwen first took out a small dentist vacuum. "First of all" she said to Alice "We must make the entire area quite dry." She began to vacuum out Gail's open pussy. A quiet sucking noise could be heard as she began to suck up beads of girl cum from the region. Gail moaned. It felt somewhat uncomfotable, having her juices dryed up, but still made her a little more horny. "Good. Now, the first thing we are going to do it get rid of these P-Flaps." she spoke, pointing to Gail's slightly oversized internal labia. Gwen took the left flap in her one hand and stretched it out as far as she could. She took what looked like wire cutters in the other hand, and positioned them around the sensitive flap of skin. Gail winced and began breathing faster, in anticipation of what was coming up. Gwen squeezed. The part of Gail's left labia in between the cutters came off easily. Gail screamed! She tried to buck her pelvis, but the straps helf firm. Oh god she had never felt anything like this before. Erin squeezed her hand even tighter. Gwen placed a small clamp over the severed labia and clamped it shut. "This will slow the bleeding while we finish the labiaectomy" she explained to Alice. "Now we do the right one." Gwen repeated the procedure, taking the right P-Flap in her hand and removing it with the cutters. Gail almost passed out from the pain. She was crying now, and begging to make it end. "Oh GOD it hurts, pleaseopleaseoplease stop" she whimpred. Erin kissed her on the cheek, a tear in her own eye." It's ok love. It's OK." Gwen clamped the right area as well, and then took a small sharp scalpel from the tray. 'Now we get the labia around it". She said, and almost immediately begain cutting at the soft tissue around the clamps. Gwen moved quickly, and for that at least Gail was grateful. She screamed and tried to break free of the restraints as the young girl cut mercilessly at her inner labia. She was meticoulous, making sure that she got every last inner piece of it. Blood was everywhere by this point, and Alice had taken to sucking it up with the small vacuum. Gwen then brought out a small cauterizing iron and began to run it across the severed labia areas. Gail could no longer scream, all she could do was whimper and try helplessly to move. She felt the intense burning as the small iron seared the remaining nerve endings. Gwen removed the clamps while performing this procedure, and made certain that everything was sealed up. Once done, she cleaned the area with alcohol. She stood back to admire her work for a moment. The entire inner labia was gone. In place of it, framing her opening was a cauterized mass of scar tissue. It was very thin though. Only about a few cm in diameter. Gail was crying openly now. She was still in such pain. "Oh God - is it over yet?" she whispered to Erin. "Almost my love". Gwen spoke as she spread the stirrups even farther apart. "Now we are going to make sure she never has anything enter her vagina again. What we do first, is make 2 deep incisions on either side of the entrance. Then we stich the whole thing shut. Even if she gets the stithes out, the vaginal opening has healed together". She reached in and made a deep incision on the left side of Gail's spread vaginal opening. She then did the right. Gail winced in pain again, she was still too spent to make any lasting protest. Gwen took her left hand and squeezed the vaginal opening shut. "We must make sure that the incsions match up for them to heal together properly. Alice, hold this shut while i start to sew." Alice took her place by holding Gail's vagina closed. Gwen took out a sewing needle and some thin, strong thread. She threaded the needle and inserted it into Gail's pussy, just underneath the urethra and above the opening. Gail shrieked again. The shock of the needle piercing undamaged flesh was too much. She started bucking about again in protest. "We must be sure not to sew the urethra closed, or to go right to the very bottom. She still must mensterate, so we have to leave a little bit of room for that." She began sewing up the opening. In a slow, deliberate criss cross pattern she sewed the tiny hole shut. Gail felt as the needle went in and out of her mutilated pussy, and she cringed and whimpered with each new pierce. When she was finished, Gwen again admired her work. The pussy opening was sewn up, with only a little space left at the bottom that you couldn't even fit a pencil into. She smiled, impressed with the job she had done. "And now the finishing touches." Oh God, what more can she do to me? thought Gail. All i have left is my clit, and she wouldn't take that away, would she? "Alice, push her outer labia together". said Gwen. Alice complied. "Now I am going to put 3 heavy duty stitches in here to keep this whole pussy closed. We are not going to make this tight, so she can still piss and bleed from the slit." With that, she took out a much bigger needle and jabed it through Gail's outer labia, so that it passed through both sides. Gail grimaced in pain and started whimpering again. She Only made 3 stitches in total. When she was finished, Gail's entire pussy was shut, with 3 large black stitches in it, spaced evenly up the slit. Her small clit was still visible at the top. "And now for her clit". "Noooo!" Gail screamed. "Please not my clit! leave me alone! Just stop please..." "Shhhh" Erin said. "It's almost over". Gail kept protesting as Gwen grabbed a small scalpel from the tray. She reached up to Gail's exposed clit - and began cutting! Gail screamed again as Gwen slowly carved a circle around the sensitive little nub. Once she was done, the clit hood slid off, covered in blood. Gail gasped in relief that they had spared her little joy spot. At least she still had something. "We take off the hood to make your clit more sensitive" Gwen explained. "It is the only place left on you that will be able to feel pleasure from, but we have all found it is enough. Congatulations Gail, you are one of us now." Gail didnt feel much like celebrating at this moment though. A few weeks later, Erin and Gail were dancing at Diva's again. Gail had come to like the way she felt now. Whenever a man talked to her she felt a sort of amusement at how off limits she really was to them. Erin loved playing with her sensitive clit, and although she sometimes missed G-Spot orgams, she was content with her new modified pussy.